“We’re going to stop paralyzing people in developing nations with our #polio vaccine,” says the World Health Organization

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Hurray!  Did you see the news last Friday?  The World Health Organization is finally owning up to paralyzing hundreds of thousands of innocent people with their polio eradication program.  The WHO is responding by removing the paralysis-causing strain of polio from the oral vaccines that will be used worldwide from April 17th going forward.

April-freaking-fools, readers.  The WHO would never admit such a thing.  The lie they’re spinning falls along the lines of “We removed perfectly safe mercury from all childhood vaccines in 2001 just to appease a few noisy parents.”

Here’s the deal: there hasn’t been a case of wild type-2 polio in the world since 1999 in India.  That means that the only type-2 paralysis in the world is caused by the vaccine itself.  Not one to rush to judgment, the WHO waited 17 years to address this travesty, except in India, where they quietly began the switch to this “new” vaccine at some point in 2010 after the vaccine-strain type-2 caused 56,000 cases of paralysis in 2010, another 61,000 cases in 2011, and another 21,000 cases in the first half of 2012.  Never fear, our CDC blames the explosion of Indian paralysis on better detection— we just weren’t noticing 138,000 people not being able to walk or feed themselves up until 2010, silly researchers.

Here, in a February 2015 8-page PDF put out by the WHO, our trusted leaders have drastically lowered the number of people paralyzed by the vaccine worldwide over a 12-year period to…

750.  750 people in the whole entire world.  Why do they bother to say such things?  Do they think we’re stupid? Do they expect us to believe the World Health Organization would do jack shit for 62 people per year, worldwide, over the span of 12 years? I just can’t even.

The fact that National Geographic spins this nonsense to say that the new polio vaccine “improves the match between the viruses in the wild and the vaccine that suppresses them” is an exercise in creative writing to say the least.  They’re not changing the type-1 and type-3 viruses in the vaccine.  They are only eliminating type-2 because it’s ruining hundreds of thousands of lives and hasn’t been relevant since “Mambo Number 5” was the must-have song at every wedding reception in America.  So by “improving the match” they mean “eliminating 1/3 of the vaccine that has been unnecessary and dangerous for the past 17 years.”

All of this is being done in preparation to stop using the oral polio vaccine by 2020, and have the entire world using the inactivated injection that we use in America, which does not stop the transmission of polio in any way, shape or form.

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  1. You missed this piece of .. It seems that they do not remember vaccinating billions of people and transforming them in biped reservoirs of viruses. So .. if we’ll have an outbreak or something it will be because “the old vaccines” were not properly destroyed? We are supposed to believe that a virus strain just got extinct, isn’t it? So the glorious results of the vaccination campaign will never be tainted .

    “DOUCLEFF: Last year, the world recorded about 100 cases of polio. About 30 of them were caused by mutant strains from the old vaccine. The new vaccine also has a live virus in it, but it mutates much less often. So in the long run, it should cause about 90 percent fewer cases.

    But there’s one big catch. You see, the new vaccine doesn’t protect against one type of polio, a type that the world eradicated 15 years ago. And that’s why it’s so important that all those vials of the old vaccine are completely destroyed. If some aren’t, some of that virus could leak out into the world, and we could have outbreaks of a type of polio we haven’t seen since 1999.”


  2. You have done it again. You never fail to nail the issues. Keep on blogging because you are the best one out there. I am wondering where the researchers got their degrees….on the back of a matchbook cover?


  3. Polio was never ever caused by a virus. The first polio outbreaks were in the USA, in the apple orchards that just had been sprayed with a new pesticide. (Anyone want some lead and arsenic with their apples?) Wherever the new pesticide was introduced the polio outbreaks soon followed. It was perfectly obvious, but for economic reasons this was ignored.

    Later someone decided that a virus had to be the cause of polio and virology as a “science” really took off then. There are gazillions of viruses around, so if you look long enough you can find one that more or less meets the need.

    The polio virus and vaccine are among the worst hoax of modern medicine. So why does the vaccine cause polio? I don’t know, but I would like to know what the ingredients of the vaccine are.

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    1. Yes, just like the shrunken brains in Brazil now being blamed on the harmless Zika virus. It can’t be anything else but a virus that never caused problems before.
      So now they’re working on a Zika vaccine…..whose side effects they can blame on another virus, and so on and so on and so on.


  4. I really hope you’re a man because I have the biggest crush on you. Fan-girl style. You never fail to impress with your posts. Keep up the good work!


  5. Your excellent posts are giving me the confidence to be able to speak about these issues. I have been anti-vaccine for 10 years, but it was only through your excellent writing that I came to understand acellular pertussis and Inactivated polio vaccines don’t prevent tramsission. Thanks.


  6. Hey man. Been following the blog since a few weeks. Outstanding work, thanks a ton.

    Im wondering about the sources for some bits:

    “…after the vaccine-strain type-2 caused 56,000 cases of paralysis in 2010, another 61,000 cases in 2011, and another 21,000 cases in the first half of 2012….”

    Where I can find sources specifying those numbers? The WHO data tables I could find match your numbers of around 800 vaccine derived cases, but could not find more comprenhensive data of the houndreds of thousands of type-2 strain paralisys cases.


      1. I see, I read that.
        However, when speaking of those numbers, the article states:

        “…This large increase in NP-AFP cases, which represent AFP cases caused by agents other than poliovirus…”

        So it does not mention or imply those cases are cause by strain 2, but not polio at all. Re reading your post here, it seems that you do, in fact, conclude or assume, they are. Im understanding this well, there is no specific hard data to back “houndreds of thousands” of strain-2 derived AFP?


      2. Not true. These are AFP cases, and AFP is vaccine-derived. 90% of circulating vaccine derived polioviruses are type 2, which doesn’t exist in the wild. There are only 3 links besides my own. I hope read them before asking me to tell you what they say.


  7. Please don’t feel offended by my comments. I highly respect your work, I’m just trying to follow what data is safe to replicate, and what is for me to have in mind but mayby not mention directly without a solid source to point to.

    The article mentioning the cases clearly states “non polio afp cases”, neither mention type 2 in relation to them, so does not look safe to quote without having to give some more deep explanations. This is for myself, not questioning your work.


    1. You are correct, Novack. There’s a difference between OPV-induced polio (which is caused by the vaccine – 1:2.5 million chance per dose, which is where I think the 750 number comes in) and NP-AFP, which isn’t polio and doesn’t come from the vaccine. You’d never know from this article, though.


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