Dear Huffington Post: About the Vaccine Debate

I usually try not to read anything that runs on your website at all, however, the subtitle of yesterday’s article caught my eye this morning, but only because someone texted it to me with the request that I open up a can of Quackass on you.

Your article said, “If you even talk about the vaccine debate, you give it credence.”

I’m ignoring the fact that this line could also be interpreted as saying, “If you even talk about vaccine-induced autism you validate these children’s tragic illnesses.”  Or, “If you even mention the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or the 500+ autistic children who have been compensated through it you let the general public know it actually exists.”  Or, “If you listen to even one parent who has concerns about the safety of the vaccine schedule you are in danger of allowing them to engage their First Amendment right to free speech.”

Do we live in America or on Animal Farm?  I mean, are we parents as important as HuffPost writers or just a little bit less so?

animal farm

Anyway.  Ignoring all of that offensive jibber jabber, yes, HuffPost, I have to agree with you that you are right:  talking about the vaccine debate does give it credence.

When three of the front-running GOP presidential candidates all agreed in unison that the CDC vaccine schedule is jam-packed and probably dangerous, they lent a helluva lot of credence to the vaccine debate.

And it was no accident that the issue arose– I personally know hundreds of people who have engaged in a social media tidal wave for the past 13 months to get vaccine safety, vaccine injury, and the CDC Whistleblower talked about on major news networks, in newspapers, letters to the editor, legislative hearings, and public rallies.  These people have worked every single day with no intention of stopping so I am confident when I say that it was no coincidence that the CNN debate moderator asked Donald Trump about vaccines and autism in a failed attempt to make him look like an ass.  I mean, who do you think told Donald Trump about the CDC Whistleblower in the first place?  My team in the Twitterverse did, that’s who.

Not only did the vaccines-cause-autism question lend credence to the vaccine debate, but so did the follow-up question to Dr. Ben Carson, “Should Mr. Trump stop saying this?”

What did we expect the good doctor to say?  We expected him to give an emphatic, resounding, “YAAAAAASSSSS, Mr. Trump should stop saying this,” didn’t we?

But what did Dr. Carson actually say?  He said, “Well… let me put it this way, there has – there have been numerous studies, and they have not demonstrated that there is any correlation between vaccinations and autism.”

LET ME PUT IT THIS WAY?  Are you kidding me?  The man did not even give his opinion!  A pediatric neurosurgeon did not give his opinion on a direct question about vaccines causing autism! And guess what?  He wouldn’t give it later on Megyn Kelly, either!  I don’t know about you but my whole Facebook exploded in that moment.  It was like Santa’s fat butt just squeezed through my router and delivered Christmas to my house three months early.

Sigh.  As much fun as it was to relive that moment just now I want to get back to my point of agreeing with you.  Your reporter is right about credence to the vaccine debate.

{Quick aside: I do love that the pro-vax are now saying that a pediatric surgeon is not qualified to hold an opinion about the CDC vaccine schedule but apparently your anti-parental right reporter, Arthur Delaney, best known for writing a story about a man living on the median of a freeway, is.}

So yes, every time mainstream media writes about the vaccine debate they give it credence.  However, the same credence is given every single time you people write anything about vaccines, ever.  If you run a piece about how it’s time to get the flu vaccine with our back-to-school shopping, you give credit to the vaccine debate on social media and in your comments section, if you have the balls to leave it open. Remember when you idiots were singing the praises of how the flu vaccine would keep us all healthy during the never-happened Ebola epidemic?  Huge cred, so thanks for that. Every time you buy advertising on Facebook like a member of the Kardashian family so that the Gardasil vaccine can be fake “trending news” you give credit to the vaccine debate.  Every time you try to scare the general public with the so-called low vaccination rates of the MMR, you give even more credit to the vaccine debate.

It has never– ever, ever, ever— worked in the media’s favor to shove vaccine propaganda down readers’ throats.  Each time you run vaccine propaganda disguised as news even more eyes are opened to why this is even a debate in the first place.  I mean, without fail.  Like, one-hundred-percent-of-the-time, more light bulbs turn on in the heads of previously asleep-at-the-wheel parents.  So you, Arthur Delaney, are just as guilty as the CNN moderator, and for that I want to thank you.  You are your own biggest enemy.  Keep up the good work.



  1. “They” can repeat it over and over and over and over, no matter how many times they repeat it, no matter how many supposed studies they conduct, the numbers tell the story, autism has increased exponentially along with the increase in vaccines. And I love the response that “autism hasn’t increased, we just have better detection methods.” As if a parent cannot tell the difference in their child. Thanks for all your articles.

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  2. As I gather signatures for the SB 277 Referendum, I’m both astonished and gratified by the number of people who do question vaccination, and not only those who hate the government. There really are plenty of thoughtful people in the public. Downside, only about 10% of them can be engaged. Also sad that so many are felons (they freely admit it), mostly for drug crimes-thanks, tricky Dick.


  3. Thanks to the media in Australia this year ridiculing anti vac parents as ignorant religious nutters, led my research into the whole vaccine safety coverup. Thanks to the media I am now an anti vac convert. The more you side with the mandatory push for full vaccination, the more people will question and research and come out of the dark into the light of truth.

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    1. Others may or may not find it so, but I find it interesting from your comment that this media hype regarding vaccinations is happening in both Australia and the U.S. on the same time table. It just seems odd to me.


      1. There is an international agreement to mandate vaccination compliance, especially in English speaking countries. This is possibly the influence of media magnate Rupert Murdoch and his financial interest in vaccination. I hang my head in shame that he is from my country.


    2. Thanks for your response, Jilly. I wasn’t aware of an international agreement. I understand the feeling; I hang my head in shame over some things done in the U.S. as well.


  4. All allopathic western trained medical doctors need to return to school to learn ‘natural science’ and to pay particular attention to toxicity and especially toxic overload from synthetic chemical drugs and heavy metals when introduced into the blood stream….it is this lack of understanding that is causing infants, toddlers, and children to be physically impaired or dead. These are un-natural high acidic conditions doing harm. Western Medical students do not understand alkalinity vs acidity as a principal of life. Nor has there ever been a study with an un-vaccinated control group to set the bases for any study. This means the study can be manipulated for specific outcomes for whomever is paying for the study. Nor are there double blind peer reviewed studies either. The FDA will fast track a study for approval in 15 months. This is what happened with Gardasil and when 32 girls died from the vaccines. Much corruption exits in the FDA for allowing pharma companies to write and approve their products to the highest bidder. Along with the CDC covering up studies. Of course vaccines contribute to autism and cancer. France is saying so and so is Spain. America is failed medicine in spite of their egos.

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  5. Brilliant! So well-put and makes an excellent argument. It’s easy to get let down by the wave of propaganda hypnotizing the masses but you’ve got me so fired up to speak truth. Thank you for everything you are doing!


  6. If you are still drinking the kool aid that vaccines are at all doing any human or animal good, then you are a) in pure denial and afraid to admit that you did no research on the subject and injected your children thinking you were following dr’s orders. Or b) you are profiting.
    I am always amazed at how many parents tell me they did it because “it’s the only way they can go to school” which in Most states is not the case. People are so busy slaving away with work trying to provide some fantasy life of luxury rat race bs that they don’t even take the time to question what’s in their lunch let alone a deadly injection giving a direct punch to their infants immune system. I mean come on! It took me like 5 minutes of research to figure out the whole thing is a giant money making scandal. Hep b at birth?? W. T. F.? And not to mention the fact the whole first year of shots is for “practice” are you serious???
    Pro vaxers- it’s ok to admit you made a mistake you were lied to. It’s going to be ok. Change is good. Change is how things progress. Never get another vaccination again. There is no such thing as an “effective” or a “safe” vaccine. They just keep shedding more illness into the environment and sickening our children at their very core.
    New moms- Breastfeed! And vaginal birth. Those two things will give your child a strong immune system. Do not live in fear of the measles or chicken pox or anything else. The shots do not work they only make you sicker.

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  7. Soooo… Is this site sarcastic? Or are you remarkably stupid? Or maybe aggressively uneducated? You display an impressive level of ignorance. I’m going to go with sarcastic. Because an interested person who is capable of reading could easily disprove all these theories. So this must be sarcasm. Pretty funny actually. Let me know.

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