How can we stop pharma CEOs from destroying our kids?

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I’m thinking on these questions: why do I write about vaccines all the time? Why do I talk about this to people? What is my goal of it all? What am I hoping will happen to the vaccine situation in our country?

And my answers are this:

  1. Americans need to recapture and retain the freedom to decline vaccines.
  2. Parents need true informed consent about the very real risks of vaccination.
  3. “Science” needs to be allowed to discover and report on the dangers of injecting aluminum, mercury, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, Triton X and so on, and the chronic health conditions that arise from it that are denied right now.

I don’t expect the CDC to ever issue a mea culpa. I accept that there is zero chance that our government is going to compensate the millions of children who developed autism, anaphylactic food allergies, epilepsy, or diabetes after vaccination. Victory isn’t going to come in the form of a check or an apology. If we can win freedom and transparency, we have won.

And once the transparent science is out there (especially CDC science), I think consumer rejection of the product will drive improved safety, secure exemptions, stop the insurance bonus payments, and change pediatrician attitudes toward patients.

But how do we get there from where we are today? This is the flow of how we end up where we are year after year:

  • The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices makes vaccine schedule recommendations
  • The CDC sets the schedule based on the ACIP recommendations
  • State legislators adopt a vaccine schedule based on the CDC, and make that schedule mandatory to attend school, but with exemptions in most states

Look, the gig is up. The ACIP and the CDC know exactly what they’ve done to two generations of children. They’re not going to admit what they’ve done, but they don’t have to keep going down this road.

How can we make an exit ramp for them? There has to be a mechanism for the ACIP and CDC to gracefully free themselves from the chokehold that the pharmaceutical industry has had on them for decades.

And if they could separate and create a policy that the pharmaceutical industry is no longer permitted to advise the ACIP and CDC, no longer permitted to provide staff for or influence the doctors who volunteer on the ACIP, that pharma is no longer permitted to hire CDC employees into their corporations, and no longer permitted to donate money to any CDC-affiliated organizations, perhaps there would finally be enough space between pharma and the vaccine program that we could shine some light on what is really happening to our children.

But really, Congress should create such a law.

And, I think, once you take all of the pharma money and power out of the equation, things are going to get a whole lot more honest in the vaccine program.

The problem here is entirely the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not the ignorant pediatricians who haven’t taken 12 hours to educate themselves about vaccine risks, ingredients, and health outcomes. The days of $1,000 dinners and exotic vacations courtesy of pharma are over for doctors (except exotic vacations for speakers at medical forums, I know). Do we really think that free pens, a bag of Subway sandwiches, and a box of drug samples wield that much influence over your pediatrician? I don’t think so. I think they’re lazy when it comes to continuing medical education that isn’t spoon-fed to them by a doe-eyed drug rep.

And the problem isn’t the doctors and lawyers who become state legislators and don’t have an hour to make an educated decision on a Goddamned thing before they cast a vote. It’s not all of the ignoramuses who get degrees in public health and end up at the CDC because they thought they’d be able to “help people.”

All of these professionals are just the pawns. They’re the front line, taking marching orders from the queen in the back row.

The problem is the pharmaceutical industry and all of our US Congressmen who think they can remain neutral on drug issues on one hand while accepting pharma donations with the other. And pharma has poured $2.5 billion dollars into lobbying and funding members of Congress in just 10 years.

How do we make Congressmen care? How many of them clam up when asked about vaccine freedom, exemptions, or mandates? How many say it should be a state issue and then run away from the person asking?

It’s a grenade the vast majority don’t want to jump on. I don’t know that we can ever get 51% of them to care about our kids.

But there’s another way to go about this. There might be a crack in another door.

What if we crept in through the opioid epidemic? 

In October 2017 the international media exploded when DEA whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi came forward with juicy details of pharmaceutical corruption in government. I’m sure the irony of the media blowing up for a DEA opioid whistleblower just three years after completely ignoring a would-be CDC vaccine whistleblower is not lost on you; not all epidemic whistleblowers are created equal. Obviously.

The media began shouting about American opioid addiction and how the pharmaceutical industry stomped all over the DEA by influencing Congressmen to the tune of $152,000,000 in 2016. They were outraged that there are, on average, two pharmaceutical lobbyists for every Congressman in Washington.

Apparently, in 2015 and during the height of the opioid epidemic, the drug industry was able to get Congress to pass a bill to protect their interests. Obama signed it into law, allegedly without knowing what its impact would be. Obama refused to ever speak about it.

And if we think about it, what the pharmaceutical industry has done to the FDA and DEA to cause the devastation in the opioid epidemic isn’t all that different than what they’ve done with the ACIP and CDC to cause the autism and chronic illness epidemic. The difference is that nearly all of America is willing to rally behind getting pharma out of the government when it comes to addictive drugs, and the same people are dumbstruck when it comes to getting pharma out of the vaccine schedule.

And get this– the US opioid market was worth $11 billion in 2014. But the year before, the US vaccine market was already worth nearly $13 billion. Vaccine sales are more valuable than oxycontin. 

I know I’m the first person to preach that we should act locally and focus on our state legislatures, but I think there may be a real opportunity here. We have national outrage about pharma’s influence over our government. We have Congressmen calling for new laws or to undo old laws. We have the media sufficiently engaged about both a crisis and a whistleblower. Sen. Claire McCaskill is calling for an end to pharmaceutical subsidies on advertising (did you know your tax dollars paid for that?) and in February 2016 Rep. Rosa DeLauro introduced a bill to enact a three-year ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising for new drugs, backed by the American Medical Association. The FDA just announced they will be researching the risks of pharmaceutical advertising and the claims made in commercials.

See, this doesn’t have to be about opioids and it certainly doesn’t need to be targeted toward vaccines. They are parallel epidemics. It is the pharmaceutical industry as a whole: get it out of our government. All pharma out of all government entities means all opioid manufacturers out of the DEA, but it also means all vaccine manufacturers out of the CDC. All money, all influence, all power, all consulting, and all gifts-in-kind need to get out of all government entities, all advisory committees, and all Congressmen election funds. No money that can ever be traced back to a pharmaceutical industry can be received, donated, or spent.

Besides, it’s the campaign spending for Congressmen that’s allegedly driving the high drug prices for Americans, right? Or it’s just a coincidence that the day after Donald Trump made that accusation, pharmaceutical companies donated more money to Congressmen than they ever had before– $279,400 in a single day.

If you were to talk to a vaccinating parent about this issue, but kept it in general terms, it would sound like this:

“America has a tremendous problem with our elected officials and regulators being captured by pharmaceutical money, and it has created a relationship where the corporation that is supposed to be regulated is writing its own rules. This happens when drug corporations donate money to election campaigns and agency foundations, or offer high-paying jobs to government agency employees. When a Congressman accepts several hundred thousand dollars of drug corporation money in a year, not only does the Congressman then help pass laws that favor the corporation, but they act as a liaison between the corporation and its regulating agencies, creating pressure to put the kibosh on plans the agency might have to reign in the corporation. When a corporation is allowed to staff government advisory committees, they’ll staff them with pharmaceutical-friendly medical doctors. They create committees that will certainly make the most industry-friendly recommendations as possible, and they pretend this is done through consultation and collaboration rather than through capture.”

And this vaccinating parent could easily assume that you are talking about America’s prescription drug problem, but you’re talking about America’s vaccine problem. In the first, everyone is willing to acknowledge the grand conspiracy. In the second, they call you a conspiracy theorist.






  1. When you think about it, we protect our children from all types of predators: sexual predators, criminals, etc. It would appear that big pharma is indeed a type of criminal–yet they get access to our children through doctors/public health officials. This feels a bit like whack a mole, we punch one down and find another popping up–we need to somehow figure out how to protect children from big pharma predators–we counsel our children to not take illegal drugs–and yet big pharma lurks at the door.

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    1. Good point A. There’s the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” aspect too – legal, prescription meds and vaccines have been well and truly outed as a leading cause of death and chronic illness, but have retained a squeaky clean facade, and the “war on drugs” is presented as if only “recreational” and street drugs are harmful. In Australia, you can pretty much tell when something dodgy or draconian is happening in Pharmaville or Vaccineland, because a big story on street drugs will break in the mainstream media, to distract everyone.


  2. I, along with millions of other autism families, will continue to demand justice. What they did to my daughter and millions of other children is obvious and scientifically supported. The hospital gave her the hep-B vaccine that ruined her brain and life the day she was born, without my permission and against my express wishes. There is almost nothing there for this army of brain-damaged young adults. Federal benefits are much too low and totally inadequate, and need management by those capable of doing so, in most cases not the autistic victims. There is very little housing, and almost no appropriate, supervised housing with GFCF meals provided, certainly none by the state, which knowingly enabled this debacle. There are very few appropriate supported jobs: they are hoping to funnel all of the autistic young adults into janitorial work cleaning toilets, in the middle of the night when possible so the public remains unaware of them.

    My vaccine-ravaged daughter needs and deserves far more than that. The truth is there, there are millions of uncompensated victims at this time, the vaccine companies and the government are going to have to pony up and deal with it. It’s not enough just to shrug and say, well, too bad, avoiding similar brain-damaged armies from now on is good enough.

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    1. Yes, I agree. These precious babies deserve justice. And when, and when Oh God, when will it happen? Year after year we cry out for justice. Why won’t it come?


    2. I want to make sure this thread doesn’t go off course confusing what other people do with what I do. This is entirely about what I do, which is fight to educate parents of children who have not been born yet, or have not been vaccinated yet, and especially have not been injured yet.

      What you do is what you do, and by no means would I ever tell you to stop doing it.

      Although, as a comment to A., who also wrote to you here, I am not clear on what this justice would be? Who is crying out for what justice year after year? I feel like I’m pretty in tune with things going on but I don’t know of any mass demand for compensation or reparations. America didn’t even pay that for slavery.


      1. Remember that McDonald’s customer who got a court verdict for millions of dollars from having spilled hot coffee on himself? And we’ve got millions of children who reacted to vaccines with autism, seizure disorders, asthma, allergies, etc., sometimes fatal? This is not a case in which my daughter’s great-grandfather was injured by having been a slave, it is a case in which vaccine companies and its government lackies knowingly lied about vaccine safety for the last few decades. She has suffered all her life from their greed-inspired lies and will continue to do so, probably for the rest of her life. And in our case, I had told her doctor I didn’t want her to get the hep-B shot at birth, as I had read it often caused autism. And they gave it to her anyway and she reacted with vaccine encephalitis and autism. Also with symptoms of mercury toxicity, a rash, sweating all over her head even in cool rooms, and excessive drooling for ten years. I gave no permission for the shot, it was just ” standing orders,” in violation of the legal requirement for informed consent.

        As a start, everyone whose baby developed autism after having been given the hep-B shot with no permission from the parents having been given should be generously compensated. And I’m sure there are markers in the brain which could be revealed in brain scans which would show the result of the excessive inflammatory response to the hep-b and/or other vaccines. Also in the gut.

        It is quite different from the case of descendants of black slaves or native Americans who suffered generations ago. This has happened in real time and the victims will be around for another sixty to eighty years even if they got their act together tomorrow.

        These SOBs lied about vaccine safety, and fudged and concealed wherever necessary. Those convicted of lying should be sent to prison after paying huge punitive fines, and the vaccine companies should have their bank accounts emptied, the proceeds given to the victims of vaccine damage. Informed consent to the vaccines was given in very few cases, both in the cases where the vaccine was given with no permission having been given and in all those cases in which the parent was not informed of the risks of the vaccine. I didn’t want the hep-B, but I gave permission for four DTaPs (and the fourth erased her only two words as of 18 months old, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later), three Hibs, and three polios. I was not told one single word about the risks of either the vaccines or the diseases. I did not give informed consent. I said no to the MMR and varicella vaccines, thank Heavens, who knows how much worse she would be now if she had gotten them?


  3. In the early 90’s when i was researching vaccine safety for my children (without the internet mind you) the thing that always did it for me was the money trail. Study after study tied to Big Pharm. That was one of the biggest reasons i chose not to vaccinate, the fox watching the henhouse! I think your spot on. Thanks Levi for fighting the good fight!


  4. Thanks you Levi. Voice of many. 🌹
    Despite of having our good for nothing politicians, I still believe We The People will eventually change the current panorama.
    Most of us have been hardly belittled, ignored, ostracized, criticized by ex friends, ex Facebook contacts, ex family members, etc
    Evidence is overwhelmingnly showing that we are telling the truth.
    Very soon all those lies won’t be able to sustain and their fantasy will collapse.
    I still have hope.
    Cheers for this particular blog you’ve written.


  5. Thank you for this perspective. I had the concern about what may be motivating the attention being paid to this epidemic, maybe to shore up credibility? Hopefully not to help facilitate forced vaccination (see, when there is a problem we ‘spring’ into action, grandstand about it, or whatever…and now shut up, and take ‘your’ vaccines!) …IMO the first and most prevalent gateway drug exposure worldwide…but for education at least, this is an important opportunity.


  6. Oh sweetie, U think the #metoo folk, or the #timesup folk, give a shit about Your humble brag?! Or should i say #humblebrag?! Get a grip punk! Nothing is going to change until cowards like You RUN FOR OFFICE!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to run on the comparison with opiods, but i don’t have the bandwith or pedigree, so pick up you co-hones!!!! Pleeeese!!!!!


    1. Humble brag is false humility. An example would be to say that I gave a homeless man $20 when he cleaned my Porsche’s windshield at a stoplight.

      No one said anything about Hollywood actresses.

      Who are you talking to?

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  7. You ask”What would have to happen” & I believe consumer pressure will require reforms. Consumers will readily understand the implications of vaccine production in eggs that are allowed to have a residue of Glyphosate.
    Roundup’s in common use in the countries that produce vaccines, USA, India, and Brazil; none advertise vaccine manufacturer with ‘Organic Eggs’. Since Glyphosate is very similar to the amino acid Glycine, the minute residues are able to fit into the growing vaccine matrix; this creates unpredictable mutations.
    This mechanism could explain the variety of conditions around inoculations.


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