When You Hear “Anti-Vaxer” think “Parent of a Vaccine-Disabled Child”

Despite what the media tells you, it isn’t all that common to encounter an “anti-vax” parent who has never vaccinated a child.  Most “anti-vax” parents only wish they were so lucky to have seen that train wreck coming in the crystal ball.  The overwhelming majority of them started out just like the opposition:  pro-vaccine and trusting their doctors.

Then, one day, they lost the healthy child they once knew.


The parent woke up to their child seizing in the middle of the night, or to discover that their toddler has Type 1 diabetes, or a bowel disorder so severe that their child was banging his head on his highchair and hanging over the arm of the sofa trying to mitigate the pain.

Maybe their preschooler became covered in eczema so crippling that it was a 24/7 job to keep them from clawing their skin off, and the parents had to live sleep-deprived for years on end as their marriage crumbled.  Maybe their 8 year old is finishing her 2nd round of chemo and no one has any answers as to why she has to suffer like this.

Maybe that first bite of peanut butter and jelly ended with an ambulance ride and a terrifying near-death experience and now a mother is attempting to function each day under the cloud of PTSD.  Maybe the flu vaccine sent their child into anaphylactic shock; maybe the nurse wearing a latex glove did.

Maybe dad couldn’t stand to be part of an autism family anymore and mom is barely hanging on, going at it all alone with no money to pay for services.

So parents started wondering how this invisible disease took over the healthy child they used to know and they started to research.  Maybe their research led them to question the safety of vaccine ingredients, the overloaded vaccination schedule, and perhaps the very concept of injecting bacteria, viruses, residual mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, soy, casein, and egg into an infant’s capillary beds and bypassing the digestive system.

Maybe all of a sudden vaccinating infants seemed insane.

Maybe mom and dad got tired of hearing, “We don’t know what caused your child to be so sick, but the one thing we’re 100% certain of is that it was not vaccines.”  Maybe they decided to take matters into their own hands and start calling their own shots, months or years too late to save their disabled kid.  Maybe baby #2 or #3 arrived and mom and dad said, “Over my dead body” to the hepatitis b vaccine.

Maybe they are done sacrificing their kids for the good of the herd when the herd isn’t sitting at their kitchen table at midnight helping them figure out how they’re going to pay the hospital bills.

So when you hear the media or frenzied parents screaming from the rooftops about these good-for-nothing “anti-vaxers” putting everyone else at risk, stop and put yourself in the shoes of the parent of a vaccine-disabled child for a day.  Just because you don’t see the disability of an assaulted immune system on the outside doesn’t make the injury any less real, terrifying, infuriating, grossly unfair, or expensive to cope with.

Ponder how reasonable this “anti-vaxer” accusation would be if vaccine disabilities were easily perceived with the naked eye, like a mangled arm or deformed facial features.  What if vaccine-disabled children looked like Thalidomide babies with tiny flipper-like appendages in place of arms and legs?  Would their parents be “anti-vaxers” if the one and only way the child turned out that way was because he was vaccinated?  Would you demand that they give the child even more vaccines?

No.  You’d look at those parents and say, “There go the parents of a vaccine-disabled child.  My kids have been lucky, but I understand why vaccines aren’t right for their family.”

(photo credit BBC UK)


  1. Is meaningful = saying what you want to hear?

    I obviously don’t have the amount of time you do to spend on the subject. Roughly 9 out of 10 people disagree with you. Science not superstition. Some people don’t believe fossils exist either. There is always ‘evidence’ for whatever your agenda is. I just don’t buy your argument and it will remain like that until there is clear and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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    1. Madge, roughly nine out of ten supported the Vietnam War, a criminal disaster of huge proportions where an army fighting invaders actually won because they were in the right. Similar figures believed the lies the US Government told about WMD’s in Iraq. Similar figures for those who believed Thalidomide was safe. Ditto for science telling people DDT was perfectly find around human beings…. and your point would be?

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  2. I had a friend. She was working. The phone rang. She looked positively panicky until she looked at her cell phone. I asked her what was wrong. Her daughter had a serious fish allergy. If she even smells fish, she must be taken to the hospital or she could die. She was one of the reasons I researched the peanut allergy epidemic. What could possibly be causing it? I found the answer. You cannot be allergic to something without first being exposed to it. Scientists have injected animals with food protein and aluminum adjuvant to create food allergies in the animal. Is there food protein in vaccines? I found many patents for adjuvants and culture mediums with food products. No matter how refined an oil can be, there is a trace of food protein. Not every kid gets the food protein in the shot. Just the unlucky ones. How can this be legal? It is. Pharmaceutical companies can “self affirm” GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. GRAS ingredients do not have to be listed on the package insert. Self affirmed GRAS ingredients don’t even get submitted to the government and they become a protected trade secret, protected by international trade law. Every food oil known to man was listed in the patents for vaccine adjuvants. Every food known was listed in patents for culture mediums. Only the final culture medium is listed on the package insert.

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  3. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this post. “Over my dead body” is exactly how my husband and I felt when our 3rd child came along after our 2nd child, fully vaccinated, became a child with autism before our eyes. We stopped all vaccinations 5 years ago and we will never ever again let another poisonous, chemical-laden cocktail be injected into our children.


  4. It’s easy to spout the grandeur of science. That is until you are holding your flailing child trying to keep him from hurting himself or you while a smug doctor tells you best case you will be raising a four year old for the rest of your life. Worst case you will be raising that four year old. Well that was twenty years ago many jobs, a wife that decided to run away because she couldn’t handle him, doctors abuse, and more than I care not remember. Natural remixes like cilantro extract and never giving up. He now lives alone and has battled more battles than most could fathem. Learned to sign and went to some school when they wernt being neglectful or abusive.about two weeks back he called via his video interpreter and told me he gave a homeless man five dollars because he looked hungry. And he remembers being homeless. You need to get him caught up before he starts school. Then when I went back and told the doctor of his high fevers and screamingooh and off I was told nothing to worry about and then round two. You know what it’s been right at twenty years since I have heard him say daddy I love you.


  5. This is an awesome article. And Madge, I know you have trouble actually hearing what we are saying so how about researching who William Thompson of the CDC is and what he said. Yes we will accept your apologies but how about giving a donation to a generation Rescue or the SB277 referendum gofundme while you are at . it. Our children were harmed at huge expense to our futures and our families and we got zero justice and no help . So I hope you think about for a moment how you would feel if your infant got a shot ended up in the ICU and then you found out the shot had garbage in it he didn’t need it and what happened to him was listed on the vaccine package insert but no one informed you. Would you be this smug and judgmental then? Or would you just go away and shut up and let it happen to someone else’s chokd tomorrow? What do you think is the ethics here?


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    For all the parents (and children) that live this nightmare. My heart aches for you. To those who are researching, dig deep. The answers are there…but not through the media or medical system. Look beyond the assurances of the CDC and govt agencies. We as parents have to live with our choices. Always ALWAYS weigh risks against benefits, and understand that often purported benefits are exaggerated, and risks are minimalized.


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