Bring on the Adult Mandates!

adult mandates are awesome

What’s the difference between a vaccine-injured two-month old and a vaccine-injured 30-year old?  The 30-year old has a Facebook account and is going to tell everyone about it.  The poor baby has to suffer several more rounds after its mother is told “It’s all normal,” but an adult is probably not going to ride that bull more than once before speaking up.

Guillain Barre? ADEM? Anaphylatic shock? Instant food allergy?  Joint pain?  Shoulder injury?  Brand new seizure disorder?  Tell us alllll about it.  Be sure to file for compensation while you’re at it. I can’t wait to hear these stories.  Adult mandates are going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to this non-existent anti-vaccination movement.

What, you didn’t know that adult vaccine mandates are on the horizon?  I warned you about it back on Valentine’s Day– it was my love letter to you.  Now California, the pioneer of backward progress in personal rights, has already come through just 7 months later.  The legislature amended SB 792, which was originally written to snag daycare and preschool teachers with mandatory vaccination, to now include parents who want to volunteer at their child’s school.  Thought you’d chaperon your 3-year old’s trip to the pumpkin patch? Then you’re going to be required to show proof of the trifecta of good health:  Tdap, MMR and an annual flu vaccine.

Genius!  It’s almost as if someone has caught on to the fact that once an adult has gone a decade without a booster that they’re just as immune as a hippie child on Vashon Island, which throws the whole theory of vaccine-acquired herd immunity into the crapper.  And here we’ve been blaming the 1% of unvaccinated children for the spread of disease for the last half decade? It’s about time we have some adult representatives take one for the team.

This is super because babies suck at telling us exactly how they felt after being shot up with multiple viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, aluminum and 25 micrograms of mercury.  They suck at giving interviews on CNN, they suck at protesting, walking off jobs en masse, and testifying in legislative committee hearings.  You know who doesn’t suck at all of that?  Grownups.  So bring it.

What, you’re not as excited as I am about adult mandates coming to your state?  Then wake the ruckafruckin’ up and start protecting your rights.  Call your state senator, call your state representative, and call your governor.  Sign up for NVIC updates in your state so that you always know what’s going on.  Join your state’s coalition for vaccine choice and go on the offensive instead of waiting for the Dr. Pans of the world to come at you year after year.

And if you don’t do all of that, well…  I’ve got my popcorn ready.  This is going to be great.

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  1. Yes, yes. And, yes!

    I’ve been saying for a 9 months that mandating the Flu Shot will be the poison pill. Sociopathic corporations cannot help themselves. They just cannot leave the money on the table. Flu Shot mandates are as irresistible to them as a sub-prime mortgages were to corrput banks.

    Let the inevitable over-reach unleash the cascade of contempt, resistance and revolt against this bullshit.

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      1. Guess you better start talking to your representation at the state level then, or get educated on what exemptions are available in your state and take advantage of them.


  2. Oh once again quackenboss you absolutely nailed it. Just wait till all these adults line up for one of the 290 vaccines in production. And just wait until they are injured or die and there is no way to sue. I have popcorn ready too. I’m 60 and they can kiss my lily white butt if they think I am going to get any vaccines. Go get em.

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  3. Great half truths. Let it be clearly known that per the proposed language one can opt out of the flu shot on written notice of ones desire to opt out. There is no flu shot mandate.


    1. Flu shot is on the adult immunization schedule on the CDC’s website. Everything on the schedule will become mandated if the government has it’s way.


    2. Only one half truth, don’t attempt to negate the entire article simply because of one mistake. The addition of the option to opt out of influenza was added as an amendment.

      But technically speaking you are still incorrect. There IS an influenza mandate, and this is precisely how people will be “informed”…just like how parents in CA are told about the current vaccine mandates (even prior to SB277), without any mention of exemptions.

      Got it? There is an influenza mandate. Get your child vaccinated for influenza or you cannot work or volunteer here. It is then up to the individual to know that they can opt out of the influenza vaccine.

      But make no mistake, this opt out was added to make it possible to pass SB792 as easily as possible. Similarly, the HPV (ie Gardasil) vaccine was not included in SB277. As time passes these vaccines WILL be added…the language providing for their addition is written directly into both bills. For SB277 they needed to decouple its mandates from ACIP’s recommendations in order to get the bill passed. This just means it requires legislative action to add additional shots. Do you really think that will be a challenge?


  4. I’m so glad I don’t live in CA anymore! We moved in 2013 to north Idaho specifically because it’s one of the few remaining liberty-minded places in America. When I worked in NY as an RN, I had to get mandatory vaccines to keep my job. Scary stuff when people can coerce/force you to be injected with known toxins.

    And you make a great point about herd immunity not being a real protector since vaccines require boosters that adults don’t take.

    If they are rolling out mandatory vaccines for school children, and certain adults, then mandatory vaccines for *all* Americans isn’t too far off.

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    1. True! In fact another bill is on its way to becoming law in Cali – SB792 – mandates vacs for daycare workers/teachers! AND PARENTS who volunteer in those daycares/preschools!!! MMR/TdaP/Flu. They say as Cali goes, so goes the nation so please join our fight here and contribute financially if you can! We thousands of parents are DAILY getting sigs on our own as well! We have until the end of September this month to get 400,000 sigs to at least get SB277 on the ballot for 2016 and let the public decide.

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    2. Idaho is a right to work state. I live here too. Nurses at the local hospital lost their jobs over the flu shot because of the RTW mandates here. One contacted a known vaccine lawyer that told her that there was no lawsuit possible because of that mandate. So we are not safe in the workplace here in Idaho.


  5. Exactly. This mandate nonsense is what first opened OUR eyes to the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. My husband has worked 22 years in healthcare, but due to a severe reaction to the flu shot many years ago, has long known that he would be incredibly foolish to ever repeat one. When flu vaccines became MANDATED for healthcare workers he began actually digging, and what he found: The corruption, the greed, the misinformation that is fed the masses about flu vaccines specifically and then vaccines in general…. He is now working actively on an exit plan from conventional healthcare altogether because he can no longer in good conscience continue receiving his livelihood from such a corrupt and spineless industry (one that is willing to throw scientific integrity, medical ethics, and its very own workers under a bus for the financial bottom line). Now, if they had just kept their GREED in check, we’d still be blissfully going along. More and more we’re hearing others start to question, so this is only the beginning of the total loss for the pharmaceutical (and medical) industry’s credibility and trust in the public eye.

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  6. Should we not make the makers of these shots and ppl forcing us to take them an our kids as well be made to take these shots first and wait six mths before making the public take them since they feel they are so safe an forcing America to NO LONGER BE FREE …yea I went there many men lost lives for America to be free yet every day those rights are being removed a solder on you tube spoke if marshal law an mass graves an forced implanting looks like she was right. Ppl if stands are not formed fast we will have no rights at all left .:(

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    1. I suppose the next thing is to have vaccinators armed with shots standing at every airport to vaccinate EVERY passenger off of planes arriving from foreign countries, right? Because if their stupid “herd immunity” were true, then you would need to either shut our borders or vaccinate everyone enytering into the country every day.

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  7. I think that what will make a bigger difference is when all the pro-vaxxer yuppies with their “It’s all about the science, stupid” mantra, suddenly can’t find and day care for their yuppie puppies because people stop becoming day care workers because of these bills. Just hear the whining then! (I am from California and I am mad as you know what).

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  8. i say the same thing about the Gardasill Vaccine. i mean, who cares if a silly girl comes down with chronic fatigue or an unexplained seizure disorder? we all know that girls are crazy anyway with their strange plumbing. freud knew they were weird.
    but let some promising football hero or basketball champ suddenly not be able to perform shortly after getting a completely unnecessary HPV vaccine and no one will have any problem blaming the shot and making lots of noise about it.
    frankly, as sorry as i’ll feel for those boys and their families, i can’t wait

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  9. One would hope that the damage caused by the upcoming adult vaccines would awaken the public and turn things around but I am not expecting that to happen. Nearly all of the children that I have recovered are vaccine injured-one eye drifts; often a stroke from a vaccine..lack of coordination and hypotonia-MBD from vaccines, eczema; often a dairy sensitivity because Casein was put in vaccines but when adults are injured there is often years of useless medical tests performed which is a bonanza to the industry. I watched as some 20 something young ladies began to fall, lose their balance, have sudden pain in their legs after the HPV shot. Their reaction? They would one day ask their doctors- and their eyes would gaze over me as if I spoke some alien language. The only way that I think this could turn back around is if the mainstream news gets on board and that seems unlikely at this time. If people learned what is IN vaccines, how they were not tested (Mercury;1929 tested ), or that the US has the highest numbers of babies that die before age 1, followed by the highest numbers of children under age 5 that die-then the poisoning of our people might slow down.


    1. The brainwashing is extraordinary there is no doubt about that shellj but because the vaccine paradigm is so unbelievably incoherent it will only take around 5 per cent of the population becoming aware of this fact before the whole thing collapses.

      In addition, once non-vaxers finally wake up and realise that vaccines are not only dangerous but completely useless as well traction will be gained very quickly.

      The media, as you say, won’t ever be on our side but that is ok. What matters is what are they defending? If they still feel as though they only need to defend their safety in a couple of years time then that will be on us and our stupid and suicidal desire to keep on yielding point after point. If the media feels as though they need to defend their efficacy on a regular basis then you know the end of this revolting paradigm is nigh.

      Once the media starts defending that they work all of a sudden people will start to think of it as a contentious issue. Right now, even the majority of non-vaxers struggle to get their heads around the idea that vaccines are completely and utterly useless and the average person has never even encountered the idea let alone seriously contemplated it.

      So what have we done? We have tried to fight this battle by giving our enemies (and make no mistake that is what they are) half of our ammunition and simply pleaded with them not to use it against us.

      They did.

      Libertarians, religious conservatives and those who have witnessed vaccine injury (because they are the ones who aren’t naturally prejudiced to support them against all reason) need to be consistently told that they don’t work. Once enough of them are on our side the media – as I say – will feel the need to defend the notion leading to everybody being aware that their success is not the slam dunk everybody thinks it is.


      1. By the way, this is all you need to prove they are all useless. (Can be freely copied and pasted).

        The purpose of the polio vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of non-trauma paralysis and crippling. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the rubella vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of congenital defects. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the measles vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of encephalitis and deafness. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the Hep B vaccine was to bring about a reduction in total rates of liver cancer/disease. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the Hib and Prevnar vaccines was to bring about a reduction in total rates of meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the diphtheria/pertussis vaccines was to bring about a reduction in acute respiratory infections. It appears to have failed.

        The purpose of the mumps vaccine was to reduce sterility. It appears to have failed.


        Rubella and congenital defects:

        Polio and paralysis/crippling: and (see data for total AFP in India and other developing countries in 1996 and again in 2014) as well as and publications/sipp2010.html (Table A-4) (for disability rates). And (Around one in 50 Americans have some paralysis and around 40 per cent of those cases are due to disease).

        Diphtheria/pertussis and acute respiratory disease: and

        Hep B vaccine and liver cancer/disease: and

        Hib vaccine and meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis.… (look at meningococcal disease (invasive) and pneumococcal disease (invasive)) and because of the dismal failure of this vaccine it was inevitably followed by further attempts to vaccinate people against meningitis supposedly caused by other strains (eg Prevnar) showing that abject lunacy (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result) is the standard procedure for vaccination policy experts.

        Measles vaccine and encephalitis/deafness. and

        I will give these two non-government sites – (all of the data comes from government mortality data) and because they demonstrate that the notion that vaccines save lives is a complete lie and the WHO cannot be trusted at all on this issue.


      2. The entire so-called success of vaccines is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no valid evidence that there has been a real fall in polio/measles/diphtheria/pertussis/rubella etc rather what has happened is that doctors just changed the labels of these diseases when they saw them in vaccinated patients.

        This makes sense because once they introduce a vaccine doctors are prejudiced against diagnosing that condition based on their belief/hope that the vaccine will work (that is why the gold standard for testing is supposed to be a *double* blind placebo trial – the doctor is not supposed to know you received the treatment because it will bias their diagnoses but of course the data that is used to prove that vaccines work is not blinded).

        And what is more, health bureaucracies will explicitly encourage this bias

        with the quote: ” To minimize the problem of false positive laboratory results, it is important to restrict case investigation and laboratory tests to patients most likely to have measles (i.e., those who meet the clinical case definition, especially if they have risk factors for measles, such as being unvaccinated,[…]”

        And you can see here that the amazing “difference” between the symptoms of roseola vs measles.

        And this is for diphtheria: “Because diphtheria has occurred only rarely in the United States in recent years, many clinicians may not include diphtheria in their differential diagnoses. Clinicians are reminded to consider the diagnosis of respiratory diphtheria in patients with membranous pharyngitis and who are not up-to-date with vaccination against diphtheria.”

        And this is for pertussis According to the Canadian Public Health Agency only those who are not vaccinated (or for whom immunity has ‘waned’) are “at risk”.

        In addition to the above, (as you can see from the above links) once a vaccine is introduced, generally speaking the diagnostic criteria is strengthened such that all cases need to be confirmed with a laboratory test (whereas before practically all cases are diagnosed on symptoms alone). Along with the pro-treatment bias of the doctors this pretty much guarantees that the number of diagnosed cases will fall dramatically – irrespective of whether the vaccine did any good.
        So as I say above, the so-called success of measles vaccine is nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy – a circularity. Same for polio, smallpox, diphtheria etc.

        Measles has been renamed roseola, fifth disease, etc;

        Polio has been renamed Guillain Barre, transverse myelitis, coxsackie, MS, cerebral palsy (we actually use more respirators today than we ever did iron lungs by the way it is just that iron lungs were too expensive and dangerous to keep using);

        Diphtheria/pertussis were renamed respiratory syncytial virus, croup, strep, tonsillitis etc;

        Hepatitis was renamed Hep C, Hep D etc;

        Meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis blamed on Hib was renamed meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis blamed on some other bacteria;

        Smallpox was renamed monkey pox/severe chicken pox.


  10. As I gather signatures for the SB 277 Referendum and hand out educational materials, I’m pleasantly surprised by how many folks are interested in learning about vaccines or are thoroughly pissed off with our government. I was disgusted that CTA said not a peep about Pan’s monstrosity. When they come for the credentialed teachers you can bet all hell will break loose. So I’m with you, Levi: bring ’em on. We’ll fight ’em in the hedgerows. fight ’em in the trenches.

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  11. This is brilliant. Thank you, whoever you are Levi, for making me laugh and cry while reading the same article. I must now read your other articles. Is there a way to do a nationwide law that prohibits a single penny from mandated vaccine sales from reaching the pharmaceutical companies who produced the shots? I believe they would backpedal quickly…..all the profits from mandated vaccines could then go to the injured and families of the dead children.


  12. Nice article. I don’t think they care if adults speak up about vaccine damages or if they file for compensation as pharmaceutical companies have immunity. The money paid out by vaccine courts comes from the public and recipients sign confidentiality agreements.


    1. They would care very much Jenny.

      When the public realises how badly they have been lied to the medical and pharmaceutical industry will see a reckoning that will make the French Revolution look like an amnesty. No law protecting them from liability is going to make the slightest difference to a populous armed with pitchforks and torches.

      To all the people who think there is some sort of conspiracy going on – nothing could be further from the truth. Pan et al genuinely believe they are doing the right thing here. If they knew vaccines were as useless and dangerous as they are they would know these legislative changes run the risk of raising a lot ire against a belief system that is held on by one thing and one thing only – the fact that the vast majority of people believe in it. Needless to say, such belief systems can fall apart in the blink of an eye. 5 per cent of people becoming hardcore non-vaxers would probably be sufficient for the unravelling of the entire paradigm and the consequences for those involved in injecting these poisons – much less those who mandate them – well, let’s just say that people will be scouring the history books looking for suitable punishments.

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      1. The threshold to change social consensus is over 10% according to researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.” We show how the prevailing majority opinion in a population can be rapidly reversed by a small fraction p of randomly distributed committed agents who consistently proselytize the opposing opinion and are immune to influence”


  13. In 1979, I was told I needed a DTP to start a new job at a hospital. Thinking nothing of it, I rolled up the sleeve on my right arm. That night, and for the next few days, I suffered terribly. From my elbow to my shoulder, my arm swelled to double its size, was beet red, hot to the touch and very painful, I developed a fever, felt like I had the flu. When I called the Health Office and told them my symptoms, they said, “Don’t worry, you’re having a little reaction.” What the…..!!! Have not had a vaccine in years, and don’t plan on ever getting another one.

    There will be vaccine reactions with these mandates, and I hope people speak out. An injection is a medical procedure, and therefore, should remain a choice!


  14. What an excellent post – I could not have said it better!! I had a scare a few months back when they tried to make adult vaccines mandatory for all teachers in Texas. At the time, they decided against the bill but I still don’t feel safe. I HAVE been vaccine injured as a child and as an adult (mandatory flu vaccine at 21) and have a host of vaccine related conditions including bell’s (facial) palsy.
    I am currently seeking the extremely challenging to get medical exemption. Should they deny it, the day it does become a mandate to teach will be my last day teaching.

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    1. Awesome article. This ties in with your vaccine and sexism article awhile back….People won’t get incensed about this as much as they should-b/c it affects primarily women and low paying career at that. Let a mandate pass that targets a primarily adult male white population-and watch how fast it’s shut down.


  15. Yeah, this is what psychiatry is for.

    Never heard of …. ?
    – Somatic Symptom Disorder (300.82)
    – Illness Anxiety Disorder (300.7)
    – Non-Compliance With Treatment Disorder (V15.81)

    These are “REAL” disorders, meaning they exist in DSM-5 (the numbers are their “diagnostic codes”)


  16. How do un-vaccinated people pass a virus or disease to those who have been vaccinated for said virus or disease? Using Big Pharma’s own theory as why everyone needs to be vaccinated – that can’t happen. Think about that. When enough people catch on to what is actually going on, the next theory will be from our Big Government – it is for your own good – because your government knows what is good for you better than you do..


  17. Great article, I love it! I’ve been saying that adult vaccine mandates as a NEW condition of employment in various fields will be a great eye-opener for the public about vaccine adverse effects, because with large numbers of people in the same field getting vaccinated in a short period of time, the adverse effects will be more obvious. Common adverse effects we should see in large numbers are: “small” strokes (from blood agglutination), chronic fatigue (from mitochondrial poisoning by vaccine adjuvants), auto-immune diseases (including GBS), immune suppression leading to pneumonia and other serious infections, and kidney failure. It will be very important for the vaccine injury stories of individuals to be widely told (yeah, Facebook, share every vaccine injury story you see!) so that the public and doctors who aren’t in denial can see the patterns of injury and realize (as they did with GBS from swine flue vaccine in the 1970’s) that the vaccines are responsible for these adverse effects. We also need to encourage every adult vaccine injury victim to file their VAERS report because most doctors will not file. (The more people file claims in the national vaccine court, the better, but this is such a hassle that I can’t blame people for not filing.)


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