John Oliver, you unfunny schmuck @iamjohnoliver

Oh, John. I don’t even know how to begin this conversation.

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{RFK Jr. said he’s spent years trying to get mercury out of fish without anyone ever accusing him of being anti-fish. Here is John explaining how stupid fish are.}

I have friends who think you’re brilliant. I’ve only seen one of your monologues since you’ve been on the air, and I don’t have HBO (and if I did, I would have cancelled it after your show), so I didn’t have an opinion of you before yesterday.  And now I feel compelled to warn you that something’s not computing in your brain. I hope you take heed.

So you went on your show yesterday to attack people who either stop vaccinating their children or never vaccinated in the first place. It was a 27-minute angry, condescending, sometimes-loony but never-funny rant.

Someday, John, you’re going to realize that it is not acceptable to attack the parents of children killed or disabled by vaccines, and that is exactly what you did yesterday.

Two years ago you came to my attention because of an in-depth and eye-popping piece you (or your writers, rather) did on the unethical marketing behaviors of pharmaceutical companies. I’m going to do a quick run-down of the 14 points that stuck out to me when I saw it.


  • While pharmaceutical companies spend a shocking $4 billion marketing to consumers each year, they spend six times that amount marketing to doctors.
  • 9 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than they do on research.
  • How pharmaceutical companies spend money is highly secretive, and we only find out what goes on behind the scenes from lawsuits. But we see in a video obtained through discovery that while the pharmaceutical foot soldier reps claim to be there to “educate doctors,” behind closed doors their own bosses refer to them as people who are “making an ungodly sum of money.”
  • You say that “the problem” with the current setup is that those pharma reps don’t understand the effects of the drugs they’re pushing. You shared one video where a rep said that none of his coworkers have a background in science, and video of a political science major who was giving a doctor medical advice for a complex patient.
  • You point out that doctors’ offices brag in their job advertisements that they get “free lunch every day” from pharma reps.
  • There was a lawsuit against Novartis that alleged their reps were taking doctors to Hooters in exchange for prescribing its drugs. The reps were also taking doctors out to dinner at restaurants where the reviews say “the tab will bring a tear to your eyes unless dinner is on someone else’s dime.”
  • Many doctors named in that lawsuit took money for speeches they never gave.
  • Many doctors who are the top prescribers of a drug are also getting money from that drug company, which you say is worrying, “because we trust doctors.”
  • Pharmacies are selling patient prescription information back to pharma companies so the reps get to see if the doctor is prescribing as promised, and put more pressure on the doctors for not complying.
  • You seemed outraged that pharma reps attempt to interfere with doctors making medical decisions based on their best judgment.
  • You said that drug companies have crossed the line with off-label uses for drugs with dangerous side effects; “You can’t just give people potentially dangerous drugs and see what happens.”
  • For the doctors who refuse to see drug reps, pharma reps will tell them they have been identified as a “thought leader” and proceed to pay that doctor to talk to other doctors about the company’s products over dinner. Unbeknownst to the guests, the slides, the content and the script the thought leader doctor uses are prepared by the drug company.
  • You hammered home that when you’re a doctor regurgitating a script, you aren’t a “thought leader.” You’re a “thought sayer.”
  • Lest your viewers think the problem is just with one company and one drug, you point out that Johnson & Johnson has also paid $2.2 billion fines, Eli Lilly paid $1.4 billion, Pfizer paid $2.3 billion, and GlaxoSmithKline paid out a record $3 billion.

Now here we are, almost two and a half years later, and you’re defending pharmaceutical products like they’re God’s own gift to mankind. Do you know what pharma doesn’t pay for?  The multi-million dollar payouts in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Parents pay for that– a 75 cent tax on a single vaccine and a $3 tax on a four-in-one. Two doses of MMRV? The parents who vaccinate pay $6 to the parents whose kids are killed by it.

Why was that missing from your show? Didn’t your researchers come across it? Or did your talking points come from the Hollywood Health & Society arm of the CDC?



Last night your tone was one of total trust for these products from the companies you destroyed in 2015. You seemed to be able to perceive some kind of upstanding ethics behind the creation, marketing, and necessity of all vaccines. You were condescending to people who do not want to consume a sacred product made by the very same companies you railed on– the ones who have been fined billions, and whose extremely attractive sales reps make “ungodly sums of money” selling to doctors.

Maybe you’ve been putting too much aluminum in your armpits but the exact companies you tore to shreds two years ago are the companies manufacturing vaccines, heavily influencing the schedule, lobbying for state mandates, and paying none of the compensation when victims of vaccine injury win in court.

How do you think Merck handles the fact that only 6 in 10 girls in the US have had even one Gardasil shot? They fight every day to get their vaccine mandated by state laws. Their product is so wonderful that they need to get legislators to shove it down our kids’ throats. And Gardasil is still a very new vaccine but the damage it’s done is substantial. Just last month a girl was awarded $11.5 million over her lifetime (not paid for by Merck) for the autoimmune disease that’s attacking her optic nerve and spine, which was caused by Gardasil. Do you think the vaccine court concedes an $11.5 M case just to get rid of the plaintiff, and that vaccines aren’t really wrecking lives?

I noticed that you showed a clip of the 1955 celebrations for Salk’s new polio vaccine but forgot to include the worst pharmaceutical disaster in history that followed immediately after: the Cutter Incident at the lab that produced the vaccine, which caused polio in 40,000 children, paralyzed 56, and killed 5, then further led to 113 new cases of polio and 5 additional deaths.

The CDC must have left that out of your Hollywood talking points.

You did say that the “confusion about vaccines” (we are not confused, I assure you) has caused real problems like in Minnesota, where it’s “terrible” that there has been 78 cases of measles. I bet, if you give me 24 hours, I could come up with 5,000 parents who would gladly trade a temporary case of the measles for the lifetime autism sentence their kids got with the MMR. Hit me up if you want to place a wager.

Do you seriously think you are self-educated enough on the topic of thimerosal to tell your 5 million viewers with 100% certainty that the mercury in fish is bad and the mercury in vaccines is good? Do you honestly believe that mercury was removed from most of the childhood vaccines– not because it was a highly unethical experimentation on children– but because there was “intense public concern” so pharmaceutical companies “spent time and energy solving a problem that never existed?”

Do you hear yourself? When vaccines were already mandated to attend all public schools in America in 2001 do you seriously think pharma gave a shit about “intense public concern?” Stop and click here to read a 1991 Merck memo that a friend of mine sent to the LA times a few decades ago and tell me if this is a problem that never existed.

And then listen to this 60-second clip of a CDC scientist talking about how injecting pregnant women with mercury-containing flu vaccines causes tics in their unborn babies– otherwise known as autism-like behavior. “Pregnant women are the last person I’d give mercury to,” he says.

While you’re at it, watch this video where my friend Forrest teaches the public about how much vaccine education doctors receive in medical school. Spoiler: almost none.


I can see that you pretended you were not being a total hypocrite by acknowledging your piece from two years ago, twenty-something minutes into your vaccine rant as if most people will even make it that far. You said, “I’m not saying there are not problems with big pharma… but on the rare occasions where there have been issues with vaccines, they have been pulled and fast.” What the hell are you even talking about? When Paul Offit got the rotavirus vaccine pulled for causing intussusception in newborn intestines so that he could conveniently replace it with his own rota vaccine? Because if that’s it, that doesn’t count as looking out for our kids, John. It’s greed. Not protection. Very different.

And John, I can’t even go down the rabbit hole of how ridiculous you look using a clip of Seth Mnookin, a former drug dealer and burglar who once bit a police officer, but if you’d like to know more about your expert witness you can read about him here.

And as for Alison Singer, who appears toward the end of your clip, you do know that she was staunchly vaccines-cause-autism until she was blinded by the cash offered her to publicly switch sides, right? In fact, it was only in 2001 that the New York Post wrote this about her reaction to seeing the writers of ER attack parents who don’t vaccinate for believing in the autism link:

“Alison Tepper Singer, a former vice president in NBC’s desktop video division, faulted the ‘ER’ episode for its ‘complete belittling of another viewpoint,’ she told The News. Singer resigned from NBC in 1999 when her older daughter was diagnosed with autism.

“‘It was so irresponsible and so callous and so heartbreaking for parents who are dealing with this issue that I found it sad,’ she said of the ‘ER’ episode.”

Yes, the woman you featured to bolster your stance once said that people like you completely belittle other viewpoints. And you do.

Ooooh, I forgot. I have an even better clip of Alison Singer that you should have used. Here she is fantasizing about killing her autistic daughter. You know, because autism is such a gift.

I’m going to sign off with a few videos from parents whose children you say suffer from “nonexistent and wildly unlikely harms.” You owe them a listen.

Here’s a message from a compelling father who lost his child before his very eyes decades ago.


Here are two parents who have unfortunately conducted a vaccinated verses unvaccinated study in their own family.


And here’s a mother who wants heartless people like you to see the type of autism that nobody ever writes about.


Here’s a child who was compensated by the vaccine court. I’ll tell her mom that you think what happened to her was wildly unlikely. See, I’ll have to tell her mom and not her because she died recently.


And last, but certainly not least, I present to you: fraternal triplets who all developed autism after vaccination. All three. Same day. Triple “wildly unlikely harm,” am I right?

You were once a thought leader for many people, John. But last night you exposed yourself as being a thought sayer, reading a script. It was shameful and disappointing, and one day you’ll look back and realize you were on the wrong side of history in the most public way possible.

That day is coming soon.


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    1. Yes, but also note that the “Last Week tonight” segment just before the Vax was about BRCA cuts to Medicaid.- which now supports about 2/3 of disabled children. Government plans to reduce Medicaid will take effect about the same time the wave of vaccine-injuries grows to a Tsunami – then USA civilization will be re-oriented towards the sick and their caregivers.


      1. People need to wake up and holistic, natural medicine is what is helping and healing vaccine and pharmaceutical injured children an d adults. And almost no holistic medicine is covered by Medicaid, except for a few options to ameliorate pain after the fact, perhaps. And even then, it’s very littel and short term coverage.
        The disease care system is falling apart, and cuts to insurance are not the reason why. 99 percent of those who are panicked and think they will wither and die without their meds and treatments, would be dramatically improved if not outright healed, by using holistic medicine.


  1. Good comeback, but will John Oliver ever see this? It needs as much exposure as John Oliver’s rant, but that will probably not happen. Keep up the good work.


  2. Ahhhh….Quack… blogging crush. You have done it once again and nailed someone’s ass to the wall. I absolutely love you. Please never stop with the truth bombs.

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  3. He wasn’t funny before, but now he’s hilarious. Hilariously stupid. How do the people in these positions spout such nonsense without any regard for researching the truth.?!


  4. Wonderfully written. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of our vaccine injured children.
    I always enjoy your articles.


  5. I saw on one of Polly’s periscope posts from the Autism One conference an interview with Dr Hooker in which he said he’s got Rob Schneider on speed dial and the Mr Schneider was getting ready to play Redding. Or maybe he already did that show? At any rate, I hope Mr Schneider opens up his own can of whoop ass on Mr Oliver’s piece. Maybe Jim Carrey would contribute. Isn’t laughing at disabled children and their parents just SO funny!! John Oliver you should be ashamed!

    Levi, as always, LUV YA!!!! Thank you for this!


    1. Someone posted this to John Oliver’s post on Facebook about this video where he denigrates non-vaxxers. “Comicapture: The “capture” of popular and reputedly progressive comedy shows by various industries which wield influence over stakeholders within particular corporate parent companies and networks, which in turn borrow from certain comedians’ or comic writers’ reputations as independent-minded social critics, cashing in this artistic credence to advance the interests of industries or political lobbies which these artists and performers might otherwise be expected to satirize and expose.

      The term comicapture is related to “regulatory capture”, an expression originated by Woodrow Wilson to signify the phenomenon of state regulatory agencies which were created to act in the public interest but which instead advance the commercial or special interests that dominate the industries the agencies are charged with regulating.”

      And that pretty much sums up John Oliver. He sold his soul to his pharma sponsors.

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      1. I believe I’ve heard him previously discount anit-vax sentiments, not as the main topic of whatever rant he was on, but as an example of stupidity. I’ve heard Jon Stewart do the same. I shared this link on his social media, as well. Anderson Cooper is another big disappointment in his regard.

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  6. This is so perfectly written and addresses many levels, thank you! Once again, hypocrisy & profit reign. Yes, SHAME ON YOU, John Oliver and I now, give YOU a HUGE BOO! I will never watch your show again as you just lost ALL credibility with your obnoxious ignorance. However, on a positive note – what I am seeing is the need & desperation to scream louder & spend more $$$$ on false propaganda to guilt or punish into the use of vaccines at all cost BECAUSE……Big Pharma is about to LOSE! 🙂

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  7. I saw the video an hour after it was posted last night. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, stopped at the “safe mercury” comment. And the comments! Most people are in support of anti-vax bashing. The whole thing made me sick and despondent. Thank you for your intelligent rebuttal.


  8. I’m grateful my parents were responsible enough to vaccinated our family. To not do so smacks of quackery. Thanks Mom and Dad. Right on, John Oliver.


      1. WTF? Autism is vastly more deadly than measles.

        Life expectancy of those with autism is 15 years less than others.

        You could catch measles 50 times over and still expect to live longer than if you have autism.

        And whilst vaccines do cause autism – as challenge rechallenge events show – they don’t prevent measles anyway.

        Doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated.

        So measles hasn’t been reduced but renamed – roseola and 5th disease.

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    1. Ummm what do you think measles is? Ebola? Puh-lease. I can’t tell you how many parents have told me they would’ve rather taken the chance with measles than subject their children to lifelong disability. Who cares for your autistic child after you die?

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    2. Have you read the life expectancy study done recently by Columbia? Here it is:

      Are you happy with your child’s life expectancy being age 36? I’m not! That study mainly discusses accidental death, but a previous study discusses greater risk of chronic health conditions among autistic individuals:

      Maybe your child is still young, but mine is old enough to read some and understand that he has a shortened life expectancy. it doesn’t feel good to answer his questions about his shortened life expectancy. When I was in elementary school in the 1960s, all of my classmates got measles at one time or another. We all returned to school after a week or two at home none the worse for the illness. I never knew of anyone who was permanently changed by measles other than people from history books. I’m not saying that permanent injury from measles didn’t exist in my day before vaccines, but it was certainly not common as we are led to believe today. My son’s health status is precarious because of immune system dysregulation. I would gladly trade a two week measles illness, uncomfortable chicken pox for a week, a nearly completely benign case of mumps, all at the appropriate age, for a better immune system status. Maybe you have not done the appropriate risk/benefit analysis or you did the analysis without all the significant facts. As much as I need to outlive my child, I don’t want him to pass away before me!

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  9. Thank you for this. I Tweeted the link to both John Oliver addresses, and also to Jon Stewart, who, last I heard, feels the same way about vaccines.

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  10. Of course nothing is computing in his brain. He’s a disinformation sell-out who performs whatever he’s told to perform. It’s really not inconsistent with his prior attack on drug companies, if you consider that government collusion in the drugging and vaccinating of the population is the ultimate goal. Government and pharma have a mutual interest in maximizing drug and vaccine uptake, and sharing information about who is taking (or not taking) what. There’s already considerable government collusion in the vaccine program, so he can push it full force. His attack on drug companies, on the other hand, was likely to help pave the way for more government collusion–“for the protection of the public.”

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    1. Great points. And the drug piece was also geared more towards chastising doctors, b/c you know ‘pharma will be pharma and all’…but doctors shouldn’t be bribed. This was after the ACA created the doctor database, for checking how much pharma influence your doctor has. Pharma is never held accountable, but they’ve definitely been planning on cutting doctors loose as low hanging fruit, now that they’re done with them as head of the medical hierarchy. Notice how pharmacists, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, etc etc are assuming more doctor duties, including vaccination. So his piece on vaccines isn’t inconsistent with the pharma/dr payout piece in that sense, either.

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  11. Watching some of the accounts of vaccine damaged children I say let’s not leave vaccinating down to parental choice. Let’s start by BANNING vaccinations that are known to cause any sort of health problems and let’s stop vaccinating pregnant women.

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  12. here is what i said.
    another comedian showing himself as not being that bright, or a follower of the religion of scientism, or for sale.
    so ?!?

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  13. I salute you sir! Very well put together. John Oliver is a disgrace. A few things I think should have been mentioned. Regarding Polio, the discovery of SV40 in the monkey kidneys used to grow the polio virus that is linked to soft tissue cancers. Also the original measles vaccines caused atypical measles, the varicella vaccine has caused a new epidemic of shingles. More detail of Thimerosal showing conclusively it is 50 times more toxic to the brain and stays longer than fish (Burbacker: mervcury (methylmercury) The Pichichero study (the one they like to quote: Pichichero ME, Cernichiari E, Lopreiato J., Treanor J, Mercury concentrations and metabolism in infants receiving vaccines containing thimerosal: a descriptive study. Lancet 2002;360 (9347):1737-41.) vs Burbacher study (the one Paul Offit was stumped when Robert Kennedy Jr. confronted him with it). Pichichero didnt look where the Thimerosal was going but the Burbacher study did. Thank you once again for exposing the lies and deception!!

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  14. John Oliver also made fun of homeopathy which has saved millions of lives and offers an alternative to Pharma. He’s equally passionate about subjects he’s informed about and those about which he knows nothing. He suffers from “certainty”, always believing he’s right. The old saying is: “The problem is not what you don’t know, but what you know, that isn’t so.”

    This article above is a beautiful, passionate and honest bit of writing that covers all the bases. Thank you for this response to Oliver.

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  15. It always amazes me that the exact same people who say the government has NO right telling them what they can do with their own bodies (i.e., abortion, birth control, etc.) get so angry when someone says the government has no right forcing vaccine injections. Talk about a disconnect.

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  16. I used to watch John Oliver and thought he was funny, so disappointed by the BS. And it was not funny it was just stupid, ignorant and heartless.
    Thank you for this! And all the crap about herd immunity is maddening, forgot to mention is a “theory “. Sincerely hope his tiny baby makes it unharmed! Like Forrest says:”good luck with your vaccines”


  17. Yikes! I’m going to have my NOW membership revoked because I neglected to mention the bravest comedian of all I my previous comment – the brilliant Jenny McCarthy of course!!!! Sorry girl! I am eternally grateful for the light you have bravely shine on this issue! LOVE the expression comicapture! Thx to the commentator who shared that!

    Last thing, then swear I’ll shut up. Is anyone going to mention the fact that if HBO would have panned out on the RFK Jr clip they used sitting right beside him was Robert De Niro? That kind of opens up a can of worms for the corporate “liberal” media. I don’t mean to “out” Mr De Niro, another celebrity I am eternally grateful for, but god damn, too many good people standing by and doing nothing as REAL fascism takes over the world. Do you think Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow are going to tell Americans about the thousands of people taking to the streets in Italy and Poland, you know the countries that have a not too distant history with an actual occupying fascist regime and probably know what it really looks like when it comes to town? Doubt it! Goodman (and Maddow) stand by and do nothing. Wonder how world wide power swooping in and saving us from this facsism is going to garner Vladimir Putin? Ok that was like six more things – sorry!

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  18. Long: This is a controversial technical topic, so please be patient and consider the logic. “Evidence” will be requested, but the mechanism of mutation in vaccines has sadly avoided inspection by responsible authorities. Much of this info is derived from Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Professor at MIT.
    Also, I cannot imagine a way to reveal this problem in a gripping interview, because the topic is so dry. It might be interesting to talk with the firms linked below that supply eggs for vaccine production – just ask if they know the precise diet the chickens consume, and do they produce organic eggs? If not, the FAO link below shows the amount of glyphosate to expect in the material they use to reproduce vaccines.
    ​ The next step is to decipher how glyphosate relate​s to the amino acid glycine, which are chemically identical at the OH- end that fits into the protein structure, and see image attached.
    Persistent tales of unpredictable effects of inoculations have been officially acknowledged by some massive, government-guaranteed payments to patients. Despite industry denials, there is clear evidence of poor quality primary material used in vaccine production; governments are paying the liability for vaccine damage. Health insurance could be bankrupted by the costs of the autism epidemic, so this an existential threat.

    The epidemic around vaccinations is probably due to legal, regulated and quantified glyphosate residues in growing vaccine proteins. Minute quantities of this artificial amino acid can mutate cultured vaccine proteins, growing in eggs or other farm animal material. These are difficult to test at the molecular scale because proteins are assembled from large numbers of amino acids.

    Glyphosate is an amino acid, similar to glycine, the smallest and most common amino acid. Glyphosate, as an imitation amino acid, fits into the proteins in many possible combinations, a range of mutations that could explain the variety of reactions to inoculations, which vary from discomfort to autism.

    This extraordinary claim is supported by these links:

    1. Allowed glyphosate amounts in foods and animal feed:
    2. How amino acids (such as glyphosate) fit – at times as errors – into growing proteins:
    3. Eggs cultured for vaccine production (specific to flu, but is typical of many types of vaccines):
    4. Typical handling of egg for use in the vaccine process:

    These notes show legal, regulated and quantified glyphosate residues expected in the media used in culturing most vaccines. The UN FAO, and WTO ‘World Trade’ allow glyphosate residues of 0,05 mg per kilo of egg, which is called inconsequential by the technical authorities. Problems arise because no egg providers claim to be organic, so clearly do contain glyphosate. These same eggs are from farm animals fed with daily RoundUp Ready feed in amounts shown as one hundred times the residues allowed for humans – and the animals have no choice and get only RoundUp Ready feed every day.

    To rectify contamination of vaccine manufacturing material, such as eggs with residues of Monsanto pesticides, government must demand clean animal protein in vaccine production. Note that any questions about glyphosate are met with a barrage of comments from people who reflexively defend chemical farming. Historically, the FDA determined that genetically engineered foods were “Substantially Equivalent” in 1992. Sadly, the focus of protest has been against genetic engineering, but the glyphosate of RoundUp is apparently a sharp edge of the emerging dangers. The lack of serious industry research is a symptom of “Tobacco Science” – now amplified by personal attacks on those who question “Monsanto Science.”
    Apparently the best tactic
    ​ would be governmental intervention to demand organic eggs for vaccine production. Current popular strategy​ is to use “Citizen Science” and demand an investigation. Huge health costs for citizens damaged by vaccines can be avoided by demanding organic ingredients, verified by a chain of custody for vaccine production. A related benefit will be a specific investigation into the mutations caused by glyphosate, and undoubtedly, eventual removal of RoundUp from the marketplace.
    Thanks, Z

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    1. My medical doctor didn’t know the legal administrative of glyphosate residues in wheat and other cereal grains are as high as thirty parts per million – while the recent study shows strong citizen outrage at these residues. Consumers will remove Monsanto’s market.
      I will order my stockbroker to Short Monsanto shares . . .


  19. All of those of us affected should keep our heads down and comment everywhere possible that the Oliver storyline was picked up by media outlets. I spend many hours a day writing and presenting data, often enduring the arrows of Pharma shills, to combat the false memes and groupthink that is damaging on both the scientific and legal front in this battle. Nevertheless, if I/we can influence just one citizen, it is worth the effort. Thank you for this blog and your courage Levi.

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  20. Thank you for putting this response together. Here’s hoping the 27 minutes spent by John Oliver might give a few the impression there is something going on they need to look into.


  21. You missed the point, Oliver explicitly said he does not endorse big Pharma. In any case, mixing big Pharma and vaccines is misleading, they are different animals. And the big fact is that immunisation (as practised since China’s Song dynasty in the 10th century) has saved vastly more lives than caused trouble overall.

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    1. vaccination isn’t immunisation.
      the saving of lives is mostly correlation.
      who makes vaccines?


    2. The world vaccines market is dominated by four major competitors: Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., and Pfizer. Pfizer and Merck hold 45% of the market. As the market leader in 2015, Pfizer’s vaccine sales exceeded $6.4 billion on strong growth of its Prevnar family, giving the company 23.3% of the market. Pfizer was followed by Merck with $5.9 billion. Sanofi and Glaxo comprise the next category of market leaders, with the remaining share split by those companies and a dozen others.

      Using Ancient China to suggest that “lives are saved” is laughable. I am not anti vaccines. I am anti using humans as guinea pigs for profits.


      1. I am a fan of vaccine technology – but Monsanto’s glyphosate, “legal, regulated and quantified,” has crept into the materials used to grow vaccines.
        Glyphosate, an imitator of glycine amino acid, fits – in tiny amounts – into the polypeptide chain of growing proteins. These are random mutations, producing unpredictable effects; liability is assigned to governments, so there is no corporate incentive to clean up vaccine cultures. Symptoms vary, such as vaccine duds which is known from vaccinated groups that suffer target disease. Many other symptoms are labeled ‘Vaccine Damage’ – but the probable cause is the residues of RoundUp in animal feeds. All these links are easily followed in any search for this logical explanation of a this existential threat. Are Researchers not allowed to point fingers at Monsanto?


  22. I really hope your final words, “That day is coming soon”, are correct, on my pessimistic days I worry how much worse it’s realyl going to get, if all exemptions will get revoked, adult mandates will be instated, and the country (and much of the world) will go to pot because everyone is too sick to function well, and finally the whose system will collapse. You were optimistic a year ago about Chaffetz’ investigation of the CDC, what can you say about what’s going on now that he’s resigning, it looks more and more like we’ve been had again.

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  23. This is amazing!! My husband and we’re seething after watching that episode. I don’t think we can watch him anymore after that.


  24. “Do you seriously think you are self-educated enough on the topic of thimerosal to tell your 5 million viewers with 100% certainty that the mercury in fish is bad and the mercury in vaccines is good? ”

    You are self-educated, are you not?


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