Praise for Quackenboss

Praise from Reddit:

“Oh god, Quackenboss is a well established crank job.”

“Wow, that’s a near lethal amount of ignorance.”

“Hold on while I piece my head back together from exploding while in that comment section. Holy shit.”

“Is it bad that the title of your post gave me anxiety? I feel like I should get that checked out?”

“Just read this, and it made my blood pressure skyrocket.”

“Struggled to get past the first few points without hurling something.”

“That post and the comments gave me hypothetical cancer.”

“Someone doesn’t know about herd immunity.”

“Why does that blog read like it was written in the voice of Wayne from Wayne’s World?”

“It’s like these people can’t hold two thoughts at the same time.”

“The worst idea since socks with sandals.”

“The question is, how do we fight these idiots?”

“I think the comments gave me autism.”



    1. My brother just had a daughter and when he said he didn’t want his daughter vaccinated, he was immediately threatened with his newborn daughter being taken away from him and given to the Child Protection Services and He’d be arrested for child abuse…

      Yeah… Spooky… In Bucks County near Philadelphia, PA

      Next time he’s doing it in his home.

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      1. I live very close to Bucks County in the Phila area- PA allows exemptions from vaxes so this sounds bizarre. It sounds like a hospital employee unloading her own personal thoughts rather than quoting the law. That is not a common reaction around here and it’s certainly not legal. CPS probably wouldn’t have responded.


      2. delighted to imagine your brother giving birth and that next time he is doing it in his home. What does the mother think about it – or is she not allowed to think?


  1. I love your article, the problem is I don’t know if you have any credibility. If I share this with people who call me stupid for not vaccinating they are going to want to know where you got your information and who wrote the article. When they see Dr. Quackenboss… they will just laugh.


      1. The links give absolutely NOTHING by way of info as to who you are or what credentials you may or may not have. All I walked away with after following the links was that Levi Quackenboss may or may not be your real name (if it’s not, WHY ON EARTH would you pick QUACKENBOSS?? Are you TRYING to make yourself look like a joke to those who oppose what you stand for?? And if it is your real name, why not just say so??).
        I loved your article, it was full of great information, but I can’t share it with anyone because you look LESS than credible. It’s so sad, and a tragic waste.
        In fact, the interview you posted was more than worthless for establishing credibility (or ANY bio information whatsoever…I know nothing about you), since you decided to openly slander pro-vacciners. We don’t need that on our side! That’s what they do to us, and one thing we have going for us is that most of us have a head on our shoulders and use solid information instead of insults to support our cases (as opposed to many we know), so it was incredibly disappointing to see you stoop to that level. “They are under-employed, miserable, hated, insecure, and lonely. They are desperate to feel like they matter.” Are you SERIOUS?? Did you SERIOUSLY just say that?? That is beyond rude. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely can’t stand the kind of stone-throwing that is done by those who are pro-vaccine. But wrong is wrong no matter what side it’s on, and it’s wrong to make a blanket statement full of raw insults like that directed towards any group. Giving them a taste of their own medicine in this way doesn’t help anyone.

        I just wish you would change some things so that I could use your activism. Because I absolutely loved your pertussis article and found it to be full of easy to understand information! I desperately wish I could share it! Please consider this in the future. It does little good to support a cause if you’re not actually going to help in that cause.

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    1. How do I contact you to submit a guest post? Maybe I am missing it, but I don’t see any contact info. Where are you looking to set up shop? My blog is on Weebly, so far I’m liking it.


  2. Thank you for writing this response to parents who want us to vaccinate our children! I don’t have the time or energy to respond to any of the hate from people who do vaccinate. I’m so weary of this ugly subject. Thank you for voicing strongly how many of us feel! It takes courage to be so public about it! My hat is off to you!


  3. Hey Levi,
    I apologize for submitting such long comments but the people I am responding to are “trolls” and their objective is to disrupt the flow of information on the board. I recognize some of them from other comment boards. You must have become a powerful presence very quickly because the troll activity is off the chart. Keep it up!


  4. I stumbled upon your blog last week amid all of this measles hogwash, and I have to say thank you! So Thank You! Your common sense is a breath of fresh air. We have 5 children (14, 12, 10, 8, 4, yes we know how that happens, yes they are all ours) none of whom have had a vaccination come close to entering their body. At first it was “umm, let us wait until she is 2,” then when she was 2, it was “well, she’s only 2, I think this is not the right age, let us wait until she is 3 or 4,” and that kept happening until we decided there actually was not a right age for this and we will never be okay with the idea. We researched more (found Weston A. Price pretty early on) and figured out that no, we are never vaccinating. We’ll create strong children with strong immune systems the best that we can do, and believe that our immune systems were created to work properly, and thank modern medicine when we deem it necessary for the intervention. I am thankful for you and others, that take the time to so eloquently say what all of us “crazy non-vaxxers” already know and understand. Keep up the good/hard/sometimes thankless work – we *do* appreciate!

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    1. How do we start a report from all parents of unvaccinated kids about whether or not their kids have autism? without revealing names of course? Rep. Posey of Florida is demanding the CDC do this study, but they refused and if were forced to, would certainly manipulate the data in their favor. Every parent of a vaccine injured child wants to hear from you!

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  5. How does one respond succinctly and respectfully to the angry and hateful accusations that the unvaccinated are spreading disease (measles) and showing total disregard for those who are too young or unable to be vaccinated?


    1. Seeing as how the vaccinated still come down with measles sometimes, pinning it down to unvaccinated persons seems unlikely (irresponsible media does so anyway without any proof I have seen). A hazard of vaccines is that often people assume it can’t be such and such because they have had the vaccine and unwittingly expose others due to a false sense of security.

      That disregard argument goes both ways. My beliefs get trampled for their beliefs? Didn’t we have some founders who were wary of such things and created a set of documents protecting just such minority rights? The freedoms people demand be annihilated for the simple notion of ‘feeling safer’ is deeply troubling.

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  6. I’m curious as to your qualifications & how they surpass those of the medical profession?
    Also, are you good with antibiotics, also made by Big Pharma? Are you willing to undergo chemo, were you to receive a cancer diagnosis? More Big Pharma.
    And, you do realize there are those who are immune deficient who are not cancer patients & nothing can be done for them?


    1. Actually many of us “anti-vaxxers” wouldn’t touch chemo if we had a gun to our heads!!! I don’t use pharma antibiotics either! Most illnesses, including cancer, can be treated naturally and without man-made poisons and chemicals!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t use western medicine unless there is an acute life threatening emergency. There is a place for medicine but it’s not supposed to be a part of our daily lives.

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    2. Most people who know the truth about the cancer industry wont poison themselves with Chemo. I’ve been treating my dogs cancer holistically for 6 months now. At the time of his diagnosis his cancer had already spread to the lungs and bones. The actual tumor was on his chest, which isn’t a good place. He’s alive today and well because of nontoxic natural stuff like CBD oil, B17, GcMaff and Essiac tea.


      1. Thank you!! Love, love, LOVE your blog!! I have some ecard memes I made to help explain pro-choice and pro-informed consent, with just a dash of scathing cynicism in under 144 characters, to help ward off the “anti-vax HATER” movement roaring strong up here in Canada, the main stream news puppets being the worst offenders right now regarding the misappropriation and misrepresentation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

        I’m hoping these memes (meme=thought virus) with go cyberspace “viral” and take on a life of their own. I would like send them to you but I can’t cut and paste them in your comment box. If you email me, I will send them to you. All the Best!!

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  7. I love what you write. But I too am frustrated not to be able to share it with the masses who already believe us to be quacks.

    I appreciate your sense of humor but hope you’ll consider renaming and all the “quack” references so that your great writing, research and opinions can be shared more widely.


  8. I agree with the people above. While the humorous name is completely your call, it makes it hard to pass along the well written and considerate posts. Please consider remaining, so as Gina stated, your writing can be more widely shared.


  9. Thank you for a most sensible response to this current vaccine hysteria.
    As a mother of four ,ages 24,21,14,12, I have judiciously chosen to vaccinate with the D.T vaccine only.When my kids had chicken pox,and gave it to/ or got it from the fully vaccinated neighbor kids,their pediatrician refused to report their infection as such and deemed it a fever/ rash…not chicken pox.This blatant lack of disclosure is a permanent theme in the vaccine discussion that no one wants to address these days .
    For the record we all survived the pox.
    The school system tried to throw my non infected senior out just before graduation…in spite of the majorities ” immunized ” status
    Baking soda,Lysine,homeopathic thus tox ,all came in handy. I lost some sleep,and work time,which as a single parent was tough.
    It was well worth it . My kids have genuine immunity to a normal childhood illness,and have a stronger immune system.
    I watched my infant brother die of SIDS as a child on my way to school
    Years later my mother told me he had just received his first D T P shot the day before.
    Until I became a parent,and she and I began discussing this issue ,I was unaware of this “coincidence”
    To all of you who have chosen to refuse immunizations/ or selectively immunize
    I say ,be strong. It’s all about choosing the risk factors you are comfortable with.Don’t be bullied
    You are the parent. Make a conscious choice and then own it,whatever happens.

    Best of health

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  10. Thank you for your informative posts! Would love a response to the Jimmy Kimmel malarkey that is flooding my Facebook feed. Please consider writing one! 😊


  11. I’d like to collaborate with you on a viral video. My wife and I have 25 years of experience in professional video production, and our work in the political arena has been seen more than 15 million times. We’re tired of being bombarded with pro-vaccine propaganda produced by sheep.

    Contact me and let’s produce something that will be widely shared and sway public perception massively. I’ll provide the references and clips of our work for you to peruse privately.

    Let’s put idiots like Kimmel in their place.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

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  12. This woman did a great job replying to Kimmel. It would be excellent if you wrote about this, specifically doctors claiming a product (be it cigarette or vaccine) is safe.

    I deeply appreciate what you do. Thank you for your courage.

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  13. Where can I find a Dr. that is not afraid to help a child that is effected a vaccination? ? I hear science science science. …. it is so sad that due to the outbreak at Disneyland Dr.s hesitate to treat an seem afraid of repercussions! While many affected children suffer waiting an looking for a Dr that can an will help them. I am at a loss for words at this point. My daughter is 2! TWO! please email me with any recourses you may have.
    sincerely, worried mommy

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  14. One of Dorit’s favorite trolls has been outed. Wonder how she feels? So much time and effort put into getting her message out on the mommy boards and oops! The real identity was also found out. Whompingwillow is Teacozy and is also Annabel Evangeline. Must make Dorit embarrassed having private information posted, such a screw-up.


  15. Hey Mr. Quack.

    Nothing more to say about you other than brilliant. For the record, people, he doesn’t need credentials. He provides factual information via links. That is enough…

    Quack I have a request…

    Could you shed some light on the meningococcal vaccine>? You have never really mentioned it and it’s that vaccine that tons of parents are on the edge of their seats about. Curious to hear and ready your research and such. Keep it up.


  16. Hi Levi, I had a quick question re Zika. Tdap is reccomended for administration to pregnant women at 27-36 weeks pregnancy. But microcephaly from possible Zika infections starts way earlier than that. Why are we suggesting that pertussis vaccine could be a cause, if it is usually administered long after microcephaly is thought to begin?


  17. Hi Levi Quackenboss, Thank you for your posts – I find comfort knowing there are voices as strong as yours advocating for our children. My family and I are in a tailspin: In March my 4.5 year old began suffering from what eventually was diagnosed as Juvenile Arthritis and that same month (about a week before stumbling across information that implicated vaccines for her diagnosis), my 12 month old daughter had an adverse reaction to her routine vaccinations. Vaccinating my children is the greatest regret of my life. I have seen countless medical professionals of all stripes and we have made huge progress with both girls through diet (methyl donating) and a change in environment (we moved to a different state where we are no longer utterly surrounded by chemically treated corn and soy). But Please, what else can I do? Is there any way to help a young body purge aluminum?


  18. Re Trump’s science appointments.

    It would be wonderful to see James Lyons-Weiller get an appointment. In my wildest dreams, he would become head of the CDC, or he would make an awesome Science Advisor.

    He is a rare person, a brilliant scientist who follows the evidence wherever it takes him. He believes that vaccines can and do cause autism, that we need to remove aluminum and mercury from vaccines post haste, that glyphosate and PBDEs are highly toxic.

    Stephanie Seneff reviewed his upcoming book and gave it a great blurb: and can also vouch for him.

    You can read his blog posts at, and watch his talk on vaccines at

    If there’s anything you can do to help, I think it would good for us all!


  19. Dear “Show-Us-Your-Credibility-and-Be-Nice-To-the-Opposition” High Priests of Communication,

    If you have such a problem with his humor and sarcasm, just submit or post the direct studies. It’s not complicated. That’s called serving up a dish of hot science and you can fight the battle that way (it usually escalates into a “my scientist can beat up your scientist” argument, but go ahead and proceed because someone out there may be swayed by the good science you’re offering. The rest of us like the feist and fire because humor penetrates. It convicts. And for frick’s sake, we’re pissed off and this is actually pretty nice for what COULD be said more accurately with more profanity and insults.


  20. Hello, Levi. I posted on your site last year, and you kindly linked me up with Stephanie Seneff. I’m writing now because of the article I wrote for Hormones Matter, just published today here:

    My autism causation theory separates the issue into two autisms: one vaccine-induced, and the other not vaccine-induced (although with significant overlap between the two groups). In other words, it tends to piss off both medical establishment folks and the anti-vax community. I wouldn’t still be hanging onto this idea, however, if it weren’t for the frustrating fact that, every year or so, another autism study comes out that inadvertently supports my theory. So I would very much like to hear your thoughts on it.

    Take care,
    PS A large chunk of my causation model isn’t protected from civil litigation.


  21. Hi Levi, we are working on oral antibodies as a natural alternative to vaccines. Our team has been reading your articles for years now and would very much like to get in touch. Please send us an email at if you’d like to know more about our story. Thanks.


  22. Glyphosate residues are involved in vaccine production and contamination: consider the implications of the ‘legal’ ingredients, as listed in the Codex Alimentarius of the United Nations, which governs Pesticide Residues allowed in foods, feeds and animal products.

    Vaccines are grown within eggs, which are legally allowed five parts per million of Glyphosate residue. The primary countries where vaccines are produced, Brazil, India, and the USA, all use Glyphosate, & Roundup.

    Since Glyphosate is an artificial Amino Acid, it can fit into the growing proteins, mistakenly in place of one of the hundreds of Amino Acids that link all protein chains. Vaccine mutation may explain the random, but dangerous effects reported from inoculation; these reports have increased as the use of Glyphosate and Roundup have permeated crops.

    Please consider the implications to vaccine safety, and a simple solution: using organic ingredients to grow vaccines. Inoculations could be safer, if grown on organic materials!
    MonSAnto is stumbling, but vaccines’ mutations will drop them once and for all


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