WikiLeaks, mercury in vaccines, and Hillary’s email


Wikileaks dropped another cache of Hillary Clinton hacked emails the other day and lookey lookey what was in there: an email from a top Hillary donor written to the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign on the topic of autism and mercury in vaccines.

The email came from global warming activist Wendy Abrams, who has given, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars to her pal Hillary through the Clinton Foundation in addition to donating to her campaign. It was written to John Podesta, who is still running Hillary’s campaign for president. Entitled “I’ll make you a bet,” it was sent on July 5, 2015  and reads:


With regard to thimerosal, I have one simple question, why do we ever want to inject any amount of mercury into our bodies, much less a pregnant woman? The medical experts, CDC, ACOG, etc. claim that thimerosal is fine and it is not a risk because it is present in “trace amounts”, but what does that mean? Can they be more specific in clarifying what constitutes “trace amounts?” Clearly, we all agree that there is some level of mercury which they advise against. Where is that line?

We already took thimerosal out of childhood vaccines, we just need to take it out of flu shots too, and we can offer the same vaccines in single-dose shots which do not have thimerosal. Now, I will make you a bet.. I bet that taking thimerosal out of flu shots that we give to pregnant women will reduce the number of children afflicted with mercury poisoning, autism and other neurological disorders. If I am right, we will improve the health of one million kids/year and lower health care costs by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. If I am wrong, well… we are no worse off because pregnant women didn’t get thimerosal, and so I’m wrong. I’ll buy you lunch.

xo w

“We found out that the Thimeresol would be toxic down to – not grams, not mg’s, not mcgs, but nano grams – parts per billion – which was almost unbelieveable. This was published in the American Journal Medical Society, in the New York Academy Sciences and in the Journal For the Chemical Speciality Manufactures Association and it didn’t make wave, there wasn’t even a ripple – no one seemed to care.” – Dr Frank P Engley PhD – Blue Ribbon Panel Member 1948 AMA meeting regarding Thimeresol’s concerns

A top Clinton donor went straight to the top Clinton adviser and with the request that mercury be removed from the multi-dose flu vaccine, and that trace amounts of mercury be removed from all other vaccines. Why?  Because she holds the money, she holds the power, and she knows that her message will go straight to the presidential candidate. 

Obviously she also knows that Hillary has all of the authority it takes to demand that pharmaceutical companies put the kibosh on vaccine mercury.

Is Wendy Abrams on the inside track of vaccines and autism? It seems that she was a supporter of the Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs, who she gave $20,000 to in 2011. I’ve dug around a little bit looking for links between her and vaccine providers but haven’t found anything; be sure to leave info in the comments if you know of something.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Hillary has known all about the tragic damage caused by mercury in vaccines for decades, because some of the good people who fought to get mercury removed from the childhood schedule in the first place had numerous meetings with her at her own request. The contents of this email was not news to Hillary. It wasn’t written to inform her of something that wasn’t already on her radar. Coming from a PAC donor, it seems more like written documentation of a veiled order.

Why is WikiLeaks giving us this email?  Are there more to come? Let’s hope.



  1. The Mercury Moms met with her at her request? SHE KNEW A LONG TIME AGO. Not a public word from her, nor will there be. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone, particularly babies. Julian Assange is the hero of this election season. Funny thing, not a word about this particular email in the MSM.

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  2. The US is controlled by rich and powerful vested agendas and the vaccine industry is now so huge, nearly $30billion a year, that nothing which suggests it is less than perfect will ever be allowed by those in power. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy even as millions are damaged and some die.

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  3. It’s not just the mercury. It’s EVERY antibiotic agent. They replaced Thimerosal with neomycin in the childhood vaccines — lookie, no drop in autism rates. Why? it’s the ANTIBIOTIC ACTION which is the problem, NOT JUST THE MERCURY. Thimerosal is antibiotic in nature. (So is glyphosate….) Why does that matter? When you mess with our gut microbiome, you inhibit parts of the brain from growing. Mismatched brain parts = autism.

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  4. It looks like HRC will be the next POTUS. We should focus on which Senators and Congresspeople are with us and against us, make a list and distribute it. It will be the Senate and Congress that will approve mandates.

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  5. It is all about control and money! She doesn’t care about our children!! I bet Hillary’s grandchild didn’t receive any vaccinations with mercury in them?!?!


  6. How do I put this?… If Mercury is used (and it is) in the manufacturing process they don’t have to list it… They may have “removed” it from the final product but it’s still there… And this is why a double blind, placebo study from a 3rd party, not affiliated with pharma needs to be done! Trace amounts become greater when it is used in the manufacturing process and then in preserving… Toxins don’t =health… My great gma lived by herself till 100 died at 102… No shots, raw food/homemade, being exposed to disease and gaining life long immunities and chiropractor 2x a week= health!

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  7. Mercury is a very minor contributor to autism. Taking it out of the flu vaccine will have only a very small effect on autism rates. Likely too small to be observable.

    Children received more mercury from vaccines in the 1970s, when autism rates were much lower (about 1/40 of todays rate).

    Autism is brain damage caused by immune activation and the cytokines interleukin-6 and interleukin-17a specifically. Aluminum adjuvant stimulates IL-6 in the brain, but almost all vaccines can stimulate IL-6 (which is associated with febrile seizures).

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    1. yes well giving that “re assurance ” to parents like me who SAW the damage done to our children directly after getting the DPT shot ( now removed ) . I learned more than most people because my childs LIFE depended on it. I no longer vaccinate. Not because I don’t believe in vaccines but because I don’t trust the CDC where there has been a revolving door with Pharma that has only become more corrupt since the removal of all liability from Pharma in 1986 when Reagan gave them a sweetheart deal in order to continue providing vaccines. Originally only 9 vaccines were required pre 1986. Now, with NO regulations or safeguards, there are 79! Yes you read this correctly .HPV shot has destroyed so many children that the American Academy of Pediatrics has REMOVED its recommendations for this shot.. How many children will die and be brain injured before the American People will rise up and stop being propagandized. Id like to know my children and grandchildren could get a SAFE polio and MMR shot. Jesus.


      1. Polio is the backstop, last resort argument of the vaxassination crowd because it is a strong, propaganda piece with a LONG history of acceptance. So what is polio REALLY?

        The original outbreaks occurred after the invention of a gypsy moth insecticide – lead and arsenic – the only thing that could save apple orchards. EVERY polio outbreak in the late 1800s was exactly when, and exactly where this combination pesticide was sprayed – to include FDR on the island where he caught “polio”. Incidentally (?) polio has the exact same symptoms as arsenic poisoning…

        Eventually the outbreaks occurred where the proven neurotoxic DDT was sprayed. It seems that the “polio virus” and the pesticide must both be present to cause “polio”. (which looks pretty much exactly like Guillain Barre’ Syndrome, coincidence?)

        So – before the polio vaccine, the diagnosis of polio was the paralysis of two or more muscle groups for TWO DAYS. This is important. Now if you had those two muscle groups paralyzed (other, lesser issues like neuropathy may have been included) YOU HAD POLIO. Here’s the catch: if you took one thousand of those early 1950s polio patients – 999 out of 1,000 WOULD SELF-REMEDIATE within a few days to a couple/few weeks. They were STILL considered polio victims, but they were asymptomatic and now immune. Permanently. The one person either died or had permanent damage as you may see in people today who have the polio from the vaccine.

        When the vaccine was developed – the diagnosis of polio was simultaneously changed – then paralysis in two or more muscle groups FOR TWO MONTHS was then listed as polio. So the shots come in and yesterday you would have had polio, but the 999 who self remediated now were NOT considered to be polio victims at all – because of a definition.

        The disease had pretty much the same etiology – in fact with vaccination it became much worse. In several provinces in Canada, the death and polio rates doubled or tripled. In the US, states which had never seen a single case of polio were immediately getting polio cases as soon as the vaccine was shoved down our throats… (i was born in 55 so i can say this, lol)

        So – plz don’t stress yourself over the “need” for a safe polio vaccine – it’s pretty much unnecessary. And note that places in India and those regions where polio is an issue still have markets in which DDT is sold in brown paper packages without instructions….

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    2. Absolutely! From what I’ve read (for the past 10 years of very focused studies) it is the immune response. They know that they are having problems forcing lifelong immunoglobulin response–that’s why they’ve added the adjuvants. They’re trying to cause IgG4 immunities–but failing. That is why most vaccines wear off after a few months and the rest leave IgG2 which causes the body to think that it’s under attack and go on the defensive. The vaccines are causing immune responses, but not immunity. Hence all of our children being sick with one thing or another. Food allergies (terrible, anaphylactic reaction–food allergies) like FPIES is getting more and more common. ADHD/Austism which are whole system malfunctions because the adjuvants cause the viruses to pass the blood brain barrier and destroy the guy health. Here’s a little question I like to ask…what happened to Alzheimer’s being caused by aluminum? That has just quietly gone away. What did they find out about aluminum and the brain? Because one of the most used adjuvants is aluminum…


  8. Many Vaxassination proponents like to say this is the “safe” mercury – even though it sits in our organs of elimination and does more kidney and liver damage supposedly. i take the broad brush approach – the EPA recognizes that the human “safe” level for both ethylmercury and methylmercury would be zero. That is zero points per billion.

    Now – ALL vaccines have thimerosal in them, at least according to virologists working on the vax mfg line – all the equipment is cleaned with this to kill little unwanted bugs and buggers – so it is in all vaccines in trace amounts, and with zero parts per anything being unsafe….

    As for the autism – it is likely not the major player, but it can in no way benefit anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for anyreason.

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    1. The amount of Hg from thimerosal in vaccines where its been mostly removed is unlikely to cause health problems. Vaccines that used to contain 25mcg Hg/dose now contain less than 0.3mcg/dose, a 99% reduction.

      And yet autism rates and neurodevelopmental damage are as high as they have ever been, or higher.

      The reason is that it was never the thimerosal that was responsible for most of the damage. The problem is, and always has been mostly the aluminum adjuvant.

      Im not saying thimerosal is safe. But its a much smaller concern than the aluminum adjuvant. Al adjuvant is probably 100x more harmful than the mercury.


      1. Not denying that, just pointing out that we’ll always have mercury in vaccines and i suspect with the huge variations in biochemistry that individuals have – some may have significant effects from that.

        i agree that aluminum is not good at all, and maybe it’ll turn out worse. i’ve also heard that one marker for autism susceptibility is mitochondrial dysfunction – since glyphosate and likely other “food” poisons in the bad diets of most americans cause mitochondrial dysfunction we may need to look in many other directions than just aluminum too.

        Recognize it is NOT a good idea to make it an ingredient and the intelligent people can move on and look for additional causes for autism.

        Then again – autism is the poster child of the deniers and many now opposing unthinking vaxassination. My complaint is that autism is by no means the only problem caused by vaccines, but it gets all the press. We need to stop letting the vaxassination theology crowd run this conversation and get on other things that vaccines do to cause damage or be ineffective…

        Change the discourse altogether and they need to backpedal and come up with a new argument. In martial arts that’s avoiding the strike but still countering – where they left an opening, because every attack leaves an opening.


  9. Why isn’t there any focus on the aluminum preservative as well?? It is also neurotoxic and reacts negatively with mercury! I’m so confused as to why there is just focus on mercury.


    1. There is increasing concern about aluminum adjuvant, and the accumulating science shows thats its far more harmful than the amounts of thimerosal received by children today.

      The aluminum is an adjuvant, not a preservative. An adjuvant stimulates an immune response. A preservative (e.g. thimerosal) inhibits the growth of microbes.

      Finding substitutes for Al adjuvant will be far more difficult and slower than finding substitutes for thimerosal.

      Al adjuvant is almost certainly a far stronger cause of autism than thimerosal.

      See for comprehensive articles on the dangers of aluminum adjuvant.


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