The Donald Trump Meeting


In the last few days of August, Dr. Andy Wakefield stood before a room of people and hinted about a meeting he’d recently attended.

Wrapping up his speech he warned the crowd, “This is a one issue election: the future of this country’s children. Use your vote extremely carefully. There is one person—whatever else you may think about him—who has expressed that he knows that vaccines cause autism and that vaccine damage is real. He would never allow mandatory vaccination. I had the privilege of meeting with him to discuss this precise issue. He is on our side. We will not get a second chance. Within two years of Hillary Clinton getting in, there will be mandatory adult and childhood vaccination across the entire country.”

By that time it had been a year since Donald Trump stood on a stage with Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Rand Paul and the pro-vaccine moderator, Jake Tapper, asked, “Should Trump stop saying that vaccines cause autism?” in a live television attempt to turn Carson against Trump.

Instead, Trump jumped in and said that the autism epidemic is out of control, and that he is in favor of smaller doses of vaccines over a longer period of time. He said that he knew of a two and a half year old child who was vaccinated, developed a high fever, and became very sick and autistic.

Then Dr. Carson backed him up by saying, “It’s true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time,” and Dr. Paul chimed in that he was also concerned about the vaccine schedule.

That backfire launched a week-long pharmaceutical-funded media attack on Republicans as being ignorant anti-science ninnies unqualified to have an opinion—despite two of them being medical doctors. But in typical fashion, because Trump didn’t continue to raise the vaccine issue at every tour stop, people on our side began to say that he didn’t care, that he’d walked back his statements, or that autism wasn’t even on his radar anymore.

I want to share a few things with you about Andrew Wakefield’s meeting with Donald Trump. Maybe I should have written this a long time ago, but I didn’t ask permission to write it from the people involved before yesterday because I know what it’s like to be given an opportunity conditioned on keeping things said off the record.

The team that visited Trump last summer says that he is very consistent in his position on vaccines. He has certainly not abandoned us. They specifically talked with him about vaccine-induced autism and they report that Trump undoubtedly knows that vaccines can and do cause autism.

Trump asked the type of questions that show the depth of his knowledge of the subject, such as how the current schedule came into being and how he can change it. He is already up to speed on what is happening. He already understands the issue.

{Don’t forget, this is a man who tweeted The Thinking Moms Revolution asking Jake Tapper and Sharyl Attkisson to report on the CDC Whistleblower two years ago.}


One of the team members pointed out that “America can’t be great again” if this is the direction we are headed with our children and it visibly impacted Trump.

The most important promise came at the end of their meeting when someone said, “Donald, you are the only one who can fix this.”

And Trump said, “I will.”

He will fix this.

Fixing this is not rocket science. Hell, it’s not even vaccine science. He will fix this. It is entirely fixable, and he appreciates our advocates lending their assistance in getting it done.

Now, before you accuse him of pandering, ask yourself what he would have to gain from pandering to the 1% of Americans who don’t vaccinate at all.

Friends, we have a direct route to stopping this madness. Can you imagine that for a second? Can you just imagine having vaccine education advocates getting face-time with the person who appoints the director of the CDC?

Read that again: the President of the United States appoints the director of the CDC.

{And despite what our loose-lipped lady law professor in California has to say about it, there is no Senate confirmation for the CDC director. Good thing she teaches young minds administrative law. Never trust a lawyer who can’t get a license to practice law.}

Trump asked for a follow-up with our side. They are giving him advice on how to help us.

Contrast that with Hillary’s autism action plan that failed to mention one word about autism’s cause or how to prevent it. Contrast that with her adviser who forbade her from mentioning “autism’s cause” in a speech, and who suggested she rephrase with how “autistic children’s brains develop” so that we don’t pretend for one moment that autism is environmental and preventable.

When I read that email I felt like autism parents are drowning right in front of Hillary, but by refusing to say the word “cause” any longer, she yanked the life preserver out of the water and turned her back on them.

Andy Wakefield gave him a copy of Vaxxed and Trump promised that he’d watch it right away.

We already know that Donald Trump doesn’t care for pharmaceutical companies or Monsanto. And we know that the Clintons came into the White House in 1992 with a net worth of $300,000, left the office in 2000 with more liabilities than assets, but have commanded $230 million in the past 16 years from selling nothing but their political influence to pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, Wall Street banks, and Middle Eastern kingdoms.

Kudos to their success, but the Clintons are owned.  There is no denying that. Their lifestyle is funded in large part by the companies who profit off destroying our children.

Trump’s position on healthcare is that every American deserves access to high quality, affordable care, and not just insurance. He has said that Obamacare has failed on cost and quality. Few people would disagree with those statements on either side of the political fence. But I can understand if you disagree with Trump on immigration, accepting refugees, global warming, or whether or not Islam is a religion for many with a propensity for violence. I get that he’s said many shitty things about women with no regard for who was listening.

But Trump’s faults don’t equate with Hillary having a halo– entire books have been written by her former secret servicemen about what an intolerable human being she is. She gave a speech where she defended fracking and said that environmental activists need to get a life. Her own advisers would rather create a “progressive Islam” because even ignoring the violence of Islam’s current incarnation, they feel that the domination of women and the hate for gays, Jews and Christians just isn’t working out for the Democratic party. I’m not so sure there is much of a difference in many of the policies of America’s two-party system.

I personally know numerous people still enamored with Bill Clinton (no judgment here) despite his penchant for “dicking bimbos at home” (Colin Powell’s words, not mine), and they either refuse to vote for Hillary, or they’re doing it begrudgingly.

But the parent of a vaccine injured child has no business putting the nail in the coffin of generations to come.

If Hillary takes office we would have to find a way to pay the Clintons more than all of the pharmaceutical companies combined because Hillary is not — not publicly and not privately– concerned about stopping vaccine-induced autism in this country. No one has paid her to care.

But Donald Trump already cares, and Donald Trump cannot be bought.


  1. You are lucky, our elections Australia, both sides supported vaccinations, so what hope did we have, so much for democracy, it is DEAD in Australia.


    1. In Australia, do you have any choice such as religious or medical exemption? Is your only alternative home schooling or have they made it so that your insurance premiums go up or other penalties?


    2. You still have your democratic right to choose to not vaccinate in Australia…you just also choose to not receive any government pensions.


  2. As awful as he is in so many ways, she is our worst nightmare. This is indeed a one-issue election. The scary part, though, is Supreme Court picks. The conservative justices are not our allies in this fight. But I’ve made up my mind how to vote.


    1. I agree. I could never vote for someone who is pro mandatory vaccinations. I have tried to spread the word about Trump being the only candidate who is anti mandatory vaccinations because I think there are a lot of people out there who are not even aware of this fact. I even suggested to Trump that he needs to get this out there because there are a lot of people who are anti mandatory vaccinations and would vote for him based on this one issue alone


    1. Ignore all the corruption surrounding Hillary that is so in your face in actual BLACK AND WHITE word for word and jump on Trump based on speculation? Get real.

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    2. There’s plenty of “bad” that will have to be “ignored” no matter which way you vote, since the candidates are all far from perfect. Nonetheless, we do have to choose one of them, don’t we?


    3. OMG Nadine. You are blind girl. Do you prefer a corrupt liar? a person who fills her pockets first and who think owns your body? No thanks.
      For us, Trump support is BIG. You probably have never contact a politician before. If yours is bought there is nothing you can do about it. They will run you over in despite of facts. Call them and contact them about this issue and you will see what I’m talking about.


  3. Trump is not running for the office of dictator.

    • The forces that are pushing for vaccination are operating at all levels of government below him. They believe the science proving vaccines are safe is unassailable.
    • It has wide support from the populace, who also believes the science is settled.
    • There are state level, hospital level and Dr.-practice level quality assessment and incentive programs (and penalties) for vaccination compliance baked into laws and insurance programs.
    • Pharmaceutical money is influencing practically every part of our society from the medical industry to government to education (especially doctor and nurse education — and these are the people on the front lines)
    • Powerful entities like The Gates Foundation and GAVI will fight hard to defend their position that vaccines are “the solution”
    • The pro-vaccination side can turn to faulty, and sometimes corrupt, studies that on first examination appear to disapprove the vaccination-autism connection. They have a lot of these studies and this has convinced almost the entire population that autism appearing contemporaneously with vaccination must be a coincidence and due to genetic causes.

    He will be shut down by this massive force protecting vaccines. He might delay this force for a few years but that is the best that can be expected.

    Trump says that he will fix a lot of things and then provides no details on how he will do it. Or, his details are so ridiculous that even his supporters don’t believe them (i.e. building the wall).

    Now, one way Trump could help is by ensuring that Thompson testifies.

    However, even when and if Thompson testifies, his coworkers will continue to deny everything, as they have already done. And then, even if it can be shown that Thompson’s initial results were hidden, the CDC will point to all the other studies and say that one study is insufficient when compared to the others to alter the national vaccination schedule.

    No matter how much we would all like it, there is no shortcut to getting out of this situation.

    It is going to take the continued groundswell of effort educating people for at least a decade and probably two or three. We must have a clear-eyed view of the job ahead of us.

    The American people should not trade their stand for religious tolerance and unity for the xenophobic and violent worldview of Trump, should not trade their stand for the equality of women for the denigration and disrespect that Trump exhibits, should not put into power a thin-skinned businessman who can’t let the smallest slight go by — all on the false promise that he will “fix things.”

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    1. I agree that even a vaccine-skeptic president might not be strong enough to hold back the forces of pharma vested interests. It may take the situation of soaring Autism rates and ever declining national health to get MUCH MUCH worse before a truly vast upwelling of public opinion does the job (assuming that there’s anyone left with the energy to do it)

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    2. Thank you Andre for writing this. Had no idea this was a Trump group. Can’t find the unsubscribe page fast enough. Bub bye.


    3. Agree, this movement of Vaccine safety education, medical/ religious freedom/ choice has to be fought from the ground up. Our numbers are growing, with each vaccine, each shared vax Injury, awareness increases as will resistance. The basic political facts need to be repeated constantly, that the pharmaceutical industry has carte blanche over the health of our children. Post vax side effects, VAERS forms, ingredients, schedules by nation, research articles…. In the absence of any real science, people will only believe what they here from the “experts”. Post about SPIDER, the FDA heads indictment. The cracks in the very agencies that were above reproach have been invaded with pharma moles and are now losing scientists in droves.
      I can’t vote for a man so reckless and inciteful of violence. So childish, and disrespectful, unable to listen to criticism, advisors. He is running for Emperor. He can’t bring back jobs, reverse time, fix healthcare. No one can. HRC is no prize. I can’t defend her outdated world and domestic view. Seems like both candidates are stuck in the 50’s. If you watch the ” United States of ALEC ” you will see all legislation is pushed at the state level, where there is no one watching, no fanfare, no media coverage. State legislators are more ambitious, gullible, less experienced and easy to buy. I hate mandatory anything when it comes to my body or the bodies of my family, but I am hopeful that we can succeed no matter who wins. Either way, it’s going to take a long time. Think women’s and black rights. Nothing if given, has to be fought as and won.


    4. Within a decade or three: everybody is going to be staying home looking after their sons who are autistic and nursing their own ailments. There will be no need to argue about it, just to get on with it.


  4. If people only new half of what the dems candidate has done and is doing they would find it pretty easy to use the trump card.


  5. If he doesn’t “like” Monsanto, why is he invested in Monsanto stock. If he “doesn’t like” pharma why is he invested in Gilead and J&J? Trump gave $10K to Generation rescue – not quite. He gave a check from the Trump Foundation during a time period when he was no longer putting any money into that account and used someone else’s funding to look good.
    My family is not all white, not all Christian, not all American-born. He has no interest in doing anything for a family fitting that profile with or without autism.

    I truly wish people had taken the time and made the effort to present the Vaxxed movie to ALL of the candidates and asked them ALL for support. At least then I would not be standing here saying “what difference does it make if they don’t shoot him with a needle if they will shoot my grandson with a gun when he can’t answer or respond “appropriately”?”

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    1. He’s gotten a lot of flack for his donation to Gen Rescue. No matter your beliefs, in this day and age it takes a lot to stand against lobbyists, the media, and corporations, and he has done it–with no benefit to himself but lies, backlash, and personal insults for him and his family. Check out this article of how he is treated for daring to oppose conventional wisdom, and yet he still hasn’t retracted his position:


  6. Seriously disappointed in this post. Donald Trump has said insane things. A racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, serial sexual assaulter claiming that vaccines cause autism doesn’t help our cause in the slightest. Vaccine policy is mostly made on the state level (of course Healthy People 2020 and CDC/FDA are key on the federal level). While having a sympathetic president is of course helpful it doesn’t mean we should compromise our dignity as a nation on a gamble over whether or not he’ll do anything, regardless of any personal meetings Wakefield or anyone else has had with him. Usually love your pieces, Quakenboss, but I am extremely disappointed in this one.

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    1. You have every right to be disappointed. That said, Hillary’s staff has provided plenty of anti-latino, anti-muslim fodder while her husband took 11 flights to Jerry Epstein’s teen sex island, yet this so-called champion of women did nothing. The difference between her and Trump is that he is loud mouthed about the offensive stuff while she reserves it for private bank speeches at $225,000 a pop.

      States follow the CDC schedule. The president appoints the CDC director. The End.

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  7. Thank you for this email! I loved forwarding it to a few people to share why I’m voting for Trump!

    On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 9:53 AM, Levi Quackenboss wrote:

    > Levi Quackenboss posted: ” In the last few days of August, Dr. Andy > Wakefield stood before a room of people and hinted about a meeting he’d > recently attended. Wrapping up his speech he warned the crowd, “This is a > one issue election: the future of this country’s children. Use yo” >


  8. There are more than two ways to vote. Fuck Trump and Hilary , seriously people . The only way out of this is to break the two party system … And slowly get money out of politics, to stop having large companies control our food, energy, water and health. Only then can we actually make any plans. I think the globalists have set up Trump so that Hillary will win… They needed an anti-villain of sorts . It’s all bs stop falling for it, as soon as you free your mind.. They lose ! Rage against the machine.


    1. @Amy the problem with voting for a 3rd party candidate is that they will not be elected. Voting for them expresses your displeasure with the Dem and Rep candidates, but you abdicate your choice for the better of the two who can win.


    1. Californians got screwed by Democrats didn’t they?
      The only ones supporting them even in public were Republicans.
      Am I wrong? this is what I recall.


      1. Yes, the Democrats passed SB277, which requires full vaccination or a medical exemption in order to attend any public or private school in California. The Democratic party is extremely corrupt. I will never vote for a Democratic candidate again, until they clean it up.


      2. I’m with you but the corruption within the Democratic Party runs so deep at this point that I don’t even know if it’s possible for them to clean it up. It’s like a cancer that keeps spreading and spreading and is out of control. Trump has my vote. In all my years on this Earth I’ve never seen a candidate who is as evil as Hillary.

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  9. I was a lifelong Democrat. I voted for Obama – twice. I have a 1 year old baby girl to protect. I voted for Trump. I went TWICE to the polls. That morning it was too packed to wait on line with my baby, so I waited until my husband was home to watch her and drove back over before the polls closed, to cast my vote against that corporate-owned candidate. I am glad Trump won. No, I don’t appreciate much of what he has said. But I darn well appreciated that he had the nerve to speak out openly and bravely about the taboo subject the politically correct politicians – heck even pediatricians and scientists – won’t touch – vaccines and this insane schedule. I’m a 42 year old first time mom, my husband is 50. We remember being kids when kids were not injured, with ADD and ADHD and Autism, and increasingly common skin and food allergies. We refused to take chances with our baby. And yes, we voted for Donald Trump. And no, we are not racist, stupid, or religious. We want our medical freedom to choose what we don’t want put into our bodies and we want our children healthy. Thank you for posting this article, it took a weight off my mind to know he is indeed up on this topic.

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  10. Well, Levi, I just read your post today, the day after the election, and I feel as you did– this election was a one issue election. I am positively thrilled that Donald Trump won. In fact, I am elated. It is simply not possible to educate elected officials who have been bought by the vaccine industry; they just don’t get it, and they, quite amazingly, do not care. People of lesser means are useless, stupid sheep in their opinion, who should be vaccinated into oblivion. Thank you for writing this very thoughtful post. I am so happy today! Who knew the election would go this way, considering all the media, and bots, and trolls predicting and urging the exact opposite?


  11. Thank you so much for posting this. I know so many people that have mirrored the doubt in this post, about whether Trump would be following through on protecting our families from mandatory vaccinations.
    There will still be nay-sayers that will be negative until we see proof, and others that this topic doesn’t touch at all.

    For ME and MY family however, this is incredible news. I put my faith in this one issue when I cast my ballot yesterday, and unless one has vaccine injury in their world… One cannot truly feel the gravity of the words you shared.

    Thank you.


  12. I enjoyed reading this post! It’s sad that it had to come down to a one issue vote. But it is what it is. I’m so glad that Hilary didn’t win (for many reasons, not just vaccinated related) & even though I think Trump needs to grow a filter, I am elated that he is on our side! My daughter was affected by her shots & it’s about time someone is willing to stand up for her (other than me).

    Go Trump! Blow the cdc out of the water!


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