Are most kids who die of the flu really unvaccinated @CDCgov?


Blazing hot news today! NBC’s favorite pharma whoo-a Maggie Fox has published a story about a new CDC study that claims that “most kids” who die of the flu are unvaccinated.  This really is news to me since I have never– and I mean never, not once– read about a child flu death where the parents weren’t saying, “She had the flu vaccine, why did this happen?”

So, we’re told what?  That 40,000 kids die of the flu every year or some such, right?  Just an outrageous number comprised mostly of 105-year old nursing home patients with pneumonia.

But this study says that in the four years from the summer of 2010 to the summer of 2014, there were just 358 lab confirmed flu deaths in children aged 6 months to 17 years. Losing even one child to illness is a tragic event and I don’t mean to minimize any death when I point out that we are talking about 90 deaths per year in a country with 73 million kids under the age of 17. That’s a 1 in 800,000 statistic.

For whatever reason Maggie Fox linked to a story she wrote herself in 2013 rather than linking to the study, so make sure to click here to read the actual study itself.

Here’s what stood out the most during my reading of it.

Out of the 358 kids who died of the flu, 67 did not have medical records available, so the study is really about 291 kids.

Of these 291 kids who died of the flu, 75 were in the “vaccinated” category while 216 were in the “unvaccinated” category, which means, by CDC standards, 1/4 were vaccinated and 3/4 were not.

You’d assume “unvaccinated” means never vaccinated, right? Or at least never vaccinated for the flu? Nope. It turns out that if a child received the flu vaccine in previous years, but their medical record didn’t mention that season’s flu vaccine, they were automatically deemed to be “unvaccinated” by the CDC.

So if a seven-year old got a flu vaccine at four years old, five years old, and six years old and it’s in their record, but they didn’t get it when they were seven, they are “unvaccinated” for this study. Or, maybe their mom popped into Walgreens for the vaccine when they were seven, or they got the shot at school, and it didn’t make it into the record for whatever reason, they are also “unvaccinated” for the study. The CDC was not looking for “mom refused the flu shot” in the records before labeling a child “unvaccinated.”

Of the 291 kids who died of the flu, 153 were labeled “high risk” children because they had one or many serious underlying conditions such as chronic lung disease, heart disease, kidney or liver disorders, or neurological disorders like brain or spinal cord injuries. Almost 1/3 of these chronically ill children who died were vaccinated.

So now we’re down to talking about 138 kids who weren’t already in and out of the hospital all the time, which is not a very respectable number for a study.

Oh, wait! The authors also included asthmatic kids as “high risk” which sounds like a vaccine marketing ploy despite the 2012 study that discovered that asthmatic kids vaccinated for the flu were THREE TIMES more likely to end up hospitalized. But we don’t know how many of the kids who died had spinal tumors or congenital heart disease versus how many of the kids just had asthma.

Seven deceased vaccinated children were left out of the study because they had received the flu vaccine within two weeks of catching the flu and dying. Rather than considering the flu vaccine’s role in killing the child, the study authors claim that a vaccine given 14 days ago is life-saving while a vaccine given 13 days ago is not.

My takeaway here is that 53% of the 291 children with vaccination records who died of lab-confirmed flu from 2010 to 2014 were probably so seriously ill with a chronic condition that any number of viruses that we don’t sell a vaccine for could have been fatal to them.

And that the “unvaccinated” category of children who passed away may have been vaccinated to the hilt for all we know, but they certainly don’t fit into the public’s understanding of what an unvaccinated child looks like, which would be a child who has never received a vaccine.


  1. “Seven deceased vaccinated children were left out of the study because they had received the flu vaccine within two weeks of catching the flu and dying.” – WOW! This is very interesting. Do we know if these seven children fell into the “high risk” category? If they didn’t, these were presumably healthy children who died shortly after getting flu vaccine. Certainly tragic in either case.

    Also, thank you for the deep dive analysis on this study. I was annoyed when I saw the headlines this morning. Surprising they didn’t roll out this study in Dec/Jan to incite people to get the flu shot!

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  2. Dr. Tony Bark has said before how “everything goes into the flu sack”, therefore, those “flu cases” are always so many. But not real flu.
    Thank you for writing this blog Levi.
    May I go Out of topic for a sec?
    Can you imagine that a Senior Health adviser from one of the Congressman had no idea who Posey (Florida) is & had never heard about CDC Whistleblower?
    I saw young bureocrats in Washington DC busy on their phones this past week, pretending they are so important. So I have now a better understanding how easy they are bought & betray the people.

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  3. And let’s not forget that half of the only 4 flu shot formulations approved for children under 3 are thimerosal-preserved.


  4. Before they quit recommending Flumist this year, a 3 out of 4 kids shed the flu virus to unvaccinated kids

    Shedding of Ann Arbor strain live attenuated influenza vaccine virus in children 6-59 months of age.

    “Viral shedding was detected by culture in 79% (95% CI, 73-84) of vaccine recipients and occurred more frequently in children 6-23 months of age (89%)

    Most children 6-59 months of age vaccinated with Ann Arbor strain LAIV shed ≥ 1 vaccine virus within 11 days of vaccination….secondary transmission of LAIV was observed very infrequently (uh-huh) in a previous controlled study conducted with young children in a daycare setting.

    The live vaccine can also revert to a more virulent form. (Probably why they stopped recommending it’s use in the U.S. this year)
    “The revertant also regained virulence and caused significant disease in mice, with severity comparable to that caused by a wild-type 2009 H1N1 pandemic virus.”

    Also, hospital acquired blood infections and pneumonia are the top killers in hospitalized children

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  5. I recentely wrote a blog about the absurdity of the flu shot:

    In any media release about unvaccinated children getting sick the term “unvaccinated” is used very loosely. If 8 TDaP shots are recommended and a child had 7, then the child is unvaccinated. If it’s unclear if a child had the whole series of a shot, then the child is unvaccinated. Reality is that the vaccinated are more likely to get the diseases and are more likely to get very sick.


  6. The title of the pharma-friendly NBC article is “Most Kids Who Died of Flu Weren’t Vaccinated, Study Finds”. What the authors of this and the myriad other similar articles like this fail to understand is that if you take out the words “Who Died Of Flu” the statement is not only true, but likely explains a good portion of the findings of this study. The article itself admits that less than half of children are vaccinated against the flu, so why would we expect to see any result OTHER than this?

    In studies like this one variable can often act as a proxy for other variables, in this case being vaccinated means that the child had recently seen a medical doctor. Could it be that a lower incidence of death might be related to having recently seen a doctor?


  7. The CDC.. The Center for Disease Misinformation Control. And Reporters who are on their payroll or something equally bad. Such blatant lies can only come from a group of people who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them upside the head. Thanks Quack. Once again, my favorite blogger does it again.


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