@realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured

Dear Donald,

Remember this?


So do we. Thank you for meeting with Vaxxed director Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He is the voice for so many of the vaccine injured.

But many parents on our side, both those who supported you in this presidential run and those who did not, are afraid that you’re going to go the way of Obama once you’re in the White House. They remember his campaign promises about the right to know if our food has been genetically modified, which dragged out for eight years and finally ended with him signing the Monsanto Protection Act while he and his family ate out of an organic garden— and he handed out federal appointments to any Big Ag honchos who complained about it.

They remember how one of his White House attorneys— autism dad Michael Strautmanis— rounded up autism parent activists in 2007 and promised them that this was going to be their President. Obama knew what happened to Strautmanis’ severely effected child and that he would put an end to the epidemic of vaccine induced autism.

And what happened? Obama promptly took $20 million of pharma money for his 2008 campaign and told everyone to go get their flu shot. Strautmanis hasn’t been heard from since.

We know you won’t do this, Donald. You are not President Obama.

We are here to help you stop the autism epidemic and I’ve taken the time to write out my wish list for your first term.

  1. Drain the swamp we call the CDC. Drain it of corruption, corporate influence, and public policies that fly in the face of health. Hell, drain it of all funding—you wouldn’t be the first to say it should be done. Nobody needs a billion dollars of Zika money in the United States. Nobody needs an ebola vaccine. The CDC has grown into a fear mongering monstrosity not worthy of having access to speak to the American people. Take vaccine safety away from the CDC and set up an independent agency to monitor it. If there is anyone who deserves to be grabbed by the private parts, it’s the CDC. At minimum, appoint a CDC Director who understands that health does not come from a needle and that food is medicine, and who is willing to build a national health foundation on giving access to truth.
  2. Get Dr. Ben Carson to man up about autism if you’re going to nominate him as Secretary of Health and Human Services. This so-called “lack of evidence that vaccines cause autism” is really a lack of investigation into vaccines causing autism and we all know it. Hold his hand and let him know that it’s OK to admit that in some children, vaccines do cause autism, and together you’re going to turn this tide. Tell him to sell his pharma stock first. He alreadys knows the schedule is dangerous, with his public references to “too many, too soon” and wanting to stick to the “core vaccines.” But if Dr. Carson is going to have the job of caring about human conditions then he needs to care deeply about the condition of the voiceless who have been robbed of the life they deserved. Don, Bobby Jindal is an unacceptable choice for HHS. Give him a job that gets him away from vaccines.
  3. Nominate a US Surgeon General who understands that autism is an illness and not a mental disorder so that we don’t get some bullshit patronizing response to a vaccine petition that gathered 132,000 signatures like this one. If it’s the Surgeon General’s job to care about public health then they need to care about the bowel disease, immune system devastation, and seizure disorders brought on by the current vaccination schedule. We can’t make America great again with 1 in 30 boys on the spectrum and 1 in 6 kids being chronically ill.
  4. Publicly acknowledge the CDC Whistleblower investigation. We know you know all about this, but most of America does not. I don’t know if anything will ever come from the CDC investigation, given that their actions are 16 years old by now, but the public deserves to hear that a CDC scientist regretted his actions and that of his team in covering up the MMR-autism connection. And they deserve to hear it from the President of the United States.
  5. Dilute the CDC vaccination schedule back to one that is reasonable. While states are responsible for setting their own vaccination requirements for school, states wouldn’t add doses of a vaccine that’s not on the CDC schedule. Make personal referrals for Dr. Carson when it’s time for him to staff the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to shake that schedule up. Send him experts who realize that one cannot keep a child’s body in a constant state of inflammation and low level infection without serious consequences. Make it clear that no more vaccines are to be added, period. The infant doses of hepatitis b should be removed entirely and required only when the mother is hep b positive. Remove the polio vaccine since the disease is eradicated in nearly every country of the world. Remove the chicken pox vaccine for being entirely unnecessary. Delay the MMR vaccine until four years old and demand that single doses replace the three-in-one again. Expose the flu vaccine for the hoax that it is. Don’t allow children to receive more than one vaccine at a doctor appointment, and get rid of five-in-one vaccines. Set fire to Gardasil and let us enjoy watching it burn to the ground. Immediately halt the practice of recommending vaccination of pregnant women for flu and pertussis. Ban recommending acetaminophen for pregnant women and infants. Forbid the CDC from uttering the phrase “herd immunity” during your presidency.  Consult with Paul Thomas (buy his new book in that link) on what the new schedule should look like since he has eliminated new cases of autism from his medical practice with simple changes to the vaccination schedule. In fact, go ahead and tell Ben Carson to add Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Rachael Ross to the ACIP.
  6. Make your personal stance against vaccine mandates known, and that there will never be a federal mandate on your watch. We all know this is lurking. We’ve got this Florida Representative’s nut job mandatory vaccination bill that was submitted last year and this inconceivable Executive Order to keep the world free of disease that Obama signed last week. Repeal that immediately, please. Send a message to the states, to the people, to the lobbyists, the legislators: state mandates go against the wishes of the highest office in the country.
  7. Work toward legislation to ban pharmaceutical campaign donations to Congressmen. Recognize pharmaceutical companies as the domestic terrorists that they are. They should not be able to give direct donations, not PAC donations, not any donations. The pharma lobby must die. We know that you cannot be bought, but you are not a one-man army. Our leaders are owned and it is an embarrassment to our nation.  Pharmaceutical companies not only have a direct hand in the vaccines added to the CDC schedule, but they are responsible for the epidemic of children on antipsychotic drugs, anti-depressant drugs, attention deficit drugs, pre-diabetic drugs, and now, cholesterol reducing drugs. We can’t move forward as a nation with pharmaceutical companies debilitating our children.
  8. Create an Autism Prevention Program. Vaccine induced autism is preventable. There is no one single path to autism, but the superhighway is the vaccination program. Force the CDC—if it will still exist—to get honest about autism prevention. Honest about SIDS prevention. Honest about anaphylactic food allergy prevention. Honest about juvenile diabetes prevention. They all stem from the same place. No reasonable person from the vaccine education crowd expects or asks you to ban all vaccines, but most vaccine injuries are avoidable on a lengthier and more diluted childhood schedule.
  9. See that we amend the National Vaccine Compensation Program. This will have to be done after you’ve kicked pharma out of campaign finance because performing surgery on this legislation is a can of worms you don’t want to open as long as pharma lobbyists are able to slip in poison pills to make the program worse than it already is. Years-long cases, an adversarial environment, a limited table of injuries, a short statute of limitations, a battle of the expert witnesses, a pathetically small number of cases being compensated— was never the intention of the legislation drafters. It is an abomination and a nightmare for the parents of the injured and the dead.
  10. Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. This world needs more government and corporate whistleblowers, and nobody knows that like them. They are not traitors. The world is a better place because of the information they’ve shared. Make America a safe place for the truth tellers to shine the light into the darkness of corruption.

You now have the unexpected gift of two years to do practically whatever you want with a Republican Congress, and they are not going to stop you from protecting our children once their pharma funding is gone.

But what if these changes impact your chances of reelection? Who cares? Come in, kick ass, then go back home to New York City having changed America for decades to come.

Thanks for listening.


43 thoughts on “@realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured

  1. I fully agree with this well thought out letter to our righteous new President that we all hope will usher in a new era for America and the common, trodden upon , men, women and children of this, soon to be again, great nation. I personally know some people who have been greatly affected by vaccinations and even see a huge difference in my own children in respect to the difference between my children who were vaccinated and the ones that were not. I would add only one thing that was only touched upon by this letter and that is to throw Monsanto out of this country as they have been thrown out of so many other nations that see them for what they truly are and put the health of this, soon to be great again nation, before political corruption for money.


  2. My oldest of four children and our only son was the only one vaccinated. We were on the fence, did research but felt so torn. Long story short, we vaccinated him, he had reactions and after several years of dealing with his lowered immune system, chronic sinus infections, ear infections, allergies, eczema, eyes wiggling (Nestagmis), behavior issues, irrationalities, anger, it was finally confirmed he was injured from the vaccinations. No doctor would admit he was injured and at the time we even saw Dr Paul Thomas, who you reference above. He would not admit at the time there was any correlation. Finally got answers but it has been a very difficult and long journey. My son is now 14 and we have spent thousands of dollars in the last 8 years trying to get him healthy and recover from his injuries. I miss the child I had. He is not the same.
    Please Mr. Trump, do not allow mandatory vaccinations any longer. So many hurting children and families because of what has been done. We are asking you to hear our pleas and our voices.

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  3. As a Great grandmother of a very precious, Loving, handsome 17yr. old young man that was injured/affected by vaccine I will make copy of your letter and high lite & use red pen to underline items and send to President Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. I have also shared with my emailers and face booked. My grand daughter ,Daniels’s mom sent me your letter. I say you keep us updated on this and that we bombard Ben and Trump until they TRUMP the vaccine plight ! You are a blessing.


  4. Oh how I wish you had included mandatory DNA testing of newborns, for genetic mutuations, before vaccinations! They already require so many ridiculous testing immediately after birth, this would be nothing. But….could save countless lives!! Every vaccine injured child I’ve met has some form of MTHFR. A mutuation that almost ever vaccine insert specifically says not to administer the vaccine to. Please consider editing your wonderful article to include this!?
    Thank you for your time and energy to our cause!!

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    1. No mandatory genetic testing. That would be their dream come true. There’s no wsy to guarantee that a reaction still wouldn’t occur, anyway. False positive, false negative etc. The ingredients in vaccines are poisonous and dangerous to everyone. Freedom from mandates is the only thing that should be mandated in health care.

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  5. Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act. Fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and lets states manage Medicaid funds. Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications.

    How many of those 4,000 are vaccines?


  6. Excellent. Please mention that Peter B would love to work at the USDA as Under Secretary of Agriculture to Make American Farms Great Again.


  7. Add to make sure CPS can’t use non vaccination as a reason to take kids for ” medical neglect” .
    While on that topic CPS is TOTALLY corrupt as much or worse than the CDC . Especially because of the ASFA act of 1997 and the Title 4 funding and adoption bonuses in it. That needs addressed too.
    Thank you!


  8. Hi there just passing by the First Lady address in case you all want to share with her your vaccine induced autism stories!
    First Lady Melania Trump
    725 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY10022


  9. If he doesn’t respond Levi you have a wealth of people who will support you of you try to take his job in 2020. I will be first in line.


  10. Great letter, except that no vaccine is safe even given individually. Despite the claim that vaccination is the biggest medical advancement, the paradigm crumbles under scrutiny. The allopathic monopoly must be broken up so that people can freely choose other disciplines including naturopathy, homeopathy and chiropractic. Those professions should be equally represented in public health leadership and policy making and the pharmaceutical strangle hold on the practice of medicine and on the American mind through omnipresent advertising must be ended. That’s what educated Americans want. So called alternatives should be mainstreamed, respected and supported. Considering that health care is the 3rd leading cause of death, that we spend more than any other country in the developed world on allopathic health care and that the results in terms of morbidity and mortality are abysmal, no less than a complete overhaul of our health care system down to the foundation, will do.

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  11. Delay measles vaccination until age four?

    Sure – great idea. Because then instead of having 4 million babies too young to be vaccinated and vulnerable to measles (since maternal antibodies provide protection for a maximum of 6 months), within 3 years we would have 12 million babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers vulnerable to measles. Which, based upon statistics from the 1989-1991 outbreaks here in the U.S. means that we would have hundreds of thousands of cases of measles, and hundreds of children dead of pneumonia, encephalitis, etc. And don’t forget the additional risks of SSPE for the babies and young children.

    Halt recommendations on vaccinating pregnant women against influenza and pertussis?

    Another great idea. That way, babies will only get minimal protective antibodies (if any at all) from their mothers and have no passive immunity to help protect them until they can receive their first vaccines. 90% of deaths related to pertussis are in infants – so less protection equals more dead babies.

    Why are you so adamant about putting more babies and young children at risk from these diseases?


  12. Oh HeatherVee, I’m so sorry you can’t see the reverse of your statements. Perhaps, in fact, you do. Vaccine injury, SIDS and spontaneous abortion after maternal vaccines are horrific and avoidable too, but of course, you are not willing to admit that ugly side of reality. I hope someday your side can stop and take a look at ours. See, your side’s view, due to heavy lobbying efforts is now mandated and forced upon us in many states. We have no dog in your race but here you are, making your arguments. So… perhaps you do recognize our voice and our plight and here you are to stamp it down. Thanks for reminding us that our children and voices are important and that you know it.


  13. Beautiful letter, eloquent and to the point. I 100% agree with you and hope Mr. Trump can make these needed changes. America was once a land of healthy and able-bodied children and adults. Now our rates of disease have skyrocketed–autism is on the rise, autoimmune diseases and cancer have taken hold of everyone. To make “America Great Again” means addressing the issue of vaccination, because clearly it is making us sick.


  14. Has this been sent to Trump? I say it needs to continue to be sent, digitally and in paper form because this letter in its entirety needs to be read by him.


  15. I’ve been visiting your blog and commenting here and there for years, but I have to say I am stunned that you would support Drumpf or even imagine that he will give one whit about our children or our children’s health. Those of us with children with severe disabilities (some vaccine-injured and others not) are filled with fear over what is to come regarding their education, their civil rights and their ability to be insured. Given his general ignorance, his anti-intellectual stance, his blatant mockery of science IN ANY FORM and inability to even form a coherent sentence about anything substantive, I find it astounding that you would support him, much less appeal to him about such a complex issue. Perhaps, though, you trust like Ben Carson in the good Lord to make medical decisions for your child. I’d wish you good luck with the Drumpf, but I’m mostly embarrassed that I took this website seriously and even promoted it. Any people whom you might have persuaded to really look seriously at the grotesque vaccination policies of this country are too intelligent to do so if it’s Trumpeters who are calling for it.

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