How can we stop pharma CEOs from destroying our kids?

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I’m thinking on these questions: why do I write about vaccines all the time? Why do I talk about this to people? What is my goal of it all? What am I hoping will happen to the vaccine situation in our country?

And my answers are this:

  1. Americans need to recapture and retain the freedom to decline vaccines.
  2. Parents need true informed consent about the very real risks of vaccination.
  3. “Science” needs to be allowed to discover and report on the dangers of injecting aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, Triton X and so on, and the chronic health conditions that arise from it that are denied right now.

I don’t expect the CDC to ever issue a mea culpa. I accept that there is zero chance that our government is going to compensate the millions of children who developed autism, anaphylactic food allergies, epilepsy, or diabetes after vaccination. Victory isn’t going to come in the form of a check or an apology. If we can win freedom and transparency, we have won.

And once the transparent science is out there (especially CDC science), I think consumer rejection of the product will drive improved safety, secure exemptions, stop the insurance bonus payments, and change pediatrician attitudes toward patients.

But how do we get there from where we are today? This is the flow of how we end up where we are year after year:

  • The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices makes vaccine schedule recommendations
  • The CDC sets the schedule based on the ACIP recommendations
  • State legislators adopt a vaccine schedule based on the CDC, and make that schedule mandatory to attend school, but with exemptions in most states

Look, the gig is up. The ACIP and the CDC know exactly what they’ve done to two generations of children. They’re not going to admit what they’ve done, but they don’t have to keep going down this road.

How can we make an exit ramp for them? There has to be a mechanism for the ACIP and CDC to gracefully free themselves from the chokehold that the pharmaceutical industry has had on them for decades.

And if they could separate and create a policy that the pharmaceutical industry is no longer permitted to advise the ACIP and CDC, no longer permitted to provide staff for or influence the doctors who volunteer on the ACIP, that pharma is no longer permitted to hire CDC employees into their corporations, and no longer permitted to donate money to any CDC-affiliated organizations, perhaps there would finally be enough space between pharma and the vaccine program that we could shine some light on what is really happening to our children.

But really, Congress should create such a law.

And, I think, once you take all of the pharma money and power out of the equation, things are going to get a whole lot more honest in the vaccine program.

The problem here is entirely the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not the ignorant pediatricians who haven’t taken 12 hours to educate themselves about vaccine risks, ingredients, and health outcomes. The days of $1,000 dinners and exotic vacations courtesy of pharma are over for doctors (except exotic vacations for speakers at medical forums, I know). Do we really think that free pens, a bag of Subway sandwiches, and a box of drug samples wield that much influence over your pediatrician? I don’t think so. I think they’re lazy when it comes to continuing medical education that isn’t spoon-fed to them by a doe-eyed drug rep.

And the problem isn’t the doctors and lawyers who become state legislators and don’t have an hour to make an educated decision on a Goddamned thing before they cast a vote. It’s not all of the ignoramuses who get degrees in public health and end up at the CDC because they thought they’d be able to “help people.”

All of these professionals are just the pawns. They’re the front line, taking marching orders from the queen in the back row.

The problem is the pharmaceutical industry and all of our US Congressmen who think they can remain neutral on drug issues on one hand while accepting pharma donations with the other. And pharma has poured $2.5 billion dollars into lobbying and funding members of Congress in just 10 years.

How do we make Congressmen care? How many of them clam up when asked about vaccine freedom, exemptions, or mandates? How many say it should be a state issue and then run away from the person asking?

It’s a grenade the vast majority don’t want to jump on. I don’t know that we can ever get 51% of them to care about our kids.

But there’s another way to go about this. There might be a crack in another door.

What if we crept in through the opioid epidemic? 

In October 2017 the international media exploded when DEA whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi came forward with juicy details of pharmaceutical corruption in government. I’m sure the irony of the media blowing up for a DEA opioid whistleblower just three years after completely ignoring a would-be CDC vaccine whistleblower is not lost on you; not all epidemic whistleblowers are created equal. Obviously.

The media began shouting about American opioid addiction and how the pharmaceutical industry stomped all over the DEA by influencing Congressmen to the tune of $152,000,000 in 2016. They were outraged that there are, on average, two pharmaceutical lobbyists for every Congressman in Washington.

Apparently, in 2015 and during the height of the opioid epidemic, the drug industry was able to get Congress to pass a bill to protect their interests. Obama signed it into law, allegedly without knowing what its impact would be. Obama refused to ever speak about it.

And if we think about it, what the pharmaceutical industry has done to the FDA and DEA to cause the devastation in the opioid epidemic isn’t all that different than what they’ve done with the ACIP and CDC to cause the autism and chronic illness epidemic. The difference is that nearly all of America is willing to rally behind getting pharma out of the government when it comes to addictive drugs, and the same people are dumbstruck when it comes to getting pharma out of the vaccine schedule.

And get this– the US opioid market was worth $11 billion in 2014. But the year before, the US vaccine market was already worth nearly $13 billion. Vaccine sales are more valuable than oxycontin. 

I know I’m the first person to preach that we should act locally and focus on our state legislatures, but I think there may be a real opportunity here. We have national outrage about pharma’s influence over our government. We have Congressmen calling for new laws or to undo old laws. We have the media sufficiently engaged about both a crisis and a whistleblower. Sen. Claire McCaskill is calling for an end to pharmaceutical subsidies on advertising (did you know your tax dollars paid for that?) and in February 2016 Rep. Rosa DeLauro introduced a bill to enact a three-year ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising for new drugs, backed by the American Medical Association. The FDA just announced they will be researching the risks of pharmaceutical advertising and the claims made in commercials.

See, this doesn’t have to be about opioids and it certainly doesn’t need to be targeted toward vaccines. They are parallel epidemics. It is the pharmaceutical industry as a whole: get it out of our government. All pharma out of all government entities means all opioid manufacturers out of the DEA, but it also means all vaccine manufacturers out of the CDC. All money, all influence, all power, all consulting, and all gifts-in-kind need to get out of all government entities, all advisory committees, and all Congressmen election funds. No money that can ever be traced back to a pharmaceutical industry can be received, donated, or spent.

Besides, it’s the campaign spending for Congressmen that’s allegedly driving the high drug prices for Americans, right? Or it’s just a coincidence that the day after Donald Trump made that accusation, pharmaceutical companies donated more money to Congressmen than they ever had before– $279,400 in a single day.

If you were to talk to a vaccinating parent about this issue, but kept it in general terms, it would sound like this:

“America has a tremendous problem with our elected officials and regulators being captured by pharmaceutical money, and it has created a relationship where the corporation that is supposed to be regulated is writing its own rules. This happens when drug corporations donate money to election campaigns and agency foundations, or offer high-paying jobs to government agency employees. When a Congressman accepts several hundred thousand dollars of drug corporation money in a year, not only does the Congressman then help pass laws that favor the corporation, but they act as a liaison between the corporation and its regulating agencies, creating pressure to put the kibosh on plans the agency might have to reign in the corporation. When a corporation is allowed to staff government advisory committees, they’ll staff them with pharmaceutical-friendly medical doctors. They create committees that will certainly make the most industry-friendly recommendations as possible, and they pretend this is done through consultation and collaboration rather than through capture.”

And this vaccinating parent could easily assume that you are talking about America’s prescription drug problem, but you’re talking about America’s vaccine problem. In the first, everyone is willing to acknowledge the grand conspiracy. In the second, they call you a conspiracy theorist.






Vaccination is now the root cause of mass violence @realDonaldTrump


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We seem to have a problem in this country. We love to politicize every issue. We can’t help ourselves. And complicating that, we seem incapable of helicoptering up, getting a bigger perspective on what the cause of a particular issue is.

Yes, we have a massive problem in the availability of assault rifles to teens, city dwellers who don’t need them for protection from wildlife, and people on psychotropic drugs.

And we’ve got society saying that if you’re conservative, you’d better hold on to every protection of the Second Amendment out of fear of having your rights chipped away. We’ve all seen the erosion on other issues, especially parental rights. And society says that if you’re a good liberal, then you attack the guns and the guns alone, because talking about any of the contributing factors to mass shootings isn’t politically correct.

Let’s get real about America’s violence problem. This shouldn’t be a battle between the left and the right. This battle belongs squarely on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical industry and the NRA, and if the NRA had any balls it would be pointing the finger at pharma.

Yes, the availability of assault rifles to teenagers has got to be eliminated. I can understand people in rural areas needing an easy-to-handle semi-automatic to fend off an animal that is going to kill them. I don’t understand a rich kid on ADHD drugs in Boca Raton being able to get his hands on one.

But assault rifle availability is the pinnacle of the mass shooting pyramid problem in America. Going solely after guns like the AR-15 is leaving a lot of people with a lifetime of pain and suffering. So let’s go down that pyramid to what we’re calling “mental illness” and how we’re treating it.

Here is the history:

To the best of my knowledge, before Prozac was launched to the public in 1988, there were three fatal shootings of students or staff on school grounds in modern times. The first was at the University of Texas in 1966 by Charles Whitman, who high on Dexedrine, an amphetamine for depression. The second was a decade later in 1976 at California State University in Orange County by Edward Charles Allaway, who was a previously-institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic who was found not guilty by insanity at trial. The third was in San Diego in 1979 by Brenda Spencer, a depressed, suicidal, and psychotic 16-year old, in what she later claimed was an attempted suicide by cop.

After Prozac’s 1988 rollout the school shootings began to roll in. There was one in 1988, another in 19881989, 1991, 1992, 1996, another in 1996, 1997, another in 19971998, another in 1998, and Columbine in 1999.

Since Columbine there have been 15 more fatal school shootings, including Florida’s on February 14th. But correlation doesn’t equal causation, right? Except when it does.

Here are the facts:

13% of American men will now be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in their lifetimes. And ADHD wasn’t even on the CDC’s radar until 1997. They say there’s been a “clear, upward trend” ever since.

The gold standard treatment for ADHD is legal speed. Not exactly amphetamines of Hells Angels days, but nearly so. And the difference between amphetamine, methamphetamine and ADHD “treatment” Adderall is absolute fiction.

The side effects of taking Adderall include agitation, anxiety, psychotic episodes, anger, and dysphoria (dissatisfaction with life), along with depression, hostility, and paranoia.

If even only 20% of American men diagnosed with ADHD seek treatment with Adderall, we are talking about millions and millions of guys taking Adderall. 4 million men based on those numbers.

Adding to that, 9% of men now suffer from daily signs of depression or anxiety and 30% of them take medication for it.

Again, that’s another 4 million men on psych meds for depression or anxiety, and these drugs are undoubtedly not suitable for all 4 million of them.

Prozac side effects include aggression, antisocial behavior, delusions, hallucinations, panic attacks, anger, depression, intentional self-injury, and morbid thoughts. Wellbutrin side effects include aggression, depersonalization (feeling like your thoughts are not your own), mood instability, paranoia, psychosis, and suicide. Zoloft’s side effects include conversion disorder (a mental condition where you think you have a serious disability), depression, aggression, paranoia, psychosis, apathy, amnesia, and suicide.

And these side effects are rare, so not to worry. They only affect up to 1% of the people who take the drugs, so that’s about 40,000 men roaming the streets of America who feel this way, if that makes you feel any safer.

Where is this coming from?

Forrest Maready makes an extremely compelling argument in his book Crooked that ADHD is entirely physiological, caused by either chronic inflammation or metal toxicity.

It turns out that after all of these years (what, 70 years?) when we baselessly thought the human body excreted the aluminum adjuvant used in the DPT vaccine and about 20 other shots routinely given in the United States, we were wrong. Oops.

Since cells in the human body can’t destroy a metal, it turns out that many cells, especially white blood cells, take up the aluminum. And whenever the body experiences inflammation, the cells inadvertently deliver aluminum to two places.

First, to the place of inflammation, and second, to the brain.

So with every injury and incidence of inflammation, we are getting more and more aluminum delivered to various parts of our brains.

Forrest explains that the part of the brain called the locus coeruleus, which is responsible for initiating the production of norepinephrine, prepares your body for fight or flight. A malfunctioning locus coeruleus may be misinterpreting trivial environmental events as danger cues.

And this is often diagnosed as ADHD. But, depending on the severity of the damage to the locus coeruleus, symptoms may appear as depression or anxiety.

Injecting aluminum into the body is a direct cause of ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Plus, don’t forget, we’re still injecting 25 micrograms of mercury, the most toxic substance known to man, with every multi-dose jab of the flu vaccine, including the vaccines we give to pregnant women.

It’s no coincidence that when leaded gasoline was banned in 1996, crime rates across the country plummeted drastically, making local mayors look like heroes. We are humans. We aren’t meant to poison our bodies with metals.

Why am I talking about men?

Because men commit mass murders. There have been female serial killers, and mothers who have driven their cars off docks with kids in them, or drowned their children in a bathtub. Women hurt people too, don’t get me wrong. But for whatever reason– whether hormonal or societal– they don’t act out on a mass scale.

Regardless, antidepressants are known worldwide to increase suicidal and homicidal behavior.



It’s estimated that half of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs, as are 90% of all school shooters. Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin writes extensively about the side effects of drugging our children. His collection of work can be found here.

I read today in the Guardian that RFK Jr. has broken his silence about President Trump’s failure to communicate one word about the vaccine safety commission for the past six months. “Trump appears to abandon vaccine skeptic group denounced by scientists,” the headline happily declared.

But I’ll tell you what, Trump.

Since the metals in vaccines are injuring our children’s brains, and the psychotropic treatments we’re giving our kids are driving tens of thousands of them off a cliff, we can’t fix the violence problem in America without fixing the vaccine safety problem. Remove the assault rifles from the equation, yes. And then we’ll be looking a lot harder at the 37,000 knife offenses that happened in the UK last year. I expect we’ll have a high school stabbing epidemic, and probably a vehicle-ramming epidemic to go along with it.

The bottom line is that these kids are going to find a way to act out the hostility forced on them by the psychiatric meds. We, as a nation, need to save them.

March for that.




How we cause autism: restraint, white blood cells and aluminum

24 hours ago Forrest Maready released a video about a book he has secretly worked on for the past two years, and I feel like I am seeing the world for the very first time. And I want you to join me.

I know it’s intimidating to sit down and watch a 2 hour and 15 minute video that rocks everything you thought you knew, but it’s important that you watch the entire thing. Every minute is something new, and the last 5 minutes are earth shattering.

So I’m going to tell you what’s in the video because if you’re like me, you don’t like watching videos and will instead read about a video so that you’re in control of how you’re receiving information. And then if you’re intrigued, you decide to watch the video.

Maybe I can entice you to watch the video. And I want to entice you to tell your friends about it. And tell you pediatrician about it. And tell your state representatives and senators, tell your Congressmen, tell the CDC and tell the President of the United States.

Will you do that for me? Will you watch the video and tell everyone about it? Because it’s that big.


Forrest starts off talking about the crooked smile we see so much of in people born in the late 70s, 80s and today. He talks about the infections that can cause this effect and he talks about how the aluminum in vaccines is taken up by our white blood cells. And when we have an infection, our bodies call for help from the white blood cells, and when that infection is in a nerve, the white blood cells are inadvertently delivering neurotoxic aluminum to the nerve, which causes lesions.

And Forrest talks about how autoimmune disorders are triggered four ways that we know of: infection, heavy physical exertion, pregnancy and stress.

We know that aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease are strongly associated with each other. We know that NFL players who repeatedly have concussions– where the brain is inflamed and signaling for help– have brains that look an awful lot like Alzheimer’s brains. And we know from brand new research that tissue from autistic brains showed aluminum levels that were some of the highest ever recorded, and comparable to early onset Alzheimer’s brains.

He moves on from the crooked smile to strabismus of the eyes not able to point perfectly ahead, and explains how prevalent this is now.

He takes you through a whole spectrum of cranial nerve damage and how that damage manifests physically– speech apraxia, misaligned sense of balance, bowel movements, extremely sensitive to noise or taste, the nerves that impact the eyes and the mouth. Then he takes you through the whole spectrum of autism and this is where your mind is blown.

But it begs the question– why are our baby boys’ brains signaling for these white blood cells? How are the cells that are carrying aluminum getting called to the brain and damaging the nerves that are responsible for the symptoms of autism?

And his theory will break your heart.

Our little boys don’t just come with the “fight or flight” response to danger that we all know about (girls have reflexes that are completely different). Boys have another reflex that kicks in when they are restrained with no hope of escape. And this reflex is controlled by the dorsal vagal complex deep in the brain, where the nuclei of these cranial nerves originate. When the “no hope of escape” reflex kicks in, the brain signals for white blood cells.

And as our boys grow older, stronger, and wiser about the pain about to be inflicted on them by the doctor’s office, and their own mothers are holding them down along with a nurse or two and there is no hope of escape, this reflex kicks in and the brain calls for help.

Two other causes of that particular call for help: pathogen invasion and tissue damage.

And by 12 months old, our baby boys are held down with no hope of escape, their brains signal for help, and we inject them with pathogens and damage their tissue. It is a trifecta of creating autism. The brain calls for help, and the white blood cells deliver the aluminum to the cranial nerves.

Here. Dip your toe into this 7 minute summary.


Now are you ready? Jump in. Stay with it until the very end. Let me know what you think.


And if you want more, Forrest has a book coming out with much, much more. Pre-order the new book here.

Please tweet this blog and the videos to:




I know that the next conversation needs to be about healing, and from what I’ve read chelating aluminum out of the body is hit or miss for several reasons. I’d love to hear more in the comments from people who are educated about it.

But there are proven methods to regrow myelin in the brain, and they are worth a try.  The first is fish oil and its role in healing from traumatic brain injury. The second is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it can cause the brain to regrow myelin over the nerves. There is also a vagus nerve stimulation program called Tomatis Method, and another program called Integrated Listening Systems.

Would love to learn more from my readers.


21 alternative rituals to the baby well check


It was September 2014. The CDC Whistleblower story was gaining momentum; breaking out of the non-vax echo chamber. There was a battle of the citizen journalist iReports. CNN was forced to respond. The CDC had no choice but to issue a statement to CNN and put another out on their website. Dr. Thompson weighed in through his lawyer. Brian Hooker’s reanalysis was published in a journal, and immediately retracted. Snopes was on the case.

I would giddily call Liam Scheff almost every night, after every new development. “This is it, buddy!” I’d say. “We’re finally going to be heard. It’s all falling apart now. The truth is coming out.”

And he’d make a little whine of disbelief, like he was thinking about it, and then laugh. He’d tell me I was wrong. He’d say that we would never, ever break through. “It” was never going to fall apart. No matter what was happening, we could never do enough.

The anti-vaxers will always lose.

A year and a half later he put out this video where he spoke to what we used to talk about.


“You don’t question huge cultural stories, and the story is always the same: ‘This is how we do it. We didn’t always do it this way, but we learned to do it this way, and now we live in the best of all possible worlds.’

Despite disease outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. Despite diseases caused by the ingredients of vaccines. Despite autism. Despite causing polio by spraying DDT.

‘We live in the best of all possible worlds.’

Their side gets all the support they want because the entire media operation– the church, the government– believes this. No one is going to admit that we don’t live in the best of all possible worlds.

And this is the most crucial point that nobody talks about: the anti-vaccine side doesn’t know what to offer in the place of vaccination. 

Vaccination is nothing if not a ritual. It is a religious, ritualized act. A ceremony. You go to someone with a white coat, who you trust implicitly, who is smarter than you, who has had more training than you.

They gain your trust by telling you it’s going to hurt a little bit, and then the hurt is going to be over. Of course, they’re talking about a simple prick of the skin, not vaccine injury. They’re just priests. They’re not students of what the ingredients are doing to your body, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

They are hallowed for enacting this ritual. It is very significant to go to a place where you have no control, to give yourself up to authority, to let them do a ritual in which you are a participant.

It makes you feel like you are part of something. You will become a member of a society that accepts a tribal ritual.

The anti-vaccine movement doesn’t have a ritual to offer. They have nothing that says, ‘You can bring your child to this non-vaccine center and we’ll bless your child with the holy oil of oregano. We’re going to do all of this as a ritual. An anti-glyphosate, anti-vaccine, anti-sugar, anti-poison ritual.’

We don’t have anything like that. We can’t compete. People who are asking for logic in medicine are missing the fundamental aspect of medicine: it is a religious ritualistic practice.

We are a far more tribal species– a far more mythology-driven, psychologically-driven species– than we are a logical species.

That’s what makes it impossible to get anything done in the sciences–  which are a religion, colored with a little bit of math.”

One year later, Liam was gone.

You can help support those that this brilliant mind left behind by purchasing his book, Official Stories.


Seen through this lens, how is the ritual of vaccination in western medicine different from the ritual of baptism as a requirement for eternal salvation in Christianity? Or the Hindu black pottu dot on a baby’s cheek keeping them from getting sick because people admire them too much? Or, at the extreme end of infant rituals, female genital mutilation as a mark of marriageability in Burkina Faso?

People who participate in those rituals don’t question them because they are huge cultural stories. Even if they don’t wholeheartedly believe, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How can scientific research ever make progress when it has to adhere to the (government, big ag, chemical and pharmaceutical industries) religious tenets of ritualistic medicine?

It can’t be embedded in this piece, but you should watch Liam’s hilarious video called “Ask a Scientist” here.

“Don’t try to read our papers. You’re not in our club. You’re not allowed to.”


I’ve been chatting with an LQ commenter who messaged me the other day to say that vaccination is a ritual of cleansing. Those who partake are clean, and those who do not are unclean. Heck, you’re unclean for even questioning it, even if you did partake.

They see themselves as clean and pure and see us as vile and germ ridden.

And he pointed out how absurd it is that this purification ritual takes place by congregating in disease-infested doctor offices.

I have to agree with him.


Picture it: you take your newborn infant to little space in an office strip mall where cough spittle, mucusy sneezes, and shed skin cells cover every surface– the door handles, toys, books, scale, instruments, the vinyl table under a fragile strip of paper. This place is a revolving door of diarrhea, streptococcus, RSV, hand-foot-and-mouth, rhinovirus, pertussis, and dozens of undiagnosable viruses. And once at this place, you allow your child to be injected with bacteria, viruses grown in cells from aborted babies, formaldehyde, polysorbate emulsifier, ammonia fertilizer salt, aluminum, and a little bit of mercury.

Go for these injections 5 times in 18 months, and the tribe will deem your child to be cleansed.

Q: But what about British people? They don’t vaccinate for chicken pox.

A: That’s not our tribe.

Q: Japanese doctors are no longer allowed to say that the government recommends the HPV vaccine.

A: That tribe’s belief system is not founded in science.

Q: But the US doesn’t vaccinate for tuberculosis, and almost everyone else does.

A: We don’t care what other tribes do. Our way is the right way.

Germ theory is the “understanding” that microscopic viruses cause infectious diseases in healthy people. If you buy into germ theory so completely that you guard against disease with vaccination, then how are you talked into doing this ritual at a doctor’s office?

It’s so germy that 12 years ago doctors were told to stop wearing “disease-spreading” neckties while doing their rounds. If you’re so scared of germs, then the doctor is the most disgusting guy in town. Why do you want this person to handle your newborn?

And it reminded me of how repulsive it is that we now fully expect women to birth babies in hospitals where every year 1.5 million Americans go to die. On top of that, the medical establishment is responsible for accidentally killing over 400,000 people every year. This is who you entrust with your healthy infant’s life?

And if you’re smart enough to wait outside with your newborn in a baby carrier with the top closed until your name is called for your appointment, then why are you at the doctor’s office at all? To have your baby weighed? To have their head measured? You don’t have a tape measure at home? You don’t want to spend $33 on a baby scale?

Or are you there to have the priest in the white coat look your baby over and declare, “He’s perfect! Good job, parent!”

Why not squirt a little hand sanitizer on a local homeless guy and ask him to hold your baby and tell you what a good job you’re doing? Do you think a doctor with a disease-spreading necktie is less germy?

And what’s a doctor’s favorite thing to say when denying that a vaccine has made a child sick? “Ah, they must have picked something up in the office when they were here for their checkup.” So either the vaccine injected into your child made them sick, or the visit to the doctor’s office made them sick. Pick your poison.

Traditional western medical doctors are for sick people. Specialists are for sick people. Their offices are for sick people. Their hospitals are for sick people. Their medicines are for sick people. There is no such thing as a “preventative wellness medicine” coming from a doctor.


There is a faction of the population who believe that “germs” seek diseased tissue as their natural habitatthe germs aren’t the cause of the diseased tissue. The “terrain theory” holds that sick people have a temporary or permanent disposition to infection caused by their environmental toxic load, inadequate nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and stress levels. These stagnant pools within our tissues become the breeding ground for existing benign microbes to morph into pathogenic microbes. FB_IMG_1511507880003

The impact of stress on the immune system is why you get sick after a long difficult event, like a month of studying for and taking college final exams. It’s why women under daily pressure– like while getting a divorce– develop precancerous cervical lesions even when they are negative for HPV.

It’s also why being happy and having a close community boosts immunity from catching colds, despite being in physical contact with others. It’s why the idiots at the University of Nottingham wrote a paper about how being in a good mood makes the flu vaccine work better. It doesn’t make the flu vaccine work better. Being happy makes the immune system work better.

But on the flip side, never having infections isn’t beneficial, either. It’s why people who “never get sick” are so shocked when they end up with cancer. Getting a fever clears infection and diseased tissues, and heating up the body with exercise or saunas may have the same effect.

I don’t have a two-minute every-other-month “anti-vaccine wellness ritual” that prevents the disposition to infection. Nobody does, and you shouldn’t want one anyway. People get fevers sometimes. They serve a purpose.

But here’s my ideal list of what you should be doing, though I know it’s not 100% possible in 100% of parents so there’s no need to tell me that in the comment section.

  • Don’t use pitocin, epidural anesthesia, or antibiotics to bring your baby into the world.
  • Wait at least five minutes after your baby is born to cut the cord to their placenta. 30% of their red blood cells, stem cells and immune cells return to their body.
  • Don’t give your baby the vitamin k shot at birth. Skip the vitamin k drops, too. Your newborn’s blood is not meant to clot quickly– it’s crucial for stems cells to reach their destination as fast as possible.
  • Rub your baby’s vernix coating in like a barrier and don’t bathe them for a week.
  • Only use a diluted Castile soap for your baby’s baths. Healthy baby skin doesn’t need antimicrobial soaps or any powders, creams, or lotions.
  • Breastfeed your baby exclusively on demand for six months, then continue while introducing fruits and vegetables for at least six months more.
  • If your baby seems colicky or unable to sleep comfortably, they may have a gut bacteria imbalance. Try out infant probiotic drops for a few days to see if that solves the issue.
  • Your baby should be sleeping on a non-toxic mattress to limit exposure to fire retardant off-gassing. Buy a new one, or wrap a conventional mattress with only a hole on the underside, and cover with a blanket and a fitted sheet.
  • Run a HEPA air filter in the room where your baby sleeps.
  • Dress your baby in organic cotton clothing.
  • Use cloth diapers and cloth wipes.
  • Keep your baby out of crowded public places until they’re 6 months old.
  • Babies have permeable intestines by design so that mother’s milk antibodies travel quickly. Wait until your baby is 6 months old to make sure their intestinal junctions have closed as much as possible before you feed them pureed or solid food.
  • Your baby’s bottles and cups should be glass, not plastic.
  • Wait to feed your baby grains– rice, wheat, or corn– until they have molars. They don’t have the optimal enzymes to digest it.
  • Have a zero-pesticide rule when it comes to feeding your baby. Glyphosate doesn’t wash off because it’s taken up into the plant from the soil. Organic fruits and vegetables only cost 15% more than their conventional counterparts now. Look for an online delivery service if there isn’t a store near you.
  • Aim for a high fat diet for your baby– plenty of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, eggs, and cheese (unless you think dairy is the devil, which I don’t).
  • Let your baby get 10-15 minutes of direct sunshine a day between the hours of 11am and 3pm. Let most or all of their skin see the sun, without sunscreen. The sun’s UVB rays are critical to making the vitamin D hormone. Beyond that, kids should avoid sunburn at peak hours with wide brim hats, clothing, or a coconut-oil based sunscreen, never a chemical one.
  • If your baby gets a cold or the flu, fight it with elderberry syrup and kids’ zinc. Don’t give over-the-counter fever reducers of any kind. When your child has a fever under 104 and you’re fighting the urge to treat it, comfort yourself by imagining their fittest cells surviving while the sickly ones are being destroyed.
  • In the event of an infection, insist on a laboratory confirmation of the need for antibiotics before allowing your baby to have any.
  • Let your child drink only RO water or natural spring water. Reverse osmosis kitchen filters remove 90% of fluoride, reduce lead and remove chloramines. A squeeze of lemon neutralizes chlorine. Add a little non-GMO vitamin C to their bath water.

Can you figure out why these 21 points haven’t replaced vaccination for the majority of the population? They take more work than most people in our American culture are willing to put in. They take effort. They cost money.

Like I said years ago, “You wanted to have kids, so guess what?  You need to take care of them, even if that means spending money on higher quality food, because just keeping them alive day after day isn’t cutting it.”

So the next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone who sees your child as a disease-carrying baby bat because you didn’t partake in the vaccine ritual, confidentially reassure them that you did the delayed cord clamping ritual, the vernix rubbing ritual, the probiotic ritual, the daily sunshine vitamin D ritual, and the breastmilk 12 times a day ritual, so your baby is also protected and cleansed, and they don’t need to worry themselves about it.

Then remember what I said about diarrhea doorknobs, and ask them to explain how germs are so dangerous that they need to vaccinate against them, and yet so benign that they take their kids to a cesspool at a strip mall to get it done.








How big should adult vaccines be?

big man

We’re all super excited about the recent media blitz for adult vaccinations over here at LQ headquarters. It’s about time! What’s the point in being a pro-vaccine warrior when your entire front line is made of babies?

Nothing spells the end of vaccine injury denialism like 20% of adults developing out-of-the-blue food allergies, epilepsy, Type 1 diabetes and “early onset” Alzheimers.

In an effort to be as helpful as possible, though, I’d like to point out that even adults who keep up with their current schedule aren’t getting vaccinated enough. It’s only fair that we adjust vaccine dosing to keep the ingredients proportionate to each patient’s weight, just as we do for children’s antibiotic or pain reliever.

Since the 2005 piece in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association about the increased dangers of vaccinating dogs with lower body weights didn’t wake anyone up, then the least we can do is raise the vaccine quota for grownups.

Let’s start with scary influenza. The Flulaval vaccine is approved for 6 month old babies who, on average, weigh 16 pounds, but it’s also approved for adults. The wonderful thing about Flulaval is that not only has the FDA approved it for children up to eight years old, but they got approval for two full doses at least four weeks apart. So good you give it twice.

Since the average American woman weighs 166 pounds, we’re going to need every adult female to get 20 Flulaval shots this season. Feel free to take them in 2 sets of 10, spaced 4 weeks apart. You will be taking in 20 times the amount of formaldehyde, known to cause cancer, and 20 times the amount of polysorbate 80, which opens the blood brain barrier to bacteria, viruses (including the four strains of the flu in the vaccine), and of course, the half milligram of mercury that comes in four full Flulaval vials.

I’m sure you understand that this is only fair. If 2 Flulaval are great for a baby, 20 are even better for you. Together we can fight the flu, and your role in taking 20 flu vaccines every September is critical in reaching our goal.

Remember: your next “flu shot selfie” doesn’t count toward social media virtue signaling unless we see five Bandaids on each shoulder, two months in a row. From here on out, people will openly laugh if there is only one measly Bandaid on your flabby bingo wing, and rightfully so.

And while the CDC doesn’t recommend the Tdap vaccine for adults more than once between the ages of 18 and death, the media is taking liberty to say that adults should get it anyway if their “immunity to pertussis is unknown.” What is known is that pertussis antibodies from the Tdap vaccine last less than one year, so you can bet your butt that your whooping cough vaccine immunity from childhood is non-existent this year, next year, and every year.

The infant version of the Tdap– which actually contains more pertussis antigens than the Tdap–is called the DTaP, and given to nine-pound infants at two months old. Therefore the appropriate weight-adjusted dosage for the average adult is going to be 20 whooping cough vaccines every year. I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s critical that you take all 20 Tdaps at once since the vaccine isn’t very effective. Do your part and don’t be a puss. Most importantly, stay on schedule.

Likewise, the MMR is indicated for babies 12 months and older, who typically weigh about 19 pounds. We give the MMR at one year, and again at four years old. As we now know, the protection from the childhood MMR vaccine falls way short of lasting a lifetime. And measles kills 100,000 people a year! Not here, but somewhere!

In order to give the equivalent childhood dose, every man in America– where our big boys average 196 pounds– will need a catch-up schedule of 10 MMRs immediately, followed by another 5 doses 3 years later, just to be on the safe side of immunity. Don’t worry, I’m sure that getting 15 times the amount of cells from that 16-week old aborted WI-38 fetus isn’t going to feel like injecting a baby lung. Try to relax and put that out of your mind because science has proven that vaccines work better if you’re in a good mood.

And it’s important that you listen to your body! Because if you didn’t already have a pig gelatin allergy, you might get one soon.

Yours in (injectable) health,



All in all, if an adult were to submit to the weight-adjusted version of the schedule that four-year old children are expected to adhere to, it would be well over 500 doses of single and three-in-one combination shots in 48 months.

Think on that.





How to win any vaccine debate – part 2

Waiting for inspiration. Thoughtful young and beautiful woman touching chin with pen and holding notebook while standing against grey background

Did you read Part 1 of this series yet? Make sure you bookmark it, and stay tuned for parts 3 and 4.

#5 When they say, “There is no autism epidemic. Doctors are just better at recognizing the signs of autism now, so there are more diagnoses.

Then you say, “Whoops! Be sure to let the State of California know that the 680% increase in autism cases shown in their meticulously-tracked incremental climb from 1992 to 2007 proves an epidemic that doesn’t exist. And then explain the last two decades of market demands for diapers to fit adolescents, helmets for seizures and self-harm, special education programs in schools, occupational and speech therapists, sensitive Santas at Christmastime, sensory-friendly clothing, assisted living facilities for people in their 20s, and parents lobbying for the right to treat their children with marijuana.”

It’s groundless to claim that the physical need for these products and services manifested because today’s medical doctors are “better” at slapping a manufactured label on non-verbal children who have epilepsy, chronic diarrhea, extreme sensory issues, and sleep disturbances than doctors in 1990.

Here is just one sobering timeline:  the existence of extra large diapers for the two million kids who struggle to master defecating in a toilet.

The EPA has traced the beginning of the explosion in autism cases back to 1988-89 (coincidentally, Tylenol began their ad campaigns of being the most doctor-trusted pain reliever in 1986). So up until 1993, parents of the front wave of autistic children were able to squeeze their kids into ordinary disposable diapers, but once they passed the age of seven/eight/nine and still weren’t toilet trained, their parents were in a panic. Toddler diapers were too small, and adult incontinence diapers were far too large.

So what did Kimberly-Clark Corporation invent in 1994? “GoodNite Disposable Underwear” for 10 year olds under 85 pounds. Why, in 1994– when the disposable diaper industry was already 46 years old– did we suddenly need older kid diapers for the first time?

Then, in 1999, when autistic 13/14/15-year olds still weren’t potty trained, the diaper industry added disposable underwear for kids well over 100 pounds.

Without a doubt, we are living in a scenario that did not exist before 1990. Do autism epidemic deniers think we’re in an epidemic of awareness of teens who can’t use the toilet?

An offshoot of this argument is that severely autistic kids of the past were squirreled away in mental institutions until the 1990s. If you believe that in the 1980s 1 in 30 of your cousins, classmates’ siblings, and community’s little boys– who were born normal but suddenly went off the rails at 2 years old– were later committed to psychiatric institutions without anyone noticing or talking about it, then you’re the one who needs your head examined.

#6 When they say, “We have a social responsibility to vaccinate so that we protect our herd immunity.”

Then you say, “No country has ever had herd immunity through vaccination. About 5% of the US population has any vaccine immunity to pertussis in any given year, and you can’t protect another person from getting pertussis by vaccinating yourself. Less than 12% of Americans have even half of the measles vaccine immunity that they had when they were kids.”

The pertussis vaccine is a symptom-reducing vaccine for the vaccinated person. It’s a toxoid vaccine, which is inactive exotoxin, and bacteria don’t make exotoxin until after a pertussis infection occurs. It doesn’t stop infection, doesn’t stop the spread of infection, and doesn’t have the ability to create herd immunity in the people who receive it.

On top of that, when adding up all infants under 18 months, 5 year olds, and 12 year olds, every year pediatricians are vaccinating only 5% of the entire US population with a whooping cough vaccine that becomes nearly useless after just one year.

And the only people with even 50% of the two-dose vaccine-induced measles immunity antibodies are between the ages of 5 years and 13, which is 11.96% of the US population.

Where’s the herd now? Are we really holding 5% and 12% of America’s kids responsible of all of our immunity?

#7 When they say, “Mass vaccination across the globe eradicated smallpox!”

Then you say, “There was never a mass smallpox vaccination program on a global scale, and the World Health Organization doesn’t claim there was.”

Ah, the smallpox vaccine. It’s a 183-year overnight success story, isn’t it?

We’d like to think that there was a worldwide mass vaccination campaign carried out against smallpox, but there wasn’t. The WHO admits that mass vaccination in high populations was ineffective and that their work in finding and containing infected individuals was where they had their success in stopping smallpox. Only people who had been in close contact with an infected person were “treated” with a vaccine.

The WHO used this “surveillance and containment” method in developing countries during their smallpox eradication push through the late 1960s and early 70s. Homes were searched, anyone found with smallpox infections was quarantined, and a small ring of people around the infected person were vaccinated– usually just the household– because smallpox isn’t as contagious as chickenpox and there weren’t large outbreaks in schools.

Not exactly an argument for vaccine-induced herd immunity, is it?

And where did the WHO learn this ring containment method, which was used to end the famous 1947 New York City smallpox outbreak, although millions were needlessly vaccinated after the spread had been stopped?

Remember that the fight against mandatory vaccination dates to the late 1880s, and back then the hotbed of non-vax parents was Leicester, England. What the WHO calls “surveillance and containment” is really the Leicester Method.

While reading about the Leicester Method I came across a 1904 first-person account from C. Killick Millard, MD.

Dr. Millard– who was the Medical Officer of Health for Leicester and believer in giving the smallpox vaccine to anyone who was at real risk of exposure to smallpox– performed a fascinating analysis of the events in non-vax Leicester.

My summary of his writing (which you should read when you have a half hour) in 300 words:

In years prior, approximately 60% of Leicester’s residents were vaccinated for smallpox, but in 1883 the whole town began to revolt against the requirement to vaccinate four-month old infants because they knew the vaccine was causing serious injury and death. Instead, when one-off cases of smallpox popped up– which Dr. Millard said were traced to adults whose vaccine immunity had worn off– a rational assessment of risk was performed. It involved notification, isolation and disinfection, and in the end, 73% of houses with an infected person agreed to get quickly vaccinated before the disease incubated. Almost no infants were vaccinated and the whole population was never vaccinated.

There was a prophecy in 1887 that there would be a massacre of children in Leicester due to parents’ failure to vaccinate. But 17 years later, as Dr. Milliard was writing, the prophecy was still unfulfilled. By 1900, other English towns were carrying out Leicester’s method.

Dr. Millard included a comparison of vaccinated versus unvaccinated cases of smallpox, and showed that while the vaccine reduced the incidence of death in individuals who received it, vaccination had no effect on the prevalence of smallpox.

In fact, he argued that the vaccine was guilty of increasing smallpox prevalence by introducing the disease to districts that had previously been free from it, and that vaccination increased the severity of the disease, causing far higher mortality rates in the unvaccinated than the pre-vaccine era.

The residents of Leicester figured out how effective quarantine-and-disinfection was 87 years after Edward Jenner invented the first smallpox vaccine. Imagine what our world would be like today if sanitary precautions had been used first?

Toward the end, Dr. Millard wrote this beautiful sentence:

“In the face of Leicester’s experience, the exemption of a few conscientious objectors of other towns is unlikely to have any appreciable effect in determining smallpox incidence.”

That’s right. Even in 1904, learned doctors knew that the unvaccinated weren’t causing disease outbreaks, not even for smallpox.

#8 When they say, “Vaccinations have saved millions/billions/gazillions of lives over the years!

Then you say, “Using the World Health Organization’s own estimates, the total number of lives saved and improved in the entire history of their worldwide measles and polio vaccine campaigns adds up to less than the number of people who died of starvation last year.”

At the end of 2015 the WHO declared that the MMR had saved 17 million lives across the globe since 2000. If you believe the WHO, that averages to 1.13 million people a year on a planet currently at 7.6 billion. To put that into perspective, this means that thanks to the work of the vaccinators, a whopping 0.0148% of the population was saved by the MMR last year.

That’s almost one-and-a-half of one-hundredth of one percent. Great job with the vaccines, I guess.

And the WHO’s estimate for polio is even lower– just over 53,000 lives saved a year, or 0.0007% of the population, with an additional 571,000, or 0.0075%, spared paralysis.

Adding it all up, the WHO is claiming that the MMR and polio vaccines have saved 34.5 million people from measles death, polio death, and polio paralysis, which is less than one half of one percent of the population of the world today. Since at least that many people die of starvation every single year it looks like the WHO is leaning their ladder against the wrong wall.

And how statistically significant is the WHO’s claim to saving 17 million people over 15 years (for measles) or 17.5 million over 29 years (for polio) when taken in context with all of the other life-saving changes happening at the same time?

Consider UNICEF’s clean drinking water program, which created drinkable water for 2.6 billion people since 1990, or UNICEF’s program that brought toilets to 11 million people in just 12 months. How did those improvements impact polio transmission? Or the 45 million children a year who receive crucial vitamin A supplementation — which is key to withstanding a measles infection– through Helen Keller International?

Here in the US the measles passes as a mild rash because we are already healthy, relatively speaking. We aren’t starving, drinking bacteria and virus-infected water, and we aren’t vitamin A deficient. With the ongoing evolution of medical care, sanitation, clean drinking water, and better housing in developing nations, calculating the number of “lives saved” by vaccine programs is virtually impossible.

Stay tuned. More to come.


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How to win any vaccine debate – part 1


We’ve all heard the most common talking points of pharma-sponsored vaccine propaganda in the mainstream media, but sometimes it’s hard to conjure up the right response when the same unfounded soundbites come at you in real life.

Save this blog. And the next three parts. I’ve got your answers for you.

#1 When they say, “Scientific studies have proven that vaccines don’t cause autism!”

Then you say, “Despite what you’ve heard in the media, only one shot and one ingredient have ever been studied for their role in causing autism, and both studies are national embarrassments.”

In the following two CDC (Centers for Disease Control) studies, just one shot– out of the ten single and combination shots on the infant vaccination schedule– and one ingredient– out of more than three dozen– have ever been studied in relation to autism. And both studies reek of scientific fraud.

The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) study

Dr. William Thompson, a scientist on the CDC’s 2004 MMR-doesn’t-cause-autism study, was granted whistleblower protection by President Obama in 2014. Why would a scientist need that protection? Because recordings were released of him admitting that their study originally showed that the MMR does cause autism –most notably a 240% increase in African American boys– and that his co-authors at the CDC conspired to hide that finding.

Other studies that claim to prove the MMR’s innocence are based on this fraudulent study, or they are retroactive cohort studies (not case controlled like the CDC’s MMR study) which are rife with selection bias, unexplained parameters, and creative definitions of what it means to be “unvaccinated.” There is an often-cited 2015 “MMR doesn’t cause autism” retroactive cohort study of over 95,000 kids that Dr. Paul Thomas does an excellent job of dissecting if you’d like to learn more.

The mercury study

Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, the lead author of the CDC’s 2003 mercury-doesn’t-cause-autism study, sounded the alarm in a November 1999 memo to his co-authors when he found that exposure to mercury-based thimerosal preservative in the first month of life was causing a 7.6x increase in autism prevalence. Two weeks later he sent another email about his reanalysis of mercury causing neurological conditions with the subject line, “It just won’t go away.”

Thimerosal was used in the Hep B vaccines and DTaP vaccines up until 2003, and is continued to be used in flu shots today. But, according to the World Mercury Project, Verstraeten was pushed aside while others reworked his study to bury the damaging discovery. Verstraeten then resigned from the CDC, returned to his homeland, and took a job with GlaxoSmithKline before his CDC study was even published, which Congress found to be a violation of ethics. The nail in the coffin came during a 2004 Institute of Medicine Review of that study, when the CDC’s presentation slides revealed that they had “lost” the study’s raw data sets used from the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Voila! No one will ever be able check their findings. (Note: these CDC slides are now removed from the IOM website, too, but you can read more about them here.)

Just to be on the safe side, in 2002, literally in the middle of the night, House Majority Leader Dick Armey inserted a provision into the Homeland Security Act that blocks lawsuits against Eli Lilly for the damage done to children by their product: thimerosal. This Lilly Rider was quietly repealed in June 2009.

Does this sound like a comprehensive investigation into vaccination causing autism?

#2 When they say, “But today’s vaccines have less antigens than vaccines from decades ago, so they’re safer now.”

Then you say, “Who said that vaccines had too many antigens? That’s a straw man argument. We’ve been told hundreds of times that infants have the capacity to respond to an enormous number of antigens. Vaccine antigens were reduced to maximize manufacturer profits, not to improve safety.”

When parents say that today’s schedule is “too many too soon,” they mean too many vaccines, not too many antigens. There is a lot more to a vaccine vial than antigens. Heck, the hep B vaccine only has one little antigen. I still don’t want it injected into my kid.

Disease antigens are expensive to produce and vaccine makers want to minimize expenses. Decades ago, only the DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) vaccine used aluminum adjuvant. But today, vaccines for seven diseases on the bloated schedule have powerful neurotoxic aluminum adjuvants that cause a little bit of antigen to elicit a huge immune response.

I’ll sit here and wait while you research the safety of aluminum. It has no known use to the human body, it causes an IgE response and increases allergies, it’s a highly reactive and damaging neurotoxin, and rather than being excreted by the body, it accumulates in the brain.

Vaccines are no safer for it. Here is a fantastic easy-to-read brochure on aluminum’s role in immune activation, which causes autism, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and other disorders.

#3 When they say, “Mercury was taken out of vaccines in 2001 and autism rates rose anyway!”

Then you say, “That’s because the flu shot was exempt from the mercury ban, and the mercury-preserved flu vaccine was added to the childhood schedule in 2002— one year before the last of the banned vaccines expired. Plus, 2003 was the beginning of the massive campaign to vaccinate pregnant women for influenza. Obviously, the source of mercury exposure has been swapped.”

If you’re getting an annual flu shot for your kids or yourself, know that four of the flu vaccines currently on the market are still preserved with 25 micrograms of ethyl mercury per dose.

Does that amount of mercury seem insignificant to you? 25 micrograms of mercury has a liquid volume of 1.8 microliters. That’s a setting on a handheld micropippete— a small droplet, but far from being invisible. Are you comfortable with that drop, knowing that mercury is one of the five most poisonous substances on Earth? And speaking of comfort, how many “trace amounts” of a lethal substance sit well with you? Because mercury is still used in the manufacturing process for many vaccines, and shots that have less than a third of a microgram of mercury left in them are allowed to be called “preservative free.” This doesn’t mean they’re really free of mercury, of course. It’s just an arbitrary label.

A sub thread of this argument is that while “methyl mercury” (found in fish) is highly toxic and certainly to blame for autism, “ethyl mercury” (found in vaccines) is absolutely harmless because it’s not found in the blood shortly after vaccination. However, there is an evidenced-based discussion over on World Mercury Project shows that ethyl mercury isn’t found in blood only because it has migrated to organs. How does that make it safe?

#4 When they say, “Andrew Wakefield lost his medical license for committing fraud on the autism-MMR study!”

Then you say, “Did you read his medical board’s decision? Because fraudulent work was never an allegation against Dr. Wakefield.”

You can read the entire verdict of the General Medical Council, and search for the word “fraud.” You won’t find it.

Dr. Wakefield lost his medical license due to an ethical violation of drawing blood from typical children outside of a medical setting to use in his work. He also had a perceived conflict of interest from working as an expert witness in vaccine injury cases. Once he lost his license, the Lancet medical journal retracted his work. This happened after he became controversial when Brian Deer– a freelance journalist suspected of being a hired gun– launched a witch hunt against him in British media.

Separately from the medical journal that published and retracted his work, it was the editor of an entirely different journal who slandered Wakefield by claiming that the freelance journalist had shown his work to be an “elaborate fraud.”

As a side note, Dr. Wakefield’s 1998 paper wasn’t a study about the MMR causing autism. It was a case series of 12 autistic children who had a novel bowel disease that Dr. Wakefield was associating with autism. It was these children’s mothers who said their symptoms began after receiving the MMR.

In 2014, numerous studies began to confirm what Wakefield discovered in 1998: bowel disease is in fact rampant in autistic kids. The Harvard Review of Psychiatry wrote about it, quickly followed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases journal. This wasted time in treating the medical symptoms of autism is a travesty, but Wakefield’s 1998 case series is continuously validated today.

Click here for part 2.


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