You Can’t Protect Another Person from Pertussis


Every year over 600 children under the age of 13 die in car accidents.  That’s a terrible fact.  But what would you say if your doctor, your child’s doctor, your state senators and everyone in the media told you that they had the solution to prevent these deaths?  And it was totally, completely within your power to save them, and of course you’re a raging a-hole if you don’t follow this advice and save 600 children’s lives each year.

Are you ready for this genius idea?

Buckle your own seat belt.

Wait, what?  Don’t I mean buckle the child’s seat belt?  No.  Buckle your own seat belt to save 600 children’s lives each year.

Makes zero sense, right?  You buckling your own seat belt would have absolutely no impact on the number of accidents or the children who die in accidents each year in this country.  At best, buckling your seat belt means that you are less injured in an accident than you’d be without it.

And yet we’re told that the answer to preventing the 10 infant deaths from whooping cough that happen each year in this country is to vaccinate ourselves, and our own older children, with the Tdap and DTaP. This is just as irrational as buckling yourself in to save someone else’s life.

{Bear with me through these next two paragraphs, they’re key.  You might want to chew on them twice.}

Here’s why:  the pertussis vaccines do not contain pertussis bacteria.  The Tdap and DTaP vaccines that were phased in during the 1990s don’t confer immunity to pertussis bacteria.  The vaccines contain pertussis toxoid.  Toxoid is the inactivated version of the nasty exotoxin that the bacteria secrete during an infection that causes major damage to the human body.  These “acellular” (meaning not whole cell) vaccines also contain pertactin, fimbria, and filamentous hemagglutinin– all of the gook that pertussis produces –in a failed attempt to stop pertussis from sticking to itself and posting up in your throat.  Pertussis and pertussis toxin are not the same thing— think of it like the difference between grapes and wine.  Do you get arrested for driving after eating grapes?  No, you don’t. Because although one is made from the other, they’re not the same thing.

The pertussis toxin is called an AB toxin because the B-unit (B is for binding) binds to your healthy cells while the A-unit enters through the membranes and wreaks havoc.  It’s the B-unit that the body can learn to recognize and get some immunity to.  The DTaP/Tdap vaccines are for teaching your body to fight when it encounters the B-units.

Phew. The hard part is over.  You made it. It’s all downhill from here.

But the key fact misrepresented by the media, lawmakers and medical establishment is this:  the vaccines can’t fight pertussis until your body is infected and by then it’s too late to stop you from being contagious. There is no toxin to fight off–and no B-unit to recognize– until the infection takes hold anywhere from 4 to 21 days after exposure.  DTaP and Tdap may be symptom-reducing vaccines, but they aren’t designed to prevent an infection from happening.  They are not transmission-reducing vaccines.  In fact, the pertussis toxin antibodies are of no use until an infection happens.

Are you going to encounter some B-unit pertussis toxin sludge out in your everyday life?  Only if you work in a laboratory.  And there’s no longer a vaccine in the states for regular whole cell pertussis bacteria that hasn’t produced any exotoxin.

The old DTP vaccine from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s (and was phased out 1996-1999) was probably somewhat responsible for the lower rate of diagnosed cases, but even in the late 90s researchers knew that kids vaccinated with DTP were developing pertussis infections without showing it.  Between being vaccinated with the DTaP, DTP or enduring a natural infection, only those who have had a natural infection have true immunity from spreading contagious infections for up to 20 years.

The old whole cell DTP wasn’t preventing these 10 pertussis deaths per year either.  In the three years spanning 1992 to 1994 when DTP was in use there were 32 total deaths (you do the math), 25 of them in infants under 6 months old.  In 2014 there were 9 deaths under 11 months old.  Granted, there have been medical advancements in the last 20 years that are saving infant lives if they’re infected with pertussis.

So by virtue of design, the DTaP and Tdap vaccines only work after you’re already well infected with pertussis, and the hope is that they keep you from getting as sick as you would without them.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes– as you’ve read in the media— it completely fails.  Maybe you get full-blown sick, maybe you feel like you have a bad cold, or maybe you don’t feel like you’re sick at all, but you’ve still got the infection. And you’ll still pass it along to a newborn baby.

But the DTaP and Tdap don’t impact the chances of you acquiring pertussis in the first place. They’re just your own personal seat belt in the event of an accident. There is nothing altruistic about vaccinating yourself with acellular pertussis. You’re not contributing to any “community immunity” by getting vaccinated. There is no such thing as “cocooning” a newborn baby with vaccinated family members.

The FDA and the CDC know this which is why you’ve NEVER* seen them blame the unvaccinated for the spikes in pertussis we’ve been seeing since 2004. It would be slanderous of them to make such an accusation because the United States effectively quit vaccinating for actual pertussis bacteria in the 90s.  The DTaP and Tdap aren’t “weaker” bacterial vaccines.  They’re not bacterial vaccines at all.

They are…  say it with me now…  bacterial toxoid vaccines.

And pregnant mothers who get the Tdap are not passing pertussis antibodies on to their babies.  They’re more likely (though not guaranteed) to pass on pertussis toxin antibodies to the baby, but the amount of vaccine antibodies these Tdap babies are born with (the measurement tends to be 68 per milliliter) isn’t in the ballpark of what’s needed to prevent a raging pertussis infection in the event they’re exposed to the bacteria (which needs to be at least 246 per milliliter) and they drop rapidly after birth (to 20 per milliliter).  What’s next? Telling mothers to get four doses of Tdap while pregnant?

Even if the prenatal vaccine sounds like it’s better than nothing, stop and consider the ingredients of the Tdap before making that choice.

After birth, that infant has the same chance of contracting pertussis in infancy as it did without the mother’s Tdap because it doesn’t have any pertussis antibodies.  Well, almost the same chance, because if that baby is exposed to one of the newer strains of pertussis that doesn’t contain the pertactin component I mentioned earlier, not only is the prenatal Tdap not going to protect the child, but it almost acts like a lightening rod for the newer pertussis strains to cause infection.

You got it?  Vaccinating yourself for the B-unit of the pertussis toxin is not going to stop you from picking up the pertussis bacteria. It’s not going to stop the pertussis from developing into an infection.  It is not going to stop you from spreading pertussis.  And it’s not going to protect an infant in your home or community from contracting pertussis– that would be like buckling your own seat belt to protect your neighbor’s new baby in a car accident.


* Here’s a Q&A with the CDC where they say that unvaccinated children are not the driving force behind outbreaks or epidemics:

CDC Q and A(The unvaccinated aren’t really 8 times more likely to “get” pertussis because obviously they would then be the driving force. In fact, you just learned that the vaccinated are lightning rods for new pertussis strains.  I emailed the CDC for the source on their statement and they responded with this study.  It found that proportion of unvaccinated children was 7.8% of their studied pertussis cases and 92.2% were vaccinated. The only proper mathematical conclusion to draw from that finding is that one is 11.8 times more likely to be vaccinated if they have pertussis. — LQ)

LQ CDC Pertussis

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  1. Thanks, Levi! I have to point out to any skeptical readers that the above references are all from the CDC, FDA, or scientific peer-reviewed journals. But the science is settled, right?

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  2. Levi, I have a question. Are all three antigens toxoids? They must be, if all three diseases are bacterial. Routine tetanus shots outside the third world make no sense at all (just dollars). When was the last case of diphtheria (in China the use diphtheria by itself; apparently it still occurs there)? And pertussis doesn’t work. So we’re injuring and killing hundreds of babies for something almost entirely worthless, except for pharma bank accounts.

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    1. My understanding is that the D and T were always toxoids and the P became toxoid in 1996. The Sanofi package insert says D toxoid, T toxoid, and acellular P (probably called that since it contains P toxoid plus the additional components that allow P to stick to itself and in your throat).

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      1. Levi: Thanks. I knew the tetanus has always been a toxoid, but was unsure about the diphtheria (which a maternal uncle succumbed to in the late teens or early 20’s). I’ve just scoured the MMWR, and discovered what is apparently the last diphtheria fatality in the U.S., a 9-year-old girl who came home to Wisconsin from summer camp in Colorado in 1982. Virtually all of her contacts were tested, and all were negative for C. diptheriae. 1978 marked the end of CDC surveillance for diphtheria, when the fatality rate had dropped to 1 in 50,000,000 (shown as 0.002/100,000). It’s gone. How many babies have been injured and killed by a completely unnecessary vaccine? It took 30 years from the last fatality for them to drop the smallpox vaccination. Something tells me they’ll never drop diphtheria, at least until besieged by hordes of angry parents.

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      2. “The first successful vaccine for diphtheria was developed in 1923. (Previously, von Behring has demonstrated long lasting immunity in various animals by using the antitoxin and toxin. But widespread immunization began after a formalin-inactivated toxin was developed.) Guinea pigs were used to standardize the vaccine. However, effective vaccines were not developed until the discovery and development of sulfa drugs (sulphur-containing drugs) following World War II.”


    2. Good article. Wouldnt we see thousands of babies with pertussis though? I have many friends with new babies and none are getting pertussis. Or is it because theyre all vaccinated and so they dont have symptoms?


      1. a 14 year old just died a few hours after gardasil………………… that is how horrific this is……… they now dropping dead withing 4 hours of the vaccine………….. and STILL IT IS IGNORED…… Imagine if they injected kids with a vitamin, and they dropped dead 4 hours later? But a vaccine, they drop dead, thats fine!


      2. Check out the charts on whooping cough in Australia, just google it, click images, and find the chart. Australia was first to get the horrific Dtap in 1995, UK in 2004, and UK just getting the explosion of whooping cough, that australia saw from 2010. USA< got the Dtap, in all from about 2008, so if you look at the Australian chart, USA, is presently at the first rise, the first bump on our charts, that showed up for us at 2003. Yes now in Australia, 1800 plus kids per 100,000 ie 1 in 50 have whooping cough each year, and they are all vaccine failures. All the aP vaccinated, that are not yet vaccine failures, are all whooping cough carriers, without symptoms, in any outbreak. They catch and carry it every outbreak, not just once.
        As for newborn babies, who are the only ones who get really sick, they cant be vaccinated until 8 weeks, as the vaccine kills them if given early. During this 8 weeks, they now catch pertussis from all those vaccinated symptomless carriers, this is usually fully vaccinated siblings………… when you start getting the outbreaks in USA, and if you about to have a baby, SIMPLE, GET THE PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY TO HAVE THROAT SWABS. Simple, cheap, and then no one to give your bub whooping cough. After 6 months, whooping cough is not so serious. In kids, it is harmless, just damn annoying cough. My grandkids just had two classes full of it , yeah all vaccine failures. Out of 60 onlly 4 bothered to get tested.


      3. Angela, Angela, that’s not how this works. For one, the DTaP has been in use in the US much, much longer than 2008. Also, unfortunately the test for pertussis can take a week or more to come back depending on lab.


      4. Lisette, you are correct. If you look at the data, there would be many, many more cases of pertussis now without the vaccine. The vaccine does actually contain parts of the bacteria not just the toxoid by the way.


      5. But the acellular pertussis vaccine is a failure. Australia is experiencing an epidemic of whooping cough among their highly-vaccinated population, and all outbreaks in the U.S. in recent years have been among the highly-vaccinated or fully- vaccinated, commonly students in the teenage years.

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      6. Oh, and Angela, babies can get the vaccine as early as 6 weeks. It will not kill them. None of the vaccines, if given too early will cause death, they just won’t be as effective.


      7. They most certainly can, and do cause death. In any case, there is no immunological reason to vaccinate infants under twelve months, as they are not capable of producing antibodies. Pediatricians do this solely to “train the parents” to bring their healthy baby to the doctor periodically, whether they need to or not. Why in heavens name would a healthy person go to the doctor? Doctors often do a world of good, and I fully approve of them (except most pediatricians and psychiatrists), but they are not trained in health, and they don’t treat health, as it is untreatable.

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  3. Well written, it was known in 2010, the dangers of this vaccine (ie creating vaccinated carriers, they spread and carry, not just once, BUT OVER AND OVER – until by the grace of god, the useless vaccine fails, and they can no longer be carriers). Yes mothers fathers, siblings, fully vaccinated, infect and kill their own babies. If they had stopped vaccinating with this abysmal death vaccine, in 2010, 99.9 % of those vaccinated would be vaccination failures by now, end of the horrific “”typhoid mary”” types, infecting their own, and any babies……………….. instead they revaccinate, and make more, and more and more carriers. CDC, etc are murderers.

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    1. You’re right: thugs and murderers they are. When their time comes, the leadership of the CDC, along with Sibelius and Dr. PrOffit, will be occupying the lowest rung of Hell, with the likes of James Jesus Angleton, Allen Dulles, Kissinger, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and quite a few other, who, with the exception of Kissinger, are already there and waiting for them.

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  4. Great article and something that I have been trying to explain to people for several years about the Dtap. Prevent Disease website calls it the most dangerous vaccine. I really like the seat belt analogy.

    The Dtap is just a syringe loaded with toxins:
    What Is The Deadliest Of All Vaccines According To The Data? http://preventdisease(dot)com/news/13/111413_What-Is-Deadliest-Of-All-Vaccines-According-To-Data.shtml.

    Also read through this:
    -History of Vaccines-http://www.mothering(dot)com/forum/47-vaccinations/663340-history-vaccination-1712-1993-a.html
    -Death By Vaccine-http://articlesofhealth(dot)

    Two current studies speak loudly to the fact the vaccine has never worked:
    -Study titled: “Acellular Pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model,” used infant baboons to test the hypothesis that “current acellular pertussis vaccines fail to prevent colonization and transmission” of B. Pertussis. (there is no vaccine for Bordetella Pertussis virus) http://www.pnas (dot) org/content/111/2/787.

    Lead author Tod Merkel did comment to the New York Times that when exposed to B. Pertussis after recently getting vaccinated, you could be an asymptomatic carrier and infect others, saying: “When you’re newly vaccinated, you are an asymptomatic carrier, which is good for you, but not for the population.” According to Tod Merkel of the FDA, it has now become clear that the vaccine does almost nothing to prevent the spread of whooping cough. Although it does seem to prevent about 80 percent of people from showing symptoms of the disease, it does not prevent them from catching it or spreading it.

    -Study: Whooping cough resurgence due to vaccinated people not knowing they’re infectious? clinicalnews(dot)org/2015/06/24/study-whooping-cough-resurgence-due-to-vaccinated-people-not-knowing-theyre-infectious/comment-page-1/. From study/article:
    “a detailed epidemiological model of whooping cough transmission to conclude that acellular vaccines may well have contributed to — even exacerbated — the recent pertussis outbreak by allowing infected individuals without symptoms to unknowingly spread pertussis multiple times in their lifetimes.

    ‘There could be millions of people out there with just a minor cough or no cough spreading this potentially fatal disease without knowing it,’ said Althouse. ‘The public health community should act now to better assess the true burden of pertussis infection.’ What’s worse, their model shows that if the disease can be spread through vaccinated, asymptomatic individuals essentially undetected.

    The cocooning experiment used in California 2010 was exactly that, an experiment. The families who utilized this plan were the test group and it failed miserably. In San Diego there were 900 cases of whooping cough and 10 deaths in babies-of course all attributed to unvaccinated people but the truth is some of those infected and some that perished were infected by people who had taken the vaccine at the behest of the health dept and the CDC. I’ve not found out if the children who died, died from pertussis or another illness complicated by pertussis and if they carried a strain from a family member that had been vaccinated. I’m pretty sure the health dept and the CDC really don’t want that information made public however this is what Dr. Anne Anne Schuchat stated in a briefing well after the outbreak occurred:
    “We know there are places around the country where there are large numbers of people who aren’t vaccinated,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the director for the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC, during a recent teleconference. “However, we don’t think those exemptors are driving this current wave. ”Pertussis Epidemic in Washington State- 2012 Telebriefing

    The diphtheria toxoid vaccine (also contained in the DTaP vaccine) is not designed to prevent colonization and transmission of C. diphtheriae. Vaccinating for diphtheria cannot alter the safety of public spaces; Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

    “Today your child has about as much chance of contracting diphtheria as he does of being bitten by a cobra.”–Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD

    Did you know there is NO diagnostic test for tetanus? So how do we know a person actually has tetanus. Symptoms of tetanus are similar to symptoms of some other toxic poisonings. There is no test to prove the person has tetanus. Good wound care is your best treatment for dirty injuries. So people are being vaccinated for a disease that even “If” they had it there is no test to confirm it. So depending on what the policies of that particular medical facility you happen to land in is, you can be treated for something even the medical professional arent’ sure you have. Nice.

    “Wounds that bleed will never result in tetanus because the tetanus bacillus is anaerobic. It is absolutely silly to vaccinate boys who cut their knees. The only reason behind that is money.”–Dr Buchwald MD

    Tetanus is not a contagious disease, but rather acquired from deep-puncture wounds contaminated with C. tetani spores. Vaccinating for tetanus (via the DTaP combination vaccine) cannot alter the safety of public spaces. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

    The tetanus shot is normally combined with pertussis & diphtheria so if you cut your hand, need stitches and the Doctor insist you have a tetanus shot-you’ll be getting the 3 in 1 combo. Think about this: You take the tetanus 3 in 1, because studies have demonstrated that the pertussis portion of the shot make you an asymptomatic carrier and you can also be infected by the shot, you are contagious and can be patient one is an outbreak never showing any symptoms. Or, you can come down with a doosey of a whooping cough infection passing it along to everyone you come in contact with. They can start a new whooping cough cycle and never know it. I wonder if the person giving the injection actually tells the person receiving the injection that they are getting the 3 in 1. That would be interesting to find out.

    Giving this poison to anyone, especially children is medial malpractice and malfeasance-pure and simple.

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    1. More horrific than that………….. It is not the recently vaccinated that are carriers. IT IS ANYONE WITH DTAP VACCINE IMMUNITY. They can be carriers for 8 weeks after each exposure. OVER AND OVER again………… this means that the aP vaccine, has now caused whooping cough to be a constant disease, no more cycles of pertussis every few years, it is there CONSTANTLY< an you dont even know, the vaccinated carriers, are giving it to others vaccinated, and these carriers are now near CONSTANTLY spreading the disease. Mean to protect newborns? All it is doing is killing newborns. Vaccinated mothers, can not pass on any antibodies to their own babies, but DO PASS ON PERTUSSIS to them.

      Breastfeeding, and a mother who has had pertussis, real pertussis, is the only protection a baby needs, but by preventing the mothers from catching real pertussis (by constantly revaccinating). the mothers and other family members ……….. well it is like locking a newborn baby in a house full of people coughing with pertussis, would you do that? Well we are doing that, the only difference is the vaccinated ones, look well.

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      1. I completely agree with you except for one thing: VACCINE IMMUNITY.
        Vaccination does not confer immunization and Vaccine Induced Immunity has never been proven scientifically.

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  5. Beautiful–thank you, Levi!

    Here is another angle, as if this vax could get any more ridiculous:

    Here the CDC admits pertussis vaccines don’t work, having the infection does not provide future immunity, pertussis is incredibly difficult to diagnose, even cultures may only be 30% accurate, and antibiotics should be administered to all close contacts of a person with pertussis, regardless of vaccination status.

    (But you should still give your kid 5 doses of DTaP before the age of 5.)

    Did I mention that FHA, a major component of pertussis vaccines, is a TLR2 agonist, so it can have the effect of turning off the immune system? That’s right…inject FHA and it’s way worse than if you catch it naturally. You really don’t want to inject TLR2 agonists, or fungal-type antigens. Especially not with a live virus, like a concurrent measles vax.

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  6. Pertussis is not hard to diagnose, the PCR test worked in 2010 in Albany, yes, all the kids had pertussis, all fully vaccinated, all aged 6-12. Then they tested the vaccinated kids without signs of illness……… WOW, THEY ALL HAD PERTUSSIS also………… carried it in their throats, without getting sick.
    REAL STATS AS PUBLISHED INTERNATIONALLY: At full vaccination 80% are immune, after 5 years, this falls to 35%, after 10 years 100% FAILURE IN EVERYONE.

    THOSE STILL WITH VACCINE IMMUNITY, catch pertussis, and spread it for about 8 weeks, but as they dont actually get any real immunity from this themselves, they catch it, and spread it, OVER AND OVER> until, thank GOD, their vaccine immunity fails, they get a long lasting cough, and they get LIFELONG IMMUNITY>> AND BETTER? THEY CAN NO LONGER BE VACCINATED CARRIERS INFECTING BABIES.

    Pertussis is a mild disease in children. They just cough for more than 6-8 weeks………. IT IS DEADLY ONLY IN BABIES. The AP vaccine, is causing babies to be infected, it is CAUSING BABIES TO DIE.


    so what do they do? vaccinate MORE? MURDERERS>

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  7. Levi, this would make sense if a pertussis infection was synchronous – but it’s NOT. As with almost any infection, it starts small, where the bacteria or virus reproduces to a small degree, spreading to a a larger infection. Hence, the B-subunit vaccine becomes effective at the small infection stage, before it spreads within the vaccinated individual. Technically you are correct, there is a very very small chance that that person might be able to infect another, but the REALITY is that by being vaccinated it prevents the spread within that person, DRAMATICALLY decreasing the likelihood that that person will be able to infect another person. This is just another case of a small amount of information being misused is dangerous and mis-informative.
    – Professor of Microbiology (who has ZERO financial interest in any vaccines)

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    1. You are presuming, professor, that people maintain high enough b-unit antibodies conferred from the vaccine to prevent infection. They don’t, and research shows that. Please see the link in the “256 per ml” reference. If you were correct, the vaccine would be a raging success instead of allowing contagious infection serious enough to seek a medical diagnoses to the tune of 30,000 cases per year, almost entirely in the vaccinated, almost all under 19 years old. I almost get the impression you are not even familiar with the pertussis situation going on in America right now. The real world is different from the theoretical vaccine science world, as you know. If anything, the vaccine propaganda is what’s dangerous and misinformative. Thanks for commenting.

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    2. individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease. So tominbuff, start reading, this is the report DIRECT QUOTE FROM FDA. Those vaccinate, still become infected without getting sick, and are able to spread the infection.
      THE FACTS ARE: BECAUSE OF THIS FAILED VACCINE, CREATING SYMPTOMLESS CARRIERS……….. which happens, over and over, in that vaccinated person, until the vaccination (thank god! finally fails)……….WHOOPING COUGH IS NOW A FOREVER IN THE POPULATION VIRUS………… no BABIES NOW CAN GO OUT ANYWHERE! The only babies who are safe, are those who are NEVER AROUND A VACCINATED PERSON (who are carriers!!!).


  8. Unfortunately, being vaccinated does not keep you from being symptomatic. Theoretically, yes, realistically, no. All recent studies show this (some below) and all recent outbreak reports of pertussis in fully vaccinated populations show this (again, pertusiss is showing up in almost exclusively vaccinated kids–that can only mean one thing: the vaccine doesn’t work no matter how you slice it). It is likely because the pertussis bacteria are mutating from pertactin positive (one of the antigens in the vaccine) to pertactin negative.

    There is enough scientific evidence against the efficacy of this vaccine to shelf it.

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    1. At full vaccination, 8 out of ten are vaccine immune. At 5 years, only 3 are still immune, at 10 years the vaccine is 100% FAILURE. Thus the first big outbreaks began 2010, and are increasing yearly. 1995 (birth) last vaccine around 5 ie 2000………. After 10 years 100% failure…….. so first kids vaccinated 100% failure, plus those 20% that the vaccine does not work, all ages. And the average length of vaccine being useful, is 3 years.

      Yes, those kids who have been vaccinated, who show no signs of pertussis now, ARE CARRIERS. That has been tested for in the outbreaks in 2010. The vaccine, now means, the WHOLE HERD OF VACCINEES ARE INFECTED, CONSTANTLY! So what hope does a newborn have, when its own mother can not give it vaccine antibodies in breastmilk, BUT CAN GIVE THAT BABY PERTUSSIS.

      Pertussis is a minor illness, most dont even know they have had it,,,,,,,,,,,,and to save people from a cough, they are now happily infecting babies, and killing the babies? Merck Murder, etc.


  9. I am sickened by all references to vivisection in the comments section , as though it means something. Aside from the fact that it is immoral, unethical, and unspeakably cruel (what happened to “First Do No Harm” ?), vivisection is not a scientific marker for people due to species differences. It is like playing Russian Roulette. AND, that is one reason why the industry uses them. The results can be manipulated to give the “desired results,” depending on who is funding the “study.” I have seen a primate “study” which demonstrates vaccines are safe, and another which proves the opposite. Vaccines are poison, and they are a product of vivisection, from the ingredients (starting with pus from sores on cows) to the ‘testing’ of them. Read “Vivisection or Science, A Choice To Make,” by Dr. Pietro Croce, now available to read for free online.


    1. Hi Sue, the reason they tested the pertussis failed vaccine on baboons? They had thousands, of real case reports, real pathology reports, from over 4 nations, in 2010………. I did the tests in the first outbreak in Western Australia in 2010…… They had the results that showed those kids vaccinated, without symptoms, were carriers.
      But it is the FDA, CDC, WHO, they could not be honest, and admit the vaccine is causing baby deaths, and more outbreaks than the pre vaccine era, after damn 8 jabs? So what did they do? This is extremely serious…….. babies dying, vaccinees being symptomless carriers, infecting their own babies? No huge funding? Nothing, FDA waited three damn years, scraped up some funding, and tested an old vaccine, not used for 20 years, against the new failed vaccine, and purposely did not test to see if mother baboons, as vaccinated carriers, infected their own babies?

      This is just muddying and bureaucracy to hide the truth. IN 2010, THEY SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY STOPPED USING THIS VACCINE.

      Didnt need to be a rocket scientist in 2010, to see that ALL THE VICTIMS WERE KIDS AGED 6-12, ALL FULLY VACCINATED. Didnt need to be a rocket scientist, to know that NONE OF THE PARENTS, OR ANYONE WHO GOT OLD VACCINE< GOT SICK. THE OLD VACCINE WORKED. It worked FOR LIFETIME! in 95% of people. It got banned, because it was killing too many people………… but those who survived, NEVER CAUGHT PERTUSSIS.

      But those rocket scientists in FDA? scraped up some funding, and bought some damn baboons, ignoring all the thousands, and thousands, of pathology reports and findings, from around the world. Yes USA, FDA,CDC, WHO, are a bunch of baboons.


      1. Indeed. Ignoring the facts of what is happening to people, and replacing that information with their animal “studies” is, in part, how they keep the confusion swirling and the profit circus going. In my estimation, all vaccines are made of materials which do not strengthen the immune system, but ultimately damage and destroy it. I wonder if you have heard about doctors treating children, who were diagnosed with pertussis, using intravenous Vitamin C. It is alleged the treatment cut the duration of the illness short, before a “whooping cough” could develop. That bit of information came from “Immunization, The Reality Behind The Myth” by Walene James.


      2. Hi Sue, I dont really want to get into the pro or anti vax thing. I have specific information and experience, on Pertussis outbreaks beginning around 2010. The fact is I KNOW THIS VACCINE, the aCellular pertussis vaccine, is not only a failure in most people after only 3 years, but while they are immune, THEY ARE INFECTING OTHERS>>>>>>>>>>> revaccinating them is just more horrible. In Western Australia, they do not recommend revaccinating kids for pertussis .. just let them get pertussis, AND GET LIFELONG immunity, and they will never, ever be able to infect anyone, ever again……… Instead the corruption the lies, the bureaucracy, USA< CDC>>>>>>>>> Now we have more late term miscarriages, than damn newborn baby deaths, due to all these jabs! Look what has happened in Brazil! Microcephaly is a side effect of aP vaccine, to do this to babies before birth? Murderers…………


  10. I’m not sure, yet, where I stand on the vaccinations, but I do know physics. I appreciate your attempted analogy with seat belts, but you’re wrong. When you don’t buckle yourself in, you allow your body to become a projectile. Here’s an analogy to try… Put a marble and an egg in a coffee can and shake. Guess which one represents your baby…


      1. He’s not lost, he’s correctly pointing out the flaw in your analogy. Buckling your own seatbelt actually does increase the safety of other people in the car, (though obviously not as much as buckling theirs does) by preventing you from being thrown into other people by the force of the accident and crushing them. So, buckling your own seatbelt is a more effective way to protect your children in an accident than getting yourself vaccinated is for protecting them from pertussis. Of course, if they’re not properly restrained themselves that bit of protection probably won’t be enough to save them…


    1. I use the seatbelt analogy …. 5 seatbelts new car. First drive out onto the street, car accident, one seatbelt totally fails. If this happened when the car was five years old, 3 out of five seatbelts totally fail. After ten years, if this car had its first accident, all five seatbelts fail. Would you sue the manufacturer? for selling a product that does not work, not even from day one? That is the pertussis a cellular vaccine, it fails………………… At that rate! But worse, is the fact, while those seatbelts are working, those people in those seatbelts, are destroying every other persons seatbelts, it is because their seatbelts still works, that they are spreading this pertussis illness to anyone and everyone, killing the little babies who are too small for the seatbelts.


    2. Ummm…. a projectile typically “projected” about as far forward as the windscreen of your own car? Apart from someone having to scrape you off the dashboard, or off the road very close by, there is no “herd protection” that occurs as a result of buckling up, and no widespread “herd road trauma” that occurs as a result of one’s non-seatbelt-usage. I think your argument is clutching at straws somewhat, and that Levi’s analogy is a sound one. If anything, your comment lends weight to the argument for retaining a system of voluntary vaccination for personal protection, if that is what someone chooses after reading up and making a (hopefully) informed choice…although how anyone could make that choice after reading up on ALL the available science regarding pertussis, is beyond me.

      It really is time to stop blaming the unvaccinated for all the ills of the world, especially when this blame is based on nothing more substantial than projected or future predictions of disease outbreaks that haven’t actually occurred yet, much less been traced to unvaccinated scapegoats. That’s just fear-mongering an crystal ball gazing, not evidence-based health policy. Especially, ESPECIALLY, given what we now know about tracing disease outbreaks, including but not limited to pertussis, to the vaccinated (the detail of which has already been articulated in great detail by Levi and other commentators here), however well-intentioned the vaccinators and cocooners are.


  11. Thanks, Levi! Please do something on the “amazing” HPV percentage reductions that were blasted all over the media yesterday. Oh, and fix the spelling on “lightening” in this post:)


  12. I think my comment didn’t post, but I think you reversed which studies you wanted to link to when discussing how many antibodies were found in babies and how many were needed.


  13. I wonder how many people carry the WC bacteria without getting sick. This could be a very high number, as it’s known that at any time a substantial percentage of people carry the tuberculosis bacteria without noticing anything. Did you know that these two exclude each other? In areas with high tuberculosis there is hardly any WC. And vice versa. Nobody gets them both at the same time. If so many people carry the bacteria without getting sick, then how on earth can we call this an infectious disease? It’s obvious that the bacteria are part of us and are there for a reason.

    We should better try to find out why babies get WC, but actually this is already known. Fully breastfed babies very rarely, if ever, get WC. Why do adults get WC? Nobody has looked into that either. I have just survived a few months of WC. It took me about a kilogram of vitamin C and it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. But I can’t say that I was very sick from it. And I’m sure the bacteria did a good job, whatever that job was.


    1. Rixta, hello babies catch whooping cough from fully vaccinated symptomless siblings. This has been known since 2010 in Australia. Australia was the first to embrace Dtap in 1995. By 2010, we had serious outbreak in Albany, Western Australia. FIRST EVER. wc has gone from 450 WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA, before Dtap to now 1 in 30 kids all fully vaccinated have wc now each year. thats not a problem, so the vaccine fails, kids cough, cough, cough for the old 100 days cough. Keep newborn babies away. The problem now is all the Dtap kids who havent yet had whooping cough, in an outbreak, they still catch, carry and spread it for 8 weeks, they just dont get symptoms. So every outbreak now, every aP child is a carrier. So what do they do to hide this? They now prevaccinate babies before birth, with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth? Obscene, yes obscene, this Dtap vaccination of pregnant women, has doubled the rate of unexplained in utero deaths (late term miscarriages) and led to 500% increase in microcephalic babies. But wow, maybe these babies wont catch whooping cough? CDC is totally corrupt, Merck is Murderous, and GSK Greedy? But Even the manufacturers dont recomment using this vaccine on pregnant women, so who shall all those mothers in USA sue for their 25,000 microcephalic babies born each year now? Hope they sue the CDC, and the government.
      angela coral eisenhauer facebook if you want the references.

      Yep, USA has more microcephalic births, than Brazil, USA been prevaccinating in utero since 2013, Brazil started with women in May, (20 weeks pregnant in some areas), and look what happened when the babies got born in October?


  14. Thank you for this post. Ive been under a lot of stress the last few weeks as Im starting to be shunned by peers with new babies who do not want me to bring my unvaccinated 2 year old around them. Its amazing the pressure that someone as resolute as I am regarding vaccines can feel when you start to be ostracized for choosing to protect your child rather than inject them with toxins. One starts to see how comfortable it is in the herd of non-thinking people.


  15. Well it is their two year olds that will be the ones spreading whooping cough to the babies. THEY ARE THE FACTS. Except their two years olds, etc, the vaccinated ones, wont just spread it once, they catch, carry and spread near constantly. And they dont have symptoms


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