The Dr. Sears allegations explained


Two and a half years ago a mother brought her two-year-old son to see Dr. Bob Sears at his office for the first time, where she described to Dr. Sears that her child’s renal and digestive systems went into shock after his first round of vaccines at two months old, and that the baby was limp as a ragdoll for 24 hours after his next round one month later. We don’t know what records she shared with Dr. Sears then or later, but we know that Dr. Sears wrote a letter of exemption from vaccination for the boy. As almost all general practitioner doctor records are, the notes in this case were brief and didn’t include a detailed narrative.

The boy was seen four more times in the next year for severe constipation and severe ear infections, and we all know what that sounds like. At some point the mother brought the child in two weeks after his father allegedly hit his son on the head with a hammer, so I’m guessing either the father is a piece of trash that beats up on a kid, or the mom is a piece of trash who makes up allegations against a spouse she doesn’t like. By my reading of the complaint, Dr. Sears did make a Child Protective Services referral that was closed. Clearly, there was some drama up in these parents’ lives.

Flying in the face of their own testimony on SB 277, on September 2nd the California Medical Board filed an accusation against Dr. Sears regarding this child he’d written a vaccine exemption for. Click that link to download the complaint.

The board’s first allegation wraps up by saying that Dr. Sears screwed up by not getting a history of the vaccines the boy had in the past, as well as the reactions that occurred from those vaccines. We don’t know whether the mother brought in a shot card that wasn’t copied into the Sears file, and we don’t know if her previous doctor refused to document the vaccine reactions, as we all know happens all the time.

The second allegation says that Dr. Sears failed to conduct a neurological test on the boy two weeks after his father allegedly hit him with a hammer, in the incident that CPS closed . Does this mean Dr. Sears failed to see if the kids’ eyes tracked equally? How could they possibly know he didn’t do that?

The third allegation says that Dr. Sears failed to keep accurate medical records. Not just because there wasn’t a copy of the exemption letter on file, but because he didn’t document what exam he performed on the kid two weeks after being hit with a hammer.

People, I invite you right now to request your kids general pediatrician medical records and you will be shocked by what they don’t say. If Dr. Pan is your doctor, pul-eeze do this and report back. The records hardly say anything at all. “Kid fell out of tree. Mother reports no change in behavior.” That’s the kind of riveting notes you’ll read. Dr. Sears is no different.

Before you think I’m the world’s biggest Dr. Sears fanboy rushing to his defense, know that I’m not. I don’t agree with his final recommendations in any version of his vaccine book and I think his book requires a good bit of reading between the lines that most people are not capable of doing. I think he’s said some stupid things (sorry Bob, you’ve shared my writing in the past and I appreciate that, and I do still recommend your book all the time to new parents), like talking about herd immunity as it pertains to the pertussis vaccine, despite the fact that you can’t protect another person from pertussis by vaccinating yourself.

I think he has researched some things very well, like the intravenous limit for aluminum or the fascinating history of the hepatitis B vaccine mandate. On the other hand, he prescribed the sickly toddler in this case both Miralax and Tamiflu at different points in time, which is far more heinous than the accusations against him, considering that Miralax is not approved for children and can worsen autism symptoms, and Tamiflu depresses brain activity, can cause hallucinations, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts, and was banned from being to given kids in Japan in 2007.

That said, Dr. Sears is no “anti-vaxxer.” As far as I know, his own kids are vaccinated. But he’s been putting his career on the line by vocally sticking up for all our kids for the past year and a half as one of the most well known critics of SB 277.

So that’s all they’ve got? That’s the whole charge? A two-year old case of loose record keeping? Clearly this is trumped up bullshit about a kid I’m guessing Dr. Sears could see was on his way to being on the spectrum and he wanted to lessen the severity of that diagnosis.

The Medical Board doesn’t know what testimony the mom gave to Dr. Sears, and they don’t know if Dr. Sears looked up his shot records in the California Immunization Registry. The Medical Board doesn’t know if Dr. Sears thought the hammer incident was fabricated, even though CPS obviously did, not that their opinion means anything. And what’s going on with the parents now? Are they divorced and the dad is going after the mom to vaccinate the boy, as we’ve seen hundreds of times in our circle? We’re supposed to believe that a mother who brought her son in for 5 sick child visits in 13 months waited two weeks for medical care after what the board thinks was a serious head injury? If the kid has got neurological damage now, my money is on it being caused by the vaccines, not the hammer.

Feel free to watch a few key points of the June 9, 2015, SB 277 testimony where several issues were raised over and over again.

At 1:33 Dr. Pan invited families whose doctors will not write exemptions based on sibling reactions to have their physician send a letter to Dr. Pan’s office if they feel there is some pressure or other influence aside from their professional judgment at play. He also says that the Medical Board has never investigated or removed the license of a physician for giving a medical exemption.

At 2:06 Pan says for doctors to use their professional judgment– subject to review by the Medical Board, which he stresses repeatedly has never investigated or removed the license of a physician who writes medical exemptions. He says that the department of health does not review exemptions, which we already know is a lie. He stresses that the CDC contraindications to vaccination are only guidelines, and there is not a requirement that a doctor apply only the CDC guidelines.

At 2:14 Dr. Jay Gordon makes it clear that doctors would be way out of line from the CDC’s guidelines if they wrote these exemptions under the protection of SB 277.

At 2:36 an Assemblyperson asks if there have been any physicians in California disciplined or even investigated for providing a medical exemption?

Jennifer Simoes,the Medical Board’s Chief of Legislation responds, “To my knowledge, no.”

At 3:03 Pan says, “There is no cloud over these physicians. There is no legal barrier to writing medical exemptions. They look to their own expertise and knowledge.”

At 3:07, right at the end, before going to public comment, Ms. Simoes from the Medical Board says that, “A doctor would use their clinical judgment. We don’t track medical exemptions, we would have to receive a complaint.”

And I guess this is where we are today. The Medical Board received a weak, watered down complaint– the point of which I cannot even discern– and the witch hunt has begun.

We are standing by to see what we can do to support Dr. Sears during this episode of being Wakefielded, but in the meantime, please go follow his Facebook page right this moment as a sign of your solidarity with doctors doing the right thing for our kids.


  1. They are making an example of him. “This is what happens to doctors who don’t fall in line with the new world order” Apparently, nobody told this poor doctor that our government is run by corporations and any deviation from their religious vaccine doctrine is a cardinal sin. Thou shalt be Wakefielded. I hope we fix this. And one day Wakefield gets what he deserves – a goddamn Nobel Peace Prize for courage, compassion, and championing for the children of this world.

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    1. Disappointed in the state medical board for failing to protect us from dangerous doctors? Then you should be glad they are investigating Dr Sears and share my hope that if the allegations are true they impose strong sanctions on him.


  2. This is the problem with medical licensing. When the State gets to decide who has permission to practice medicine, and what constitutes sound medical practice, that is the beginning of the end of health freedom.

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    1. If not the State then who did you want to be responsible for what constitutes sound medical practice? Or did you just want to bring back the leeches and bleeding and frontal lobotomies?


      1. Lol sorry, they’re using leeches again. Not the lobotomies, thank God, a although I think some people are keeping it in mind for future use… but yes, doctors are now using leeches again. Just fyi.

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  3. So I recently did get my son’s medical record from his “non-vaccine friendly ped” because she is going concierge. Exactly as how you described Levi. I got SHOCKED to read it. She DID NOT mention lot if issues that I had responsibly told her.
    Also, one of the specialist we saw during her time as our ped, wrote to her and added that my “other doctor, the one sponsored by (on italica & quotes) Generation Rescue have told me this and that. Like belittling her. Like emphasizing can you imagine? I realized that the special notes for anesthesia for ASD, & MTHFR were given by me but she did not even included in the allergy part.
    I can not even think what the previous one failed to report too. ( we left after TWO vaccines injuries & no help nor sopport)
    I actually have decided to take my son only for 1st app at the new Family Practice and then, skip altogether including myself. ( I just need to fill out a line for school field trips. I don’t need a well- waste of time -check up) I’m sick of these good for nothing. Enemies on white coat.


  4. The hammer incident could have just been an accident…dad doing household repairs, kid runs in front of him out of nowhere, and dad doesn’t have time to stop the swing. That would also explain the closed CPS investigation, but I do wonder why neither parent took him to a doctor or E.R. immediately. Or was that visit a follow up after the E.R. visit?


  5. I’m sure someone went digging to find some reason to get Dr. Sears. While he’s certainly not anti-vaccine, he’s been a very vocal supporter of parents’ rights to make their own decisions for their kids for years, and I’ve always loved his book for providing information and support for people who are starting to question vaccines but aren’t interested in going 100% without. And he’s been loudly against SB277 from the get-go. There’s no doubt in my mind that people have been avidly searching for an excuse to get him in trouble, and I sincerely hope that these charges amount to nothing.

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  6. Protesting in front of organizations has always been effective for union members and anti-abortion activists. California Medical Association has locations in San Francisco and Sacramento.

    According to the ACLU: “Geographical limitations on speech betray the values of the First Amendment, which permit—and require the government to tolerate—peaceful protest in public areas. We have repeatedly defended the right of even the most controversial speakers to get their message out.”


  7. I think it unlikely that this has been properly thought through by the CMB.

    What worries me is that the rats may have cornered themselves.

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  8. Report: California Fails to Discipline Hundreds of Dangerous Doctors

    The National Practitioner Data Bank determined that 710 California physicians who had their privileges restricted by a medical facility between 1990 and 2009, were never disciplined by the state board.

    102 of those doctors were considered an “immediate threat to health or safety of patients.” But as of December 2009, not one had been disciplined by the state board.

    What is the Mission of the Medical Board of California?

    “The mission of the Medical Board of California is to protect health care consumers through the proper licensing and regulation of physicians and surgeons . . . .”

    Really? Do you honestly believe that’s their mission? You might want to take a peek into our files below before you answer. Here is a random listing of 10 wacko doctors that the California State Medical Board could have removed from the Twilight Zone of ‘healthcare’ after repeated patient endangerment – but were in no hurry to do so.” source Medical Miscreants

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  9. June 2016-

    “Child-custody Doctor Posts Lewd Photos: Medical Board Says “No Problem”

    The California State Medical Board has found “insufficient evidence” to bring disciplinary action against Doctor Joseph Kenan, a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and child-custody evaluator who posted lewd photos of himself on Facebook and apparently condones illicit drug use. The posts included images of Kenan baring his buttocks to a camera in a public place and looking down the pants of a young man, as well as a picture of a woman snorting a long line of cocaine

    Disgustingly – but not really much of a surprise – the California State Medical Board wrote this in summation of the case:

    “A complete investigation was performed, including a subject interview. We then retained an expert witness to review the case, which resulted in a conclusive finding that there was no evidence of professional misconduct by the doctor.” source Medical Miscreants

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  10. If failure to get previous records is a serious disciplinary offense I can make a list of all the Doctors I have seen, who were not terribly interested about my medical record. In fact I asked them if they wanted it, and only a few said yes but only last years. To be honest, I go to Chiropractor now, and my health and my kids have never been better. There is a place for western medicine, but at prevention they totally suck. Good luck with your vaccines!

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  11. Looks like this was in the works for more than a year (based on the last date his care supposedly happened), which means that they spent a lot of time investigating it – yet I see no proof that the child was harmed in any way. This complaint was filed by the medical board, not by the child’s parent or doctor. Outrageous!

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  12. I tend to agree with Tim Bolen. When parents try to compromise with the vaccine agenda, this is what happens. Compromise is not enough-civil rights are being violated, and the children are the biggest victims. More research should be done by people who still think the science behind vaccinations is sound, and then we all need to demand the necessary studies be done proving vaccines are safe–which they aren’t. THEN the officials will have to listen.


  13. Interesting, watch the videos of sb277 and they swore over and over this would not happen to doctors. THEY LIED GOV. BROWN.


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