Let’s talk about herd immunity

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Originally I started to write about the vaccination rates for hepatitis b, rotavirus, hib, pneumococcal, polio, chicken pox, and all five kinds of bacterial meningitis, but I stopped myself partway through and hit the delete button. There are many reasons why– hep b is a blood borne sexually transmitted disease, rotavirus is usually symptomless in adults, polio (by strict definition) was eradicated in the 1970s, bacterial meningitis infection is so rare that even the CDC says it’s rare, and so on– but the real reason why I erased everything is this:

All anyone complains about in the news and in legislative hearings is pertussis and measles.

So let’s have a conversation about about herd immunity for pertussis and measles.


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For the hyperlink impaired:

Click to access peds.2015-3326.full.pdf







http://vaccinesafetycommission.org/pdfs/45-2000-Pediatrics-Vital-Statistics.pdf (See bottom right corner, page 1313, under “child mortality” to top left corner of page 1315.)


  1. Hi, at the time I was writing the Las Vegas situation was two people dead. By the time I published it was 50. I took the post private again and will republish in another day or so. Thanks.


  2. I like your logic. Yet I am concerned that some may misunderstand the point of your article, and start rallying for mandatory vaccination for all residents of the USA. That would be very bad.


    1. It would also be impossible to achieve. No legislator can vote for annual flu shots, annual Tdap shots, and 8 year MMRs for 300 million people when we can’t even get the flu shot uptake in adults over 40%.

      That said, I’m all for it. I wrote years ago how mandatory adult vaccinations will blow the lid off vaccine injury. It’s one thing to see the lights go out in a two year old. It’s another for it to happen to a 35 year old.

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      1. I think this would just make a lot more sick, brain injured people in the world… too sick and brain injured to fight back. And which one of your loved ones would you want to sacrifice to the cause? I for one say none.


      2. These same people are absolutely unwilling to stand up for children that they subject to the same treatment. Let them be the first in line. It’s the only way this will be taken seriously by the masses.

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      3. Also, regarding the law that exempts doctors and pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits over vaccine injuries – doesn’t that only cover childhood vaccines given to children? Adults can still sue over injuries from vaccines intended for adult use. Not much incentive to mandate adult vaccines, given that.


  3. Another study to support the waning of measles antibodies:

    Persistence of measles antibodies, following changes in the recommended age for the second dose of MMR-vaccine in Portugal.


    “Geometric mean concentrations (GMC) for measles IgG were, respectively, 934, 251 and 144mIU/ml; p<0.001). Anti-measles-IgG serum concentration decreased with time since last vaccination (waning immunity) and was not influenced by any other component of vaccination schedule, namely age at vaccination with the second dose of MMR. Waning levels of measles antibodies have been observed elsewhere but not as fast as it was observed in Portuguese birth cohorts in this study."

    For reference, the waning measles study you linked said "The antibody levels were defined as low positive (equivocal) at 150–350 mIU/mL for measle", which means that two groups in the Portugal study were already considered "low positive", which, according to the CDC, is considered to be NOT protected and would require booster.


  4. As someone who went though adult chicken pox, you know how bad that it right, really affected my life and open me up to nasty infections, migraines, staphylococcus. They give the vaccines to babies and kid, they never experience child chicken pox and like you said in the article the vaccine will only last max 8 years, does this mean there will be heaps of adults being effected by adult chicken pox? Cause it’s so bad I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Has there been any study on long term effects?


    1. The two dose chicken pox (varicella) vaccine is on the adult schedule for adults who have never had it. But because of the chicken pox vaccine, we now lack wild chickenpox in our society. Wild chickenpox exposure acts as a booster for people who had a natural infection. Without it, anyone who had CP as a child, but isn’t exposed to it anymore, is at risk for shingles.

      Which is why we’re now in an epidemic of shingles, and which is why they made the shingles vaccine.


  5. Some powerfully made points here! I would hope that reading this might actually relieve some concerns that are founded more upon vaccine PR than upon science.

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  6. Felt I should share this video (and movement). This is a very illuminating look into the ‘corporation’ structure and how we get corralled into tyranny by tacit agreement (and how to combat it using their own methods and going above it with higher law and by placing liability back on those that initiated the contract). The first volley is at smart meters (trespassing technology), but vaccines need to see this exact type of response. This approach really caught my attention because it seems that anyone can do it (follow the template others have used and be sincere in your belief against smart meters, vaccines, etc.) and it doesn’t involve lawyering up (which means still playing THEIR game within the corporate structure, which we will probably rarely or never win since they have endless resources to confuse, delay, trick, and wear down us normal folk).


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