Research confirms what moms already know


Making mainstream news today: researchers at the University of North Carolina have confirmed in a new study published in Nature this month that yes, Gigantic Autism Forehead does in fact precede autism.

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday…

No, wait. We actually do see it everyday. We see it in our daily lives, we see it in our neighbor’s kids, we see it in the CDC’s own #teamvax photo.

We all know the Gigantic Autism Forehead. They weren’t born with it.

All of our born-normal babies had normal heads with circumference measurements that plot somewhere around the 50th percentile. That means that at the two-month vaccine appointment your baby’s head was clocking in at a normal 40 centimeters.

But then sometime after the 6-month vaccine appointment you might have noticed your child had a slight resemblance to Baby Frankenstein. Rather than growing the usual 2 to 4 centimeters in that time, his head has expanded by 6 or 7 centimeters, and now he’s off the growth chart completely, or hovering just at the 99th percentile so your doc says he’s fine, no cause for worry. But you can’t help but notice this new growth is centered around a bulging forehead.

When the hell did that start? Look back at old photos. If you adhered to the vaccine schedule, you’ll probably notice the bulging forehead beginning at three months old, a few weeks after that first vaccine appointment. Request your child’s records from the ped and see for yourself when the circumference projection began to creep off the line it started on at two months old.

This research team performed brain scans on sleeping high-risk-for-autism babies who already had an autistic sibling and discovered an initial “hyperexpansion” of the outer brain tissue between 6 and 12 months old (coughENCEPHALITIScough, cough).

But what about the brains of kids who were younger? What about kids too young to be vaccinated? They left them out of the study, of course. God forbid we look into kids before they receive three full rounds of the vaccination schedule.

Then it gets worse. Starting at 12 months, the kids with hyperexpansion went on to have measurable “brain volume overgrowth.” Then, sometime after two years old, come the classic symptoms and the autism diagnosis.

In this study, 15 of the 106 high risk infants showed this hyperexpansion before 12 months old, and the researchers predicted they would go on to have brain overgrowth, show autism symptoms, and receive a diagnosis down the road.

And guess what? The prediction was right. With an 81% accuracy rate. Can’t help but wonder if the other 19% quit vaccinating at that point.

The Gigantic Autism Forehead isn’t really news, though. The press has been writing about “autism features” such as the “broad upper face” for five years now, putting the effect before the cause by acting like children are born with autism features.

And that brain overgrowth bit isn’t news either– for the past 18 months it’s been the pro-vaccine favorite autism-is-genetic argument. They say that since autism appears to be caused by having too many synapses in the brain; too many connections, not enough pruning going on, leading to sensory overload and epilepsy– and that autism begins in utero.

But look closely. These researchers just confirmed the brain overgrowth is post-natal, not in the womb. 

Unfortunately, these researchers don’t delve into theories of why in their discussion about the new study. Why are these infant brains swelling? Why are the brains overgrowing? Why has the pruning mechanism been turned off?

The Gigantic Autism Forehead part of it isn’t a mystery– it’s the result of the baby’s skull accommodating both the initial swelling and the later overgrowth. Every enlightened autism mom already knows where the forehead came from.

So naturally the BBC signed off the article in the link above with the declaration, “This pours cold water on the debunked claims that the MMR jab causes autism.”

Wait, what?  The researchers studied children at 6, 12 and 24 months old who most likely already had three rounds of vaccines by 6 months, resulting in the initial brain tissue inflammation. They said that volume overgrowth in those inflamed brains then begins in the 12th month– which is when the MMR is given in the US.

Where is this cold water, BBC?

All I’m seeing is smoke leading to fire.

A trigger finger on a loaded chamber.

One last chance to pull the brakes on a train before it goes off the rails.


  1. Thanks for all your information. Are you following the Vaxxed movie? It just premiered in Europe this week but propaganda and trolls were trying desperately to stop it going ahead and are now reporting more misleading information about Andrew Wakefiled and the documentary. Just to be clear it’s about the CDC committing fraud and changing data that proved the link between MMR and Autism. Quite shockingly it showed a more than 200% increased likelihood for black males to be at risk. If anyone in Europe/Australia or USA wants to watch it’s now available on iTunes and Amazon for 99p.


  2. Just horrifying — Thank God the thunder is growing. We are winning. I meet vaccine injured moms EVERY DAY, and I am not even seeking them out. Just in normal life interactions. And they tell me their little ones are vaccine injured without me even asking!


  3. They left the pre-and-non-vaccinated out of the study…big surprise. They connect the dots…by adding more dots. But regardless, by doing so they can’t but help contribute to the bigger picture.


  4. My daughter has autism and I remember being alarmed at her forehead becoming oddly large around 12 months. But I am respectfully disagreeing with you on the matter of vaccines.

    The truth is brain science is in its infancy. I have a child with autism so I understand the need to know what happened. But the hard reality here is that, no matter how good it feels to find something to blame, the causes of autism are not even close to being understood. The scientific community – meaning neurologists, cell biologists, geneticists and all the other people who work on this problem every day, admit we don’t yet even have a complete understand of normal brain function. So to insist that autism is a functional consequence of a biochemical/physiological change brought on by vaccines, is just wrongheaded and even silly. How can you insist on the cause for a brain disorder, when we don’t even fully understand how the brain works, or how it’s function relates to physiology?

    Science is a methodical, incremental, highly detailed, complicated and maddeningly slow process. I prefer to trust experts whose opinions are grounded in peer-reviewed, evidenced-based findings.

    Folks need to better understand how the hard work of science happens. Advances are limited by the technological means scientists have for detection and analysis. Many important advances have coincided with pretty recent strides in things like automation, bioinformatics, genomics, molecular biology, and big data, many of which didn’t exist as ‘things’ until recently. Add to that the black box that is the brain, and you can see how drawing a causal relationship is very difficult. And autism is a highly varied disorder impacting multiple brain and other physiological systems. How does a child’s immune response to a vaccine play into autism? Empirical evidence from studies designed to find a link between the two, so far have not. That is a fact.

    Some people want to believe there is a conspiracy among people profiting from cancer, autism or other diseases. They want to believe a cure for cancer is being kept secret, or that the medical profession would rather kids continue to get autism, so they can keep selling and administering vaccines. But this is just nonsense. Try to have faith in the army of scientists, clinicians and scholars focussed on autism research, who are bound by ethics reviews and guidelines in their organizations. The scientific process is slow and frustrating for parents. But luckily its organizing principals are excellence, rigour and ethics.


  5. And now this stunner: “Vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder: most notably, the risk of being affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was 4.7 fold higher in vaccinated children; as well, ADHD risk was 4.7 fold higher and learning disability risk was 3.7 fold higher. Overall, the vaccinated children in the study were 3.7 times more likely to have been diagnosed with some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.”


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