Texas District Attorney Nico Lahood is a game changer



Update: Nico Lahood is running for reelection for Texas’ Bexar County (San Antonio) District Attorney and he’s facing some competition in the March primary election.

Last month Nico’s opponent and former business partner Joe Gonzales told a crowd, “You don’t need somebody that is spending time going off on his own crusade against vaccinations. That doesn’t have anything to do with prosecuting crime, it doesn’t have anything to do with his job.”

Let’s tell Joe where to shove it. Vaccinations are the greatest crime against American children there ever was.

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I’ve thought for two days about writing or not writing this post because I wasn’t sure I had anything to add to the conversation about Nico Lahood standing up against vaccine-induced autism.

If you haven’t heard the national news yet, the elected District Attorney in Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas, contacted the Vaxxed team to share the story of his then-18-month old son regressing into autism after vaccination, along with photos of the debilitating eczema his first child suffered through.  His last two children are unvaccinated, as it tends to go in these situations.

Obviously, I decided to write.

Nico is a friend of mine, though he doesn’t know I write this blog. I haven’t seen him on a daily basis in many years, but we used to talk all the time. I laugh at the articles that refer to him as the “controversial Texas DA” as if he was already skating on thin ice before standing up and becoming the new face of the American dad that isn’t taking any shit from Merck.

Let me set the record straight on Nico Lahood: he is beloved in San Antonio.

Nico gives exactly zero fucks about what his actions might do at the polls, and not just because his job is set until 2018. As a Democrat, he unseated a 16-year Republican District Attorney in an election where voters were casting straight-Republican tickets. His opponent was the only Republican in the county to lose her job. Democrats who had better things to do that day left their homes to go stand in line and vote for him, when they ordinarily would have skipped it. That is how much he is loved. When he became DA it was probably a pay cut compared to the success he had in private practice.

He first ran for DA in 2010 at the age of  37, which is ridiculously young, but not unheard of. During his first attempt, the sitting DA released his criminal records that he’d filed to have sealed, which were from 1994 when he was arrested for selling 200 (now they’re reporting it as 300) pills of ecstasy to an undercover cop at the strip club he worked at. I don’t know what you were up to in 1994 but I sure am glad there aren’t records of what I was up to. Nico was given a deferred sentence, completed his probation, and the case against him for selling a drug once patented by Merck was dismissed.

So what did Nico do when the DA released his records? He made a commercial about it. He ran a political ad admitting the entire thing. That’s how many fucks he gives. He knows he’d made a youthful mistake but more than that, he knew the current corrupt DA needed to get the hell out of that office and that he was the guy to make that happen.

Nico narrowly lost in 2010 so he came right back at the DA in 2014 and knocked her out. He was endorsed by Eva Longoria and Tim Duncan. When the incumbent refused to debate him, he held his own interview of her using an empty chair because that lady never showed up for anything.

You know what he’s been doing since 1994? He’s been doing the right thing. That man wakes up every morning and does the right thing. He is one helluva respected guy for being a Rico Suave tatted-up muscle head, and that includes the respect of every judge, every prosecutor, and every other lawyer in San Antonio, long before he ever ran for DA. He is not the lawyer you want going up against your own lawyer, that much is for sure. They would be eaten alive by a very polite, exceedingly handsome suspenders-wearing barracuda.

So you tell me: will a county who elected a District Attorney who used to work at a titty bar and sell drugs on the side care that he is standing up for his son? Oh, I’m sure they’ll care. They’ll care enough to reelect him, mark my words.

I’d be hard pressed to think what more credible person could have come forward at this Vaxxed juncture and make a bigger impact than Nico Lahood. A doctor? Nope, we’ve already got doctors, and they’d be called quacks. A presidential candidate? Nope, we already had three of those, and the press had a field day, calling them unscientific and inappropriate. Maybe a well-known US Senator? Maybe.

Maybe if Jason Chaffetz came out and endorsed Vaxxed it would have a bigger impact than Nico Lahood but since the chances of that happening are pretty slim, I’m going to say that Nico Lahood is the biggest, baddest, best thing to happen to Vaxxed since Robert DeNiro going AWOL on the Today Show.  Nico is smart. He is quick. He is educated. He is accomplished. He is elected by the people. And he is mad as hell over what happened to his child.

Nico, this isn’t a team that anyone wants to be on, but we are all so glad to have you on board, brother.

{That’s something Nico would say. Everyone is his brother, and it’s true.}





  1. He is a bad ass. You know what comes out of the mouth of a pissed off dad who also happens to be a bad ass? THE TRUTH. This fellow Texan loves that he gives zero fucks. We should all be so brazen. When you know the truth but you bite your tongue, you are as guilty as those who are maliciously harming our children. It’s time to get mad. It’s time to #bebrave


  2. Love this. zero fucks to give! Damn right. at this point everyone needs to stand up and have zero fucks to give. this is the tipping point everyone.


  3. And the truth will set us free! This is a great post! You folks must see Polly’s great interview with the Lahood family. On the Vaxxed page in FB. Very powerful and extremely moving!


  4. After watching the video yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing it is to have him at this moment, too!
    I felt/feel like a better ally and better timing couldn’t be possible. It’s like the most perfectly cast film. Right down to the name, Nico LaHood. Cmon! And what a guy, integrity, ethics, spiritual compass.
    Divinely orchestrated cast and timing, this revolution.

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  5. This is some exciting news! Thanks for sharing and backing him up!

    You rock Levi Quackenboss! I look forward to each of your blogs and love your humor. Keep on rocking it!


    On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 1:33 PM, Levi Quackenboss wrote:

    > Levi Quackenboss posted: ” I’ve thought for two days about writing or not > writing this post because I wasn’t sure I had anything to add to the > conversation about Nico Lahood standing up against vaccine-induced autism. > If you haven’t heard the national news yet, the elected Distr” >


  6. It’s about time people in positions stood up. This is the feeling that parents all over the world have been fighting to get out to the open. Keep doing your job it’s everyone’s duty to stand up, force the representatives to get out there and represent and bring this to Congress.

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  7. Love Nico and his family!!! We are so blessed to have them speaking out, speaking the truth. Thank you Lahoods, from us, the parents of one vaccine injured son and three perfectly healthy non-vaccinated children.


  8. Some one commented on the vaxxed post that, if his children got meningitis, he would be on the other side of the fence. That’s the problem, it’s getting pretty crowded on the vaccine damaged side of that fence. The meningitis side not so much.

    When the risk outweighs the benefits, then the policy needs to change.

    Where there is a risk, there must also ALWAYS be a choice.

    In this we gather.

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  9. Thanks, Levi! I couldn’t stop smiling as I read through this post. Well worth the two days for you to synthesize and coalesce your thoughts on Nico Lahood. May he smile and chuckle like I did when he learns which friend writes this blog.


  10. I just want to say I’m glad you wrote. He’s a father. This makes him an expert on his child. He’s allowed to be that expert. Anyone who doesn’t see that and carries on, protecting the establishment in some sick game of group think needs to consider studying how cults are created.


    1. It means he experienced something and is knowledgeable about that.

      It doesn’t make him an expert on immunology and autism and ready to dictate public policy on it.


  11. Very well written, I am sure he would approve!! This subject is about to go to new level and I feel it will continue to. Onward and upward or you will be left behind in the dust.


  12. I have NEVER, EVER voted for a democrat, but I sure as heck would vote for him. I was sold before I read your blog, but you sealed the confidence I felt in him for being the real deal. Thank you.


  13. This is the first time that I have read that Attorney Lahood’s younger children aren’t vaccinated. This is the exact situation I am in with my two younger children. My child is #72 on the Vaxxed RV. See sir (or Madam) it’s not just about you coming out of the closet, you have to “out” your kids as well. In today’s climate, it’s very hard to do that, because it’s not just you whom has to suffer the consequences.

    Quite frankly (and apologetically) i think this is exactly what the Tommey Family is going through with their son Toby. My son Grady and my daughter Drew are in exactly the same boat. How nice it would be if their mom’s very well researched opinion about what should be injected into them in order for them to participate in conventional society would be (my gosh) even considered. As it turns out, in today’s America, the researched opinion of American Mothers doesn’t count for a damn when it comes to what is injected into their children

    PS ok, the “or Madam” thing was a dig, but i respectfully feel my kids deserve the right to call fowl.


    1. I heard Dr Wakefield speak in Nov 2014 at a conference. A person asked him about his kids’ vaccine status. He said they were older and had been vaxxed but if he had to make the decision today they wouldn’t have been.


      1. The vaccine schedule when his children would’ve been vaccinated is probably less than half of what it is today. Not to mention the ingredients have changed.


  14. Thanks for writing about him. I’d seen the FB shares about him but I finally sat and watched the whole video when you posted this. I love him and his wife, and respect them for speaking up. I’m also really curious about George…


  15. Geez, one is out of internet social media for a couple of days and A LOT is going on. I just cached up. I’m so glad The Lahoods came forward without hesitation and without the infamous “political correctness”. I obviously expect the best outcome. Lets see…


  16. So what’s going to be done about this? Boys are more prone to autism. Yes awareness is good, but at some point there has to be action.


  17. Bravo! Another Texan que tiene cojones. Love it.

    We have a population problem in our world: it has too many corporations. Zero would be just fine. Why? Because the philosophical foundation of a corporation is one of “selfishness.” Their first responsibility is to their shareholders. Not the customers! Let that harsh reality sink in. We need an entirely new paradigm for doing business.

    In a realm where selfishness rules (corporations and politics), psychopaths rise to the top. Psychopaths know the difference between right and wrong, but don’t care.

    Vaccines is only one tool of the psychopaths. It isn’t only about corporate profits. Those psychopaths who already have billions or hundreds of billions of dollars, now hunger for the next big thrill — power. And the ultimate in power is world ownership.

    Who is doing this? We don’t know all the players, but the Rockefeller family is one part. Their love of eugenics speaks volumes. Their fetish for population control tells a far bigger story. Vaccines play a part. But the “biggest oil” Rockefeller hoax of “climate change” is another, far larger tool in their arsenal of population reduction. How? We currently live in an Ice Age interglacial that is overdue to end, and the Rockefeller puppets are pushing for Global Cooling. That could end up killing a few Billion people — from the cold directly, from the lack of rain and fresh water, from the failed crops and starvation, and from the inevitable food wars. This may sound like bad science fiction, but it’s based on hard facts. Conspiracies are horribly real, because people are selfish and self-concerned. Ironically, Rockefeller thugs in CIA and Hollywood have made “conspiracy” a knee-jerk, dirty word, despite the fact that conspiracies remain Dirt Ordinary.


  18. Thank you, thank you. These stories are courageously told. I’m sorry for the suffering, but very grateful for the honesty. Finally.


  19. history is just repeating itself, folks. The UK started this whole mess with a false doctor called edward jenner (he BOUGHT HIS MD CERTIFICATE FROM THE SCHOOL, NO CLASSES,NO EXAMS) The gov’t paid for his research. He damaged his first child, never vaxxed his second. Just like the rest of us parents. Mandatory vax laws were instituted. VACCINE INJURIES REACHED CRITICAL MASS. gov’t backed down and stopped the mandatory part. Back then they were still beheading kings. all vaccines are based on a false premise INJECTING STUPID CHEMICALS INTO THE BODY IS HEALTHY. POISON is POISON Period. All of western medicine is based on the false premise INJECTING STUPID CHEMICALS INTO THE BODY IS HEALTHY. Do your homework folks, this is nothing new. BTW i was vaccine injured in 1954. This was before the term was even used.


  20. The crowd grows larger… I believe in the wisdom of the crowd and the failure of group thinking ‘experts’ to come to the right answer. Especially, when the ‘experts’ are not even looking for the answer.


  21. The Lahoods are impressive. How rare and refreshing to find a public official with cojones, with a moral compass, with the understanding of what it means to live an honorable life. With the upcoming, revised and much more powerful SB 277 lawsuit in the works, there is a reason for optimism. It is clear there will be an idiot and a crook in the White House come January, whomever is elected, but so many more have now awakened, and are mad as hell. They’re not going to be be able to shove their poison on the adults, though this is their fondest dream.


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