Thanks for #TeamVax, CDC!

CDC have you done lost your mind?  What were the big brains in Atlanta thinking when they decided that the largest public health organization in the nation needed to stoop to meme-speak?

Let’s take a look at the meme that my tax dollars paid for. You’ve got your racially ambiguous doting mother with her tiny baby boy who’s clearly already had one round of vaccines because his bulging forehead circumference is in the 99th percentile.  It’s nice to see vaccine-injured babies represented.

racially ambiguous mother

So, you’re saying that vaccinating leads to a “safe” and “healthy” baby, is that right?  Liability-free and unavoidably unsafe vaccines given in greater quantity than any other time in history and directly correlating with the largest pediatric chronic illness crises our country has ever seen are safe and healthy?  This is the best you can do?  I wish you luck, I really do, but just like every other pressure tactic to emerge in recent years, my guess is that you’re doomed to fail.  Someone at Emory University is going to get a $10 million grant to do a study that announces your poorly designed and visually unappealing government memes caused vaccination rates to drop even further.

Let me break it down for you.  You are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  As far as 95% of America knows, you are infallible.  Why do you need an ad campaign if you’re infallible?  You don’t.  When was the last time you saw a Rolls Royce commercial?  Never.  They don’t advertise.   They don’t have to. They’re infallible.

So why are you advertising?  Here’s my guess:  because you don’t have the facts on your side and you know it.  You’ve got a whistleblower admitting that you’ve manipulated your studies for decades, and your next natural step is to attempt to manipulate the public with advertising because nothing is real in your world.

But guess what you’ve ended up doing on your little joyride with my tax dollars?  You’ve legitimized your opposition, so thank you for that.  One doesn’t advertise unless their competitor is a real contender for their job.  Do you see NASA responding to flat-Earthers?  Do you see #TeamSphere memes on any of their Facebook pages?  No, you don’t.  Flat-Earthers don’t have NASA quaking in their boots.

How about instead of attempting to divide parents even further than they’re already divided– and instead of sending the message that we’re either with you or we’re dangerous– you step up and address the concerted effort your scientists have made to dilute and whitewash the negative results of your studies?  Is that so crazy?  Will the world spin off its axis?

Because you know what team I’m on?  #TeamKid.  #TeamHealth.  #TeamInformedConsent.  Anyone can make a meme.  It takes a truly trusted public organization to admit when they’ve screwed up.  Until then, I’m on #TeamWhistleblower.