What’s Really in the DTaP?


I started down a different road this morning, eager to tell you all about how the polysorbate 80 in the DTaP is causing the rising sunflower seed allergy.  Have you ever felt patronized by a vaccine article when the author tried to empathize with how “scary” the ingredients list must look to laypeople?  In my research I had to stop and look up so many things that now you’re instead being treated to a post about everything in the DTaP vaccine, so feel free to enjoy this as much as humanly possible.  All ingredients are taken directly from the CDC excipient list, which is still information I’m shocked is even provided to us.

Polysorbate 80: also known as Tween 80, this is an emulsifier used to keep liquids mixed in ice cream, vitamins, and the DTaP, Tdap, Hep A, flu, Gardasil, and meningococcal vaccines. It’s made from oleic acid with the trade name “Extra Olein 99.”  Super news! Extra Olein 99 is made from the garbage disposal of wildflowers: sunflower seeds.  The great soil cleaners are known to suck lead right out of the dirt, known to store cancer-causing cadmium and copper in the seeds.  In fact, women with breast cancer are told not to eat sunflower seed oil because it causes mammary tumors.

Then there’s the added cancer bonus: sunflower seeds are sprayed with Roundup just before harvest.Why are we spraying sunflowers with a weed killer just before picking them?  Because we can!  Roundup helps dry them out for harvest, and Monsanto got new rules in place to spray for “pre-harvest weeds” so go ahead and douse them and feed it to your kids in their school-sanctioned sunbutter sandwich.

Allergic to sunflower seed oil (or anything it cross reacts with like banana or melon) thanks to the DTaP?  Never fear!  NOF Corporation, the maker of polysorbate 80, wants to assure you that their Extra Olein 99 product triggers LESS histamine release from mast cells than previous versions (PDF page 51).  Thanks for looking out, NOF. Truly inspirational.

The Material Safety Data Sheet for polysorbate 80 says it “may cause adverse reproductive effects.”  I’m sure the 12% of women in this country who struggle with infertility have something to say about that, along with every woman who has suffered ovarian failure and early menopause after the Gardasil vaccine.

Aluminum phosphate:  this gel is used to suck up the the bacterial toxoids in vaccines.  It holds onto the toxoid, slowly releasing it once injected, making the body’s immune response take longer.  You may have heard that aluminum must be safe because it’s found in breast milk.  Let’s get this straight: aluminum is found in breast milk because the women in this country are poisoned from the food and water supply, not because it belongs there. There is no known use for aluminum in the human body.

Here’s the handy CDC PDF on aluminum safety where they discuss inhalation, oral consumption, and putting aluminum on the skin.  Notice what’s missing?  Only in a teensy little section do they discuss injecting aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate into rabbits (page 103, “Other routes of exposure”). There they admit that aluminum phosphate has three times the amount of absorption by the body when measured at 28 days compared to aluminum hydroxide.  28 days!  Aren’t we told that the human body disposes of aluminum within hours?

But the juicy part starts on page 76 of the PDF where it says, “The neurotoxicity of aluminum following oral exposure has been well established in humans with renal insufficiency.”  That means that they know what it does to people with kidney disease– because they don’t bother to study what it does to healthy people. It goes on to name memory loss, fatigue, depression, behavioral changes, learning impairment and dementia.  At the bottom of the page they say that aluminum toxicity is marked by confusion, muscle twitching, grand mal seizures, coma and death.  Toward the bottom of page 78, in the Alzheimer’s discussion, the CDC admits, “Aluminum may play a role in the disease development by acting as a co-factor in the chain of pathological events resulting in Alzheimer’s disease.” At the two-month appointment one form of aluminum or another is in the DTaP, Hib, Hep B and PC vaccines.

Formaldehyde: usually formaldehyde is used as a resin, like for holding cheap-ass particle board furniture together. In vaccines it’s used to kill antigens to inactivate them. In 2011 the National Toxicology Program declared formaldehyde to be a known human carcinogen.  Did you read that?  It causes cancer.  Not probably.  Not possibly.  They know it, they announced it, and they inject your kid with it anyway.  “But Quack,” you say. “There’s more formaldehyde in a pear.”  You know what?


Screw that propaganda.  I’m sick of the stupid things people say to trivialize concerns about chronic illness in our children.  Just because something is natural we should shut up and inject it into our bodies?  How about everyone who tells me about pears takes a hefty injection of cyanide?  It’s a natural product of apple cores. Anyway.  Formaldehyde is in almost every vaccine that isn’t a live vaccine.  At the two-month appointment it’s in the DTaP, Hib, Hep B, and Polio vaccines so even if you believe “the dose makes the poison,” multiply that dose by a factor of four.

Glutaraldehyde: Unbelievably, this stuff is used to sterilize medical equipment.  As in, it kills everything it comes into contact with, and that’s diluted to 0.1% strength. In vaccines it’s used to inactivate toxins, just like formaldehyde. And you know when you were in school and you needed to stain a slide so everything on it suffers an instantaneous cell death so you can look at it under the microscope?  Glutaraldehyde is your guy for that.  It’s also used to kill warts on the body and for embalming dead people.  And!  This is the real kicker.  It’s in fracking fluid.  Not good enough for mother earth, but just good enough for your baby.

Phenoxyethanol: this is a preservative from the glycol ether family of chemicals, which are usually found in paint remover and jet fuel. The material safety data sheet for it says it’s extremely hazardous if it gets in the eyes, and it causes skin itching and blistering if you touch it.  It’s toxic to the kidneys, nervous system and liver and don’t forget to wear a vapor respirator if you work with it in a lab.

When a nipple cream came out a few years ago using phenoxyethanol as an ingredient, the FDA went ballistic and issued a warning that the chemical can shut down the central nervous system and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Bottom line:  obviously don’t eat it, but it’s totally safe to inject into the capillary beds of a newborn four times in their first 15 months.

Stainer-Scholte medium, modified Mueller’s growth medium, modified Mueller-Miller casamino acid medium (without beef heart infusion): these are all of the nutrient agar plates used used to grow pertussis cells and other bacteria.  I’m not having an easy time finding exactly what they’re made of, but in general they’re the digestive products of proteins with beef extract, and the casamino acid is derived from cow’s milk, another top allergen.  Here’s one Mueller agar made from pea meal, which might shed some light on this peanut/legume allergy epidemic we’re in.  Page 9 of this catalog lists Muellar agars with sheep blood and horse blood as delicious options.  Are peanuts ever used as  growth medium?  I’m not saying they’re in the childhood vaccination schedule, but yes, powdered peanut broth is an excellent growth medium.

Dimethyl 1-beta-cyclodextrin: this is another emulsifier, stabilizer, and antifoaming agent.  It’s also the key ingredient in the new powdered alcohol and not surprisingly it can affect the liver and urinary systems in large quantities.  This study says that beta-cyclodextrins have a nephrotoxic effect when injected, which means poisonous to the kidneys.

Ammonium sulfate: this is an ammonia salt that you might recognize as… fertilizer!  In the lab it’s used to purify proteins by “salting” them out.  The safety sheet for it says that if ingested it can act as a laxative and can cause ammonia poisoning. It can also cause somnolence (that deep sleep some babies fall into after being vaccinated), tremors and convulsions.

There you have it, folks.  Turns out those “big scary words” are a living nightmare. Don’t ask questions.  Just get your damn vaccine.

Image credit: Stian Berg Larsen



  1. In the excipient document it lists two DTaP’s, Deptacel and Infanrix (and three others with “bonus vaccines” included). It was the Infanrix hexa which an Italian court ruled, in 2014, was the causative factor in the regression to autism in awarding damages to an autistic girl. Discovery (such a beautiful word in legal proceedings) revealed a confidential GSK document reporting on the Infanrix hexa safety trials, which produced serious adverse reactions (requiring an ER visit and/or hospitalization) in 5.4% of the children (25/466), including autism in 1.2% of the children (5/466). This document is still available online, as far as I know. The manufacturers know that their products are dangerous, and the CDC knows that they are dangerous. Even some of the astroturfers likely know. Only journalists and politicians are in the dark, and they work hard in the hope that everyone else descends to their level of ignorance.

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      1. Donna, I printed a copy a few months ago, after hearing Dr. Mikovits discuss vaccine excipients in an interview. It is sitting on top of my printer, for easy reference. But thank you anyway for your kindness. Or did you mean the confidential GSK safety trial document for Infanrix hexa? That’s gotta be 1,000 pages or so, although only a few are relevant. I may have it in my hard drive, but haven’t had any need to access it since I finished my complaint to the medical board about Pan. I accessed it through worldtruth.TV/Italian-court-rules-mercury-and-aluminum-in-vaccines-cause-autism. Interesting, too, is that, two years prior to this, a different Italian court ruled that the MMR had caused the plaintiff’s autism (this I accessed at ageofautism.com).

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      2. email me a copy angelaoffer@hotmail.com My add to the discussion? Dtap doesnt work, In Australia, we have had it since 1995. It lasts an average of 3 years after the last jab. Complete 100% failure in everyone by 10 years. Outcome? 1995 plus 5 jabs in 5 years = Year 2000 last jab of kids who all got Dtap. Add 10 years 100% failure in ALL OF THEM. So suddenly whooping cough is spreading big time. Went from 450 cases a year pre Dtap, to 1 in 25 kids aged 6-12 EVERY YEAR IN AUSTRALIA, ALL VACCINE FAILURES. By 2012 (still getting higher!)

        But worse, what could be worse than 5 jabs with a vaccine that doesnt even work? The fact that it doesnt completely fail in everyone, immediately? Let me explain this, in the first outbreaks, epidemics in 2010, I tested the kids, I worked in pathology for damn over 20 years, never, ever seen whooping cough, anywhere, ever. 2010, 93% vaccination rates, and now all the kids all got whooping cough? Hello? This isnt meant to happen! Then the WA Health Department , who probably now deny it, took throat swabs from the kids who had no signs of illness (vaccine still protecting them)…….. What did they find? Yep in 2010, if was found, that all the Dtap kids, without signs of illness, WERE INDEED INFECTED WITH PERTUSIS, IS THEIR THROATS, AND WITHOUT SYMPTOMS, SPREADING IT MERRILY. Outcome? ALL the babies being infected with whooping cough are being infected by fully vaccinated carriers, with no symptoms, 90% of the time this is the mother herself, or the recently vaccinated siblings. The little brothers and sisters, aged under 6-12, who have a working vaccine, protecting them, but allowing them to catch, carry and spread. NOT JUST ONCE! Now the outbreak in Australia is so bad, that the asymptomatic carriers, just infect other asymptomatic carriers, and the whole vaccinated herd is a constant pig swill of pertussis disease. They are the ones NOT coughing! As for the kids all coughing, gosh, dont even bother to report it anymore, my grandkids, two classes, 60 infected, cough, cough, cough, all vaccine failures. Only FOUR OUT OF 60 bothered to report it. So look at Australias chart now, of whooping cough cases, and treat it as rubbish, 360 per 100,000 people in 2012. Reality?? All in kids aged 6-12 ie 1 in 25 of all kids aged 6-12 had whooping cough, only some didnt cough, those ones will catch it and spread it, every year, every whooping cough season, until, they finally start coughing, get real immunity, and never spread it again.

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      3. So what does CDC do? with this very, very disturbing information supplied by Australia in 2010? First they start rejabbing everyone around a newborn ………. outcome? Buggar now everyone is a whooping cough carrier, due to their newly vaccinated Dtap status! That didnt work, next to do? Oh wait 3 years, ignore the thousands of pathology reports from Australia, bin them, and BUY SOME BABOONS, TO TEST? The infamous baboon study of 2013, that Urgent press release, that THEY SOMEHOW FORGOT TO RELEASE?

        Oh, buggar what next? How do we stop people from being aware that not only is Dtap absolutely useless, IT IS THE ONLY CAUSE OF THE MASSIVE NON STOP EPIDEMIC IN AUSTRALIA (Oh, and UK, just started, and USA, following…. they both got Dtap later than Australia)……. Anyhow how does CDC, try and hide the fact, that the vaccinated, no symptoms, are infecting the very, very vulnerable, the newborn babies who cant be vaccinated, that Dtap is THE ONLY CAUSE OF BABY INFECTIONS? wOW, HOW ABOUT WE VACCINATE A FOETUS, HALF WAY THROUGH DEVELOPMENT IN THE UTERUS, with the vaccine THAT KILLS THEM if given at birth. Well that is exactly what CDC recommended in USA in 2013 (notice the date match?) Outcome, pre jabbing pregnant women microcephalic births USA was 407 per year. Post jabbing pregnant women, besides the 43 TIMES increase in in utero deaths (later term miscarriages), the other outcome in babies who survive this? 1 in 50 are born microcephalic. Microcephalic births in USA are now over 25,000 a year. No zika, no misleading conspiracies by CDC, but USA< has more microcephaly than Brazil.

        Brazil began jabbing with Dtap in May 2015, Tdap GSK brand, made under licence in Pernumbucco Brazil, they jabbed women in outlying areas at 20 weeks gestation, AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED EXACTLY 20 WEEKS LATER< in October, all those poor little deformed babies.

        Buggar Autism from vaccines, apparently microcephaly rates are now higher than the autism rate, 1 out of every 50 babies in USA/Brazil is born microcephalic. Even WHO, trying to regains some minute amount of credibility, WHERE THEY NO LONGER HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY ………………. have said, we never thought it was caused by a mossie?

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  2. Phenoxyethanol is the active ingredient in Lysol and other disinfectants. It’s used in soap and beauty products. It is very difficult to find a liquid soap that *doesn’t* contain it. In small concentrations, when it can be washed off, I personally just accept that it will be there. But I will not use products that stay on the skin and contain phenoxyethanol. I’m sure as heck not injecting into my kids. Consumers got BPA out of plastics (although it may have been replaced with something worse). It would be nice if we could get rid of phenoxyethanol too.

    As always, thank you for the informative, well-written blog article.

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  3. Oh Levi Quackenboss! You are just the best! I always enjoy your scaley wit and the jaunty flare with which you so eloquently express yourself. So nice to know you’re on the planet. Keep up the good work mate! Much arohanui from Aotearoa/NZ 💜

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  4. More on aluminum:
    –Scientific studies (mostly by Christopher Shaw, Lucija Tomljenovic, and Yehuda Shoenfeld) show that the aluminum (hyroxide, phosphate) shows up in organs such as the spleen and the brain up to one year after injection.
    –Injected aluminum bypasses the protective mechanisms of the GI tract which typically would excrete ingested aluminum via the kidneys. It then circulates in the blood and can get into the brain through the blood brain barrier.
    –FDA has never tested for the safety of even one aluminum injection over time, let alone the number of injections babies get before 1 year of age.
    –Worse, pharma uses aluminum (or another vaccine) as a placebo control. Aluminum most definitely does NOT constitute an inert placebo control. So when there’s no statistical difference between vaccine and “placebo”, they can say there’s no difference between vaccine and placebo, therefore, SAFE.
    –FDA requires this warning on all parenterally (IV, IM) administered drugs..except vaccines: “WARNING: “patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 mcg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity.” -Code of Federal Regulations. Title 21, Volume 4. Revised as of April 1, 2015.
    But guess what: The CDC and FDA recommend vaccinating preterm babies, who’s kidneys are not ready to deal with the toxicity of aluminum (by their own admission). And on that note, full term babies do not have fully functioning kidneys (Tetelbaum et al., 2005; Ligi et al., 2013; Smits et al., 2012; Mitkus et al., 2011; Allegaert et al., 2008). And more: Infants fed with parenteral nutrition (contains aluminum, hence the warning) retained 75% of aluminum and had high urine, tissue, and serum levels according to this http://www.nature.com/ejcn/journal/v67/n3/full/ejcn2012219a.html and this http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21781356
    –To anyone who thinks aluminum is not toxic, head on over to Pubmed and search “Aluminum and toxicity” and see how many hits you get.

    That’s all for now!


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    1. I am a medical professional. The boosters do work. Nowhere in this article did it mention how easily one can die or have permanent disability from one of these illnesses, such as bacterial meningitis.


      1. Tony, we are discussing DTaP and TDaP here, not meningococcal vaccine. A very recent study just showed that TDaP (the booster in question) in fact does not work well enough to warrant a school entry mandate http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2016/02/03/peds.2015-3326. Additionally pertussis is showing up in fully vaccinated populations, and this is because the pertussis bacteria are mutating from the antigen present in the vaccine (pertactin positive to negative). Don’t take my word for it, check out the scientific literature on the topic:


        As for herd immunity, the diptheria and pertussis components of DTaP/TDaP are not meant to protect anyone but the one being vaccinated since the vaccine is against the toxoid produced by the bacteria, not the bacteria itself. It is only meant to combat symptom expression, not disease transmission to another person. Additionally, you cannot contract tetanus from another person. Given this, the DTaP/TDaP vaccine does nothing to protect “the herd” so should be completely voluntary. And just for the record the polio vaccine we use in the US (IPV) acts the same way. It is not meant to protect against transmission so should never be used in a “herd immunity” argument. Even the Polio Eradication Initiative (made up of Unicef, WHO, and the CDC) is aware of this. And yet….

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      2. one can die or have permanent disability from one of these shots too and the side effects you know the ones listed on that piece of paper that is the inserts? the come with each and every med, vax you know the one we never knew existed ,, and or the ones the doctors never even read either, maybe you should check that out for your self its is so easy to find what you say is proof how about the 1,000 of lawsuits pending for damages The Vaccine Responsible for Half the Awards for Injury and Death oh that right they dont hurt you, or disabled you either mommies just lie about how there once normal baby child went bonkers or fell out, had seizures and died in there sleep a day after vaccines um ??????Formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent maybe that’s why a increase of kids with cancer oh but let’s find a cure Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™), which can cause anaphylactic reactions, and may cause miscarriage and infertilityAssistant Secretary of Health, Edward Grant, Jr., before a U.S. Senate Committee on May 3rd, 1985, every year, 35,000 children suffer neurological damage related to the DTP vaccine. An even more recent figure on the reaction to the DTP vaccine indicates that 1 in every 100 children react with convulsions or collapse or high-pitched screaming and that one out of every 3 of these, that is 1 out of every 300 will remain permanently damaged. mercola

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      3. I had children in the early Seventies, my parents had kids in the late Forties and early Fifties; my grandparents had kids in the Twenties and Thirties, and my great-grandparents had kids around the turn of the century….. guess what, none of them had the vax-max that kids get today and no-one died. Having done the ancestry research I know that. Five kids, ten kids, some thirteen kids and none died.

        How on earth could that be? Well, they were all living in Australia with lots of sunshine, good hygiene and sanitation and a lot of fresh, naturally prepared food. There may not have been as much veg or even fruit as recommended today, and lots more meat, but people were pretty much healthy and no-one lost their babies or their children.

        My kids had maybe three vaccines, after the age of one, and that was it. They had the same childhood diseases I, my parents, grandparents had had, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Rubella and just as we had done, after a couple of unhappy days in bed, were up and off with lifetime immunity.

        I knew no-one, family, friends, with an autistic child – now I know a lot; I knew no-one who had Whooping Cough although I recall my mother saying a brother had it as a baby, but he recovered, at home, and was the only one of the five; I knew no-one with kids with behavioural or learning difficulties – now I know dozens; I knew no-one friends, family, etc., with kids with allergies, now I know dozens; I had an aunt with Asthma but that was it, now I know lots of kids with Asthma …. and so it goes.

        What happened in the mid-Seventies, well, the powers or is that lunatics that be, decided that injecting cocktails of disease, toxins, animal and human material within hours of birth and regularly, more than 50 times in the first five years of a child’s life was a good idea and whammo, there we were with rising rates of chronic and serious disease in children, higher even than adults; epidemics in kids of Autism, Diabetes – the nasty kind, rarely if ever seen before in kids; Sudden Infant Death Syndrome appeared for the first time; Allergies, Asthma, Auto-immune disorders, Coeliac Disease, all at levels never seen before in children.

        What was worse is that the Cancer rate was rising in children even faster than in adults and the biggest Cancer killer of kids is now brain (and spinal)!!! And yet the powers, or is that lunatics, that be, cannot make any association with the vaccine madness upon which we embarked in the early to mid Seventies, not even when research shows the brain and immune system are physically connected, despite those not so clever scientists being convinced for so long it could not be.

        At this point in history we have former editors of the world’s top medical journals, The Lancet, Dr Richard Horton, and The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Marcia Angell, saying most research is wrong. That’s right, most research is wrong, distorted, inaccurate, corrupted, just plain wrong and yet people still believe that what they are told about vaccines is correct.

        I suppose you have to believe it or how else could you let your baby be regularly injected with disease, often in multiple form, toxins, chemicals, animal and human material and a host of nasty ingredients that few of us would drink. And yet injecting it into your child’s bloodstream is okay!


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      4. rosross: Bravissimo! Eloquent, detailed, and entirely true. These folks act like lunatics, but truth be told, they simply are entranced by the allure of riches and status. Science in the good ole U. S. of A. is thoroughly and completely corrupt, as is academia, and our political and regulatory institutions are fully bought by pharma, whose executives ought to be sleepin’ in the greybar hotel. Our government has truly become an organized criminal enterprise which is destroying our children, our future.

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      5. There are very large numbers of children and adults (in the case of adults, mainly from the flu shot, which now represent the majority of cases compensated by the Court of Special Masters, and doesn’t work, anyway) who have permanent disability, not from infectious disease, but from vaccines on the CDC schedule. Certainly hundreds of thousands. Between FY1988 and February 2015, this “court” (actually an administrative procedure, rather than a court, with no discovery, no cross examination, no jury, and DOJ attorneys fighting like pit bulls to deny every possible claim) has paid compensation for 14,591 case of vaccine injury, and 1,156 for death. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. David Kessler, former head of the FDA, stated that the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System captures only about 1% of the actual vaccine adverse events (JAMA, June 2, 1993). If he is correct, this means that, in that period, there were as many as 1,459,100 compensable vaccine injuries, or about 54,000 per year, and 115,600 compensable deaths from vaccines, or about 4,300 per year. How many children died or were disabled by infectious diseases during this period? A few hundred? A few thousand? The compensation fund would long ago been bankrupt had doctors done the ethical and right thing, and reported all suspected vaccine injuries. They (the “court”) have banked $3billion of the vaccine tax, rather than doing the right thing in using it to provide for the lifetime care of seriously injured children. But they don’t. Too busy giving shots.The vaccine schedule is creating carnage. It is abominable. I think it is a crime against humanity.

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    2. You are told you need boosters because there are no antigens for ______ disease(s).

      Your body does not MAKE antigens if that pathogen is not present. When your body does not need to fight any “germs” then it doesn’t uselessly waste energy on biochemical processes which are unnecessary.

      The MDs use “lack of antibodies” as a “rationale” for booster shots – when in actuality it basically shows total ignorance of biochemistry – 95% of MDs have NO training in biochemistry or nutrition, so guess why they are so ignorant on this issue?

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      1. I would hope that these MDs have training in this biochemistry you speak of considering it is taught in college before medical school–Anatomy 2, Microbiology, and human nutrition–all of which are standard general ed courses for almost all health related fields, such as nursing and MD. And they all cover the immune system, extensively. In fact, microbiology is obviously more specific and in depth about how vaccines and antibiotics work and how the immune system functions. Maybe I am ignorant because I do not understand your point…the body is exposed to a certain antigen to which the immune system attacks and remembers. (The memory cells) So if the immune system forgets these antigens over time, then boosters seem logical–to expose the body to the antigen so it remembers in case of exposure. So, does the body just forget these antigens over time? That would be the only reason to get the boosters, right??


      2. Actually they don’t learn biochemistry. They learn anatomy and physiology. What they learn about the immune system seems to be related to viral/vaccine application only. The immune system is FIRST present in the mucosal membranes and that is the first line of defense. The second line of defense – and the MAJOR part of the immune system is the intestinal flora – some say 70% of the immune system, some say 90% of the immune system is in the probiotics with it containing over 99% of the genetics in your body.
        The Thymus is involved, and when pathogens come through this NATURAL route – there can be cell mediated response – which is what provides REAL and LIFE-LONG IMMUNITY instead of the (lie of false) immunity they credit vaccination with. It’s a viral bandaid, really – temporary at best, sometimes not working at all.
        So the vaccination theology crowd tweaks the antigen response – which constitutes about 2% of the immune system – and in the process frequently (proven with some vaccines) damaging the MAJOR portion of your immune system’s probiotics. This seems stupid. Kind of like burning down most of your house so you can put a closet on the south wall…..

        One time i simply recommended that women LOOK and investigate the HPV vaccine and make their OWN choices regarding the vaccination of their girls – this was about 4 years ago – and an MD from Rochester NY JUMPED all over me, told me i was going to kill people, etc.

        i pointed out some of what i perceived as flaws in vaccine theory including the antigen response above – and he reamed me out again. i (surprisingly for “me”, lol) gently mentioned that 95% of MDs had no training in biochemistry or nutrition and maybe he wasn’t aware of these issues i’d brought up. He reamed me again, (tiring!) and stated that he had so much biochemistry in college he was sick of it, he dreamt it, he was tired of it.

        From what he’d described – it was anatomy/physiology, NOT biochemistry (which drug pushers are now changing and redefining to only mean what happens to your body when pHARMaceutical drugs are introduced) and so i told him “GREAT, What do you think of the Krebs cycle, or the way that anaerobic conditions always are present in cancer tumors! What do you think of the cascade effects of low oxygen on the mitochondrial functions within the cells and how the cascade effects damage DNA/RNA production,……….

        He shut up and to be honest – kind of looked stupid.

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    3. I always had titers run on my kid. It’s been probably more than a decade since he’s had any shots. His were still too HIGH the last time the school district wanted boosters.


      1. Think biochemistry. Does your body make unneeded antigens? Does it waste that energy and make antigens when you don’t have any pathogens present? i don’t think so. Our bodies – to my knowledge – don’t waste energy and disrupt homoestasis by producing unneeded antigens for zero reasons.

        If we aren’t fighting measles there is no need to make measles antigens, macrophages, T-cells, etc. If we aren’t fighting mumps – same thing goes.

        To me, it seems medically idiotic to say that “_____ has no antigens and so they need a booster shot.” – NO it means you aren’t currently fighting that disease.

        Let your kids hang around the vaccinated kids in weeks about 2-4 (depending on when they shed, varying from virus and body of the vaccine victim) and when they start shedding their viruses all over the everywhere – your kids may pick up the virus and make pathogens for them.

        Obviously (to many minds) it REALLY hurts our nation’s health to have 95% of our MDs without any biochemistry or nutritional training.


    4. dont do it, you jab him, and all that happens is he will be catching, carrying and spreading it to little babies, and anyone else, for the next three years, and he will get whooping cough himself at age 14 anyway.


  5. Except of course if you live in California. Too late for exemptions here. Your exemption had to be submitted by December 31, 2015

    I just hope that lawsuits make a difference but unfortunately no lawsuit can be filed until the first child is denied entry to school, next August

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  6. Your own body makes formaldehyde you nitwit. The amount of these chemicals in a vaccine are so tiny as to be utterly meaningless. Stop making a moron of yourself in public.


      1. Levi read my other comments, email me for the references, yes I get sent the real scientific papers by real concerned pathologists, and others. I have them all. The cause of microcephaly in babies in Brazil, is Dtap given at 20 onwards weeks of gestation. So blatantly obvious, all the attempts to mess around with dates, is absurd. Given in May, when the vaccine was ready, given at 20 weeks or more, babies born 20 weeks later. But damn when I investigated microcephaly in USA< knowing they started jabbing in 2013, I was in no way prepared for the scale of the CDC fraud. As I researched, CDC papers go missing. You try and google microcephaly in USA in 2010. Straight to the zika page, with absurd rubbish, and a reference at the bottom, that has suddenly been removed. I hope everone with a damaged baby sues the hell out of CDC, and sues the hell out of the Brazilian Health Department. These vaccines were never tested in pregnancy, not recommended in pregnancy, yet these health departments, and in Australia, RECOMMEND THEM. I hope the lawyers have got their pens ready?


    1. Your CYP 450 enzyme cascades do in fact make formaldehyde. Typically, this occurs when you have overwhelmed them by drinking far too much alcohol. That is why you feel like death warmed over during your hangover. Arguably, infants don’t really have a need to be exposed to that phenomenon.

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      1. Please read my other comments, besides having 5 jabs in 5 years in Australia with Dtap, all that does is make you a symptomless carrier, infecting babies, who do get sick. Cant vaccinate a newborn (thats why they trying to hide this Dtap fraud by jabbing babies at 20 weeks gestation in the womb, with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth???0………….. 43 times increase in miscarriage (dead baby in utero), and 1 in 50 of them born have microcephaly. ), Besides all the damage done by the vaccine, killing babies and crippling them in utero, and babies being infected at birth, by vaccinated symptomless siblings! The vaccine fails about 3 years after the last jab (thank GOD!) all the kids get a nasty cough, doesnt stop them going to school, and they get real immunity, never spread whooping cough again, and have real antibodies to give their own babies in breastmilk, and maternal antibodies.


    2. The body is a brilliant self-sustaining system. Any formaldehyde it makes is naturally produced as and when required. The synthetic version in vaccines injected into the body is toxic. That is the difference.

      Our body is comprised of saline fluids, beyond the non-saline cerebrospinal fluid, but would it be a good idea to inject salt, particularly synthetic salt into our bloodstream?

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      1. Can you explain the difference between naturally-derived and synthetic formaldehyde?

        With all due respect, please include your level of education with your reply.


      2. Shotsfired, If you have no comprehension of the differences between synthetic and natural, nor any understanding of the difference between something produced by the body and something produced artificially and injected into the body then it might be time to do some research.

        My educational qualifications have nothing to do with you or this discussion. If you believe that they do then you must have a highly subjective approach to people and life.

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    3. Hhha a a pick the troll! Given to a baby at birth, those vaccines more than double the formaldehye in that newborn babys blood. I work in haematology, anything that is instantly doubled in the blood, causes shock. So Sane person, time you quit 411staff and got a real job.


  7. Ahhh the classic ad hominem attack. Can’t fight the idea? Fight the person with insults. And just to add, looks like Levi’s public approves :).

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    1. Technically, Ariel, SP’s comment was not an example of ad hominem. His or her argument was premised upon the stated position, not the person’s intelligence. The insult was merely ancillary.

      I find that some enjoy dropping fallacy names into discussions. Even when used correctly, these uses often seem didactic, unless they are among the common parlance of their audience.


      1. “An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly”

        Close enough to me! But to make you happy, and to be less didactic (though I do believe I am in the common parlance of my audience), I’ll just say instead that insults and personal attacks tend to go flying when the subject matter cannot be directly refuted. The character of the person is attacked rather than the information at hand. Good?

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      2. I find that the SP’s comment was immature, and I do not condone insulting others under the guise of rational discourse.

        He or she did, however, state two distinct premises, neither of which you addressed. Instead, you alluded the poster’s motive and relative popularity, all the while the subject matter was not directly refuted.


        “Hypocrisy…is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.”


      3. I don’t mean to troll, Levi. I’m genuinely interested in the topic, as well as in the discussion for and against the evidence.

        However, I happen to know that there are no differences between synthetically derived and naturally occurring molecules, as suggested by one poster. I also felt that Ariel’s comment seemed a little bullying—even if it was toward a bully—so I discussed it on its merits.

        We cool?


    2. Ariel, they are all paid shills/trolls they operate out of India, head office USA 411staff they have a fb page. They get paid Rs7000 a month, equivalent of $20 a week, they only have to have a high school certificate, and they use translation software. Thus the lack of any ability to really communicate in English! I am serious, if you want the proof, just email me angelaoffer@hotmail.com As for searching through facebook, wordpress, they use Cisco made software, that trolls through the internet looking for search terms like “vaccines”” and “”autism”” and that thread then gets hit, bombarded with fake aliases, nasty trolls, but they dont even speak English. They had no idea, until I told them, translated into Hindi, that USA used people in India for drug tests. In 2 years they killed 370 people, and only 20 families got compensated, yep 60c for the death. They had no idea Billy Gates is causing vaccine genoicide by using a vaccine known to cause polio, India, a country that had no polio, now has 47,000 victims. They had no idea Billy Gates foundation, trialled hpv vaccines on their girls, all illegally, leading to 7 (confirmed) dead from the vaccine, and hundreds crippled. So just respond to the nastiest of the trolls, using google translate.


  8. If you read the experimental scientific literature, you will see that these amounts are not meaningless, esp. for aluminum as I stated above.

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  9. I’m amazed! I started my journey on vaccine inquiry with a simple question. I asked my doctor, “is there any merit to the anti vax arguments?” She flatly said “no.” I later asked a pediatrician about fetal cells in MMR, and she said, “that couldn’t possibly be true.” Funnily, the pro-vax community is the quickest to dismiss the arguments without even knowing what they are, then are the first to resort to name calling… Particularly calling us “ignorant.” That’s the part I enjoy the most: the absolute imbicilic arrogance of people like “sane person.” You’re funny! Stupid, but hilarious!

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    1. Donna, read my other posts, they are trolls/shills paid to do this, all fakes. They dont even speak English very well. They get paid Rs7000 a month from call centres in India. Hilary Clinton just paid them 1 million of USA taxpayers dollars, for 32 million fake posts on all her oponents. But we expect that from USA damn politics! But who the hell pay these people to say Monsanto is great, your all idiots, vaccines dont damage anyone, you have no right to comment, you aint a scientist, all that crap. Then they troll through facebook pages to discredit you more. I think the fraud of Pharma is over!
      Use you full name, full email, the so called “”pro vaxx”” nasties are falling bigtime, because they are all FAKES!


  10. I live in California my son is 16 months and he’s had all his shots what can I donor the future ones? Just decide not to vaccinate? And if so will that go against me as a parent? All these articles confuse me, partly because they say how bad vaccines really are but also because I’m like ok so what can I do about it when my son is not accepted to any schools or things that he’ll have to refrain from doing because goddamn California won’t let us make the choices we want for our kids.

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      1. Yes! A new education/network system needs to be established, where parents (some work, some don’t) and work together to educate their children. Don’t pubic schools get money for each child that attends that school? Without attendance, public schools will lose money. Starve the system…


    1. Nathalie: That’s a really tough decision to have to make. Here are some things to consider, if you haven’t already: 1. After age three, the risk of serious adverse reactions to vaccines (particularly the MMR) is significantly reduced, so delaying them is a good strategy (one that Dr. Thomas, the Oregon pediatrician who helped stop their forced-vaccination bill in its tracks, uses with his patients). Go to Dr. Thomas’ blog and read what he has to say. 2. Lawsuits to overturn SB 277 cannot be filed until the first child is rejected from school, which will be in August. I fully expect this will happen, and we will have no difficulty defeating them in court; unlike the circus in Sacramento, courts have evidentiary rules, cross-examination under oath, juries.

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    2. Google Pan Ran I somehow dont think California will have that law for very long. Also there are legal forms on the net, you can download. The doctor who plans on giving the injection to your child against your wishes, has to sign every comment, that he accepts all the blah, blah blah ingredients are in this vaccine, he accepts that Dtap is spreading disease via the child becoming a symptomless carrier, he accepts that the vaccine will fail by 10 years, stuff like that, and he still believes it is in the best interests of the child to have the vaccine, and he accepts personal responsibity should the child be damaged by the vaccine. Havent seen a doctor willing to sign one of those yet!


  11. I think if a sunflower seed allergy is caused by the DTAP vax, it’s possible it could cause a sesame seed allergy as well. Does anybody know?


  12. “Thank you for this comment. It inspired me to write a new piece tonight about your third paragraph.”
    Excellent, Levi. If you’re going to be talking about diseases not transmitted in the classroom, don’t forget about hepB and the fact that children with hepatitis B are allowed in school. Oh but miss ONE shot of it without an exemption form (very difficult to get in states like CA and NY)? No school for you. So a kid without the disease is not allowed in school for fear he will spread the disease he doesn’t have, but a child WITH the disease is allowed in school, because it’s not considered transmittable in the classroom……..what?

    There’s also the issue of shedding from the live vaccines. The fear is for immunocompromised kids, right? Well then they should heed the warning on the live vaccine inserts. This is from the live virus Varivax vaccine (for chickenpox):

    “Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid
    whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following
    vaccination with VARIVAX. Susceptible high-risk individuals include:
    • Immunocompromised individuals;
    • Pregnant women without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior infection;
    • Newborn infants of mothers without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior
    infection and all newborn infants born at <28 weeks gestation regardless of maternal varicella

    At the end of the day, there's no logic or science being used in the vaccine machine. It's pure propaganda.

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    1. Worse is the Dtap, Vaccinated, catch carry and spread it for 8 weeks. Not just once, over and over, every time they get reinfected. In Australia, so bad, all the Dtap kids, who havent had the vaccine fail yet (which it does around age 9) all the Dtap kids just keep reinfecting each other, The whole vaccinated herd is so infected with whooping cough bacteria in their throats, the herd immunity thing, is just absurd, THE WHOLE VACCINATED HERD IS SICK. Just dont show symptoms, until age 6-12. Then they get real whooping cough, as the vaccine fails, THANK GOD!


  13. Hi I have always known this stuff is crap and bad for us and for years I have avoided my children getting this poison. Now the schools are requiring it for children to go to school 2016 if they don’t have it they can’t go. Now my question to you or anyone can answer how do we waive this what are our rights to not vaccine our children but still have them attend school. Thank you for posting this information as parent you think you are wrong for not vaccinating your children but then when you read this wow it allows me to know I’m doing the right thing.


    1. At some point – someone is going to refuse to have their children vaccinated – and the state is going to try to stomp on them so intensely that EVERYONE will be fearful of following that example. They are going to have their children taken away on the pretense that they are “endangered”.

      My first thing would be to never let CPS talk to my child. They cannot force you AND they need a warrant. You can refuse them entrance into your home and you’d better, because if they get in your house they WILL SEE SOMETHING they can write up as endangering your child. Just like police – they need a warrant – and there is no “tip” or “phone call” or anecdotal story that is sufficient evidence to allow them into your house without a warrant.

      i’d get the best vaccine lawyer i could find – there are good ones, but probably not close. If the CPS people state that your NOT vaccinating your child endangers them – ask them for the scientific, peer reviewed study that PROVES that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. Have a list of the different vax inserts run off and hand a copy to the CPS – OUTSIDE your door…

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    2. So is it better to keep child home, or inject him with poisons, and Dtap that doesnt even work? Google Pan Ran, the laws wont be in place long. Worse in Australia, they take our taxes, and give a bit of it back, called child benefit, if you jab. So basically, if you dont jab, you starve. Google Tanya Hammond. He was the last in the stupid coocooning theory in Western Australia, that Dtap jab to a 29 year old strong fit man, who worked for the mines, made him a quadreplegic. He got no compensation, we dont even have a vaccine court here. After this horror, and Tanya having to quit work to be his full time carer, and with 5 kids, all the kids child benefits have been cut, as she refuses to vaccinated them now. So besides this horrific damage to her husband, no compensation, they cant even afford food now.


  14. I don’t know if my last comment went through but I was asking if anyone one of you knew how to get an exemption for children to go to school who does not want shots I knew the vaccines were poison being pumped into our children I stopped giving my children vaccines years ago but now starting 2016 they are requiring children to have the poison inorder to go to school in CA so if anyone can help me with this I would be very appreciative. I have had an exemption form for over 10 years and than this year they pass some law that the schools are not letting up on they have told me if I don’t vaccinate than they will have to ask my children to leave. This is so crazy to me where’s the freedom in this.


    1. The first amendment (highest law of the land – to which all laws must comply) states “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, nor the free practice thereof….”

      In order to pass SB277 they had to torpedo our freedom of religion/philosophical exemptions. This is unconstitutional. Unconstitutional laws are not legitimately binding.

      The founding fathers specifically addressed this situation, calling such laws “imaginary laws” and “pretended laws” and stated that we must not obey them.

      You can still do this – even getting vaccinations if you chose – all you have to do is state that “i am NOT getting my kids their vaccinations because of SB277 because that law is unconstitutional, and therefore null and void. i am choosing to vaccinate because i was convinced it is better for my children and i”

      Got your poisons – told the system off.


    2. The illegitimate SB277 stated that you needed to extend your kid’s exemption by Dec something – think the 15th. They did NOT make that very available knowledge. Just as they do everything they can to prevent you from seeing the vax inserts.

      At this point your best shot is to either disobey and face the guns – but you’d need to have a lawyer ready and be prepared to back the CPS azzhulls down – demand a lawyer – refust to let them in their house – demand a warrant – do not let them talk to your child – do not let them convince you that they can take away your child.

      If you let them in your house they WILL find or manufacture a “danger” that your child needs to be stolen from you for their protection. They have no right to enter your house without a warrant. They MUST show that to you, and an unsubstantiated tip or phone call is NOT enough to just barge in and violate your 4th amendment. Remain calm and tell them to come back when they have a warrant AND your lawyer is present. The ACLU can be gotten on line on a cell phone – other perhaps better options exist for that means.

      Be careful, and weigh your battles, because there is a LOT at stake….

      Wishing you the best.

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    1. Beatrice M B: If you have a child entering Kindergarten or seventh grade they will be turned away unless fully poisoned. Otherwise, I think you can slip them in. The majority of California Democratic legislators, including the governor, have become medical fascists. They are also amazingly ignorant, arrogant, and scientifically illiterate. The Democrats are taking away our freedoms as quickly as the Republicans. I have nothing but contempt for both parties. The lawsuits over this will commence as soon as the first child is denied school entry, a right under the California Constitution.


  15. Regarding the term ‘natural’ on labeling, people need to understand what the FDA deems ‘natural’, a creative labelling tactic to allow toxic chemicals and ingredients into our foods. Approx 10% of ingredients on food labels could be undisclosed. If a food or chemical company make a special concoction, it can be considered proprietary….which means that can be omitted (protected) from the label. Also, the FDA deem GMOs ‘natural’….

    Labeling & deception go hand in hand with many regulatory and govt agencies.


  16. This is important info,but your print is so light that it’s very difficult to read.I’ve had to download this as text & then read it in Notepad.Just thought you might like to know.I’ll be posting a link to some other sites anyway.


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