Are most kids who die of the flu really unvaccinated @CDCgov?


Blazing hot news today! NBC’s favorite pharma whoo-a Maggie Fox has published a story about a new CDC study that claims that “most kids” who die of the flu are unvaccinated.  This really is news to me since I have never– and I mean never, not once– read about a child flu death where the parents weren’t saying, “She had the flu vaccine, why did this happen?”

So, we’re told what?  That 40,000 kids die of the flu every year or some such, right?  Just an outrageous number comprised mostly of 105-year old nursing home patients with pneumonia.

But this study says that in the four years from the summer of 2010 to the summer of 2014, there were just 358 lab confirmed flu deaths in children aged 6 months to 17 years. Losing even one child to illness is a tragic event and I don’t mean to minimize any death when I point out that we are talking about 90 deaths per year in a country with 73 million kids under the age of 17. That’s a 1 in 800,000 statistic.

For whatever reason Maggie Fox linked to a story she wrote herself in 2013 rather than linking to the study, so make sure to click here to read the actual study itself.

Here’s what stood out the most during my reading of it.

Out of the 358 kids who died of the flu, 67 did not have medical records available, so the study is really about 291 kids.

Of these 291 kids who died of the flu, 75 were in the “vaccinated” category while 216 were in the “unvaccinated” category, which means, by CDC standards, 1/4 were vaccinated and 3/4 were not.

You’d assume “unvaccinated” means never vaccinated, right? Or at least never vaccinated for the flu? Nope. It turns out that if a child received the flu vaccine in previous years, but their medical record didn’t mention that season’s flu vaccine, they were automatically deemed to be “unvaccinated” by the CDC.

So if a seven-year old got a flu vaccine at four years old, five years old, and six years old and it’s in their record, but they didn’t get it when they were seven, they are “unvaccinated” for this study. Or, maybe their mom popped into Walgreens for the vaccine when they were seven, or they got the shot at school, and it didn’t make it into the record for whatever reason, they are also “unvaccinated” for the study. The CDC was not looking for “mom refused the flu shot” in the records before labeling a child “unvaccinated.”

Of the 291 kids who died of the flu, 153 were labeled “high risk” children because they had one or many serious underlying conditions such as chronic lung disease, heart disease, kidney or liver disorders, or neurological disorders like brain or spinal cord injuries. Almost 1/3 of these chronically ill children who died were vaccinated.

So now we’re down to talking about 138 kids who weren’t already in and out of the hospital all the time, which is not a very respectable number for a study.

Oh, wait! The authors also included asthmatic kids as “high risk” which sounds like a vaccine marketing ploy despite the 2012 study that discovered that asthmatic kids vaccinated for the flu were THREE TIMES more likely to end up hospitalized. But we don’t know how many of the kids who died had spinal tumors or congenital heart disease versus how many of the kids just had asthma.

Seven deceased vaccinated children were left out of the study because they had received the flu vaccine within two weeks of catching the flu and dying. Rather than considering the flu vaccine’s role in killing the child, the study authors claim that a vaccine given 14 days ago is life-saving while a vaccine given 13 days ago is not.

My takeaway here is that 53% of the 291 children with vaccination records who died of lab-confirmed flu from 2010 to 2014 were probably so seriously ill with a chronic condition that any number of viruses that we don’t sell a vaccine for could have been fatal to them.

And that the “unvaccinated” category of children who passed away may have been vaccinated to the hilt for all we know, but they certainly don’t fit into the public’s understanding of what an unvaccinated child looks like, which would be a child who has never received a vaccine.


Go Home, #CDC, You’re Drunk

drunk scientist

Not content to stop at forbidding exhausted, stressed-out pregnant women from having an occasional glass of wine, the big brains at our Centers for Disease Control have issued a hip infographic where they now blame non-pregnant women who consume alcohol for their own rapes, unwanted babies, and the spread of STDs.

By no means do I intend to condone women throwing ’em back each night throughout their pregnancies, but has it occurred to anyone that perhaps women who give birth to children with fetal alcohol syndrome aren’t being honest about exactly how much alcohol they had while pregnant?

Anyhoo.  That’s not my point, so don’t go off on a tangent leaving hate comments about how there is no such thing as a safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy; ain’t nobody got time for that.  Today I want to talk about a host of encounters that a fertile woman should avoid if she’s pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or in danger of being pregnant and just not smart enough to realize it that were all somehow left off of the CDC’s “rules for women” infographic.

First and foremost, pregnant and fertile women must avoid taking advice from the CDC.

The CDC is cool with pregnant women getting vaccinated for any disease in existence except for two:  rubella and chickenpox/shingles.  That’s it.  Everything else is good to go if you want it. And when it comes to the Tdap and flu vaccines?  Forget about it.  They come just shy of telling doctors to hold women down and give them against their will.  Never mind the 4,250% increase in miscarriage reported to VAERS after flu vaccination.  Ignore the fact that fetal deaths from flu-infected mothers were “not significantly reduced” by flu vaccination so taking the jab for your “unborn baby’s safety” is just a bunch of bull.  Pay no attention to the absurdity of injecting tetanus toxoid into pregnant women on the regular when it is known that neonatal tetanus infection causes microcephaly.

But what if we treated American women as well as we treat, oh, let’s say… cats?  What does the World Small Animal Veterinarian Association say about vaccinating fertile female cats?  “Vaccination should occur before and not during pregnancy unless essential.”  Not only that, but if the cat has already been vaccinated, it shouldn’t even receive additional vaccines before pregnancy.  Because why?  Because you shouldn’t over-vaccinate your cat; all veterinarians know that.

Pregnant and fertile women should never take advice from pharmaceutical companies.

When has a pharmaceutical company said their drug was unsafe, ever, in the history of time?  Why do we think that companies that have been ordered to pay $10.4 BILLION in civil and criminal fines in just the last five years have our safety at heart?  Painkillers, antidepressants, antibiotics, blood pressure drugs, and seizure drugs…  all safe for mother and child–just ask the companies who make them.

Pregnant and fertile women should probably not listen to their doctors.

The average doctor is only going to know what they learned in medical school and whatever they’re taught during mandatory continuing education courses.  Surely it isn’t a conflict that medical schools accept major cash donations and gifts from drug companies that may or may not have an impact on curriculum and positions taught to young doctor minds in school.  What about the CME credits subsidized by drug companies in exotic locations and warm sandy beaches?  Are our doctors learning anything from their patients’ experiences or only the propaganda left behind by sexy college cheerleaders-turned-drug reps?

Pregnant and fertile women should steer clear of all hospitals.

Hospitals accidentally kill up to 440,000 people each year!  Why in the world would a woman ever set foot in one?  Do you know how many deaths are on record after going to the chiropractor– for all time, in the history of research?  26.  I’m not drawing any conclusions but you do the math.

Pregnant women should have their babies somewhere else.

With our rank of 167 out of 224 countries for infant mortality, women might consider birthing in one of the 57 countries with better survival rates than ours, such as Cuba or South Korea.

Pregnant and fertile women should not trust any other governmental agencies including but not limited to the FDA, EPA and USDA.

The FDA tightly regulates the consumption of genetically engineered food through actions like their voluntary consultation program that no one has to comply with, and they put the determination of whether or not GMOs are safe to eat squarely on the shoulders of…  the companies selling them to you.

Maybe the FDA doesn’t warn fertile women not to eat GMOs because eating genetically engineered food slathered in pesticide is almost as good as being on birth control when it comes to causing infertility.

Let’s see what the USDA says about GMO safety concerns, because we all know there are at least concerns, right?  Oh, they say a whole bunch of nothing under their safety considerations and conspicuously absent is any wording about tumors, organ failure, gastrointestinal illness, and infertility.

Surely the EPA cares about pregnant women eating GMOs since their agency is the one that has Monsanto corn registered as a pesticide?  Anyone? Bueller?

Pregnant and fertile women should avoid eating in any restaurant that’s taken a non-GMO stance against Monsanto.

Do you want to get poisoned by an unusual, untraceable strain of sickening e. coli?  Then dine at a company that’s taken a giant public stance against Monsanto and test your luck.  The CDC just concluded the mysterious Chipotle e. coli investigation this week and guess what the smoking gun was?  They have no idea.  A major operating component of the largest health department in America with– let’s admit it– unlimited resources, has absolutely no idea what caused 55 people in 11 states to get sick from eating at restaurants at the top of Monsanto’s hit list, but you can bet it wasn’t sabotage.

Hope this helps, ladies!

Thanks for #TeamVax, CDC!

CDC have you done lost your mind?  What were the big brains in Atlanta thinking when they decided that the largest public health organization in the nation needed to stoop to meme-speak?

Let’s take a look at the meme that my tax dollars paid for. You’ve got your racially ambiguous doting mother with her tiny baby boy who’s clearly already had one round of vaccines because his bulging forehead circumference is in the 99th percentile.  It’s nice to see vaccine-injured babies represented.

racially ambiguous mother

So, you’re saying that vaccinating leads to a “safe” and “healthy” baby, is that right?  Liability-free and unavoidably unsafe vaccines given in greater quantity than any other time in history and directly correlating with the largest pediatric chronic illness crises our country has ever seen are safe and healthy?  This is the best you can do?  I wish you luck, I really do, but just like every other pressure tactic to emerge in recent years, my guess is that you’re doomed to fail.  Someone at Emory University is going to get a $10 million grant to do a study that announces your poorly designed and visually unappealing government memes caused vaccination rates to drop even further.

Let me break it down for you.  You are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As far as 95% of America knows, you are infallible.  Why do you need an ad campaign if you’re infallible?  You don’t.  When was the last time you saw a Rolls Royce commercial?  Never.  They don’t advertise.   They don’t have to. They’re infallible.

So why are you advertising?  Here’s my guess:  because you don’t have the facts on your side and you know it.  You’ve got a whistleblower admitting that you’ve manipulated your studies for decades, and your next natural step is to attempt to manipulate the public with advertising because nothing is real in your world.

But guess what you’ve ended up doing on your little joyride with my tax dollars?  You’ve legitimized your opposition, so thank you for that.  One doesn’t advertise unless their competitor is a real contender for their job.  Do you see NASA responding to flat-Earthers?  Do you see #TeamSphere memes on any of their Facebook pages?  No, you don’t.  Flat-Earthers don’t have NASA quaking in their boots.

How about instead of attempting to divide parents even further than they’re already divided– and instead of sending the message that we’re either with you or we’re dangerous– you step up and address the concerted effort your scientists have made to dilute and whitewash the negative results of your studies?  Is that so crazy?  Will the world spin off its axis?

Because you know what team I’m on?  #TeamKid.  #TeamHealth.  #TeamInformedConsent.  Anyone can make a meme.  It takes a truly trusted public organization to admit when they’ve screwed up.  Until then, I’m on #TeamWhistleblower.