Vaccine injury denialism will get clobbered by the tipping point

Fox and Friends Wakefield Tommey

Well, well, well, well, well.  What do we have here? A mainstream news outlet hosted rock star autism mom Polly Tommey and Dr. Andrew Wakefield this morning and guess what they didn’t say?

None of the D-words: debunked, disproven, discredited, dangerous.

And definitely not the F-word: fraud.

Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy (shoot him a tweet of thanks) introduced VAXXED by… actually stating the premise of the movie!  He looked straight into the camera said, “VAXXED claims that the CDC manipulated and hid data that proves that there is a link between vaccines and autism.”

Then he turned to Wakefield and said, “You are talking about the corruption behind the scenes at the CDC.”

The word “anti-vaccine” was nowhere to be found, what?

He then introduced Polly Tommey and spoke the truth of tens of thousands of parents of vaccine-injured children:

You were, once upon a time, pro-vaccine.

Yes.  Yaaaaaaaaas, Steve Doocy.


Hallelujah, sweet baby Jesus.

Polly Tommey

Polly, you were a force, sister. Beams of pride were streaming from my eyes, lighting up the room before the sun had risen. “Everyday that the media says that vaccines do not cause autism, that injection is going into children and damaging more and more babies.”

Your anger was palpable, and it should be.  Parents need to hear you.  You need to scare the shit out of them so that they educate themselves, ask questions, and demand better from their Congressmen and the public health policies that their taxes pay for.

This is it, friends.  The tipping point is happening.  I wrote about how Robert De Niro’s deselection of VAXXED under duress and, in the words of one of my readers, the beautiful PR disaster that followed, was the critical mass necessary to set off a nuclear chain reaction in the media. They had no choice but to cover this story nonstop.

But this!  This is different.  Fox News jumping in as the first mainstream outlet promoting the story of the dark side of the CDC– and validating autism parents everywhere– is the first step to achieving the tipping point we’ve all been waiting for.

There are organizations that attempt to change laws through drafting legislation or getting voter initiatives onto ballots, but more often than not, they fail.  Why?  Because our government and elected leaders are in bed with Monsanto, Pfizer, Merck and all of their incestuous siblings, and they will outmatch every dollar we raise for our cause 10,000-to-1.

But there’s another way to achieve change, and that’s grassroots consumer education to reject the product we can’t seem to legislate.  The success of consumer education and tipping points has resulted in growth hormone being pulled from milk and non-GMO labels going onto prepackaged food.

And we’re going to reach that tipping point with vaccines. The consumers of vaccines are about to wake from a deep, trusting slumber.  Bob Wright, founder of Autism Speaks, is on a mission.  Robert De Niro is a man on fire.  Andrew Wakefield is the unshakable robocop of vaccine whistleblowing and Fox News decided today to act like actual journalists and report what pharmaceutical companies don’t want reported.

But more is coming.  Perhaps you noticed the hint from the CDC’s Dr. Bill Thompson that was released in the Ben Swann coverage in January:  we are finally going to have a conversation about the synergy between multiple vaccines in the childhood schedule.

In the CDC’s MMR study they intentionally avoided analyzing data about children’s early exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs) but Dr. Thompson knows better.  He knows that those old Hep B and DTaP vaccines were loading the gun for vaccine damage, and that the MMR was pulling the trigger. He knows, today, that vaccinating a pregnant mother with a mercury-containing flu vaccine is absolute insanity.  “A pregnant woman is the last person I would give mercury to,” he said.

Dr. Thompson is adamant:

Thimerosal causes autism-like features.

I want a million parents to rise up together in anger and demand answers.  I want a million parents to speak with their votes.  I want there to be investigations, hearings, and changes to the CDC schedule.

I want the practice of vaccinating pregnant women to come to an end.  I want the first-day-of-life vaccinating of newborns for a sexually transmitted disease to finally be seen as the bizarre approach to public health that it is.  I want honesty about how unnecessary the flu vaccine is because the vast majority people who “die from the flu” are the elderly who died of pneumonia, not the flu, and a horrifying portion of the remainder are children who were recently vaccinated for the flu. I want parents of college students to know that the risk of their child being injured by the meningitis vaccine outnumbers the risk of them contracting meningitis 4,000 to 1. I want open conversations about how the DTaP and Tdap are total failures that don’t have the ability to protect another person from infection.  I want parents to know, before vaccinating for polio, that the polio vaccine does not stop the transmission of polio.

I want change.  And I’m telling you, change is coming. Officials will hear us and make change, or vaccine consumers will hear us and reject the product until they get answers, which forces the change. Keep doing what you’re doing, exactly how you’re doing it.


  1. Thank you, Steve Doocy for HONEST reporting and labeling the film as a documentary uncovering fraud, as it actually is!! Bless you!

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  2. Fifty percent plus a feather! The Tribeca rejection committee truly shot themselves in the foot. I think our knuckleheaded governor and legislature should be forced to sit in a room and be mercilessly grilled by Polly Tommey, no bathroom breaks without raising your hand. What a tiger she is!

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  3. This gives me so much hope. Thank you Fox News! I would like to mention the Gardasil HPV Vaccine at this point too with it being said that all the young people injured by that particular vaccine are giving a voice to autism.

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    1. Amen!!! No lie can live forever. It’s about time. We can no longer needlessly injure our most innocent and defenseless in our society with unsafe vaccines.

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  4. FINALLY!!!! The TRUTH is coming out!!! Finally!!!! I have watched 2 nephews be damaged, they have asthma and severe allergies!!!! Asthma and allergies do NOT run in our families. These parents are giving the kids ALL the recommended everything including the Mother’s getting the flu shots when pregnant AND every single year, thereafter….! It is so frustrating trying to WARN them about what they are doing to themselves and their children. The youngest is now obese, the required vaccination at kindergarten caused diarrhea, stomach pain, and fever and he missed the 4 days of the first week of kindergarten! Now, he is chunky! It is sooo sad! There are millions of stories and millions of kids and families being affected by these vaccinations! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR MEDIA, SOCIETY, DOCTORS, AND MANY PARENTS NOT SEEING THE OBVIOUS! May this destruction of our young END! Polly, you are right, your son will never be a FATHER, the shots have taken that opportunity from him! YOU are a courageous woman. Thank YOU! These vaccinations hit the boys worse than the girls! We NEED OUR BOYS TO GROW UP TO BE MEN!!! Dr. Wakefield, THE WHOLE WORLD OWES YOU AN APOLOGY!!! THANK YOU FOR STANDING TALL AND BEING BRAVE AND COURAGEOUS!!! Robert Dinero, THANK YOU!!! Steve Doocy, I could not BELIEVE MY EYES AND EARS….a fair and balanced interview! It reminded me of the OLD DAYS, when the media was there to investigate and tell the American public the TRUTH about EVERYTHING!!!

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    1. We must continue to promote this movie #Vaxxed and ride this wave of consciousness until change, long term, safe vaccines, This cannot continue to ruin the life’s of the innocent and most defenseless in our society. The infants need time at least three years to develop an immune system. Then carefully safe single doses only upon the parents consent and not systematically given like cattle. Humanity before profit must be implimented. This must be demanded, or they will continue this injustice. This is largest cover-up in our life time. This makes Watergate seem like a walk in the park.

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  5. Finally after 27 Years of mis-information and choosing profit over the mental health and children, the most vulnerable in our society. Unhealthy vaccines that have caused autism with my child, she literally changed over night, from a normal healthy baby girl, to now nearly thirty years old still, unable to live a normal, life, still wearing a diaper. So Sad. Poisoning are children has to stop, it must stop. Every day that Un safe vaccines are given, is another day thousands of innocent children’s lives are robbed needlessly. Write to your Congreessman and refuse to let your infants, children under three years to get any kind of vaccine until these lies by the CDC are revealed.

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  6. To all those who still want to trust the CDC and the lists of officials they’re in bed with, do you want to trust them with any other product they currently endorse? How about any future calls for transparency? If they have committed fraud on this level, completely disregarding the health and wellness of countless infants, then they mustn’t be trusted on anything they have done and plan to do it in the future. Would you trust a lawyer with such a reputation? A doctor? A restaurant? NEVER! Each and every offender ought to be formally charged and punished at the highest extent of the law.

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    1. Punishing the offenders would be a good start, but really the CDC needs to be shut down. No agency can or should be trusted with the responsibilities that have been assigned to it. No more vaccine schedules. No more phony government tracking of epidemics. No more government diseasemongering.

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  7. This is brilliant, at long last the debate is opening up and out. As a Mum of two vaccine harmed children I want the world to know how important it is to do the research and make informed decisions. That is why I have written a book telling our story, what the other side is like. It is called “What if? I harmed my children” and is available through Amazon

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  8. “I want a million parents to rise up together in anger and demand answers. I want a million parents to speak with their votes. I want there to be investigations, hearings, and changes to the CDC schedule …”

    All good things, but the first order of business needs to be to end all vaccine mandates. Only then will parents (and others) be able to make intelligent decisions about what to do and will the vaccine promoters be forced to demonstrate that their products are safe and effective.

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  9. The time is coming soon, before the end of this year! Vaccines will be no more! No more FDA and CDC, they will be going out of business! No more lies and corruption! N.E.S.A.R.A. is the answer! Please see: and These 2 websites will explain what’s really going on in our government and you will understand why our children and our ignorance from the truth is allowing it to happen. It’s time to wake up!! BE AWARE OF GOVERNMENT WEBSITES TRYING TO COVER THIS UP AND STOP IT FROM HAPPENING, Wikipedia is one of them, giving misinformation!! God Bless All who are courages and moving forward to help bring the changes needed for all the good of humanity! I am grateful to Fox for finally allowing the truth to be told and to Dr. Wakefield for all his hard work on not giving-up to defend humanity and especially our children! I am a mother of a vaccine injured child who is 10 years now. I’m grateful to all the whistleblowers who gave me the courage and drive to ask questions and find out what truely happened to my daughter! Dr. Wakefield and help me recover my daughter from the dangerous affects of vaccines, she’s about 80% healed, from a child who didn’t look at me, didn’t talk, didn’t respond, was always sick, walking on her tip toes, screaming all the time, didn’t sleep at night, sensitivities to light sound touch smell, allergies,( the list goes on and on). Thanks to GFCF diet, detoxing with Detoxamin for children, organic vitamins and minerals, Biomedicine and treatments for cell repair, D.A.N. Doctors, Physical Psychological and Speech Therapies, Carnivora and so much more! My daughter now hugs me and tells me she loves me, all above issues gone. She is still dealing with some social issues but I have faith and know one day soon she will be restored to her natural normal self, with the New Healing Technologies that will soon be released once NESARA is fully activated. These technologies have always existed, our corrupt government has killed or imprisoned all those who tried to make it public. This is why NESARA is so important!
    It will also stop the abuse of vaccines on humanity! I’m grateful to God that finally the truth is coming out! Do your research!!! See the truth with an open mind and heart!!


  10. I’ll bet it will be like all other paradigm changes — everyone will claim to have known vaccines had big problems. Just like everyone knew that the Vietnam war was a big mistake, tobacco kills, seat belts save lives, and GMOs aren’t the triumph of science (OK, this one is still emerging) but the corporate destruction of the DNAosphere and glyphosate-poisoning of land and food for the sake of profit.


  11. The truth will prevail it always does and it always will. These poisons can no longer be given to the most innocent and defenseless in our society. Morality must take precedence of profit. This must be demanded, it is never freely given by the immoral. All through history when enough people reach a collective consciousness then change takes place. This is that point in our history. We must demand change Now, no empty promises and denial can be accepted. We have the power to be on the right side of history on this fraud. The truth will always prevail, but we need to light the flame of consciousness for children’s sake.

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  12. Alternative websites may want to look into this and get out in front of it:
    There are articles online stating Dr. Thompson has been handled:

    Originally published April 25 2016
    The vaccine empire strikes back: Rumors swirl that Dr. Thompson has been bought off by the CDC and will submit ‘reanalyzed’ MMR research to destroy vaccine safety skeptics
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

    (NaturalNews) Rumors have been swirling over the weekend that the CDC is planning a major offensive against vaccine safety skeptics due to the remarkable popularity of the VAXXED documentary film. As censorship of the film spectacularly backfired, more people became aware of the “CDC whistleblower” Dr. William Thompson, the subject of the documentary film. Dr. Thompson publicly confessed to taking part in a scientific fraud at the CDC to alter data that linked vaccines to autism in African-American boys.

    Now Dr. Thompson has been turned by the CDC where he is still employed, explained investigator Brian Hooker, PhD, in a panel discussion at the Manhattan Film Festival. According to Dr. Hooker, Dr. Thompson has been promised a large research foundation and a “major cash award” by the CDC to stay employed with the agency where his research is set to be “reanalyzed” to eliminate any link between vaccines and autism.

    “Dr. Thompson has been handled and will most likely submit a revised version of his analysis and try to absolve the MMR in May, 2016,” said Dr. Hooker in Periscope.TV video (at about the 18:00 mark).

    He goes on to explain:

    This is typical of what we’ve seen at the CDC. The CDC analyzes data and when they see an effect that they don’t like they reanalyze the data and the effect goes away.

    The CDC has done this historically from Agent Orange to thimerosal now to the MMR vaccine. I did not want this to come, but I certainly anticipated that while he was in the CDC the day would come… in exchange for what Dr. Thompson is doing, I believe, and this is a little shaky, I believe he will get his own autism research foundation and so there has been some very dubious activity that went on because he stayed in the CDC. He also got a major cash award from the CDC for maintaining his employment, he said until he qualified for retirement… there are a lot of things that have happened since the last conversation I’ve had with Dr. Thompson that was in September 2014.

    And I want to warn you and I do want to anticipate this (inaudible). But again it is what we’ve seen and heard from an agency that’s been completely captured by the pharmaceutical industry. It is there not to tell the truth, but in order to manipulate the public in order to do what they think is the best thing for society.

    The FIX is in: CDC using Thompson to try to stomp out rising vaccine skepticism before the house of cards of vaccine lies crumbles
    Natural News has also obtained copies of emails being furiously sent around the vaccine skeptics community, sounding the alarm over this new wave of CDC propaganda that’s about to be shoveled onto the American people (followed by an obedient wave of corporate-run media parroting of the “new findings,” of course).

    We’re not releasing the individual sources who authored these emails, but here are just a few of the highlights that characterize what people are saying:

    “Hey guys. In May Dr Thompson will publish his new rerun of the DeSteffano data. This analysis will show that it is NOT the MMR that is causing the autism signal.”

    “Isn’t it interesting that after 20 long months, Thompson is all of a sudden publishing a rerun of the data… just after the release of Vaxxed. I can only imagine what the ‘rerun’ of the data will show (perhaps that the MMR vaccine is protective against Autism, and all of the other vaccine-induced illnesses, disorders, and premature deaths from which today’s children and young adults suffer?).”

    “There are no reputable sources in the mainstream news. I’m convinced EVERY ONE OF THEM IS CONTROLLED BY OUTSIDE SOURCES.”

    “Since no government agency can ever be trusted, past, present, or future, our ’cause’, as I see it, must be to ban vaccine mandates, fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making (including vaccination decisions), and return liability to its rightful owners by repealing the 1986 Act. Unfettered consumer choice and properly-placed liability are the essential components if our free society is to exist.”

    “Dr. William Thompson may change his testimony under pressure but he can never take back the statements that we have recorded and the documents that he has provided.”

    Prepare for a massive wave of MMR vaccine propaganda to be unleashed in May under the false banner of “science”
    Whatever ultimately happens, prepare yourself for a massive wave of media propaganda to be unleashed next month. After censoring and attacking the VAXXED documentary with unbridled aggression and maliciousness, the entire government-run media is going to parade this “rehash” of MMR vaccine safety data as if it were irrefutable fact.

    Watch for CNN to roll out its usual lineup of sellout doctors and pharma shills. Watch for a major ratcheting up of attacks against Dr. Wakefield and the VAXXED film. Just as importantly, watch out for social media to be taken over by social engineering robots who vilify and shame anyone that questions vaccine safety.

    The ongoing vaccine poisoning of the population is a crucial component of the medical cartel that depends on outbreaks, disease and cancer for its power and profit. They are not going to willingly surrender to vaccine truth and the scientific reality that vaccines cause autism in some children. They’re going to deny, distract, distort, commit scientific fraud, bribe the whistleblowers, threaten the skeptics, medically kidnap the children and do anything it takes to push medical totalitarianism onto the population via forced vaccinations.

    We are long past the point of scientific debate, my friends. We are now living in a medical police state, where “vaccine science” is nothing more than government-engineered propaganda to mislead the public. The incredible forces that have been brought to bear to censor VAXXED, to discredit Dr. Wakefield and to publicly humiliate any person who asks simple questions about vaccine safety are indicative of just how desperate the medical establishment has become over this issue.

    Because the CDC and the vaccine industry cannot win on genuine scientific facts, their tactics inevitably turn to scientific fraud combined with an Orwellian assault on intelligent thinking, invoking censorship, intimidation and media control. The Ministry of Truth is alive and well in America today, and it’s called the CDC.

    Nobody believes the government, Big Pharma or the media anymore
    Now the real question is this: Does anybody believe the propaganda anymore?

    Here at Natural News, the answer we keep hearing is, “NO!”

    Almost nobody believes the CDC.

    Almost nobody believes Big Pharma.

    Almost nobody believes the government.

    Almost nobody believes the media.

    Almost nobody believes the FDA.

    Almost nobody even believes their doctor anymore!

    Time and time again, all these so-called “authorities” have lied to us, committed fraud against us, poisoned our children for profit, filled our heads with false fears to control us and harmed us with toxic medical interventions that keep us sick.

    The “authorities” poison our children with lead in the water; poison our food with glyphosate in the food supply; poison our bodies with toxic prescription medications; poison our minds with psychiatric drugs; poison our water with government-sanctioned industrial pollution, fluoride and fracking; poison our air with radiation and chemtrails; poison our seeds with GMOs; poison our minds with endless propaganda and poison our communities with the mass spraying of pesticides, herbicides and malathion.

    The “authorities” are, as all intelligent people have now figured out, actively working to destroy us through multiple vectors of chemical assault. Vaccines are a crucial component of this because they enable the government to directly inject you with cancer-causing viruses and toxic chemicals while calling it “public health.” (Nearly 98 million Americans were injected with cancer viruses under polio vaccination sweeps.) That’s why they fight so viciously for vaccine mandates. They cannot allow people to have a choice! They cannot allow medical freedom, medical rights or even human rights for that matter.

    If the medical establishment gets its way, vaccines are going to be increasingly mandated — even in absolute opposition to human rights and medical ethics — precisely because they are the most effective weapon against human freedom that has yet been invented. They enslave entire populations into a system of medical totalitarianism and lifelong disease treatment that enriches the medical system.

    Resisting vaccine mandates is the line in the sand for human freedom. If we have no medical choice, then we have no choice at all.

    Personally, I predict a massive medical uprising against vaccine mandates. I also predict that every propaganda effort by the CDC will ultimately backfire. The truth is already out of the bag. Too many people now know the truth for it to be silenced, and far too many Americans realize that vaccine mandates are contradictory to the principles of human rights and a free society. They are, in fact, irreconcilable.

    Any society that forces toxic medical interventions upon its children exists in total opposition to fundamental human rights. That society cannot keep people imprisoned forever, for the human spirit yearns for freedom, and a great many people are willing to fight for it.

    Are you one of them?

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  13. Once I was going away for the summer and managed to trick my cat into its carrying case (bag). The trip was delayed so I had to let her out. It was impossible to rebag her after that, she simply would not submit, be caught, etc. So it is with this issue, THE CAT’s OUT OF THE BAG and we must NOT SUBMIT to this poisoning, we must continue to fight way past the tipping point. Be like my cat and do everything possible to AVOID REBAGGING.


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