Coincidence Disorder Reaching Epidemic Levels

Coincidence:  a remarkable concurrence of events without apparent causal connection.

doctor coincidence

Parents of disabled children, desperate to blame someone for their bad genetics or inexplicable acts of God, have taken to social media in recent years as a “vocal minority” to blame their woes on life-saving measures whose side effects we all know are exceedingly rare:  vaccines.

As much as our hearts break for these parents raising non-verbal autistic children in diapers at age 10, or whose kids go into anaphylactic shock six times a year from exposure to common everyday foods, or those with imperfect offspring who suffer from epilepsy and spend a quarter of the year hospitalized, we have to chalk these conditions up to the new epidemic of “Coincidence Disorder” because if there’s one thing we know about these mysteries:  they are not caused by vaccines.

There is no limit to the coincidences that these pathetic parents blame on the greatest inventions of the 20th century.  Take, for instance, when a seemingly-healthy baby is vaccinated for Hepatitis B before being discharged from the hospital, and suddenly that baby is incapable of suckling at the breast.  Never mind that mama had been breastfeeding for 48 hours already, this baby now has to be bottle fed because it has forgotten its eating reflex.  Babies are silly and sometimes these things just happen, right?  Did you see this study of little monkeys who weren’t able to suckle after a hep b vax?  Are we monkeys?  No, we are not.  We are plagued with Coincidence Disorder, and it’s tragic.

What about the 896 infant deaths after the Hib vaccine reported to VAERS  between 1990 and 2013?  Sometimes babies just die within 24 to 48 hours of the two or four-month routine immunizations.  Do you know why medical examiners never say that a child who died of SIDS in fact died from vaccines?  Because it’s not a box to check off on the form, that’s why.  Get used to those two and four month spikes in Coincidence Disorder.

Have you ever seen an infant break out in eczema days or weeks after vaccination?  Babies have crappy skin, don’t you know that?  “Baby soft skin” should mean skin that feels like sandpaper.  It’s Coincidence Disorder.  You know what vaccine is studied for causing eczema vaccinatum?  Smallpox.  Why?  Because we don’t give it anymore (except to our military) so the fact that it causes terrible skin lesions is irrelevant in today’s society.  Mark that one off as “who cares?”

And autism?  Have we not beat that horse enough?  Don’t you get your news from CNN?  Vaccines do not cause autism! Maybe, just maybe, they cause encephalitis in some susceptible children, which then causes autism— no, wait, forget I said that.  It’s Coincidence Disorder– some people don’t like to hear that well.

And then there are the biggest loudmouths, the allergy moms.  They think their cases are such slam dunks.  So what if their kids had no allergies at two months old and then were plagued with allergies 6 weeks after vaccination?  It is Coincidence Disorder!  What about the fact that Charles Richet was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913 for inventing anaphylaxis by injecting, via needle, jellyfish protein into dogs?  1913 are you kidding me?  Surely the Nobel Prize committee wouldn’t stand by an award 102 years old?  Undigested injected proteins behave differently today than they did a century ago, am I right?

What about kids who go into anaphylactic shock on the doctor’s table right after receiving a vaccine?  OK, fine.  You got me.  That’s not Coincidence Disorder.  That’s what the $3.5 billion paid out from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is for.  Getting a little cash takes the sting out, doesn’t it?

After all, what is more important than community immunity?  Isn’t it written into the Constitution that we have the right to be free from disease?  Nothing is more prized in our society than an untested immune system, existing in a bubble of temporary, somewhat ineffective, vaccine immunity.  Those intangible benefits outweigh the epidemic risk of Coincidence Disorder.



  1. BOSS! I’m sure a drug is in the pipeline for this horrific coincidence disorder. The side effects will include more coincidences, which are merely coincidental, which coincidentally coincides with other coincidences. I cannot wait for that shot, because it will make us all so confused that we will have to read that last sentence 19 times.

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  2. Love this! So true. The ever increasing (and increasingly mandatory) vaccine schedule has NOTHING to do with the plummeting health of American children. Nothing to see folks. Move on.


  3. Yep, exactly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Coincidence Disorder is not only extremely common (read: normal), but that’s it’s been around forever. Nothing to see here, people.


  4. Actually that baby who goes anaphylactic or seizes on the vaccination table? Paul Offit says it is coincidence too. He says his wife was about to give a vaccine and the baby seized and had she waited 2 more minutes the innocent vaccine would have been blamed. Never mind how many other vaccines that baby got 2 months ago… It is coincidence. True true and unrelated.

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  5. well you lost credibility when you said that we don’t give the smallpox vacc anymore (except for military). Research the problems that military fathers have faced when passing on smallpox to their own children.


  6. What’s always interesting to me is that they always say “we don’t know what caused this” or “we don’t know what causes autism,” but “we KNOW it’s not the vaccine!”

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  7. Nice opinion – no evidence to back it up. Good job using emotion and perception, but not fact, to attempt to sway the reader.
    Please post your links and evidence, and then I might consider your article more than just an opinion piece. Please post your studies showing that these things that you say happen, actually do happen in the numbers that you think they do. I would love to read that.

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      1. Sadly, your links are not valid, reliable, or relevant.

        Here, let me show you:

        The “little monkey” study where n=13. Sample size is too small to get a true result. The summary states “The mechanisms underlying these effects and the requirements for Th requires further study.”

        Any information from VAERS is invalid. VAERS is not an accurate reporting source, as there is no followup done on any report to determine causality. How about the report of the person who turned into the Hulk after vaccination? Or the 80 people who claimed that vaccines made them pregnant? VAERS is not a valid source for any scientific study. The best it can do is possibly show trends, of which it has shown none.

        Your excema link – did you read the full study?
        “Nevertheless, the differences among individual strains and treatments presented in Figs. 3B and 3C were not found statistically significant due to a considerable variability.”
        Nice try, but no.

        Your link to the Ratajczak study.
        Sadly, again, it fails the validity and reliability test.
        Studies from 1943 to present? You cannot compare apples and oranges. How did we test for autism in 1943? Is it the same as now? Do the sample sources match? No.

        You are attempting to make studies say what you want them to, rather than actually reviewing them to see if they actually say that – and so far, they don’t.

        How about you show a few meta-analysis studies that prove your point? Oh yeah, there aren’t any.

        I stumbled upon your blog through a friend. I had hoped for actual science, but I see you don’t have any.

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  8. Quack, you also commented on the 3 billion given through Vaccine Compensation.

    Let’s look at that in more detail:

    National Vaccine Injury Compensation figures show, that between 2006 and March 2014, there were:

    Grand Total of Vaccines Given: 1,968,399,297
    Compensated Claims: 1300 (0.000066%) or, 6.6 TEN THOUSANDTHS OF ONE PERCENT of total vaccines given.

    Now, I know the anti-vax community loves to say “only one in 10 gets reported… (even though you never provide any evidence)… but, let’s play along… and say that there are actually 10 injuries for every one reported.

    Then, if that were true, the number of compensated claims should be 13,000, or 0.00066% or 6.6 THOUSANDTHS OF ONE PERCENT of total vaccines given.

    So where all these vaccine injuries? And if they are as bad as you say they are, why aren’t they being reported?


    1. As I went through rounds of vaccinations I went from being able to roll down the grassy hill to suddenly breaking out in rash and hives. I went from clear sinuses to constant hay fever and itchy eyes, hives, etc. Rounds of shots led to some strange years and childhood prescription to claritin b! Situations like having to drop out of gym because my entire body would break out into rash that stung like pins and needles instead of producing sweat. None of this recorded. How many people out there have allergies now days? How many of those are in VAERS?

      LESS THAN 10% OF ADVERSE REACTIONS EVER GET REPORTED. I’m just one of the thousands and thousands of unreported victims.

      You asked where are all of these vaccines injuries? We’re here too, Annie.

      Go find another bridge to live under.

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  9. Here is the problem with VAERS:

    “When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.”

    Please – look at the sentence that states: “The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.”

    You CANNOT use VAERS as proof that the vaccine caused an event. You have no evidence to support that.


    1. Good point, Annie. There is really no tracking of vaccine injuries! There is a voluntary reporting system, and the adverse reactions that do get reported just sit there, not studied, neither verified or denied.

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  10. Another coincidence is how all these coincidences have been escalating in the past 20 years or so, ever since vaccine liability was removed in 1986. Perhaps that’s the biggest coincidence of them all. Your writing is getting better and better.

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  11. This is for Annie the Troll and anyone passing by who might have been confused by her trolling:

    The CDC and major universities use VAERS for vaccine safety research. Here is one from Emory (right down the block from the CDC). Finding that hearing loss from the vaccine happens at the same time that hearing loss from the wild virus would occur, they conclude that more research is needed (can’t rule out that it’s just a coincidence):

    “The review of the VAERS reports identified 44 cases of likely idiopathic sensorineural HL after MMCV administration. The onset of HL in the majority of VAERS and published cases was consistent with the incubation periods of wild measles and mumps viruses. Based on the annual usage of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, we estimated the reporting rate of HL to be 1 case per 6-8 million doses. Thus, HL following MMCV has been reported in the literature and to the VAERS. Further studies are needed to better understand if there is a causal relationship between MMCV and HL.”

    If Emory isn’t authoritative enough for you, here is an example of a recent study done by the CDC itself, using that unreliable database, VAERS (that they coadminister with the FDA) to determine if MMR is safe for adults (forty years after they recommended it for adults):

    “Clin Infect Dis. 2015 May 15;60(10):e58-65. doi: 10.1093/cid/civ061. Epub 2015 Jan 30.

    Adverse Events Following Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine in Adults Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 2003-2013.

    Sukumaran L1, McNeil MM2, Moro PL2, Lewis PW2, Winiecki SK3, Shimabukuro TT2.
    Author information
    1Immunization Safety Office, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia.
    2Immunization Safety Office, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    3Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, US Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland.


    Limited data exist on the safety of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine in adults. We reviewed reports of adverse events (AEs) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to assess safety in this previously understudied group.
    VAERS is the national spontaneous vaccine safety surveillance system coadministered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration. We searched the VAERS database for US reports of adults aged ≥19 years who received the MMR vaccine from 1 January 2003 to 31 July 2013. We clinically reviewed reports and available medical records for serious AEs, pregnancy reports, and reports for selected prespecified outcomes.

    (more at link)

    Of course, if you don’t want to get your coincidences from VAERS, there are other sources. Here is one from Pubmed – a case report of a 31 year old Brazilian man who died after a combined measles and rubella (MR) vaccine. The vaccine strain of rubella virus was found in his brain tissue on autopsy:

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    1. Did you notice that the researchers are watching for adverse reactions and when they see possible questions that might improve safety if researched they recommend researching them? A rational person will not say vaccines are injury free. They will agree there is a small risk of severe vaccine injury, and greater risk of mild, self-limiting reactions. You yourself point out that they noted the time between vaccination and onset of hearing loss is similar and that there were forty reports. They didn’t shrug off that forty, they didn’t rub their evil hands together with glee. They said, “Hmm. This could be a problem, and we will publish our results and recommend it get researched.” They didn’t even hide it!

      I try to consider myself a realist in everything. My own pediatrician said, “skip the chicken pox vaccine and get natural immunity for your kid if you can before it is required by school.” Sadly, my son didn’t get chicken pox and got the vaccine instead. My niece has had shingles twice already between ages 16 and 19 and had the vaccine instead of the disease. I am not sure how widespread the young people with shingles after varicella vaccine is, but if it is too common, they hopefully will reconsider making it mandatory for all. Sadly, since it is now included in the MMR for convenience’ sake, that possibility is a little less. Still possible, though, if there is enough young person shingles.

      I have said repeatedly that I would love to have the knowledge to be sure vaccines create everything they are blamed for. Do any of you have a list of inexpensive resources that will let me fully understand the immune system, the brain, passive and active immunity, immunological development, epidemiology and advanced statistics?


  12. The point is: There IS a vaccine injury court! Annie and others…This very fact, that it exists, acknowledges both death and injury. It’s widely known that winning a case via VAERS is difficult at best, with CDC et all having the best lawyers and all. And, awarded cases are sworn to secrecy. Quite a curious thing, isn’t it? Oh, but I guess if it’s ‘only’ a tiny percentage [when doctors btw are not trained to look for vaccine reaction and increasingly taught to be hostile towards parents who do question and report], then it’s not *really* a problem now, is it? I guess unless it happens to be your child—then you might feel differently.

    The very fact that this program exists, confirms that there is risk and that vaccines are not always safe or effective. How can anyone support mandating medical procedures and forced consumer purchase of pharmaceutical drugs, let alone forced injecting into the bloodstream and muscles of infants, babies and children?

    Also, a parent doesn’t need a research study to confirm what is obvious. Contrary to popular brainwashing, the world doesn’t *really* operate on the basis of industry based, corporate scientific research. They just want you to think that.

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  13. Yep…. Those people against vaccines just haven’t seen the right studies. You know the ones, where the drug companies pay for several scientists to tell you how safe their product is. There’s no conflict of interest involved and these scientists don’t have to worry about future employment should their study prove anything other then what promotes the product they’re testing so that it can get on the coveted vaccine schedule.

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  14. All very amusing until the vivisection gets dragged in. I am always horrified that people cite vivisection as though it is OK to deliberately do these things to other beings as if their suffering means nothing. And it is true, that although you can get similar results with animals, sometimes you don’t, which is why vivisection is not a real “science.” It IS sort of like playing Russian Roulette. Read this book, written by an ex-vivisector: “Vivisection or Science, A Choice To Make.”


  15. These coincidences will stop as soon as vaccine makers are liable for the damages they cause! Please sign and share this petition.


  16. Okay what I don’t understand is how the vaccine companies haven’t sent the secret vaccine police to heal your mind with a soothing series of wonderfully mind numbing medications. You’ll feel so much better. You’ll never know what hit you. You will trust Fox News, CNN, and you will enjoy The Bachelorette, sooothing. And you will love and agree with Annie. Now just relax, these won’t hurt one bit……

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  17. Absolutely great closing. Yup, oxymoron. …you must take risk to be permanently maimed for the false sense of protection from otherwise, non fatal diseases that you may never contract or can fully recover resulting in natural immunity….not to mention a strengthened immune system passed on to offspring.


  18. The Zionists (AKA Nazi Party) found a way to get people to agree to late term abortions, while profiteering from the survivors as their parents become exhausted and bankrupt. Brilliant. The coming 80% autistic adult population won’t need anyone to care for them as many worry, since the incinerators will make a comeback.


    1. Ugh, there is almost always an ignorant Jew-hater infecting the comment stream. Get it through your thick skull, blaming the Jews (aka Zionists) for the ills of humanity is a Nazi mentality. Calling Jews Nazis is the ultimate expression of anti-Semitism. It allows you to feel self-righteous about the extermination of the Jews of Europe. Jew-hate on the rise because the internet spreads this screed and sources are not vetted for any semblance of truth.


      1. I can’t tell if OpenEyes is a hater of one or two denominations, concerned and trying to warn in a way, or something else…but I don’t think he/she said what you say he/she said… and yeah, there does seem to be an agenda of generating hate and division … and maybe more than one agenda from a time when vaccination was first being promoted that is protected by censorship, seemingly trained to be a reflexive response in fear of appearing hateful, IMO…I don’t think the producers and some promoters of these types of censorship have the same level of loyalty to the denominations they claim to stand for though.


  19. Thank you, even though it took me a couple of minutes to recognize the sarcasm. Maybe that’s how absurd and appalling the pro-all-vaxes-all-the-time approach has become. I hope many well-intentioned wake up soon to all of what they are about, and for those without good intent, I hope they are few and soon to be on the run…


  20. I saw an excerpt of this offensive post yesterday on Age of Autism. I responded to it there, but want to state directly to you how offensive your remarks are about parents of children disabled by autism.

    Would you describe parents of a child with cancer as people desperate to blame someone for their bad genetics or an inexplicable act of God? Would you dare describe cancer as a coincidence disorder? Autism results from brain injury, and research on causes of brain injury should be just as important as looking for what causes of cancer, heart defects, or cystic fibrosis.

    Most research on autism can only be described as silly. How does linking “behavioral traits” to gene loci advance understanding? The “traits” of autism are all clear neurological signs: (1) language disorder, (2) repetitive movement disorder, (3) diminished level of (social) consciousness. That seizure disorders are often part of the affliction emphasizes the need for research on specific brain circuits affected in autism.

    The medical profession has a long history of ignoring the tragedy of developmental disorders, and dismissing them as hereditary. The increase in vaccines for children over the past 20+ years is a reasonable starting point for research. Epidemiology provides no information about how the brain might be affected. The error of epidemiology is simplistic counting of all people as identical, and ignoring interplay of multiple factors.

    Brain damage caused by asphyxia at birth should long ago have been considered a primary cause of autism. The evidence of damage to the auditory system and basal ganglia sits there ignored in the medical literature. It is high time the medical establishment is confronted with the possibility that a highly revered treatment actually causes harm.


      1. Thanks. I get it. My autistic son is now 52 years old, and for 50+ I have been harassed by sappy doctors telling me nothing can be done about “hereditary” mental deficiency.

        I have spent most of my life researching vulnerable systems in the brain, but am still told I must stop and be more accepting, not more knowledgeable. The brain is too complicated?

        Now in our 70s my husband and I are still being encouraged to care for our son at home. At this point we are also being told to take all the the new drugs for every imaginable elderly problem, and to go see this that and the other specialist about everything that can be tested for.

        Sorry, by the time I read your post last night, I was not in a humorous mood.

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  21. well written, even your responses back to the comments are hilarious. I even learned a thing or two. sad it has come to this when evidence and common sense are considered coincidence.


  22. Don’t get me wrong, I think that injecting children with known neurotoxins in order to intentionally activate their immune system is a shit-tastic idea on multiple levels, but, to play devil’s advocate a bit, what about the other things that could be causing coincidence disorder? What about the hormonal disruptions caused by birth control pills? What about the antibiotics that are wrecking havoc on the microbiome and mitochondria? What about the fillers and thickeners that are inflaming the digestive tract? What about the fluoride in many medications (and in water)? What about the chelating of multiple minerals from the body by pharmaceuticals? What about GMOs? What about pesticides? What about pharmaceutical residues in our water supply? We live in a toxin soup. But the idiots who are coincidence proponents deny all possible causes of chronic, “mysterious” illness and say that people have always been this sick or that the illnesses are psychosomatic. Fools. But, a warning to my friends who are screaming about the idiocy of vaccines, don’t be fools about the other dangers – they’re real too. Vaccines aren’t the only bad player on the market.


  23. Common sense says injecting anyone, let alone very vulnerable babies or toddlers with multiple chemical concoctions containing at least one or more antibody cultures is a huge onslaught to the immune system, and especially that of the immature immune system.

    It’s like playing Russian roulette. The fact that many children don’t appear to have any adverse reaction is more to do with whether there was a bullet in the chamber or not when the trigger was pressed. In those that do react, had the vaccine been given a day, or even an hour or two earlier or later, the outcome may have been completely different. If the immune system is already dealing with something else at the time, the vaccine onslaught may just be a step too far at that moment.

    We already have inbuilt protection. Strengthening the immune system has to be far better than injecting the body with unnatural foreign substances. The Western diet and lifestyle is constantly distracting the immunity with processed unnatural sugar, chemicals, and toxins. Instead of allowing the body to purge itself of toxins with colds, coughs, rashes, sweats, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., we are brainwashed into assuming it to be ‘illness’ that needs suppressing by any means. That then gives the immune system twice as much work to do. You can’t keep on brushing the dirt under the carpet…..

    Immunity doesn’t come from foreign substances. Immunity comes from exposure and ‘training’ of the immune system. The stronger the immune system, the easier it can deal with unwanted attacks.


  24. It seems like a severe case of cognitive dissonance to me when someone seemingly in their right mind says, I noticed that your child has a severe reaction when they eat peanut butter, I bet they have some allergy to peanuts, then they watch a child who gets vaccinated who has a severe reaction and says to the parent who thinks it has something to do with the vaccine, oh you must be delusional to think the vaccine could do this, you must be some sort of kook or lunatic to notice the reaction your child had after getting vaccinated. To all like you the government and pharmaceutical companies say to you “your programming is complete”. Congratulations you are now qualified to judge the rest of the world with the paradigm you have been programmed with. Your superior programming qualifies you to judge and criticize those experiencing a most severe level of suffering as they watch their children deteriorate into a world of horror right after they get vaccinated. You should be very proud of yourselves as you so pompously pat yourselves on the back for completing your programming.


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