Stop injecting weed killer into your kids

Who’s ready to get pissed off tonight? As if there isn’t enough going on right now.


Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt went live the other day to tell the world about the FDA giving her a big fat middle finger when she asked a simple question about the weed killer glyphosate– which is found in the formula for Roundup although Roundup is even worse than glyphosate alone– in the vaccines given in the childhood program.

One year ago Moms Across America announced that they’d tested five vaccines — a DTaP, a flu vaccine, a hep B, and a pneumococcal– and all tested positive for weed killer. But the MMR? The MMR had 25 times more weed killer than the rest.

Why do we care? Because of how glyphosate is designed to kill weeds, it also breaks down the blood brain barrier in humans, and when you open the blood brain barrier, everything else that gets injected along with the weed killer reaches the brain.

So Zen kindly let the FDA know the results of the the Moms Across America tests and asked if the FDA would conduct their own tests on vaccines for glyphosate. The FDA wrote back and said vaccines are safe and didn’t say anything beyond that. Didn’t even bother to respond to the question.

Separately, also in the summer of 2016, scientists Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff tested vaccines for glyphosate –including 10 childhood vaccines and flu vaccines, of which 7 were positive for weed killer. Their findings about the MMR and the MMR II were the same as Moms Across America: off the charts. They also submitted their results to the FDA.

The FDA’s unexpected response came in November when they announced that they wouldn’t be testing anything for glyphosate anymore. Not food, and of course, not vaccines. Their reason? They didn’t like the methods.

Finally, just three months ago, the FDA said they’d go back to testing food for glyphosate. Did they suspend it because of weed killer being found in honey and baby food? Or because of Moms Across America, Seneff, Samsel, and vaccines?

Zen came back to the FDA this past summer of 2017 with a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) and wanted all documents related to their conversation around her alert that glyphosate is in vaccines. She believes they did test and they do know Roundup is in childhood shots. As their answer to her FOIA request, the FDA had the audacity to send Zen 56 pages that had been blacked out:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.18.07 AM

My brain just exploded when I watched her video. I’m not figuring out how to embed a Facebook live feed into WordPress at this moment, so click over here to see Zen explain it all.

The FDA is claiming the information Zen requested about her alert to the FDA is protected under a law that allows the the decision making processes of government agencies to stay secret.

This is America?  Are you OK with this?

A little side story:

You may remember in February 2016 I wrote a piece about each ingredient in the DTaP vaccine. This started off with a simple question: what is in polysorbate 80? I asked several friends about this at the same time, and sent them the list of things polysorbate–  called Extra Olein 99 or “Tween 80” in vaccines– might be made of, which included olive oil, olives, avocados, almonds, peanuts, sesame oil, pecans, pistachio nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and high oleic sunflower oil.

Scientist Stephanie Seneff wrote back right away and said she’d wager that Tween 80 is made of sunflower seeds. Why? Because they are the cheapest, and nothing is too cheap for our kids.

Then she went on to say, “This is extremely worrisome to me, because sunflowers are now rather routinely sprayed with glyphosate right before the harvest, as a desiccant.” To her, this meant that sunflower seeds are yet another source of weed killer in America’s vaccines.

At the same time a friend in the Thinking Moms Revolution found the answer. The polysorbate 80 in vaccines is made of sunflower seeds, so yes, they are most likely drenched in Roundup to dry them out before harvest.

Then, in May of 2016, I made my own FOIA request about the use of genetically modified soy– which is designed to withstand a bloodbath of weed killer– in vaccines. I made it very specific: three vaccines, the brands were named, and the date range was four and a half years starting in January 2010. The FDA called me on the phone and the price was astronomical, so I decided to limit my request to one vaccine. Then the FDA sent me this letter about the price of searching for one vaccine:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.36.37 AM.png

It would be almost $14,000 to answer my question about GM soy in Prevnar 13. So, with a Freedom of Information Act request you are free to ask, but you’d better have a lot of money to get your answer.

So this means that weed killer is most likely getting into vaccines through:

  1. Animals who are fed glyphosate-containing meals and are then ground up and used as gelatin,
  2. Polysorbate 80 made from sunflower seeds, and
  3. Genetically modified soy.

Does this mean Monsanto is causing autism?

You cannot be against your children eating and drinking weed killer in their diet and yet be in favor of injecting them with vaccines. You simply cannot. This madness must stop.

People, we have some power here. Tell all of your tree hugger yet pro-vaccine friends about this. Tell them weed killer is in vaccines and that it breaks down the brain barrier. Call your US Representatives. Call your US Senators.  Tell them to get involved in answering this *#@! summer 2017 Zen Honeycutt FDA FOIA. Send them this link or the link to Zen’s Facebook live. We deserve to know what is blacked out in those 56 pages.

Talk to your state-level representatives and senators on the phone when vaccine legislation comes your way. Tell them we deserve better than this and there must be a choice when it comes to injecting weed killer into children. And if you’re the type to love spending time making FOIA requests, please jump in.

Gary Ruskin with the US Right to Know, I’m looking at you.


  1. It’s enough to make you want to hurt people. Yes it is. Her video needs to get out there.
    I have figured out how to get Facebook videos off Facebook. You need a video converter. I am so tech challenged, I’m kind of surprised I was able to do it. Anvsoft Any Video Converter works easily, and I think it was 9.99 to upgrade permanently which works better. I have found some really good Facebook live videos that I wanted to save, and that is how I did it. Saved them to my computer, and then uploaded them to my you tube channel. I am looking for an alternative to you tube, because of their censorship. I found the site we use to archive scientific studies…you know the ones that disappear. I found Internet Archive Way Back Machine that is a place that says they want to save all knowledge, so you can upload any video to there and you have your own free library card. Going to give that a try today. If it’s good, it’s a way to save videos you know you want to get out there. IF this works, then you edit this blog post and put her in there. Hope it helps.
    Anyway…you know you are my blogger crush. You keep it going because you always rock truth. Thank you.


  2. Yes, Monsanto is causing autism, not to mention an epidemic of chronic illness.

    There is an incredibly high correlation between glyphosate and our epidemic of chronic illness: and

    There’s lots of evidence that glyphosate is uniquely toxic. It can substitute for glycine in protein synthesis, resulting in a protein that doesn’t work. That’s the mechanism by which it affects plants and bacteria; their disrupted proteins are essential so it kills them, although they are starting to substitute alanine for glycine to acquire resistance. In people, substitution of glyphosate would directly cause ongoing loss of function, in addition to disruption of the gut biome through its effects on bacteria. We have pathways that detox and clear most environmental toxins, but there is no active pathway for glyphosate (it looks like glycine), so it leaves the body very slowly. Awful stuff, the sooner it is banned the better.


  3. Please send this to John Oliver, he makes such asshat comments on his show and its clear he hasn’t done any research. Either that or he’s paid to stay ignorant.


  4. Two quick questions…

    Isn’t the LD50 of glyphosate greater than sodium chloride (table salt)?

    Hasn’t the idea that vaccines cause autism been thuroughly debunked?


    1. The LD50 of glyphosate is 5,000 mg/kg for rats, 10,000 mg/kg in mice and 3,530 mg/kg in goats. The acute dermal LD 50 in rabbits is greater than 2 g/kg.
      Sodium chloride (table salt)
      rat, oral
      3,000 mg/kg

      I believe there’s published data around about the trace concentration of insecticides, fungicides and weedicides in cereal products


    2. I don’t understand why you are bringing up the LD50 for glyphosate when the concern is about chronic longer-term effects.

      Re autism and vaccines, why are you just concerned about autism? Vaccines not only cause autism in some kids, they also cause chronic illnesses.


  5. Tween 80 is specifically used to open the blood brain barrier to get chemo dugs to cancerous brain tumors! Do they want us to believe it magically acts differently in vaccines!


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