Vaccine Injured and Still Pro-Vaccine

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For the satire-impaired, the quotes in the following piece are not real.  One would have to be completely out of their gourd to ever make such unfounded, irrational statements, such as those made by this deputy editor for Business Insider.  She claims to have suffered through the scenario* that keeps anti-vaccine advocates up at night after her first Gardasil shot, but never fear, she got back on the pro-vaccine wagon once she came to her greater good senses.

Her story falls into the category of “I’ll take ‘Things That Never Happened for $500, Alex,'” and is right along the lines of these other scenarios:

“I’m on pregnancy number five right now, and hoping this one sticks.  I’ve been terribly unlucky in losing all four of my babies at 90 days gestation after getting my OB-recommended flu vaccine.  They said it was just a coincidence and that there is no causal proof that receiving the flu vaccine in pregnancy causes spontaneous abortion.  Do I care that the vaccine manufacturers themselves do not recommend vaccinating pregnant women and go so far as to say that the safety of doing so is not established?  No, I do not.  I trust my doctor.  I don’t see a medical degree hanging on your wall.”

–Kayla, struggling mother-to-be

“I’m talk-texting this from my hospital bed, where I’ve been since Christmas.  My wife is staunchly opposed to getting flu vaccines but she was out of town and my mother talked me into it.  To be honest, I could see her point.  Thousands of otherwise perfectly healthy young people die each year of the flu, right?  I think I read that somewhere.  Long story short, I got the vaccine without talking to my wife about it.  My legs had quit working by the time I woke up the next morning, and by the end of the second day my arms didn’t work either.  The doctors said that this Guillain Barre Syndrome would be temporary but instead of being discharged to go back to my life they’re now talking about long-term care.  Will I get the flu vaccine when flu season comes around this year?  You betcha I will.  Healthcare facilities are dangerous places for catching disease and I need to protect myself from both the flu and Ebola.  Besides, I’m pretty sure my wife is going to divorce me anyway so I don’t care what she thinks.  In my book, the benefits of the flu vax outweigh the risks.  The CDC says that GBS is rare, and no one gets struck by lightning twice.”

–Max, newly quadriplegic father of one

“When my first child, Sammy, had numerous grand mal seizures six days after his third dose of the pertussis vaccine I told myself, ‘Tap the brakes on that DTaP, Mama.  Let’s figure this out.’  But truthfully, despite the FDA warning that prolonged seizures are a contraindication to the DTaP vaccine, there just isn’t any causal proof that the DTaP causes seizures.  A year later, after much healing for Sammy, we went ahead with the MMR and chickenpox combo shot, and Sammy hasn’t said a word since. He spends most of his time spinning the wheels on his favorite dump truck or hanging over the arm of the sofa, and he was diagnosed with autism when he turned 4 earlier this year.  I guess he was just born this way.  I’m due to give birth to our second son any day now and we plan to fully vaccinate right on schedule.  Why?   Because anti-vaccine conspiracy theories have no place in our society.  If I have to sacrifice a second child to prove my point, I’m going to do just that.”

–Carrie, soon-to-be mother of two

“We thought we were doing the right thing by delaying our daughter’s 2-month vaccines until she was 3 months old.  That day she screamed a high pitched scream and fell into a deep sleep, which was kind of a relief because at least I could get some work done around the house.  That night I gave her a bottle at 6pm and kissed her goodnight.  In the morning she was gone.  The medical examiner said it was SIDS and gave no other explanation for what killed my baby.  Do I think it was the vaccines?  No, I think she was going to die no matter what.  If it was the vaccines the medical examiner would have said so, right?  There is no causal proof.  I’m pregnant with our “rainbow baby” now and really plan to do the right thing this time, and that means following our doctor’s advice to the letter.  We’ll be vaccinating fully at 2 months old.  Vaccines are the greatest invention of the 20th century.”

–Victoria, grieving mother

“When Gardasil came out I was one of the first women in line to receive it at the age of 21.  My parents begged me not to be a guinea pig but I was an adult capable of making my own decisions about my sexual health.  When I got the first shot I fainted right there on the table, but Merck says that’s normal.  I think it’s just because us women are so emotional and prone to hysteria. It was probably all in my head. After the second shot I had a really hard time getting out of bed for a few months and dropped out of college for a semester, but the school nurse said there was no causal relationship to the debilitating joint pain and brain fog that I, and thousands of other young women, claim to have experienced.  I got my third shot and I’m in a wheelchair pretty much most of the time now and had to drop out of school completely.  Thankfully my parents let me move back into their house and my mom takes care of me full time.  The real kicker is that getting Gardasil 4 caused me to develop one of the more dangerous strains of HPV that wasn’t covered by it.  How did that happen when I haven’t even had sex in two years?  Anyway, my doctor says that there’s a new Gardasil 9 on the market that I should get since I must be prone to high-risk HPV infection.  If I can get my mom to drive me to the doctor I’m going to get that shot.”

–Erika, only child, living at home, probably forever

Quackenboss here.  Are these stories offensive?  Does it piss you off when people try to talk you out of trusting your gut instincts and attempt to invalidate your life experience?  Are you tired of the pro-vaccine advocates, including the media, seeking out one-in-a-million nut jobs and parading them around as if they represent anyone but a minuscule percentage of the population?  If you’re on Twitter be sure to let the Business Insider editor know what you think of her propaganda or you can leave a comment on the piece here.

* the “scenario” in this sense is limited to temporary achy joints and excludes death and/or permanent disability of ones child, so, not exactly anyone’s worst nightmare except the author’s.



  1. The BSC yahoo article author– who is expecting everyone to take one for the team, and get every shot on the market even if you dodged a bullet and the injury is not permanent–is asking you to join Team Disability. You know– for the greater good of society.

    There is no freedom without medical freedom. Thank you freedom lover Boss for writing where her logic leads.

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    1. Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
      when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
      the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
      others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
      privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.
      ― Benjamin Rush, the first Surgeon General

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  2. I’m sure that vaccines are ‘safe’, right?, because the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or whatever it’s called, just pays out millions of dollars a year, like $100,000 because it needs to keep
    Justice Dept. attorneys, who work on behalf of pHARMa, employed? Right? Besides just over $3.1 billion has been paid to families of vaccine-injured children, including death payouts, so that doesn’t mean shots are bad. I mean, I still want my three kids, all of them supposedly ‘autistic’, well, they stopped talking at 3 yrs and now they just flap around all day, banging their heads. The bummer is that they have to wear their bike helmets in the house now, all the time, and it gets a bit noisy when they hit the wall, which I wish they’d do outside because now I have to have the walls painted again because of the all the chipping, darn!

    The doctor who gave my kids the shots, which my neighbor said is why my kids are messed up now, said they were ‘safe’, and wouldn’t show me the insert label, which my neighbor said I should ask to see. He said not to worry and that if anything happened, like seizures, or convulsions, that it was ‘normal’ and to ride it out. Well, that was five yrs ago and I’m still ‘riding it out’ w/my husband having left us because working three jobs to take care of our kids was too much. My insurance co. also cut us because I’m thinking they have paid out too much in claims. Plus, our premiums have quadrupled since our first-born, Tommy, started convulsing right after getting his third set of shots at six mos. What’s up w/that? We trusted our doctor when he said not to worry, that it’d be okay if Tommy got five shots that day. Sad to say, our second born died at 4 mos after getting his second set of shots. Our nosy neighbor said it wasn’t ‘SIDS’ which is what the doctor called it, but a reaction to the shots because Emily died within 3 days of getting her shots at 4 mos.

    But the doctor said these situations were all ‘coincidences’ and that it could have been something in the ‘environment’, but he couldn’t say what. He denied it being the shots’ fault and because he’s our doctor, I believe everything he says, because he has a medical degree that proves he knows everything related to sickness and health. But my neighbor said he doesn’t know shit. I’m starting to think either my doctor doesn’t know everything and that my neighbor may be on to something.

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  3. I would like to amend my previous comment to include that the yahoo article is a clear example of a Pharma ghostwriter. If readers are not familiar with how common that is– for someone to portray themselves as the average person and yet take money from drug companies to sell the product in various media formats– then they need to start looking at the affiliations of these writers.

    Alas, readers’ time would be better spent asking their pediatricians and lawmakers if they personally have had all 70 doses of vaccines. Find me a pediatrician who has had all 70 doses– just one. Let him/her tell their story of how they destroyed their health. Chirp. Chirp. Or should I say, quack! They don’t exist. Seems like what is good for the goslings is not good for the gander.

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    1. It probably is a ghost writer. I sure hope so. Unless the power to cling to long held beliefs is just that strong. Can you imagine having that experience and then just brushing it off rather than questioning what’s going on? That is truly sad if that is the case.

      I’m still waiting on a time machine to be revealed that big pharma must posses in order to make these claims that HPV vaccines will prevent cancers that form decades later in life. What a crock of shit.

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  4. Time and again, i see in comment threads to justify other people to get vaccinated because they or their children are immunocompromised. Umm….can’t people connect the dots? The vaccines could be the cause for their immune systems to be compromised??? I see so many people who are experiencing long-term health issues, where these issues started after a vaccine, then still promote getting vaccinated!

    Time and again – they have the answers staring them in the face, and they put blinders on instead. Yeah, per other comments here – it’s probably a ghost writer for the vaccine industry or the writer is just not very bright. Well, since there is Aluminum in these vaccines (thimerisol still in flu vax), it can effect mental processes, memory, etc. could explain her stupidity….Then they are sucking down fluoridated water…which just amplifies problems…… *sigh*

    Yep, excellent blog post – great points, reflects perfectly what i see in comments threads way too often nowadays….

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    1. It’s not even a matter of connecting the dots. Everyone is a risk to immunocompromised people regardless of vaccination status, and there are dozens of illnesses that could kill them that we don’t have vaccines for. Yet somehow vaccinated people magically don’t pose a risk to them. Sheesh.


  5. I do enjoy a good Quackenboss read! Somehow he seems to articulate my own sarcastic, rolling my eyes, thoughts in a way I cannot! The irony is obvious, these are the experiences of many, many families who saw the connection and made changes. So many similar experiences at similar events and ages…but there CANNOT be a connection. That’s what they (and we) are *supposed* to believe because a doctor told them so. As these fictional, representational stories are compiled it would seem ridiculous to carry on the pro-vax view in light of these seemingly obvious events…yet we are expected to stop questioning, forget the real-life stories and just get our “damn” vaccines! Nope.

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  6. I had to leave a homeschooling group for “Free-Thinkers” (aka not religious folks) because one mom was lamenting the fact that around her the only homeschoolers were either dogmatic ultra-religious conservatives or “hippies who don’t vaccinate their kids.” I asked why vaccine status mayter so much and she went off about how both of her kids had severe adverse reactions to vaccines and both have waivers and cannot be vaccinated and therefore they rely on the herd immunity of others to protect them and both have compromised immune system. I asked how she could witness vaccine injury up close and feel like others should not be able to choose to opt out and avoid that damage in their own kids. She screeched that what happened to her kids was exceptionally rare (note–it happened to both of them) and that if she could vaccinate she would but she cannot so it was up to others to protect her kids. I was gobsmacked. I pointed out that no one is required to light their kids on fire to keep hers warm, and that dogmatically worshiping Big Pharma after her kids were severely affected was not exactly fitting with being a “Free-Thinker” without a religion. And then I let myself out of that group. I still feel like I was being punked. No one in real life can be that absurd.


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