The WHO commissioned a 44-page booklet on how to deal with you


Hello, is this thing on?

I’ve been on something of a little brain break. Yes, I got your 1,000 messages telling me to write about RFK Jr. and Trump, but I don’t have any more information about that situation than all of you, and the only interview I’ve seen about it is here.

I was scrolling through my buddy Forrest’s Facebook page (if you don’t follow him, you’re missing out) last night and came across his post about the 44-page World Health Organization’s best practice guide “How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public.”

I didn’t get past the first page before I needed to look up the authors of this masterpiece and read up on Erfurt University’s Mr. Philipp Schmid. Nothing says esteemed professor like Mr. Schmid from Erfurt, right? Surely he must be 70 years old; an expert in his field. I bet he has 16 grandchildren and we can trust him to tell us what’s best for our kids.

But no, it turns out that Mr. Schmid is a research assistant. Like, at his university. And he wrote the 44-page vaccine pusher e-book for the WHO when he was… an intern at their regional office.


What medical doctor wants the Doogie Howser of pro-vax messaging to advise them on their professional conduct? I don’t care that he’s the president of the debate club at Erfurt.

I can’t even say that sentence out loud without laughing.

The whole point of the document is to teach doctors/pharma/spokespeople to 1) re-educate the masses who are listening to someone who is against vaccines and 2) unmask the techniques the anti-vax speaker is using. Because nothing says, “Gotcha!” like publicly shouting, “Post hoc ergo propter hoc!” to expose our logical fallacies of vaccine injury.

In one breath he says that “vaccine deniers” ignore scientific evidence because they criticize the scientific approach, and in the next breath he says that challenge is the fundamental tenant of scientific progress. Wouldn’t we all love to have the funding to challenge vaccine science?

Maybe he didn’t get the memo that the science is settled? Maybe he hasn’t heard that vaccine safety is “asked and answered?” Maybe he doesn’t know about the vaccination consensus? Because nothing says scientifically proven safety like a bunch of doctors agreeing on it.

Oh wait. His WHO paper says “consensus” 17 times. He does get it.

I can’t believe I suffered through reading this 9th grade level paper.


Note to Schmid: when your print-

ed work is laid out to have 158 hy-

phens in it, you should ask your ed-

itor to justify it. This isn’t 1950.

It reads like you wrote it on a type-



In a nutshell, our little friend feels that all of us either reject or misunderstand science, we move the goalposts if we find ourselves getting verbally served by a pro-vaxer, we attack the opposition on a personal level (like this piece, is that what he means?), and that we’re dicks for not letting them leave 1,000 comments an hour on our blogs as if the first amendment applies to trolling. And his advice to the Paul Offits of the world is to go get some media training to be more charming and trustworthy-appearing and not say things like, “Get the fuck out of here” on camera. There. I saved you from reading it.

As Forrest points out in his video (if you haven’t seen it, you need to), the most hilarious part of the Shmid e-book is where he cautions his readers to trust their intuition when it comes to avoiding dangerous situations. Really.

I couldn’t make this shit up. On page 38 this clown–  who was just telling us that peer reviewed science trumps all– is warning his readers to trust their instincts and get out of situations that their guts tell them are dangerous.

But the moms who are blessed with maternal instincts that are screaming at them to get their newborn baby out of the nurse’s hands and hit the road? Naw, screw that instinct. He just means the instinct that tells you you’re about to get your ass kicked on the news by a pissed off parent like J.B. Handley, which is why you’ve never seen Paul Offit appear on television with him.

It turns out that “trust your instinct” isn’t some one-off remark that Mr. Schmid didn’t really mean. See, he’s a ka-rah-tey instructor and he knows that instinct is a matter of life or death. It can mean kill or be killed. Mr. Schmid is so educated on the topic of humans relying on instinct to make decisions that he wrote an entire paper on the intuitive perception of risk. When he tells his readers that they have the right to say no, to put their safety first, and to get out of a bad situation if their instinct tells them to, he means every word of it.

Yet… he doesn’t see the parallels. He doesn’t get the irony.

So, being the science-denier that I am, I’m going to encourage you all to take Mr. Schmid’s advice to heart and trust your instincts when it comes to getting out of dangerous situations. The pediatric medical establishment would not exist but for their ability to strip parents of their instinct while training them up to hand over that kid every two months for shots. Take a time out, walk away, go home, and think on how you want to handle the issue. God gave you that instinct for a reason.

{Photo courtesy of Erfurt University}


@realDonaldTrump A letter from parents of the vaccine injured

Dear Donald,

Remember this?


So do we. Thank you for meeting with Vaxxed director Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He is the voice for so many of the vaccine injured.

But many parents on our side, both those who supported you in this presidential run and those who did not, are afraid that you’re going to go the way of Obama once you’re in the White House. They remember his campaign promises about the right to know if our food has been genetically modified, which dragged out for eight years and finally ended with him signing the Monsanto Protection Act while he and his family ate out of an organic garden— and he handed out federal appointments to any Big Ag honchos who complained about it.

They remember how one of his White House attorneys— autism dad Michael Strautmanis— rounded up autism parent activists in 2007 and promised them that this was going to be their President. Obama knew what happened to Strautmanis’ severely effected child and that he would put an end to the epidemic of vaccine induced autism.

And what happened? Obama promptly took $20 million of pharma money for his 2008 campaign and told everyone to go get their flu shot. Strautmanis hasn’t been heard from since.

We know you won’t do this, Donald. You are not President Obama.

We are here to help you stop the autism epidemic and I’ve taken the time to write out my wish list for your first term.

  1. Drain the swamp we call the CDC. Drain it of corruption, corporate influence, and public policies that fly in the face of health. Hell, drain it of all funding—you wouldn’t be the first to say it should be done. Nobody needs a billion dollars of Zika money in the United States. Nobody needs an ebola vaccine. The CDC has grown into a fear mongering monstrosity not worthy of having access to speak to the American people. Take vaccine safety away from the CDC and set up an independent agency to monitor it. If there is anyone who deserves to be grabbed by the private parts, it’s the CDC. At minimum, appoint a CDC Director who understands that health does not come from a needle and that food is medicine, and who is willing to build a national health foundation on giving access to truth.
  2. Get Dr. Ben Carson to man up about autism if you’re going to nominate him as Secretary of Health and Human Services. This so-called “lack of evidence that vaccines cause autism” is really a lack of investigation into vaccines causing autism and we all know it. Hold his hand and let him know that it’s OK to admit that in some children, vaccines do cause autism, and together you’re going to turn this tide. Tell him to sell his pharma stock first. He alreadys knows the schedule is dangerous, with his public references to “too many, too soon” and wanting to stick to the “core vaccines.” But if Dr. Carson is going to have the job of caring about human conditions then he needs to care deeply about the condition of the voiceless who have been robbed of the life they deserved. Don, Bobby Jindal is an unacceptable choice for HHS. Give him a job that gets him away from vaccines.
  3. Nominate a US Surgeon General who understands that autism is an illness and not a mental disorder so that we don’t get some bullshit patronizing response to a vaccine petition that gathered 132,000 signatures like this one. If it’s the Surgeon General’s job to care about public health then they need to care about the bowel disease, immune system devastation, and seizure disorders brought on by the current vaccination schedule. We can’t make America great again with 1 in 30 boys on the spectrum and 1 in 6 kids being chronically ill.
  4. Publicly acknowledge the CDC Whistleblower investigation. We know you know all about this, but most of America does not. I don’t know if anything will ever come from the CDC investigation, given that their actions are 16 years old by now, but the public deserves to hear that a CDC scientist regretted his actions and that of his team in covering up the MMR-autism connection. And they deserve to hear it from the President of the United States.
  5. Dilute the CDC vaccination schedule back to one that is reasonable. While states are responsible for setting their own vaccination requirements for school, states wouldn’t add doses of a vaccine that’s not on the CDC schedule. Make personal referrals for Dr. Carson when it’s time for him to staff the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to shake that schedule up. Send him experts who realize that one cannot keep a child’s body in a constant state of inflammation and low level infection without serious consequences. Make it clear that no more vaccines are to be added, period. The infant doses of hepatitis b should be removed entirely and required only when the mother is hep b positive. Remove the polio vaccine since the disease is eradicated in nearly every country of the world. Remove the chicken pox vaccine for being entirely unnecessary. Delay the MMR vaccine until four years old and demand that single doses replace the three-in-one again. Expose the flu vaccine for the hoax that it is. Don’t allow children to receive more than one vaccine at a doctor appointment, and get rid of five-in-one vaccines. Set fire to Gardasil and let us enjoy watching it burn to the ground. Immediately halt the practice of recommending vaccination of pregnant women for flu and pertussis. Ban recommending acetaminophen for pregnant women and infants. Forbid the CDC from uttering the phrase “herd immunity” during your presidency.  Consult with Paul Thomas (buy his new book in that link) on what the new schedule should look like since he has eliminated new cases of autism from his medical practice with simple changes to the vaccination schedule. In fact, go ahead and tell Ben Carson to add Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Rachael Ross to the ACIP.
  6. Make your personal stance against vaccine mandates known, and that there will never be a federal mandate on your watch. We all know this is lurking. We’ve got this Florida Representative’s nut job mandatory vaccination bill that was submitted last year and this inconceivable Executive Order to keep the world free of disease that Obama signed last week. Repeal that immediately, please. Send a message to the states, to the people, to the lobbyists, the legislators: state mandates go against the wishes of the highest office in the country.
  7. Work toward legislation to ban pharmaceutical campaign donations to Congressmen. Recognize pharmaceutical companies as the domestic terrorists that they are. They should not be able to give direct donations, not PAC donations, not any donations. The pharma lobby must die. We know that you cannot be bought, but you are not a one-man army. Our leaders are owned and it is an embarrassment to our nation.  Pharmaceutical companies not only have a direct hand in the vaccines added to the CDC schedule, but they are responsible for the epidemic of children on antipsychotic drugs, anti-depressant drugs, attention deficit drugs, pre-diabetic drugs, and now, cholesterol reducing drugs. We can’t move forward as a nation with pharmaceutical companies debilitating our children.
  8. Create an Autism Prevention Program. Vaccine induced autism is preventable. There is no one single path to autism, but the superhighway is the vaccination program. Force the CDC—if it will still exist—to get honest about autism prevention. Honest about SIDS prevention. Honest about anaphylactic food allergy prevention. Honest about juvenile diabetes prevention. They all stem from the same place. No reasonable person from the vaccine education crowd expects or asks you to ban all vaccines, but most vaccine injuries are avoidable on a lengthier and more diluted childhood schedule.
  9. See that we amend the National Vaccine Compensation Program. This will have to be done after you’ve kicked pharma out of campaign finance because performing surgery on this legislation is a can of worms you don’t want to open as long as pharma lobbyists are able to slip in poison pills to make the program worse than it already is. Years-long cases, an adversarial environment, a limited table of injuries, a short statute of limitations, a battle of the expert witnesses, a pathetically small number of cases being compensated— was never the intention of the legislation drafters. It is an abomination and a nightmare for the parents of the injured and the dead.
  10. Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. This world needs more government and corporate whistleblowers, and nobody knows that like them. They are not traitors. The world is a better place because of the information they’ve shared. Make America a safe place for the truth tellers to shine the light into the darkness of corruption.

You now have the unexpected gift of two years to do practically whatever you want with a Republican Congress, and they are not going to stop you from protecting our children once their pharma funding is gone.

But what if these changes impact your chances of reelection? Who cares? Come in, kick ass, then go back home to New York City having changed America for decades to come.

Thanks for listening.


The Donald Trump Meeting


In the last few days of August, Dr. Andy Wakefield stood before a room of people and hinted about a meeting he’d recently attended.

Wrapping up his speech he warned the crowd, “This is a one issue election: the future of this country’s children. Use your vote extremely carefully. There is one person—whatever else you may think about him—who has expressed that he knows that vaccines cause autism and that vaccine damage is real. He would never allow mandatory vaccination. I had the privilege of meeting with him to discuss this precise issue. He is on our side. We will not get a second chance. Within two years of Hillary Clinton getting in, there will be mandatory adult and childhood vaccination across the entire country.”

By that time it had been a year since Donald Trump stood on a stage with Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Rand Paul and the pro-vaccine moderator, Jake Tapper, asked, “Should Trump stop saying that vaccines cause autism?” in a live television attempt to turn Carson against Trump.

Instead, Trump jumped in and said that the autism epidemic is out of control, and that he is in favor of smaller doses of vaccines over a longer period of time. He said that he knew of a two and a half year old child who was vaccinated, developed a high fever, and became very sick and autistic.

Then Dr. Carson backed him up by saying, “It’s true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time,” and Dr. Paul chimed in that he was also concerned about the vaccine schedule.

That backfire launched a week-long pharmaceutical-funded media attack on Republicans as being ignorant anti-science ninnies unqualified to have an opinion—despite two of them being medical doctors. But in typical fashion, because Trump didn’t continue to raise the vaccine issue at every tour stop, people on our side began to say that he didn’t care, that he’d walked back his statements, or that autism wasn’t even on his radar anymore.

I want to share a few things with you about Andrew Wakefield’s meeting with Donald Trump. Maybe I should have written this a long time ago, but I didn’t ask permission to write it from the people involved before yesterday because I know what it’s like to be given an opportunity conditioned on keeping things said off the record.

The team that visited Trump last summer says that he is very consistent in his position on vaccines. He has certainly not abandoned us. They specifically talked with him about vaccine-induced autism and they report that Trump undoubtedly knows that vaccines can and do cause autism.

Trump asked the type of questions that show the depth of his knowledge of the subject, such as how the current schedule came into being and how he can change it. He is already up to speed on what is happening. He already understands the issue.

{Don’t forget, this is a man who tweeted The Thinking Moms Revolution asking Jake Tapper and Sharyl Attkisson to report on the CDC Whistleblower two years ago.}


One of the team members pointed out that “America can’t be great again” if this is the direction we are headed with our children and it visibly impacted Trump.

The most important promise came at the end of their meeting when someone said, “Donald, you are the only one who can fix this.”

And Trump said, “I will.”

He will fix this.

Fixing this is not rocket science. Hell, it’s not even vaccine science. He will fix this. It is entirely fixable, and he appreciates our advocates lending their assistance in getting it done.

Now, before you accuse him of pandering, ask yourself what he would have to gain from pandering to the 1% of Americans who don’t vaccinate at all.

Friends, we have a direct route to stopping this madness. Can you imagine that for a second? Can you just imagine having vaccine education advocates getting face-time with the person who appoints the director of the CDC?

Read that again: the President of the United States appoints the director of the CDC.

{And despite what our loose-lipped lady law professor in California has to say about it, there is no Senate confirmation for the CDC director. Good thing she teaches young minds administrative law. Never trust a lawyer who can’t get a license to practice law.}

Trump asked for a follow-up with our side. They are giving him advice on how to help us.

Contrast that with Hillary’s autism action plan that failed to mention one word about autism’s cause or how to prevent it. Contrast that with her adviser who forbade her from mentioning “autism’s cause” in a speech, and who suggested she rephrase with how “autistic children’s brains develop” so that we don’t pretend for one moment that autism is environmental and preventable.

When I read that email I felt like autism parents are drowning right in front of Hillary, but by refusing to say the word “cause” any longer, she yanked the life preserver out of the water and turned her back on them.

Andy Wakefield gave him a copy of Vaxxed and Trump promised that he’d watch it right away.

We already know that Donald Trump doesn’t care for pharmaceutical companies or Monsanto. And we know that the Clintons came into the White House in 1992 with a net worth of $300,000, left the office in 2000 with more liabilities than assets, but have commanded $230 million in the past 16 years from selling nothing but their political influence to pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, Wall Street banks, and Middle Eastern kingdoms.

Kudos to their success, but the Clintons are owned.  There is no denying that. Their lifestyle is funded in large part by the companies who profit off destroying our children.

Trump’s position on healthcare is that every American deserves access to high quality, affordable care, and not just insurance. He has said that Obamacare has failed on cost and quality. Few people would disagree with those statements on either side of the political fence. But I can understand if you disagree with Trump on immigration, accepting refugees, global warming, or whether or not Islam is a religion for many with a propensity for violence. I get that he’s said many shitty things about women with no regard for who was listening.

But Trump’s faults don’t equate with Hillary having a halo– entire books have been written by her former secret servicemen about what an intolerable human being she is. She gave a speech where she defended fracking and said that environmental activists need to get a life. Her own advisers would rather create a “progressive Islam” because even ignoring the violence of Islam’s current incarnation, they feel that the domination of women and the hate for gays, Jews and Christians just isn’t working out for the Democratic party. I’m not so sure there is much of a difference in many of the policies of America’s two-party system.

I personally know numerous people still enamored with Bill Clinton (no judgment here) despite his penchant for “dicking bimbos at home” (Colin Powell’s words, not mine), and they either refuse to vote for Hillary, or they’re doing it begrudgingly.

But the parent of a vaccine injured child has no business putting the nail in the coffin of generations to come.

If Hillary takes office we would have to find a way to pay the Clintons more than all of the pharmaceutical companies combined because Hillary is not — not publicly and not privately– concerned about stopping vaccine-induced autism in this country. No one has paid her to care.

But Donald Trump already cares, and Donald Trump cannot be bought.

WikiLeaks, mercury in vaccines, and Hillary’s email


Wikileaks dropped another cache of Hillary Clinton hacked emails the other day and lookey lookey what was in there: an email from a top Hillary donor written to the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign on the topic of autism and mercury in vaccines.

The email came from global warming activist Wendy Abrams, who has given, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars to her pal Hillary through the Clinton Foundation in addition to donating to her campaign. It was written to John Podesta, who is still running Hillary’s campaign for president. Entitled “I’ll make you a bet,” it was sent on July 5, 2015  and reads:


With regard to thimerosal, I have one simple question, why do we ever want to inject any amount of mercury into our bodies, much less a pregnant woman? The medical experts, CDC, ACOG, etc. claim that thimerosal is fine and it is not a risk because it is present in “trace amounts”, but what does that mean? Can they be more specific in clarifying what constitutes “trace amounts?” Clearly, we all agree that there is some level of mercury which they advise against. Where is that line?

We already took thimerosal out of childhood vaccines, we just need to take it out of flu shots too, and we can offer the same vaccines in single-dose shots which do not have thimerosal. Now, I will make you a bet.. I bet that taking thimerosal out of flu shots that we give to pregnant women will reduce the number of children afflicted with mercury poisoning, autism and other neurological disorders. If I am right, we will improve the health of one million kids/year and lower health care costs by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. If I am wrong, well… we are no worse off because pregnant women didn’t get thimerosal, and so I’m wrong. I’ll buy you lunch.

xo w

“We found out that the Thimeresol would be toxic down to – not grams, not mg’s, not mcgs, but nano grams – parts per billion – which was almost unbelieveable. This was published in the American Journal Medical Society, in the New York Academy Sciences and in the Journal For the Chemical Speciality Manufactures Association and it didn’t make wave, there wasn’t even a ripple – no one seemed to care.” – Dr Frank P Engley PhD – Blue Ribbon Panel Member 1948 AMA meeting regarding Thimeresol’s concerns

A top Clinton donor went straight to the top Clinton adviser and with the request that mercury be removed from the multi-dose flu vaccine, and that trace amounts of mercury be removed from all other vaccines. Why?  Because she holds the money, she holds the power, and she knows that her message will go straight to the presidential candidate. 

Obviously she also knows that Hillary has all of the authority it takes to demand that pharmaceutical companies put the kibosh on vaccine mercury.

Is Wendy Abrams on the inside track of vaccines and autism? It seems that she was a supporter of the Coalition for Mercury Free Drugs, who she gave $20,000 to in 2011. I’ve dug around a little bit looking for links between her and vaccine providers but haven’t found anything; be sure to leave info in the comments if you know of something.

By the way, I have it on good authority that Hillary has known all about the tragic damage caused by mercury in vaccines for decades, because some of the good people who fought to get mercury removed from the childhood schedule in the first place had numerous meetings with her at her own request. The contents of this email was not news to Hillary. It wasn’t written to inform her of something that wasn’t already on her radar. Coming from a PAC donor, it seems more like written documentation of a veiled order.

Why is WikiLeaks giving us this email?  Are there more to come? Let’s hope.

I was an anti-vax crackpot

Alternatively entitled: how a bout of the poops changed my entire belief system.

{This article is a helpful literal interpretation of the NY Post piece that ran yesterday. Read it with a grain of aluminum salt.}

Editor’s note: A new study from the AAP– an agency that has endorsed eradicating all religious and personal belief vaccine exemptions, and encourages pediatricians to kick unvaccinated patients out of their practices– reveals that pediatricians who have encountered at least one unvaccinated child in their careers has risen from 74.5% to 87% between 2006 and 2013. Why it took three years to publish a survey is not mentioned, nor is the reason why 13% of pediatricians have never in their entire careers met one single unvaccinated child in this epidemic of unvaccination. For once, better detection methods are not blamed for a rise. 


Mother Kristy O’Leary explains why she was staunchly anti-vax until she had a frightening wake-up call. In her own words:

My three-year old daughter screamed out in agonizing pain as her stomach cramped, dehydrated and pooping around the clock. Yes, that’s right. She had rotavirus, a kind of diarrhea that is potentially deadly in third world countries where Nestle has convinced new mothers that it is better to sacrifice all else in their lives in order to afford to buy Nestle’s baby formula and mix it with bacteria and virus-infected water than to feed their infants milk from their own breasts.

Granted, rotavirus isn’t a deadly disease in America where I live, but I’ve always had a flair for drama.

Despite the fact that the CDC estimates that by my daughter’s age, almost all children– vaccinated or not– have had rotavirus, having witnessed a bad case of the runs in my own child, I am now of the belief that this magical vaccine would have prevented my daughter’s infection entirely. And I know that the silly scientists at the CDC say that a rotavirus infection only lasts three to eight days, but my daughter had it for 21 straight days!  That’s how susceptible she was.

Anyway, the guilt was overwhelming, but I thanked my lucky stars that my daughter was not a medically fragile, starving African baby drinking fecal-matter infested water– exactly the kind of child that rotavirus can snatch from this world in a heartbeat.

Then came the kicker: my husband and I both got the horrible rota ourselves. Yes, I realize this is a statistical impossibility since we should both be immune from toddlerhood infection of the common strains, but that’s what happened. We had a bad case of the baby poops at 40 years old, and that’s what made me finally see the error of my anti-vax ways.

I’m smart, educated, and was raised in a crunchy family that questioned authority. It was only natural that my haughtiness led me to being anti-vaccine. Nothing says “admired pillar of the community” like announcing to the neighborhood that you don’t vaccinate for pertussis. I was truly superior to the vaccinators, as everyone knows all anti-vaxers are, and I was treated as such. Never once did I feel marginalized as taking the advice of a Playboy bunny.

I was a special anti-vaxer, because while I did not believe that vaccines were safe or effective, I truly believed in the theory of herd immunity, and laughed myself to sleep at night thinking of how everyone else in the world absorbed the risks of vaccinating, and my child was taking advantage of it.

Thankfully, in the end, our entire family pulled through this terrible case of the poops with cutting edge medical advice: rest and rehydration.

Then, after the non-deadly Disneyland measles epidemic that infected 0.0004% of the population of California, I started reading books by the rotavirus vaccine inventor Paul Offit and taking the advice of loony tunes Seth Mnookin.

Straightaway I took my daughter to her vaccine-friendly pediatrician and demanded that she be “caught up” on all vaccines on a schedule that was overly aggressive even for a pediatrician. Yes, it was really that easy. Just overnight my entire belief system went out the window once I had a bad case of the poops. I even tried to get a poop vaccine for myself, but it turns out they won’t administer it to anyone over the age of eight months. I wonder why that is?

I was shocked when I lost some of my anti-vax friends over my reckless actions with my child; it’s almost as if they think I went off the deep end or something. But, if my story of having to poop real bad changes the mind of even one anti-vaxer, it’s worth embarrassing myself with all of the inaccurate information I have shared here.


Kristy O’Leary

{For the satire-impaired, this article is a joke, written in response to an article that was not a joke. The link to the original piece is in blue, at the top.}










Done playing nice


We’ve seen it time and time again in the past four years. People on our side try going about their business, living their lives. People on their side are giving handjobs to politicians and taking away our parenting rights. They’re always making offensive moves, pushing through new legislation each year, and we’re sitting around trying to predict how to respond to it.

California passed SB 277 and we filed a law suit a year later. Texas tried passing something like 13 vaccination laws in 2015 and we showed up and defeated every one. They started infiltrating our Florida and Texas public schools with flu shots and coercive letters and the Texans for Vaccine Choice sent cease and desist letters.

And now they’ve gone after Dr. Sears.

You know what? Screw that. I’m done playing nice. Done acting like this has been some kind of civil discussion for the past four years. In this last quarter of 2016 I’m going on the offensive, and I hope you join me because this is going to be fun.

None of this was my idea but there’s no need to name the guy who came up with this plan if you know him, so don’t go putting his name in the comments.

Here’s the plan: if you’ve got a kid who became autistic, allergic, epileptic, or diabetic after childhood vaccines, you’ve got to file a complaint against that doctor. Gone are the days of being told it was a coincidence. No more will we quietly find a like-minded physician and transfer care. Today is the day to take the first step to standing up and saying, “What happened to my child was unacceptable, and it’s time they answer for it.”

It’s not going to be difficult and I’ll hold your hand through it. Let’s do it together. Four easy steps.

The first thing is to order your child’s medical records.  You are entitled to ALL records under HIPAA. Handwritten notes, vaccine records, everything. Your (hopefully former) doctor’s office has the right to charge you a reasonable fee for copying the records, so be prepared to pay up to $20 or $30 for the service. They’ll probably send you a credit card authorization form first, or you can leave a check if you go to the office in person to make the request. If you call, they might ask you to email them a written request, so be prepared to jump through a couple of hoops, no big deal. Just play along.

If you don’t receive the records within five working days call and email them again and let them know you’re on the brink of filing a HIPAA complaint if you don’t get them emailed or faxed to you immediately. The records will miraculously appear within a half hour.

Step two: examine the records.  Your child’s vaccine reaction is not documented?  You don’t say! No mention of high pitched screaming? No concern about the blank stare? No neurological exam when the head circumference rocketed to the 90th percentile?

Was your doctor one of the 30% whose office doesn’t even bother to provide you with the Federally mandated Vaccine Information Sheet describing vaccine reactions and telling you about Vaccine Court? Inexcusable.

Did your doctor file a VAERS complaint like they are obligated to? Of course not.

All of this will go in your complaint to your own state’s medical board.

Step three: look up the complaint form for your state’s medical board. I’m guessing all of this is available to do online now. I don’t have the bandwith to look up the medical boards for all 50 states, so just Google your state’s name with the words “file complaint” and “medical board.” It’ll pop up.

If you’re in California, please do this immediately. This board needs their noses rubbed in their own stinking pile of crap more than anyone. Click here for the online form for the California medical board. New York isn’t far behind, so click here.  Texas needs a booster kick in the nuts, so click here.  Mississippi…  I just can’t even. Click here.

Step four: write your complaint. Detail how your child reacted to vaccines, how you dutifully brought your child in only to have your concerns swept under the rug. Maybe more vaccines were given. VAERS was not contacted. If you asked your doctor to file with VAERS and they refused, include it. MAKE SURE TO MENTION HOW POOR THE MEDICAL RECORDS ARE IN REFLECTING THE DETAILS OF YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH. Then, the kicker. Tell them this doctor caused your child’s autism. Tell them the doctor caused your child’s food allergies. Tell them the doctor caused the epilepsy, caused the diabetes. They recklessly administered vaccines without an examination for vaccine fitness, and they violated the standard of care by continuing to vaccinate, failing to perform proper examinations, and giving terrible medical advice. Did you get kicked out when you tried to save your child’s life by stopping the vaccines? Tell the board your story.

Then come back here and tell me all about it, because I can’t wait to hear how you feel after doing it.

If you find out that your state has a statute of limitations that expired 7 years after your child turned 18, who cares? File the complaint anyway. Make them listen to you. Make them respond. I want 5,000 complaints filed nationwide by Christmas. I want paperpushers working overtime to address your concerns. I want holiday vacations canceled. I want the damage done to your child to cost millions of dollars in administrative attention in the next few months.

We are going to send the message that each time they mess with one of our own, they will get it back at themselves 1,000 times worse. What we lack in financial resources we make up for in manpower, and we will not be ignored any longer.

But more than anything, I want this atrocity to stop.

Then, go donate to the Dr. Sears defense fund. He was there for us, and we must be there for him.




The Dr. Sears allegations explained


Two and a half years ago a mother brought her two-year-old son to see Dr. Bob Sears at his office for the first time, where she described to Dr. Sears that her child’s renal and digestive systems went into shock after his first round of vaccines at two months old, and that the baby was limp as a ragdoll for 24 hours after his next round one month later. We don’t know what records she shared with Dr. Sears then or later, but we know that Dr. Sears wrote a letter of exemption from vaccination for the boy. As almost all general practitioner doctor records are, the notes in this case were brief and didn’t include a detailed narrative.

The boy was seen four more times in the next year for severe constipation and severe ear infections, and we all know what that sounds like. At some point the mother brought the child in two weeks after his father allegedly hit his son on the head with a hammer, so I’m guessing either the father is a piece of trash that beats up on a kid, or the mom is a piece of trash who makes up allegations against a spouse she doesn’t like. By my reading of the complaint, Dr. Sears did make a Child Protective Services referral that was closed. Clearly, there was some drama up in these parents’ lives.

Flying in the face of their own testimony on SB 277, on September 2nd the California Medical Board filed an accusation against Dr. Sears regarding this child he’d written a vaccine exemption for. Click that link to download the complaint.

The board’s first allegation wraps up by saying that Dr. Sears screwed up by not getting a history of the vaccines the boy had in the past, as well as the reactions that occurred from those vaccines. We don’t know whether the mother brought in a shot card that wasn’t copied into the Sears file, and we don’t know if her previous doctor refused to document the vaccine reactions, as we all know happens all the time.

The second allegation says that Dr. Sears failed to conduct a neurological test on the boy two weeks after his father allegedly hit him with a hammer, in the incident that CPS closed . Does this mean Dr. Sears failed to see if the kids’ eyes tracked equally? How could they possibly know he didn’t do that?

The third allegation says that Dr. Sears failed to keep accurate medical records. Not just because there wasn’t a copy of the exemption letter on file, but because he didn’t document what exam he performed on the kid two weeks after being hit with a hammer.

People, I invite you right now to request your kids general pediatrician medical records and you will be shocked by what they don’t say. If Dr. Pan is your doctor, pul-eeze do this and report back. The records hardly say anything at all. “Kid fell out of tree. Mother reports no change in behavior.” That’s the kind of riveting notes you’ll read. Dr. Sears is no different.

Before you think I’m the world’s biggest Dr. Sears fanboy rushing to his defense, know that I’m not. I don’t agree with his final recommendations in any version of his vaccine book and I think his book requires a good bit of reading between the lines that most people are not capable of doing. I think he’s said some stupid things (sorry Bob, you’ve shared my writing in the past and I appreciate that, and I do still recommend your book all the time to new parents), like talking about herd immunity as it pertains to the pertussis vaccine, despite the fact that you can’t protect another person from pertussis by vaccinating yourself.

I think he has researched some things very well, like the intravenous limit for aluminum or the fascinating history of the hepatitis B vaccine mandate. On the other hand, he prescribed the sickly toddler in this case both Miralax and Tamiflu at different points in time, which is far more heinous than the accusations against him, considering that Miralax is not approved for children and can worsen autism symptoms, and Tamiflu depresses brain activity, can cause hallucinations, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts, and was banned from being to given kids in Japan in 2007.

That said, Dr. Sears is no “anti-vaxxer.” As far as I know, his own kids are vaccinated. But he’s been putting his career on the line by vocally sticking up for all our kids for the past year and a half as one of the most well known critics of SB 277.

So that’s all they’ve got? That’s the whole charge? A two-year old case of loose record keeping? Clearly this is trumped up bullshit about a kid I’m guessing Dr. Sears could see was on his way to being on the spectrum and he wanted to lessen the severity of that diagnosis.

The Medical Board doesn’t know what testimony the mom gave to Dr. Sears, and they don’t know if Dr. Sears looked up his shot records in the California Immunization Registry. The Medical Board doesn’t know if Dr. Sears thought the hammer incident was fabricated, even though CPS obviously did, not that their opinion means anything. And what’s going on with the parents now? Are they divorced and the dad is going after the mom to vaccinate the boy, as we’ve seen hundreds of times in our circle? We’re supposed to believe that a mother who brought her son in for 5 sick child visits in 13 months waited two weeks for medical care after what the board thinks was a serious head injury? If the kid has got neurological damage now, my money is on it being caused by the vaccines, not the hammer.

Feel free to watch a few key points of the June 9, 2015, SB 277 testimony where several issues were raised over and over again.

At 1:33 Dr. Pan invited families whose doctors will not write exemptions based on sibling reactions to have their physician send a letter to Dr. Pan’s office if they feel there is some pressure or other influence aside from their professional judgment at play. He also says that the Medical Board has never investigated or removed the license of a physician for giving a medical exemption.

At 2:06 Pan says for doctors to use their professional judgment– subject to review by the Medical Board, which he stresses repeatedly has never investigated or removed the license of a physician who writes medical exemptions. He says that the department of health does not review exemptions, which we already know is a lie. He stresses that the CDC contraindications to vaccination are only guidelines, and there is not a requirement that a doctor apply only the CDC guidelines.

At 2:14 Dr. Jay Gordon makes it clear that doctors would be way out of line from the CDC’s guidelines if they wrote these exemptions under the protection of SB 277.

At 2:36 an Assemblyperson asks if there have been any physicians in California disciplined or even investigated for providing a medical exemption?

Jennifer Simoes,the Medical Board’s Chief of Legislation responds, “To my knowledge, no.”

At 3:03 Pan says, “There is no cloud over these physicians. There is no legal barrier to writing medical exemptions. They look to their own expertise and knowledge.”

At 3:07, right at the end, before going to public comment, Ms. Simoes from the Medical Board says that, “A doctor would use their clinical judgment. We don’t track medical exemptions, we would have to receive a complaint.”

And I guess this is where we are today. The Medical Board received a weak, watered down complaint– the point of which I cannot even discern– and the witch hunt has begun.

We are standing by to see what we can do to support Dr. Sears during this episode of being Wakefielded, but in the meantime, please go follow his Facebook page right this moment as a sign of your solidarity with doctors doing the right thing for our kids.