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We seem to have a problem in this country. We love to politicize every issue. We can’t help ourselves. And complicating that, we seem incapable of helicoptering up, getting a bigger perspective on what the cause of a particular issue is.

Yes, we have a massive problem in the availability of assault rifles to teens, city dwellers who don’t need them for protection from wildlife, and people on psychotropic drugs.

And we’ve got society saying that if you’re conservative, you’d better hold on to every protection of the Second Amendment out of fear of having your rights chipped away. We’ve all seen the erosion on other issues, especially parental rights. And society says that if you’re a good liberal, then you attack the guns and the guns alone, because talking about any of the contributing factors to mass shootings isn’t politically correct.

Let’s get real about America’s violence problem. This shouldn’t be a battle between the left and the right. This battle belongs squarely on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical industry and the NRA, and if the NRA had any balls it would be pointing the finger at pharma.

Yes, the availability of assault rifles to teenagers has got to be eliminated. I can understand people in rural areas needing an easy-to-handle semi-automatic to fend off an animal that is going to kill them. I don’t understand a rich kid on ADHD drugs in Boca Raton being able to get his hands on one.

But assault rifle availability is the pinnacle of the mass shooting pyramid problem in America. Going solely after guns like the AR-15 is leaving a lot of people with a lifetime of pain and suffering. So let’s go down that pyramid to what we’re calling “mental illness” and how we’re treating it.

Here is the history:

To the best of my knowledge, before Prozac was launched to the public in 1988, there were three fatal shootings of students or staff on school grounds in modern times. The first was at the University of Texas in 1966 by Charles Whitman, who high on Dexedrine, an amphetamine for depression. The second was a decade later in 1976 at California State University in Orange County by Edward Charles Allaway, who was a previously-institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic who was found not guilty by insanity at trial. The third was in San Diego in 1979 by Brenda Spencer, a depressed, suicidal, and psychotic 16-year old, in what she later claimed was an attempted suicide by cop.

After Prozac’s 1988 rollout the school shootings began to roll in. There was one in 1988, another in 19881989, 1991, 1992, 1996, another in 1996, 1997, another in 19971998, another in 1998, and Columbine in 1999.

Since Columbine there have been 15 more fatal school shootings, including Florida’s on February 14th. But correlation doesn’t equal causation, right? Except when it does.

Here are the facts:

13% of American men will now be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in their lifetimes. And ADHD wasn’t even on the CDC’s radar until 1997. They say there’s been a “clear, upward trend” ever since.

The gold standard treatment for ADHD is legal speed. Not exactly amphetamines of Hells Angels days, but nearly so. And the difference between amphetamine, methamphetamine and ADHD “treatment” Adderall is absolute fiction.

The side effects of taking Adderall include agitation, anxiety, psychotic episodes, anger, and dysphoria (dissatisfaction with life), along with depression, hostility, and paranoia.

If even only 20% of American men diagnosed with ADHD seek treatment with Adderall, we are talking about millions and millions of guys taking Adderall. 4 million men based on those numbers.

Adding to that, 9% of men now suffer from daily signs of depression or anxiety and 30% of them take medication for it.

Again, that’s another 4 million men on psych meds for depression or anxiety, and these drugs are undoubtedly not suitable for all 4 million of them.

Prozac side effects include aggression, antisocial behavior, delusions, hallucinations, panic attacks, anger, depression, intentional self-injury, and morbid thoughts. Wellbutrin side effects include aggression, depersonalization (feeling like your thoughts are not your own), mood instability, paranoia, psychosis, and suicide. Zoloft’s side effects include conversion disorder (a mental condition where you think you have a serious disability), depression, aggression, paranoia, psychosis, apathy, amnesia, and suicide.

And these side effects are rare, so not to worry. They only affect up to 1% of the people who take the drugs, so that’s about 40,000 men roaming the streets of America who feel this way, if that makes you feel any safer.

Where is this coming from?

Forrest Maready makes an extremely compelling argument in his book Crooked that ADHD is entirely physiological, caused by either chronic inflammation or metal toxicity.

It turns out that after all of these years (what, 70 years?) when we baselessly thought the human body excreted the aluminum adjuvant used in the DPT vaccine and about 20 other shots routinely given in the United States, we were wrong. Oops.

Since cells in the human body can’t destroy a metal, it turns out that many cells, especially white blood cells, take up the aluminum. And whenever the body experiences inflammation, the cells inadvertently deliver aluminum to two places.

First, to the place of inflammation, and second, to the brain.

So with every injury and incidence of inflammation, we are getting more and more aluminum delivered to various parts of our brains.

Forrest explains that the part of the brain called the locus coeruleus, which is responsible for initiating the production of norepinephrine, prepares your body for fight or flight. A malfunctioning locus coeruleus may be misinterpreting trivial environmental events as danger cues.

And this is often diagnosed as ADHD. But, depending on the severity of the damage to the locus coeruleus, symptoms may appear as depression or anxiety.

Injecting aluminum into the body is a direct cause of ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Plus, don’t forget, we’re still injecting 25 micrograms of mercury, the most toxic substance known to man, with every multi-dose jab of the flu vaccine, including the vaccines we give to pregnant women.

It’s no coincidence that when leaded gasoline was banned in 1996, crime rates across the country plummeted drastically, making local mayors look like heroes. We are humans. We aren’t meant to poison our bodies with metals.

Why am I talking about men?

Because men commit mass murders. There have been female serial killers, and mothers who have driven their cars off docks with kids in them, or drowned their children in a bathtub. Women hurt people too, don’t get me wrong. But for whatever reason– whether hormonal or societal– they don’t act out on a mass scale.

Regardless, antidepressants are known worldwide to increase suicidal and homicidal behavior.



It’s estimated that half of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs, as are 90% of all school shooters. Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin writes extensively about the side effects of drugging our children. His collection of work can be found here.

I read today in the Guardian that RFK Jr. has broken his silence about President Trump’s failure to communicate one word about the vaccine safety commission for the past six months. “Trump appears to abandon vaccine skeptic group denounced by scientists,” the headline happily declared.

But I’ll tell you what, Trump.

Since the metals in vaccines are injuring our children’s brains, and the psychotropic treatments we’re giving our kids are driving tens of thousands of them off a cliff, we can’t fix the violence problem in America without fixing the vaccine safety problem. Remove the assault rifles from the equation, yes. And then we’ll be looking a lot harder at the 37,000 knife offenses that happened in the UK last year. I expect we’ll have a high school stabbing epidemic, and probably a vehicle-ramming epidemic to go along with it.

The bottom line is that these kids are going to find a way to act out the hostility forced on them by the psychiatric meds. We, as a nation, need to save them.

March for that.





    1. Thanks, will give it a read. That will clash big time with the Weston A Price crowd, but if this guy is right, they need to learn it. From personal experience, I am finding the less supplements I use, the better my health (just taking CBD oil, currently, and doing the best I have in years). I must fault Joel Wallach for my supplement obsession since the late ’90s. I commend him for all time for his calling out the death factory medical cartel, but he clearly pushed vitamins and minerals way too hard as the cure for everything. Last video I saw of him, he had pretty bad tremors (to which I would tell him, stop taking supplements, start CBD oil, and rethink your position while you recover).


    2. Just to be clear – the AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. It fires one bullet per trigger pull, like all other semi-automatic rifles. Assault rifles are already illegal to purchase in all states.


      1. Well, Margaret, if we’re going to get really clear, then let’s admit that there is no such category designation as “assault rifle” in gun manufacturing. It is a phrase created by the media. It doesn’t mean fully automatic. It doesn’t mean semi-automatic. It doesn’t mean modified to fully automatic with a bump stock.

        It doesn’t really mean anything.

        I didn’t write this blog post for the gun aficionados of the world. I wrote it for parents.

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    3. Have your read Chapter 12 in his book, “Vaccines and Vitamin-A – the perfect storm”? In that chapter he provides some rather compelling evidence for the causal mechanism behind HOW vaccines cause autism. It is a must read IMO.


  1. Hey Levi, just a small point – those 37k stabbings were actually knife ‘offences’ and figures were for the whole of the country, not just London. The Sun is also a notorious sh*t rag – not that that necessarily invalidates the stats, but just saying… thank you for the article.

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  2. Great article and so true. I shared it on Facebook with the comment, “The scariest part is that this is being done to us intentionally.”

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    1. Yes,
      My child was poisoned intentionally. I’m sure of it. 1 case of measles, county health goes nuts. 54% of our kids are sick and boys w/autism off the chart.. where is the urgency for that??
      W/one world government just waiting for us to be unarmed, I can’t help but think they are wiping out our boys, our first line of defense. We should all appreciate and use our second amendment right!!

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      1. They are working overtime to get them. They are concentrating the “power” of the mainstream fake media in this attempt which if one digs deep enough am sure is emanating from the “shadow government”…


  3. I would like to point out something. My oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD in 1994 at age 6. The school convinced me he would benefit from medication, so he was put on Ritalin. Within a week he had turned into a little zombie. I immediately took him off the meds and never looked back. The schools had been aware of this for several years prior to my child’s diagnosis. So 1997 is not really accurate.

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  4. Wow, this blog post is probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen. Clearly you know nothing about mental illness if you think that everyone on medication for mental illness is being improperly treated. It’s generally people that are NOT being treated that “go postal” so to speak.


      1. Levi I would love to be able to use this comment in the future. Do I have your permission? With or without attribution? Thank you 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on Babble On… and commented:
    We have traded acute infectious disease for chronic autoimmune and inflammatory disease and a country of citizens medicated in response to it. Could the failure of this paradigm be any more clear?

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