A letter to Bob Wright of Autism Speaks

Dear Bob Wright:

Thank you for speaking out against vaccine safety on the Today Show this morning.  Thank you for sharing the existence of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that pays out $100,000,000 each year for the damage done to Americans by vaccines. I am sure that for a lot of mothers watching Matt Lauer this morning, coffee in hand, there was a “What the hell is this man talking about?” moment, followed by googling vaccine safety.  For many, the light bulb went off this morning, and because of your warning, it’s not going to be blue. For creating that moment today, thank you.

That said, I and many parents I know, feel like what you shared on the Today Show was not even one-half of one percent of what you owe America.  It is not what you owe the unstoppable mothers– like those at The Thinking Moms Revolution— who stood together and said that vaccines caused their children’s autism.  It is not even close to what you owe the devastated parents who have spoken out on Hear This Well. It does not touch what you owe your own daughter, Katie, when the largest autism organization in the world– that you founded for your grandson– turned its back on demanding vaccine safety and research in autism. You turned your back on them, and you did it for government money.

bob wright

120,000 children are diagnosed with autism each year.  I am not one to say that there is only one path to autism and that it must be vaccines, or the MMR, or mercury, or hepatitis b, or conjugate vaccines.  I am sure that there are a handful of roads to autism, including pesticides, antibiotics, and acetaminophen, but the highway to autism is the CDC vaccination schedule and you have known this all along.  In the time that you’ve been at the helm of the biggest, loudest, strongest, and wealthiest autism organization in the world, you had the chance to save 1,000,000 of our children.  And that’s just in America.

But you did not.  You– the incredible success story of steering NBC to such unfathomable revenue– backed off and kept quiet. You threw one million of our children to the wolves.  You caved to the pressure from the Autism Speaks underwriter who was the chairman of the CDC Foundation board, withdrew the demands for vaccine research, and instead diverted millions of dollars to useless genetic research.  The fact that such a strong man was forced into silence is a testament to the vise grip that pharmaceutical companies have on this country, corporations, politics, and the media.

I’m not mad at you, Bob, but that’s only because I don’t have an autistic child and I haven’t been in this fight for truth long enough to have felt burned by you.  But I know a lot of parents who are waiting to see what you say next because you owe them much, much more.  Don’t let them down, Bob.  Throw us a Hail Mary before your and your wife’s time on Earth is up.  You owe us. You owe the children.

We’re waiting.



  1. Saw the interview with his daughter on YouTube. She’s very clear that her child’s regression took place immediately following a round of vaccinations. Hard to imagine the kind of cognitive dissonance necessary to ignore reality to such a great extent as to rationalize the harm done to one’s own grandchild.


  2. Levi,
    AS is responsible for so much damage to our community. Where I live several non-profits that were directly helping individuals and families had to disband because AS was sucking up all the money and donations. Those that used to give to these organizations now gave to AS, thinking they would be more effective than our state groups and when called would say “we already gave for Autism through Autism Speaks.” It was devastating. AS used the funds for fly eye-gazing studies, the genetic black hole, and “awareness”. You would have to live in a cave to be unaware of the Autism epidemic. What they did not do is help real people. Millions and millions of dollars that might as well have been flushed down the toilet.

    And in my state like in others, after years of hard work, testimony to our legislators, making progress toward insurance coverage for Autism, AS came in at the 11th hour, were immediately given a seat at the table and then sold our children down the river. Everything we worked for was lost and they caved to the demands of big insurance and we and our children lost out.

    Yes, he owes us much that can never ever be repaid.


  3. Was it really necessary to launch a low ball, using Mrs Wright’s terminal cancer to make your point?


  4. Found this article interesting Levi, http://www.bizjournals.com/prnewswire/press_releases/2014/07/10/MN65730, particularly the bit:
    “Barry Segal, founder of Focus Autism, quoted a leading scientist who met with Autism Speaks’ Co-founder Suzanne Wright several years ago. Wright told the researcher, “Of course vaccines cause autism. It’s obvious, but if you tell people that, you’ll have rioting in the streets.”

    Also B Wright CNN interview yesterday: http://www.snappytv.com/snaps/bob-wright-on-new-day-about-new-day-on-cnngo_ht


  5. Help Levi ! I can’t see the gray text on the page from my iPhone. Can you please darken your font for us old eyed people? I love your stuff just having a hard time seeing it…


  6. Dear Levi
    Thank you for writing this letter> I just saw Bob Wright on Andrea Mitchell and I cannot stand how upset I feel about his views and his success in stopping true investigation into all possible causes of autism, i know that my son’s autism preceded his vaccinations but how can the scheduling that is now standard not harm infants and children and possibly cause the rise in autism?


    1. Barbara did you have any vaccines in pregnancy, have Mercury fillings, eat sushi, or live near a coal or steel plant? All of those would involve neurotoxins and mean your child could have autism from
      the same cause just not vaccines. I am very curious but also sorry you are dealing with autism.


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