Pharma is appropriating your personal stories


You might have noticed a trend in the last year or two that came about after “vaccine hesitancy” analysts figured out that terrifying parents into vaccinating only made them less likely to vaccinate.  There is a very effective formula for educating parents and it’s pretty simple. In fact, parents who have stopped vaccinating have used it for decades.

It goes like this: tell your personal story. No one can take your testimony away from you.

Ever since pharma figured this out after failing at everything else, they’ve tried over and over to use your methods. You’ve seen the story titled something like “Oh my God I recklessly took my newborn to a birthday party where someone had chickenpox and even though my baby did NOT get chickenpox I am so freaking mad that he could have, grrrrr!”

Or this one: “Holy ish I took my baby to a waiting room and it turns out that a fully vaccinated person had the measles and even though my baby did NOT get the measles go get the MMR because my dad owns a lot of Merck stock!!”

Or this one: “I gave my baby a freak ton of fever reducer even though I wasn’t supposed to and it turned his ordinary chickenpox into the World War III of secondary infections but it’s the anti-vaxers fault so go get the chickenpox vaccine now!”

And all of us are left scratching our heads going “What the hell am I reading right now?”

A few hours ago the Washington Post vomited up a new piece that should be subtitled “The six month vaccines nearly killed my baby but she toughened up and finished them all anyway, somebody give me a gold medal.”

This mom, Jenn Kaufman, describes finding her precious infant not breathing and unresponsive a few hours after the 3rd round of vaccines, but then goes on to describe how she discovered through VAERS (wait, I thought VAERS was a woo source?) how rare this deadly experience was so therefore she should keep rolling the dice with her infant’s life because she just couldn’t live with herself if her child ever caught one of the numerous diseases we vaccinate for.

What Jenn didn’t find, apparently, is that only 1% to 10% of reactions are ever reported to VAERS so her 38 cases 18 years ago is probably more like 1,000 to 2,000 a year today. Not sure why she chose a 1998 stat when this incident happened in 2015, but anyway.

Now, I’m not knocking parents who have bad vaccine experiences and go on to give their kids a second and third round because their doctors swear up and down it was a coincidence and unrelated to the vaccines. I know what it’s like to have no support from a doctor you trust. But this mom knew right away it was the vaccines and went on to write about the holy water that is vaccines for the Washington Post, as well as knock presidential candidates– one of whom is a doctor– for questioning vaccine safety.

{I do love that there’s a link to another article in the middle that’s called “The polio vaccine killed my dad but that’s no reason to question vaccines” or some bullshit like that.}

Shockingly, the Washington Post reveals that Jenn Kaufman is actually the Vice President of a marketing company that “fights for progressive causes.”

Whaaaaaat? A Hillary Clinton attack team is writing parenting editorials?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading astroturf. The Washington Post paid Jenn Kaufman for her ridiculous personal story in the hopes that it elicits the same warm fuzzies that your own personal stories of vaccine injuries elicit, and Jenn, in turn, is using the column as advertising for her company Revolution Messaging.

But more than anything, they want to scare you into voting for Hillary Clinton.

Do me a favor and go leave a comment on the Washington Post (I think you’ll need a computer, not a mobile, to do it) that lets them know that they should be ashamed at what passes for journalism– or even editorials– today.

{And if you see an “I’m with her” Hillary Clinton ad at the bottom of this piece, know that I do not run ads on this site and it’s WordPress giving me the middle finger.}


Dear Toni Braxton:


A guest post by Mary Romaniec of Victory Over Autism

RomaniecDanielGHS - IG12 [159255]

Dear Toni Braxton,

I see that you are dealing with an angry mob after declaring your son was recovered from autism. Keyboard warriors get in an uproar at the mere mention of autism being anything but a different state of mind that needs acceptance.

Unfortunately, Toni, I feel your pain. You see, for the past 13 years my son has also not met the diagnostic criteria for autism either (pssst…he recovered too). But as you know, for some people that’s a bad thing. The worst part is that much of the discourse comes from within our own community…other autism families.
So as you deflect comments like “He must not have had autism to begin with” or “Without a doubt he is still fully autistic” just know that your son will be the testament to the truth as he continues to defy the odds. My son too.

Thank you for telling your story since it changes the understanding of what is possible. In spite of all the naysayers, there are dozens of other parents who are sparked to wonder if it might be possible for their child too. That alone means they will start looking, which may indeed lead them to answers.

And when you head off to college tours, I hope you take a pause at the milestone, and what it means to the families who look at your son as a beacon of hope.

Right there with you.

But here’s the thing they don’t know about us: we were not just the lucky mothers whose child whimsically overcame autism. We didn’t nuance the diagnosis to be something else. When we were going through hell at seeing our child suffer we had no way of knowing that we would one day have to justify the motives for our actions. Like you, I have been accused of seeking pseudo-science methods for treating my son’s autism to “cure” him. You and I know that nothing could be further from the truth. We were seeking treatments to heal our children from the underlying immunological issues that led to their autism in the first place.

And like you, no matter how many times our story is told, retold and applauded, there is a crowd standing by admonishing us for even daring to challenge the “no hope, no cure, so don’t bother” perspective.

You see Toni, I have come to realize for some we are a threat: A bizarre, twisted version of a threat because we poke the eye of those who have chosen the path of least resistance. They are the ones that would like us to just accept autism as a gift, discounting the pain and suffering as just “one of those things”. But you and I and countless other parents have taken a different approach, and that is the part they are upset about.

Can you imagine if our children had another disorder like diabetes, sickle cell anemia or even cancer? We would be celebrated for seeking treatments and therapies for our children, and not even questioned if some of them were outside of mainstream medicine. But this is autism. We are relegated to being parents in denial instead of warrior parents who chose to do the work.

And even when we produce a link to the National Institute of Mental Health study that quantified the children that could recover from autism we are told that our children outgrew autism. Or as one neurologist told me, “Some of these kids just snap out of it.”

Yessiree, Toni, we are now dealing with a whole new battle. There is a clear dividing line developing in our community as to which way we will choose to deal with our child’s diagnosis. Admittedly, when I heard you signed on with Autism Speaks I was deflated for you. Immediately I pictured you would choose the path of least resistance since AS seems to support that perspective…at least outwardly.

But then Suzanne Wright helped to guide you to the answers that made a difference. She inspired hope that got you going. This is in sharp contrast (it seems) to what many of us in the autism community think of AS. They tend to be the fly in the ointment for any real conversation on what treatments and therapies are working with our kids. Glad to know that at least behind the scenes things may be a bit different.

So congratulations to you and Diezel. I know that you will never take this gift of your son’s health for granted. I also know you will dust off the criticism and forge a path of hope for others. Beyond that, I know you will look at your son with pride as he continues to amaze you and others.

Oh, and that time you have to ground him for being a “stupid teenager” I know you will celebrate, and we’ll be celebrating along with you.

Cheers, warrior mother.

Mary Romaniec

SB 277 lawyers drop bombs on the California health department

bombs away

In a new amended complaint filed in San Diego yesterday, the SB 277 federal suit lawyers set their sites on destroying the illegal activities of the California Department of Public Health. This new and improved complaint is the work of many lawyers over several weeks and I want to nicely ask you to stop reading for a second and go give this team $100 if you can afford to because they are clearly working their asses off for the children of California.

Starting around paragraph 70, the amended complaint dives into the legislature’s and the Governor’s intention to allow physicians to use their professional judgment in writing medical exemptions for children. Many kids had previously been using personal belief exemptions because they didn’t fit into the CDC’s very narrow definition of a vaccine contraindication. And this is where it gets juicy.

Do you remember during the SB 277 hearings when a woman from the medical licensing board said they would not be investigating any doctors and medical exemptions unless there was a complaint filed? Since SB 277 was signed, the California Department of Public Health has been scheming about how to stop doctors from using the big brains that got them this far in life– but only the doctors who write medical exemptions.

According to SB 277, doctors are able to write medical exemptions based solely on their judgment and sound discretion. That much is clear.

But along came Dr. Charity Dean, who is named in the complaint, heading up the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health. On June 6th she sent a letter to all schools and day cares in her county ordering directors to send medical exemptions her way so that she can kindly scare the beejeesus out of doctors who write them and set them up to spend their life savings defending their licenses to practice medicine.

Once Dr. Dean was personally named as a defendant in the first complaint on July 1 and received a letter from one of the plaintiff lawyers about royally stepping in it with violating privacy laws, she backed off a teensy bit. She issued a letter saying that schools and day cares should redact identifying information of the students with medical exemptions, but she still wants to know who those doctors are.

But the real kicker is that Dr. Dean told her local newspaper that her health department is “…not in the business of analyzing the reason for a medical exemption or overturning it.”

Oh, they’re not in that business? That’s funny. Because the new complaint lets the judge know that self-proclaimed vaccine expert and law school professor Dorit Reiss– who was called on by legislators to testify twice in favor of SB 277 in 2015–  published a legal analysis of this lawsuit a few days ago and she fumbled the ball for the beloved health department. Good thing she doesn’t have a license to practice law.

Assuming that Professor Reiss is on the inside track of the efforts to vaccinate all Californians, I’d be tempted to believe her when she says that “the goal of Charity Dean’s medical exemption project is to gather data on the reasons for medical exemptions, and to prevent abuses of the medical exemption provision.” She went on to explain, “The pilot project can help collect data on medical exemptions generally and on how many unjustified medical exemptions are written – and possibly, if there are specific doctors who write more than others.”

But wait! Why would Professor Reiss say such a thing four days after Charity Dean told the press that meddling with doctors’ medical exemptions was never her intention? Because she mistakenly thinks the health departments have every right to go after doctors.

The SB 277 lawyers hammer it home: “This bold and unapologetic admission by Professor Reiss is evidence of a direct and intentional violation of Plaintiffs’ rights, complete disregard for the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, and abandonment of any concern for the health and well-being of medically fragile children who are placed at grave risk of vaccine injury by the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health’s attempts to intimidate doctors against writing medical exemptions.”

Thanks for the help, Dorit. Unexpected, but appreciated nonetheless. I take it that “loose lips sink ships” isn’t a saying in your country.

The SB 277 lawyers have got their own inside track and they discovered that the state health department has been illegally conspiring with other local health departments like Sacramento County and Marin County in conjunction with the California State Medical Board to go after the licenses of doctors who write vaccine exemptions for children. These entities are colluding to lie to doctors about the law and intimidate them into never writing exemptions with threats of losing their licenses and being held legally liable for using their professional judgment.

Unbelievably, this invitation was discovered through a Public Records Act request:

Please join us for a call with Dr. Charity Dean and Jennifer Simoes, from the California Medical Board, to discuss the following:

SB 277 and suspicious medical exemptions for immunizations issued by California physicians.

The California Medical Board process if a licensed physician is reported for issuing suspicious medical exemptions.

But the irony is that it’s directors like Charity Dean who are breaking the law. It’s illegal to use taxpayer money to conduct an examination of medical exemptions that “don’t meet SB 277 criteria” because the legislature didn’t give health departments the power to do it. SB 277 has no criteria for medical exemptions and I assure you that no one in charge asked Charity Dean and her cohorts to just make some up. She doesn’t have the authority use public funds to pay herself and her minions to analyze exemptions and intimidate doctors– it’s called ultra vires activity that goes outside of the law.  She and all the rest of them are about to be caught red handed trying to write medical exemptions out of California law.

There is so much more kickass in this complaint so I might come back to share a little more with you soon, but you can always read the whole thing in that second link at the beginning of this piece.

I want to close by telling you a little bit about the plaintiffs. The group is made up of children who are partially vaccinated and have titer tests as “proof of immunity” to disease, and vaccine-injured children who experienced convulsions after their last well baby visit. There are children of adults who are staunchly pro-life and refuse to inject products made from aborted human beings into their own children, and children whose parents are themselves vaccine injured with a family tree of autoimmune disease. There are disabled children– including one with a traumatic brain injury– with IEPs that are not being honored by school districts, and children with medical exemptions that were flagged by school nurses. One is a child of an MD and another the child of a DO. And there is a special little boy left wheelchair-bound after infant vaccinations.

One of the last plaintiffs is a non-profit organization that promotes education for children that I encourage every one of you to join, named Education For All. It’s one way you can help power this suit forward, but still, go give these lawyers a hundred bucks if you’ve got it.


California kids strike back with federal SB 277 lawsuit

jumping kids

One year from the day that California’s SB 277 was signed into law by Governor Brown, a dream team of lawyers from across the United States has filed a federal lawsuit against the State of California’s Department of Education and Department of Health for depriving its residents of their constitutional right to an education.

Approximately 2.5% of California school-aged children use a personal belief exemption to opt out of vaccinations that violate their parents’ religious or deeply-held beliefs, or are deemed unnecessary or potentially harmful by their parents and health care providers. The children of the lawsuit’s plaintiffs have been partially vaccinated or show antibody titers that qualify as proof of immunity to disease, and yet they are among the tens of thousands of healthy, disease-free children whose right to an education will be violated when school starts in the last few days of August.

In a beautifully written memo in support of their request for a temporary restraining order and injunction against the state, lawyers argue that SB 277 violates the fundamental rights to education, free exercise of religion, bodily integrity, and equal protection under the law.

45 years ago in a famous case named Serrano vs. Priest, the California court minced no words when it stated that the right to an education is “perhaps the most important function of state and local governments.”  That is because an education is crucial for later financial success, it is important for building social relationships, it continues on for 13 years of a child’s life, and it impacts a child’s psychological and emotional well-being.

Education is so important that school attendance is required by law.

While some parents are able to make the sacrifices necessary to home school their children, home schooling is not possible for the overwhelming majority of families. This includes families that rely on two incomes to make ends meet, single parent households, those who do not speak English, and parents who don’t feel capable enough to teach their children themselves. This means that the impact SB 277 has on poorer families will be felt the greatest.

In addition, since the drafters of SB 277 were repeatedly warned, they knew that they would run into trouble with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for barring children with learning disabilities who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in place. They exempted these children from the law toward the end of the legislative process but they did not exempt children with disabilities who are not learning-disabled– although they are protected under 504 plans or custom health plans with their schools. It is these children who are not being protected equally as children with IEPs, which violates both federal and state laws that protect children with disabilities.

And lastly, implementing SB 277 has already grown into a monster ordeal. The Santa Barbara Health Department has taken it upon itself to start investigating medical exemptions without being given the authority to do so, and some schools are attempting to coerce children with IEPs to comply with the vaccination schedule or be barred from school.

The simple fact is that SB 277 was never needed since more than 95% of California school children were already fully vaccinated. If you believe in the theory of herd immunity, it is more than met at those levels.

If the temporary restraining order against the state is granted it means that children will be allowed to attend school in August without complying with SB 277 while the lawyers for both sides hash it out in court over the next year or two.

The suit will be won if the judge or jury agrees that the harm the kids will suffer under SB 277 can’t ever be fixed. If you lose out on your education, there is no fixing that. If you have to pull your kids out of school and go on welfare, there is no fixing that. If you have a vaccine injured child that you’re forced to bring up-to-date and injure them further, there is no fixing that.

More than it being appropriate to file this suit on the day the law goes into effect, more than the symbolism of it being filed one year after the law was signed, it is fitting that this lawsuit was filed on the weekend we Americans celebrate Independence Day. Consider this to be California parents’ own Declaration of Independence from oppression and medical tyranny. It has been a dark year for so many of you in the state of California and it’s about time you are able to hold fast onto a ray of hope.

If you’d like to donate to pushing the federal lawsuit forward with the best legal team imaginable, the link to do so is here.

Stay tuned. I plan on following this one very closely.

Childless people should not have power over children

love hate

Yeah, I said it.

I wasn’t a young parent. I’m pretty certain that I lived life to the fullest before going on marriage lock-down and having kids. As someone who was single at 30 I used to save up my cash and fly around the world, experiencing cultures that were completely different from mine while actually being no different at all. I was falling in love left and right but mostly loved my big yellow dog who lived to be 12. Everything in my apartment was always just as I left it each time I returned home because why? Because I didn’t have kids. I didn’t know what prowess I had in the organization department until it was gone.

I didn’t need to have kids. I was to the point of take-it-or-leave-it by the time I got married. When I hear of people my age who intentionally opted not to have kids a little jolt of envy runs through me as I think of the exotic places they must visit and the leisurely reading they do. I haven’t read a book that wasn’t related to some kind of chronic epidemic in I don’t know how long. I’d build a night stand out of unread books next to my bed but my kids would knock it down.

I think about my childless friends’ to-do lists with fat check marks of smug satisfaction next to every task, all of that discretionary income piling up in their bank accounts, and Instagrams of artistic morning coffee. Craft cocktails in your own home, seven days at Burning Man, spur-of-the-moment trips to Vegas. And my gay friends with dual incomes and no kids? Forget it. I can’t even compute that anymore.

All of this is to say: I get it. Having kids isn’t the end-all-be-all in life.

Do I wish I could go back and not have kids? No way. No parent thinks that. It would be nice to make them invisible for a few hours but not even the most crumb-free car interior would make me wish we hadn’t created these little heathens.

Beyond the obvious reasons of experiencing unconditional love and contributing well-raised humans to society, I wouldn’t turn back the clock because I didn’t know who I was until I had them. I didn’t know the depths of my patience and humility. I didn’t know that a preschooler could bring me to my knees. I didn’t know the awesome sense of responsibility of being trusted to take care of a little person’s health, emotions, decision-making processes, and shaping them into caring miniature people who didn’t act like jerks to others every waking moment.

And until I had kids, I was just a conventional asshole like most everyone else.

If I wasn’t a parent I’d be arguing that GMOs are no different than hybrid seeds and claiming that the garbage soy that no one else on the planet wants to eat is saving the world. I’d be heavily suggesting that people drug their kids with Benadryl red dye #5 to get them to sleep on airplanes and that they should have them evaluated for ADHD while stuffing them full of Pop Rocks and Fruit Loops. I’d probably say that spanking was great, that there’s a certain “healthy fear” that’s good to instill in one’s offspring, and that mothers should put their babies in daycare and go get a real job.

And I guarantee you that I’d say that vaccines should be mandated across the board, no exceptions. It would have been impossible for me to see why California’s SB277 is a horrendous idea.

But you know what? Being a conventional asshole is a luxury I can’t afford anymore. It got cut from the budget when we had to buy cloth diapers, organic fruit pouches and a Naturpedic mattress. There wasn’t any room to laze around and tell other people what they should be doing with their kids when I was suddenly overwhelmed with my own.

Before you tell me that bringing our own precious snowflakes into the world isn’t any kind of accomplishment and that no one asked us to do it, stop and think for a second about this country, its workforce, and sustaining social security. Stop and think about the human race and the reason we are programmed to reproduce. You can say all you want that the world is overpopulated and that no one “needs” to have children these days, but you’d be wrong. Someone has to create the next generation that is going to prop this one up when it hits 65. There isn’t a mayor in America who wants to see their city’s population decline. No one wants to govern a ghost town, for good reason.

Someone has to have the children and while it’s not a job for everyone, and arguably not the right job for many who choose it, there is a very real dichotomy between those of us in the trenches and those who can jet off to a luxury VRBO for a three-day weekend because they have no hungry little responsibilities to wait on hand and foot. Someone can argue till they’re blue in the face that they love their nieces, nephews, decades-younger siblings, or dogs or cats just as much as they would love a baby of their own, but all of us on the other side of the fence know that’s impossible. You can’t love anyone like a child unless you are raising them as your child in your home.  Spoiler: dogs and cats don’t ever qualify for that.

If you want to raise kids so freaking bad but were never in a relationship that made you want to have kids, then take a training class and foster some. They need you.

While I would never judge someone’s decision to remain childless because obviously that life has its upsides, I can’t for the life of me figure out why we allow childless people to tell us how to raise our kids? Why do we vote them into positions where they have control over our children? I wouldn’t even hire a nanny who hasn’t raised her own children and yet most of us don’t think twice about putting a childless person on a school board? In the state house and senate? On city council? In Congress?

The sad fact is that the overwhelming support for laws that take away parental rights comes from elected and appointed childless officials. A friend of a friend of mine ran the numbers in the SB277 vote and if you really want to get pissed off maybe I’ll write a piece about that.

We’ve got people who have never once stayed up for three straight nights with a baby who was too stuffy to breathe telling us what to do with our kids. People who have no idea the terror that runs through your heart the first time your kid’s fever hits 102 are demanding that we vaccinate these tiny beings on-time, every time. People who haven’t rushed to the emergency room for 5 stitches in a toddler forehead are writing laws about how we raise our babies. People who do not, and never will, have a dog in this fight have been put in a position of power over us, and it’s our own damn fault.

Adding insult to injury are the officials who have grown “kids” now in their 20s and 30s who were vaccinated on an entirely different schedule and they haven’t taken the time to educate themselves about it. Four shots of DPT, three shots of polio and one shot of MMR aren’t at all what our kids have forced upon them these days in the “Every Child By Two” program.

If you’re childless and you want to teach a first grader to read, have at it. Childless and want to work as an occupational therapist? More power to you. Childless and want to be in a position of passing laws or regulations that force children to bend to your will? Absolutely not.

So let me make a suggestion to you for this upcoming election. Follow your local politics. Nothing matters more when it comes to immediate impact than who you vote for in your local elections. Who becomes president is felt a lot less by you than who your state senator is. Read up on these candidates and if you know that they are childless, and you want to retain your rights to make decisions for your own family, don’t vote for them. So simple. Politicians want to tell you how to raise your little kids and if they haven’t raised any little kids in the last 12 years then they should not get your vote. When in doubt, call them up and ask them in no uncertain terms where they stand when it comes to vaccine mandates and parental rights.

And when you encounter a childless vaccine pusher spewing hate, don’t be afraid to tell them, “Your opinion doesn’t matter.” Truly. It does not matter. You know that I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion but it doesn’t mean that we have to listen to it. Tell them to redirect their energy to whether or not Airbnb should be allowed in New York, or Uber drivers need background checks in Austin, or some other less meaningful, materialistic pursuits that are more their childless speed. They will never care for a vaccine injured child, so their opinion does not count. They will never know what you go through, and frankly, they do not care. Childless vaccine pushers are nothing in this fight so don’t hesitate to tell them to keep their hands off your little kids.






Are you going to sit there or do something?


Man, have I caught an earful in the past four days. People are pissed.  On fire that a Congressman would ask to cool it with the phone calls. Outraged that I’d go into a meeting and get “charmed by a politician” and I must be too stupid to know he pulled the wool over my eyes. But mostly people feel deceived that they aren’t being told every word of the meeting, and I understand that.

I’ve told you as much as I can because the Congressman asked if he could speak freely and off the record.  Yes, I could turn around and type every word of my notes into this blog but then what would happen?  I’d never be invited back and you’d have to find yourselves a new advocate.  So, you can trust me (or not) but if I want to ever go again, I can’t tell you what was said right now.

But here’s what we can do: let’s talk about moving forward.

Chaffetz is doing the best he can do at this job, but Chaffetz isn’t our personal Jesus, and neither is Bill Thompson, who you’ve already heard wants a second bite at the 2004 study so he can explain himself and walk back the secret recordings.  No, we didn’t talk about that in the Chaffetz meeting at all so I’m not foreshadowing anything here. You’ve already heard it through Brian Hooker, on Autism Media’s Periscope, and through a written statement from Focus For Health.

We all want a hearing where a perfect written record of CDC corruption is established and Bill Thompson saves the day.  That might happen– or it might not– but let’s keep working toward it.  There are 43 members of the Oversight Committee but hundreds of people keep calling one guy. Yes, he’s the Chairman but he’s one human being. Let’s get him some support from the rest of his Committee.

I’ll put a list of phone numbers and addresses for the other 42 congressmen/women on the Oversight Committee at the end of this entry. The phone calls fanned out to them should:

#1 educate the committee member’s staff who answers the phone about the fact that the CDC Whistleblower exists and there is an ongoing Oversight Committee investigation that they likely don’t even know about; and

#2 ask what each Congressman can do to demand that the CDC comply with the document requests.

Leave your name and your phone number and ask to be called back.  You might not even be considered for a callback if you don’t live in their district, so adjust your expectations, but you never know.

If you live in the district of the congressman you’re calling and you have a “voting bloc” you lead of people who have this common interest, make sure you tell them that in the message and ask for a call back. To say you have a voting bloc has no meaning, really, but if you’ve got a blog following of 50k+ vaccine freedom readers I’d mention it on the phone. Find your own congressman by clicking here.

Then get out some paper, pen, envelope and a stamp.  I know it’s been a while since we’ve used those things– I don’t even know where I’d find an envelope in my house. In fact, include a self-addressed stamped envelope in your letter and tell them you want answers, not a form letter, returned to you.

On the paper, repeat steps 1 and 2 above in a handwritten letter.  Then also:

#3 educate the members about what vaccine injury looks like, how it’s anything but rare, and include your personal story if you have one or send them to; and

#4 tell each Congressman what the legislative fix you want to see is.

What’s a legislative fix? It’s the things we want to see happen because our CDC is run by fraudsters. The legislative fix is our goal, and the hearing is but one vehicle for reaching that goal.

The most realistic request of a legislative fix is that the government creates a new agency that oversees vaccine safety, and they do it by taking money out of the CDC vaccine safety budget and give it to the new agency so that we’re not creating any debt. Win-win, right?  What sane person would be opposed to creating an independent agency to make sure vaccines are safe, and doing it without expanding the budget? Get vaccine safety out of the Immunization Safety Office out of the CDC and create a National Vaccine Safety Board as an independent federal agency charged by Congress to investigate vaccine injury. It goes without saying that any CDC, FDA, or pharmaceutical employees stockholders or lobbyists are not invited to join the board.

The second most realistic legislative fix is that we finally conduct a large-scale vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study in this country.  The CDC already has all of the data; we just need the funding and a trusted independent epidemiologist to conduct the study across all health outcomes– allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, eczema, juvenile diabetes, epilepsy, immune deficiency, pediatric cancer, gastrointestinal illness– not just autism.

Probably the least likely legislative fix would be reforming the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. I said the other day that our request was to have it repealed, but realistically that’s not a request that would garner much support from a government where pharmaceutical companies are bigger and badder than the NRA– that’s not to say I don’t want to see it done.  More than anything I want pharma to be liable.  But what industry wouldn’t want the sweet deal that pharma got of zero liability for their products? They’ll fight to the death protecting it. If we teach consumers to reject the product (which would be unstoppable after a vaxed vs. non-vax study), fight vaccine mandate legislation, and get an honest-to-God vaccine safety agency, the need for the court will plummet.

Just short of repeal, opening up the vaccine court law to revision and reform could quickly turn into an instance of “be careful what you wish for,” which is exactly what it has been since 1986. It’s been used in ways the drafters never intended– with a limited injury table, short statute of limitations, zero advertising of its existence, funds squandered on rigged safety studies, and cases that drag on for years in contentious proceedings where the government fights compensating ruined lives with expert witnesses.  It’s a disaster, no doubt. It absolutely needs to be reformed but we’re opening ourselves up to it being made worse by pharma poison pills. Reformation is something that will take a lot of thought with input from the best vaccine injury lawyers in the country and would need a lot of bipartisan support to fight off pharma intrusion. That’s why it’s at the end of my list.

My personal dream legislative fix that we did not discuss in the meeting would be to overhaul the CDC childhood vaccination schedule. I want hepatitis b on day one of life taken off and be reserved for hep b positive mothers. If you want your kid to have this vaccine, get it when they’re 12. I want the rotavirus vaccine to disappear from this country. I want flu vaccines to go to the incinerater, but I’d accept flu vaccines being banned from pregnant mothers and children under three years old. I want true zero mercury. I want the vaccine schedule to begin after 6 months old and I want it spread out with one vaccine every 60 days with no 5-in-1 shots. I want routine vitamin k shots to go away and only be used in traumatic births or on parents’ request. And I want expanded contraindications to vaccination, with autism, epilepsy, juvenile diabetes and food allergies leading the list.

The most important thing you can do this year is vote, and a vote that flips the US House to democrat would be a nail in the coffin of the CDC hearing and any of the legislative fixes, unless you know for a fact that your democrat US Representative wants a CDC hearing. For instance, I’ve heard that New York’s Maloney has supported us on this issue in the past, so you absolutely must find out where they stand on both requiring vaccines and exposing CDC corruption.

At the core of their party democrats want big government and to be in control of public health. Conservatives tend to best represent (diluted) libertarian beliefs of autonomy, parental rights, and smaller government. When you advocate on your state level where you have a lot more access to your elected leaders, you quickly realize that while vaccine choice knows no politics in your real life community (in fact, way more of my liberal friends are non-vax than conservative), vaccine choice is divided right down the party line in elected government, with only a few token democrats supporting us.

If the house flips, Chaffetz would be replaced by ranking member Elijah Cummings, who was on former Representative Dan Burton’s committee and did virtually nothing in that capacity. Cummings would love to see this investigation die. So consider that when you’re screaming for a Thompson hearing while voting on a straight democrat ticket– I do not want to hear you crying about the Whistleblower hearing dying and I look up your Facebook page and see you supporting Hillary Clinton. While I know for a fact that Hillary has known all about the damage done by mercury in the flu vaccine for the past decade, she doesn’t want to hear anything about the bad behavior at the CDC.

Not everyone start calling from the top of the committee list.  Some of you start in the middle, some from the bottom up. After July 15th everyone is gone for the summer, so get moving soon. Hopefully there aren’t mistakes in my list, but let me know if you find one.  Leave a comment and let us know what reps know about the investigation and what reps have never heard of it.

When writing your letters to the members, all addresses at the end of the lines (suite number and the house office building name) are Washington, DC 20515. There are three office buildings that house all of the representatives: Rayburn, Cannon and Longworth.

For example:

Elijah Cummings

2230 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

The Full Committee on Government Oversight and Reform list:

  1. Elijah Cummings, Democrat, Maryland, 202-225-4741, 2230 Rayburn HOB
  2.  John Mica, Republican, Florida, 202-225-4035, 2187 Rayburn HOB
  3. Michael Turner, Republican, Ohio, 202-225-6465, 2239 Rayburn HOB
  4. John Duncan, Republican, Tennessee, 202-225-5435, 2207 Rayburn HOB
  5. Jim Jordan, Republican, Ohio, 202-225-2676, 1524 Longworth HOB
  6. Tim Walberg, Republican, Michigan, 202-225-6276, 2436 Rayburn HOB
  7. Justin Amash, Republican Michigan, 202-225-3831, 114 Cannon HOB
  8. Paul Gosar, Republican, Arizona, 202-225- 2315, 504 Cannon HOB
  9. Scott Desjarlais, Republican, Tennessee, 202-225-6831, 413 Cannon HOB
  10. Trey Gowdy, Republican, S. Carolina, 202-225-6030, 1404 Longworth HOB
  11. Blake Farenthold, Republican, Texas, 202-225-7742, 1027 Longworth HOB
  12. Cynthia Lummis, Republican, Wyoming, 202-225-2311, 2433 Rayburn HOB
  13. Thomas Massie, Republican, Kentucky, 202-225-3465, 314 Cannon HOB
  14. Mark Meadows, Rep, N. Carolina, 202-225-6401, 1024 Longworth HOB
  15. Ron Desantis, Republican, Florida, 202-225-2706, 308 Cannon HOB
  16. Mick Mulvaney, Republican, S. Carolina, 202-225-5501, 2419 Rayburn HOB
  17. Ken Buck, Republican, Colorado, 202-225-4676, 416 Cannon HOB
  18. Mark Walker, Republican, North Carolina, 202-225-3065, 312 Cannon HOB
  19. Rod Blum, Republican, Iowa, 202-225-2911, 213 Cannon HOB
  20. Jody Hice (a male), Republican, Georgia, 202-225-4101, 1516 Longworth HOB
  21. Steve Russell, Republican, Oklahoma, 202-225-2132, 128 Cannon HOB
  22. Buddy Carter, Republican, Georgia, 202-225-5831, 432 Cannon HOB
  23. Glenn Grothman, Republican, Wisconsin, 202-225-2476, 501 Cannon HOB
  24. William Hurd, Republican, Texas, 202-225-4511 317 Cannon HOB
  25. Gary J. Palmer, Republican, Alabama, 202-225-4921, 206 Cannon HOB
  26. Carolyn Maloney, Democrat, New York, 202-225-7944, 2308 Rayburn HOB
  27. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democrat, DC, 202-225-8050, 2136 Rayburn HOB
  28. William Lacy Clay, Democrat, Missouri, 202-225-2406, 2428 Rayburn HOB
  29. Stephen Lynch, Dem, Massachusetts, 202-225-8237, 2639 Rayburn HOB
  30. Jim Cooper, Democrat, Tennessee, 202-225-4311, 1536 Longworth HOB
  31. Gerald E. Connolly, Democrat, Virginia, 202-225-1492, 2238 Rayburn HOB
  32. Matt Cartwright,  Dem, Pennsylvania, 202-225-5546, 1419 Longworth HOB
  33. Tammy Duckworth, Democrat, Illinois, 202-225-3711, 104 Cannon HOB
  34. Robin Kelly, Democrat, Illinois, 202-225-0773, 1239 Longworth HOB
  35. Brenda Lawrence, Dem, Michigan, 202-225-5802, 1237 Longworth HOB
  36. Ted Lieu, Democrat, California, 202-225-3976, 415 Cannon HOB
  37. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Dem, New Jersey, 202-225-5801, 126 Cannon HOB
  38. Stacey E. Plaskett, Dem, Virgin Islands, 202-225-1790, 509 Cannon HOB
  39. Mark Desaulnier, Democrat, California, 202-225-2095, 327 Cannon HOB
  40. Brendan F. Boyle, Democrat, Pennsylvania, 202-225-6111, 118 Cannon HOB
  41. Peter Welch, Democrat, Vermont, 202-225-4115, 2303 Rayburn HOB
  42. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Dem, New Mexico, 202-225-6316, 214 Cannon HOB

Quackenboss goes to Washington

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I wasn’t going to write this blog until next week but my flight landed and clearly all of you are standing by to hear how today went, so I am sitting down the minute I walked into my house to update you.

This is going to be quick and dirty because it’s late and I haven’t slept after flying into and out of DC today and yesterday.  The background is that a few months ago I approached Tami Canal, the founder of March Against Monsanto (MAM), to strike a deal: if I gave her the link to watch Vaxxed before just about anyone else in the country, she would write a review of it and promote it on Facebook. Because of an incoming link to my blog earlier in the year I realized her position on vaccines for the first time– and the fact that the anti-GMO group isn’t united with the vaccine freedom group boggled my mind.  We’ve got to get it together. Long story short, she accepted.  Vaxxed lit a fire in her and I put her in contact with people who advocate on the federal level.  As kismet would have it, Tami is a constituent of Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR)– the committee charged with investigating the CDC Whistleblower hot potato. Because MAM has over a million followers, she was able to get a meeting with her Congressman and a half dozen of us convened in Representative Chaffetz’s office this afternoon without him knowing who was coming. Surprise! We brought Del Bigtree, one of the producers of Vaxxed, with us.

As Del said live a few minutes ago, we did promise not to talk about the details of the investigation because we would be compromising it.  You just can’t tell witnesses what other witnesses said, and I hope you can appreciate that as well as how hard it is for me not to tell you because you deserve to know the truth.  And one day this will be over and I will tell you all that I know.

In the meantime, I feel like I can tell you what WE asked and what WE said without telling you what Chaffetz said about the investigation.

Our meeting was scheduled for 1pm. Usually people are given 10, maybe 15 minutes with a Congressman and then someone is knocking on the door with an emergency.  On Tami’s insistence, his office confirmed that we would have a full hour.  A few days ago they tried to cut the meeting down to 20 minutes but ended up moving the time later in the day, and this afternoon they said that Chaffetz would be a half hour late because he needed to vote on 20 bills, but in exchange he was clearing his afternoon to spend time with us– without even knowing who “us” was.

Del Chaffetz.jpg

We arrived at one and were seated in Chaffetz’s office with Fred Ferguson, Chaffetz’s Chief of Staff, and Sean Hayes, an attorney on the OGR committee.  From 1:10 to 1:35 we shot the shit about the movie while waiting for Chaffetz to arrive– his staff had seen it earlier.  Going off my notes, I think it’s OK for me to share that Sean Hayes said that the worst case scenario here (which doesn’t happen 99% of the time) would be that the OGR builds a full record against the CDC through document requests and makes criminal referrals.  I’m not sharing private information by saying this because that is simply what the OGR is there for.

However, these records are 14+ years old so I want you to sit with that for a minute and contemplate how gargantuan this task is. Also, the CDC has to cooperate to make that happen, and judging by the fact that the CDC investigated themselves and refused to share the results of that investigation with Congress, we can get a good idea of their level of interest in cooperating.

Now, this is the point where it’s easy to say, “But what about Flint!  They were all over Flint and had a hearing in 30 days!”  And that’s exactly what we did say. But it turns out that the OGR was quietly investigating Flint for a year and a half before the public ever found out about it so no, the OGR was not all over Flint in 30 days.  Also, the EPA had a vested interest in making the State of Michigan look bad so they were more than happy to cooperate in those document requests in record time. This is politics, don’t forget.

Chaffetz came in at 1:35.  We started to do introductions and honestly, there was a wee bit of hostility from some of our members because we’re sitting there with the impression that the OGR hasn’t done jack for nearly two years now, so Chaffetz had to walk into that. Some of us introduced ourselves and when it got to Del, Del just started talking.  He gave the history of Vaxxed, how he got pulled into it, and took Chaffetz through the timeline of it getting kicked out of Tribeca and going nuclear.

Del said that in the fall of 2014 when the Whistleblower story was never reported that it made him question the state of democracy. It would have been one thing to have the media address it and dismiss it, but no one said a word. It’s a sad statement to who is running the news in this country.

There was a huge smile from Chaffetz when Del commended him on how brave his staffer was to stand up in Utah, announce herself, and take questions from the crowd at their Vaxxed Q&A. He knows how to make a boss feel proud.

Del asked what he can say in the theaters when people ask about Chaffetz night after night but Chaffetz made it clear that he can’t broadcast what he’s doing, where’s he’s been, or where’s he’s going next.  It’s not how investigations are done. He can’t promise how this investigation will end.  It may not end with a hearing.  They may not ever be able to construct the record. We can’t hang everything we’ve got on one witness.

Chaffetz asked what we wanted to see happen beyond a Thompson hearing and this was our wish list.

One: that the power to police vaccine safety is taken away from the CDC.

Two: That the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act is repealed and pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the safety of their products.

Three: That the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated total health outcome study (Congressman Posey’s HR 1636) is conducted.

I asked him what I could pass along to all of you for ways that you could help.  He shared that his office has been slowed down by having to return phone calls to people demanding a hearing.  He knows we want a hearing– that message is received. His policy is to return all phone calls which means that sometimes three hours of a day are spent calling you back rather than investigating the CDC.  Don’t call anymore please.

He said that if we do get to the point of having a hearing that it would be great to be able to tap into a reservoir of personal stories. You can do this in two ways:

Make a 30-second video and send it to (his staff will be checking the YouTube channel) and you can hand write a letter (yes, with a real pen and a piece of paper) and send it to him at Congressman Chaffetz 2236 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

If you live in states represented by members of the OGR committee, also send a personal letter to your Congressman.  Hand write your personal story and tell them you want the 1986 act repealed, you want vaccine safety to be taken out of the CDC, and you want Posey’s vaccinated/unvaccinated study conducted.  These states include Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, DC, Virginia, Tennessee, California, Utah, Texas, Georgia, Wyoming, Alabama, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Ohio. You can find your Congressman by clicking here.  Don’t email, don’t call, don’t type a letter.  Hand write it and mail it.

I’m exhausted so I’m going to sign off but I want you to know that I fight for you.  I just spent $1,000 and took off from my work and family obligations to fly out for the chance of this meeting actually happening. Del asked me why I do what I do when I do not have an autistic child and my answer is because someone has to do it. I do this for all of you.

I wish I’d taken a picture of Chaffetz leaning back in his chair biting a pen in his mouth and grinning nearly ear-to-ear while listening to Del. Del could thaw a cold war. He was endearing and disarming and changed the energy in the room when he talked about how he’d changed political parties since coming upon the story of the CDC Whistleblower.

But, I did snap this picture in the beginning before Del turned on the charm and I’m risking Jason Chaffetz never hosting me in his office for the rest of his career, but I want to share it with you because you deserve to see it.

Chaffetz and Staff.jpg

This is the face of a man who cares, people.  This is real.  You are not crazy. The CDC switching their study criteria midstream is known by this man and his team.  This meeting really happened today. And our one-hour meeting turned into a two-hour meeting, 90 minutes of which was spent with the Congressman. That is simply unheard of.

I hope I am not overstepping when I say that if you are a one-issue voter (and that issue would be parental rights) and Jason Chaffetz was running for president, he is the man you would want to vote for. You can trust me on that. He is doing his job here.  This situation may not end up how we want it to end up, but it is not for lack of Chaffetz and his staff working their asses off for us.

I wasn’t going to share this but since Del already did, I’ll repeat it here.  As we were closing up Chaffetz said, “If you leave here without receiving any other message I want you to receive this one: you have our attention.”

{Click over to the step-by-step call to action after reading this post}


Edit: I am seeing some people sharing a wiki-leaks type article from the end of 2015 with the bombshell that Chaffetz takes pharmaceutical money.  Nearly all elected officials accept campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies.  You’d be hard pressed to find many who don’t; Bernie Sanders comes to mind but even he took $100,000 from Kaiser, who doesn’t exactly have clean hands in this business of creating captured entities. I will direct your attention to anti-SB277 Senator Joel Anderson of California who told Polly during a Periscope interview on May 10th that even he takes pharmaceutical money and it has no bearing on how he votes. It was made clear to us yesterday that the CDC Whistleblower is far from the only investigation under the OGR right now, and that whatever Chaffetz plans to do in any investigation is not going to be announced in the news. Besides, if you actually read the Chaffetz article being passed around called “Chaffetz Uses House Chairmanship to Shield His Big Pharma Backers,” it doesn’t say he wasn’t ever going to hold a hearing about the drug company in question.  It said that one specific company wasn’t going to be the sole subject of a hearing. Accepting pharmaceutical money is not a litmus test for honesty.

I’ve also seen the accusation that Del and I are calling for people to “stand down.”  I’ve said no such thing. If you keep calling Chaffetz’s office on the phone you are only slowing yourself down.  It’s your choice. All calls are returned by him personally or by his lawyers, so if you want to complain that the investigation is going too slow but at the same time want a call to action for thousands of parents to call him and demand a hearing, you’re your own worst enemy.

You want to call someone?  Call the CDC Director Tom Frieden and tell him to grow a pair and fully cooperate with the OGR investigation.