How we cause autism: restraint, white blood cells and aluminum

24 hours ago Forrest Maready released a video about a book he has secretly worked on for the past two years, and I feel like I am seeing the world for the very first time. And I want you to join me.

I know it’s intimidating to sit down and watch a 2 hour and 15 minute video that rocks everything you thought you knew, but it’s important that you watch the entire thing. Every minute is something new, and the last 5 minutes are earth shattering.

So I’m going to tell you what’s in the video because if you’re like me, you don’t like watching videos and will instead read about a video so that you’re in control of how you’re receiving information. And then if you’re intrigued, you decide to watch the video.

Maybe I can entice you to watch the video. And I want to entice you to tell your friends about it. And tell you pediatrician about it. And tell your state representatives and senators, tell your Congressmen, tell the CDC and tell the President of the United States.

Will you do that for me? Will you watch the video and tell everyone about it? Because it’s that big.


Forrest starts off talking about the crooked smile we see so much of in people born in the late 70s, 80s and today. He talks about the infections that can cause this effect and he talks about how the aluminum in vaccines is taken up by our white blood cells. And when we have an infection, our bodies call for help from the white blood cells, and when that infection is in a nerve, the white blood cells are inadvertently delivering neurotoxic aluminum to the nerve, which causes lesions.

And Forrest talks about how autoimmune disorders are triggered four ways that we know of: infection, heavy physical exertion, pregnancy and stress.

We know that aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease are strongly associated with each other. We know that NFL players who repeatedly have concussions– where the brain is inflamed and signaling for help– have brains that look an awful lot like Alzheimer’s brains. And we know from brand new research that tissue from autistic brains showed aluminum levels that were some of the highest ever recorded, and comparable to early onset Alzheimer’s brains.

He moves on from the crooked smile to strabismus of the eyes not able to point perfectly ahead, and explains how prevalent this is now.

He takes you through a whole spectrum of cranial nerve damage and how that damage manifests physically– speech apraxia, misaligned sense of balance, bowel movements, extremely sensitive to noise or taste, the nerves that impact the eyes and the mouth. Then he takes you through the whole spectrum of autism and this is where your mind is blown.

But it begs the question– why are our baby boys’ brains signaling for these white blood cells? How are the cells that are carrying aluminum getting called to the brain and damaging the nerves that are responsible for the symptoms of autism?

And his theory will break your heart.

Our little boys don’t just come with the “fight or flight” response to danger that we all know about (girls have reflexes that are completely different). Boys have another reflex that kicks in when they are restrained with no hope of escape. And this reflex is controlled by the dorsal vagal complex deep in the brain, where the nuclei of these cranial nerves originate. When the “no hope of escape” reflex kicks in, the brain signals for white blood cells.

And as our boys grow older, stronger, and wiser about the pain about to be inflicted on them by the doctor’s office, and their own mothers are holding them down along with a nurse or two and there is no hope of escape, this reflex kicks in and the brain calls for help.

Two other causes of that particular call for help: pathogen invasion and tissue damage.

And by 12 months old, our baby boys are held down with no hope of escape, their brains signal for help, and we inject them with pathogens and damage their tissue. It is a trifecta of creating autism. The brain calls for help, and the white blood cells deliver the aluminum to the cranial nerves.

Here. Dip your toe into this 7 minute summary.


Now are you ready? Jump in. Stay with it until the very end. Let me know what you think.


And if you want more, Forrest has a book coming out with much, much more. Pre-order the new book here.

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I know that the next conversation needs to be about healing, and from what I’ve read chelating aluminum out of the body is hit or miss for several reasons. I’d love to hear more in the comments from people who are educated about it.

But there are proven methods to regrow myelin in the brain, and they are worth a try.  The first is fish oil and its role in healing from traumatic brain injury. The second is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it can cause the brain to regrow myelin over the nerves. There is also a vagus nerve stimulation program called Tomatis Method, and another program called Integrated Listening Systems.

Would love to learn more from my readers.


  1. Andy Cutler, who wrote the book on chelation, said that aluminum was only retained in the body because of mercury. Chelate out the mercury, and the aluminum will come down on its own. We moderators on the Andy Cutler Chelation Support Group on Facebook see literally thousands of cases of chronic illness, and people lose their symptoms when they chelate for mercury. The little children on the Fight Autism and Win, Detoxing Kids Facebook group have their ATEC scores plummet when you chelate them for mercury. The aluminium is toxic but it is only present because there is mercury, and mercury is still the main culprit.


    1. So what if you have an unvaccinated child with some of these issues… mild strabismus, sensitive to noise and touch, etc. He’s only had vitamin k. That has aluminum, but no mercury.


      1. I don’t know that aluminum is in every vitamin k shot or not. Maybe someone can answer that. I don’t know how a vitamin k shot could “last” for several months without aluminum.

        The Hospira brand is very popular in the US and does not list aluminum in the “description” ingredients, yet has this warning on the package insert:

        “WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic. Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they required large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.

        Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 mcg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.”


    2. Is this something anyone should do? I’m 40, had my fillings removed about 15 years ago but still have one cavity with amalgam next to the root that they left a little bit behind…

      I don’t have any other exposure or regular health problems but I consider control of my health a very serious responsibility so I consider this a very high importance if chelating is recommended for me…

      As I write this I realize I should probably have that tooth removed : (


  2. What about the trauma of routine circumcision? That particular horror is inflicted on newborns and results in pain so horrific that they sometimes go into shock. One wonders how *that* affects them in the long term.

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      1. I have 4 boys, all uncircumcised. I grew up in a non-vaxxing, non-circumcising family. When my Dad was in WW2 he said it was a big fad to go get circumcised, after witnessing the after-effects of that he opted out of that fad.
        My Mom, along with her older brother and both her parents all had Smallpox. This would have been in the early 1930s. They all lived through it and my Mom at least had no scarring (I never knew her parents or her older brother). My Mom said that the County Health Nurse came out to the house and she can remember standing in the yard in her underwear while the nurse scraped their blisters. My Grandmother said that making vaccines was a filthy practice and somewhere down the road there would be all kinds of diseases due to it but doctors won’t be able to figure out why. A wise woman that one.

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  3. You know what else causes panic and terror in boys when they are little and restrained, and feel hopeless? Circumcision. Along with the damage and panic from their vaccines, their fate is pretty much sealed.

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    1. When I first heard about the effects of cicumcision a few years ago I went into shock deep in the core of my gut. As soon as I was aware of my motionless state and felt the urge to curl up, I lit up a big bowl of cannabis. Thank God for cannabis or I would’ve been dead a long time ago.

      As for healing the brain, I’d like to know if cannabis has any chelating properties. I know organic food plays a big role in my healing but it must be whole, unprocessed food. For more info about non-organic food and why CBD-only treatments can make brain injuries worse, see Dr. Bogner’s article:


  4. Very interesting ! First of all, call them hypotheses not theories. Secondly, didn’t a doctor make a video about the cranial nerve damage? The video is called “all vaccines cause damage” that basically everyone is having mini strokes – that’s where the “theories” diverge but same premis. I wonder if his work stems from those older videos.

    I’ll probably buy the book. Great info. Thanks !

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    1. Gadfly, the doctor you’re referring to is Andrew Moulden. His work is very important but little known; I’m glad you brought it up. Moulden stated that every single dose of every single vaccine causes injury in “watershed” areas of the brain, and he explained the mechanisms that cause the injury.

      About autism specifically — I suspect there are many different factors that can interact to cause autism. Each autistic person may have a unique “profile” of contributing factors. Certainly vaccination is a contributing factor for the majority of autistic children, but the most damaging mechanisms of harm could vary from child to child.


  5. You really need to check out the work of the homeopath Tinus Smits at his website (where he lays out many fully and partially cured cases of autism) and also the ability of Heilkunst – laid out at,, to reverse the damage caused by vaccines and to help with this whole issue of allopathic drugging and violation…

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  6. Please check out @medicalmedium or #MedicalMedium for fuller awareness of the Unforgiving Four: pathogen explosion, heavy metals, DDT & radiation, then how to heal. I assist with this healing as a holistic RN #OrganicRN


  7. I wish he would give more credit to Dr. Andrew Moulden & his research. Dr. Moulden noticed this issue with noticing signs of vaccine injury in the face years ago. He died just before he was going to go public with his newest research. His video Tolerance Lost is also available on YouTube.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning this!

      Both Dr Moulden and Forrest noticed cranial nerve damage, so are in agreement on that.

      Dr Moulden ascribed the cranial nerve damage to oxygen restriction to watershed areas around cranial nerves, which is much more consistent with Forrest’s ideas that I had remembered.

      Forrest ascribes the injuries to inflammation from aluminum-carrying white blood cells, and that the injuries occur in the brain stem because of the way the body deals with pathogens/tissue-injury/restraint.

      These ideas are largely consistent — Dr Moulden could be correct about how the nerve damage is caused, and Forrest could be correct as to why the vaccination process targets the brain stem and is particularly injurious for boys.


  8. Now, in terms of vagus nerve stimulation, the gold standard is likely to prove to be transauricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (taVNS).The implanted variety has been around for a few years.
    I recently encountered an approach to healing brain injury called “The Nemechek Protocol” – developed by a senior osteopath from Arizona. Basically Fish Oil+ Olive Oil+ minimise omega6 oils+ plus Inulin/antibiotics (age dependent) for the Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and taVNS.

    Dr Patrick NEmechek’s material is on You Tube for those who are interested. I have no financial interest in mentioning it- only an interest to see that well presented information is widely circulated s that us consumers can make our own choices.

    We know that autism is associated with Interleukin6 activation- but fewer people know that Il6 production increases when vagal tone is withdrawn.

    Equally few of us know that SIBO causes a significant production of bacterial lipopolysaccharides- which stimulate microglial activation and Il6.

    So its not just a matter of detoxing aluminium- it is a matter of dealing with the inflammatory pathway that seems to be associated with it.

    The material presented in Vaccine Papers (and from Prof Exley) emphasises the intracellular transport of Al. The Crepaux paper also emphasises the presence of Al in mouse brains 6 months after the vaccine. I am guessing that that might be harder to detox than Al in the bloodstream.

    Much better to detox our society of bullies who would like to tell us what we are obliged to put in our bloodstreams.

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  9. Reblogged this on Babble On… and commented:
    Wow. Was not prepared for the depth of thought that went into stringing together a narrative that tells a compelling story about what may be causing autism and other maladies with similar features. Observation is the first step…. what do you see?


  10. Oh my goodness…thank you so much. I feel like I need to digest this, but what an extremely enlightening and helpful production! It contains answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.


  11. I’ve done Fiji water and silica via supplements with my son, who is 12 and “wants to be normal”.
    I’m going to add vitamin d and fish oil to address the brain inflammation as well.


    1. If supplementing d I believe you need to supplement with k2 as well. D without K2 is not recommended. There is a magnesium fb group where files in group info give info regarding this. I also believe it is recommended to be d3. Don’t follow my recommendation. Look for information regarding this.

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  12. To add a few things to consider to this important conversation, having chelated metals & 40 HBOT dives with a toddler who is now moderate functioning 13 year old. 1. Mercury hides other metals. You don’t start pulling aluminum until you chelate Mercury. 2. Early exposure to metals disables detoxification capacity for life. Yeast is the body’s reaction to metal toxicity. 3. HBOT puts out brain fire (inflammation) like it puts out the afterburn in third degree burn victims. 4. Don’t leave cannabis oil out of the conversation as thee most potent antioxidant and neuroprotectant we have on earth.
    I have written about our chelation decision for CCVC this month at because it points to the greater risk that veterans (highly vaccinated adults) have for their kids to be poor detoxifier.


    1. Is this only for the children of female active military heavily vaccinated individuals or can the children of military heavily vaccinated males be equally impacted?


  13. yikes. I’m normally a fan of your page but think you may have been hacked. Immediately after opening this I kept getting spam pop ups and phony flash player download boxes that will not close. :O


    1. Hacked by Facebook, sure.

      Were you on your phone using the Facebook app? It’s my punishment for talking about vaccines.

      If that’s the case, immediately hit “open in Chrome” on your phone (or Safari) from the Facebook reader.

      Or set your Facebook app settings to say “always open links externally.”

      Let me know if that works.


  14. Has anyone considered that Tylenol plays a role in metal toxicity and vaccinations. Tylenol depletes glutathione which is needed for toxin removal. Are vaccines toxins more toxic with Tylenol?


  15. Forrest Marready is a genius! I don’t give that to just anyone and I can tell you when I saw this, it gave me chills.. I knew right away he was on to something and pre-ordered his book. I knew there was a trauma component but couldn’t put my finger on how until I saw this.. Game changer!


  16. Oh my God. I don’t like watching videos either because they are so slow, but I trusted your recommendation. This is everything you said it would be and more.

    It’s interesting that he noted he was a liberal arts major. It struck me that that is exactly what we need – the critical thinking and inquisitive nature instilled in us through a liberal arts education. By contrast science can tend toward rote memorization of facts – the textbook says it, so why would I question it? But as is typical of our society, we reject the subtle beauty and critical components of right-brain pursuits.

    I can’t say enough good things about this guy or thank him enough.


  17. As for healing from aluminum damage, buy Anthony William’s Medical Medium book and don’t look back. Set aside your skepticism of his source (spirit) and put his recommendations into action. I could have saved my family thousands of dollars and visits to 30 plus specialists all over the US had I just thought his $20 book first. It. Works.


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