Are you going to sit there or do something?


Man, have I caught an earful in the past four days. People are pissed.  On fire that a Congressman would ask to cool it with the phone calls. Outraged that I’d go into a meeting and get “charmed by a politician” and I must be too stupid to know he pulled the wool over my eyes. But mostly people feel deceived that they aren’t being told every word of the meeting, and I understand that.

I’ve told you as much as I can because the Congressman asked if he could speak freely and off the record.  Yes, I could turn around and type every word of my notes into this blog but then what would happen?  I’d never be invited back and you’d have to find yourselves a new advocate.  So, you can trust me (or not) but if I want to ever go again, I can’t tell you what was said right now.

But here’s what we can do: let’s talk about moving forward.

Chaffetz is doing the best he can do at this job, but Chaffetz isn’t our personal Jesus, and neither is Bill Thompson, who you’ve already heard wants a second bite at the 2004 study so he can explain himself and walk back the secret recordings.  No, we didn’t talk about that in the Chaffetz meeting at all so I’m not foreshadowing anything here. You’ve already heard it through Brian Hooker, on Autism Media’s Periscope, and through a written statement from Focus For Health.

We all want a hearing where a perfect written record of CDC corruption is established and Bill Thompson saves the day.  That might happen– or it might not– but let’s keep working toward it.  There are 43 members of the Oversight Committee but hundreds of people keep calling one guy. Yes, he’s the Chairman but he’s one human being. Let’s get him some support from the rest of his Committee.

I’ll put a list of phone numbers and addresses for the other 42 congressmen/women on the Oversight Committee at the end of this entry. The phone calls fanned out to them should:

#1 educate the committee member’s staff who answers the phone about the fact that the CDC Whistleblower exists and there is an ongoing Oversight Committee investigation that they likely don’t even know about; and

#2 ask what each Congressman can do to demand that the CDC comply with the document requests.

Leave your name and your phone number and ask to be called back.  You might not even be considered for a callback if you don’t live in their district, so adjust your expectations, but you never know.

If you live in the district of the congressman you’re calling and you have a “voting bloc” you lead of people who have this common interest, make sure you tell them that in the message and ask for a call back. To say you have a voting bloc has no meaning, really, but if you’ve got a blog following of 50k+ vaccine freedom readers I’d mention it on the phone. Find your own congressman by clicking here.

Then get out some paper, pen, envelope and a stamp.  I know it’s been a while since we’ve used those things– I don’t even know where I’d find an envelope in my house. In fact, include a self-addressed stamped envelope in your letter and tell them you want answers, not a form letter, returned to you.

On the paper, repeat steps 1 and 2 above in a handwritten letter.  Then also:

#3 educate the members about what vaccine injury looks like, how it’s anything but rare, and include your personal story if you have one or send them to; and

#4 tell each Congressman what the legislative fix you want to see is.

What’s a legislative fix? It’s the things we want to see happen because our CDC is run by fraudsters. The legislative fix is our goal, and the hearing is but one vehicle for reaching that goal.

The most realistic request of a legislative fix is that the government creates a new agency that oversees vaccine safety, and they do it by taking money out of the CDC vaccine safety budget and give it to the new agency so that we’re not creating any debt. Win-win, right?  What sane person would be opposed to creating an independent agency to make sure vaccines are safe, and doing it without expanding the budget? Get vaccine safety out of the Immunization Safety Office out of the CDC and create a National Vaccine Safety Board as an independent federal agency charged by Congress to investigate vaccine injury. It goes without saying that any CDC, FDA, or pharmaceutical employees stockholders or lobbyists are not invited to join the board.

The second most realistic legislative fix is that we finally conduct a large-scale vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study in this country.  The CDC already has all of the data; we just need the funding and a trusted independent epidemiologist to conduct the study across all health outcomes– allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, eczema, juvenile diabetes, epilepsy, immune deficiency, pediatric cancer, gastrointestinal illness– not just autism.

Probably the least likely legislative fix would be reforming the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. I said the other day that our request was to have it repealed, but realistically that’s not a request that would garner much support from a government where pharmaceutical companies are bigger and badder than the NRA– that’s not to say I don’t want to see it done.  More than anything I want pharma to be liable.  But what industry wouldn’t want the sweet deal that pharma got of zero liability for their products? They’ll fight to the death protecting it. If we teach consumers to reject the product (which would be unstoppable after a vaxed vs. non-vax study), fight vaccine mandate legislation, and get an honest-to-God vaccine safety agency, the need for the court will plummet.

Just short of repeal, opening up the vaccine court law to revision and reform could quickly turn into an instance of “be careful what you wish for,” which is exactly what it has been since 1986. It’s been used in ways the drafters never intended– with a limited injury table, short statute of limitations, zero advertising of its existence, funds squandered on rigged safety studies, and cases that drag on for years in contentious proceedings where the government fights compensating ruined lives with expert witnesses.  It’s a disaster, no doubt. It absolutely needs to be reformed but we’re opening ourselves up to it being made worse by pharma poison pills. Reformation is something that will take a lot of thought with input from the best vaccine injury lawyers in the country and would need a lot of bipartisan support to fight off pharma intrusion. That’s why it’s at the end of my list.

My personal dream legislative fix that we did not discuss in the meeting would be to overhaul the CDC childhood vaccination schedule. I want hepatitis b on day one of life taken off and be reserved for hep b positive mothers. If you want your kid to have this vaccine, get it when they’re 12. I want the rotavirus vaccine to disappear from this country. I want flu vaccines to go to the incinerater, but I’d accept flu vaccines being banned from pregnant mothers and children under three years old. I want true zero mercury. I want the vaccine schedule to begin after 6 months old and I want it spread out with one vaccine every 60 days with no 5-in-1 shots. I want routine vitamin k shots to go away and only be used in traumatic births or on parents’ request. And I want expanded contraindications to vaccination, with autism, epilepsy, juvenile diabetes and food allergies leading the list.

The most important thing you can do this year is vote, and a vote that flips the US House to democrat would be a nail in the coffin of the CDC hearing and any of the legislative fixes, unless you know for a fact that your democrat US Representative wants a CDC hearing. For instance, I’ve heard that New York’s Maloney has supported us on this issue in the past, so you absolutely must find out where they stand on both requiring vaccines and exposing CDC corruption.

At the core of their party democrats want big government and to be in control of public health. Conservatives tend to best represent (diluted) libertarian beliefs of autonomy, parental rights, and smaller government. When you advocate on your state level where you have a lot more access to your elected leaders, you quickly realize that while vaccine choice knows no politics in your real life community (in fact, way more of my liberal friends are non-vax than conservative), vaccine choice is divided right down the party line in elected government, with only a few token democrats supporting us.

If the house flips, Chaffetz would be replaced by ranking member Elijah Cummings, who was on former Representative Dan Burton’s committee and did virtually nothing in that capacity. Cummings would love to see this investigation die. So consider that when you’re screaming for a Thompson hearing while voting on a straight democrat ticket– I do not want to hear you crying about the Whistleblower hearing dying and I look up your Facebook page and see you supporting Hillary Clinton. While I know for a fact that Hillary has known all about the damage done by mercury in the flu vaccine for the past decade, she doesn’t want to hear anything about the bad behavior at the CDC.

Not everyone start calling from the top of the committee list.  Some of you start in the middle, some from the bottom up. After July 15th everyone is gone for the summer, so get moving soon. Hopefully there aren’t mistakes in my list, but let me know if you find one.  Leave a comment and let us know what reps know about the investigation and what reps have never heard of it.

When writing your letters to the members, all addresses at the end of the lines (suite number and the house office building name) are Washington, DC 20515. There are three office buildings that house all of the representatives: Rayburn, Cannon and Longworth.

For example:

Elijah Cummings

2230 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

The Full Committee on Government Oversight and Reform list:

  1. Elijah Cummings, Democrat, Maryland, 202-225-4741, 2230 Rayburn HOB
  2.  John Mica, Republican, Florida, 202-225-4035, 2187 Rayburn HOB
  3. Michael Turner, Republican, Ohio, 202-225-6465, 2239 Rayburn HOB
  4. John Duncan, Republican, Tennessee, 202-225-5435, 2207 Rayburn HOB
  5. Jim Jordan, Republican, Ohio, 202-225-2676, 1524 Longworth HOB
  6. Tim Walberg, Republican, Michigan, 202-225-6276, 2436 Rayburn HOB
  7. Justin Amash, Republican Michigan, 202-225-3831, 114 Cannon HOB
  8. Paul Gosar, Republican, Arizona, 202-225- 2315, 504 Cannon HOB
  9. Scott Desjarlais, Republican, Tennessee, 202-225-6831, 413 Cannon HOB
  10. Trey Gowdy, Republican, S. Carolina, 202-225-6030, 1404 Longworth HOB
  11. Blake Farenthold, Republican, Texas, 202-225-7742, 1027 Longworth HOB
  12. Cynthia Lummis, Republican, Wyoming, 202-225-2311, 2433 Rayburn HOB
  13. Thomas Massie, Republican, Kentucky, 202-225-3465, 314 Cannon HOB
  14. Mark Meadows, Rep, N. Carolina, 202-225-6401, 1024 Longworth HOB
  15. Ron Desantis, Republican, Florida, 202-225-2706, 308 Cannon HOB
  16. Mick Mulvaney, Republican, S. Carolina, 202-225-5501, 2419 Rayburn HOB
  17. Ken Buck, Republican, Colorado, 202-225-4676, 416 Cannon HOB
  18. Mark Walker, Republican, North Carolina, 202-225-3065, 312 Cannon HOB
  19. Rod Blum, Republican, Iowa, 202-225-2911, 213 Cannon HOB
  20. Jody Hice (a male), Republican, Georgia, 202-225-4101, 1516 Longworth HOB
  21. Steve Russell, Republican, Oklahoma, 202-225-2132, 128 Cannon HOB
  22. Buddy Carter, Republican, Georgia, 202-225-5831, 432 Cannon HOB
  23. Glenn Grothman, Republican, Wisconsin, 202-225-2476, 501 Cannon HOB
  24. William Hurd, Republican, Texas, 202-225-4511 317 Cannon HOB
  25. Gary J. Palmer, Republican, Alabama, 202-225-4921, 206 Cannon HOB
  26. Carolyn Maloney, Democrat, New York, 202-225-7944, 2308 Rayburn HOB
  27. Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democrat, DC, 202-225-8050, 2136 Rayburn HOB
  28. William Lacy Clay, Democrat, Missouri, 202-225-2406, 2428 Rayburn HOB
  29. Stephen Lynch, Dem, Massachusetts, 202-225-8237, 2639 Rayburn HOB
  30. Jim Cooper, Democrat, Tennessee, 202-225-4311, 1536 Longworth HOB
  31. Gerald E. Connolly, Democrat, Virginia, 202-225-1492, 2238 Rayburn HOB
  32. Matt Cartwright,  Dem, Pennsylvania, 202-225-5546, 1419 Longworth HOB
  33. Tammy Duckworth, Democrat, Illinois, 202-225-3711, 104 Cannon HOB
  34. Robin Kelly, Democrat, Illinois, 202-225-0773, 1239 Longworth HOB
  35. Brenda Lawrence, Dem, Michigan, 202-225-5802, 1237 Longworth HOB
  36. Ted Lieu, Democrat, California, 202-225-3976, 415 Cannon HOB
  37. Bonnie Watson Coleman, Dem, New Jersey, 202-225-5801, 126 Cannon HOB
  38. Stacey E. Plaskett, Dem, Virgin Islands, 202-225-1790, 509 Cannon HOB
  39. Mark Desaulnier, Democrat, California, 202-225-2095, 327 Cannon HOB
  40. Brendan F. Boyle, Democrat, Pennsylvania, 202-225-6111, 118 Cannon HOB
  41. Peter Welch, Democrat, Vermont, 202-225-4115, 2303 Rayburn HOB
  42. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Dem, New Mexico, 202-225-6316, 214 Cannon HOB

35 thoughts on “Are you going to sit there or do something?

  1. I would like to say that it really varies from state to state who supports the rights of parents to not vaccinate their kids. In MN, I was amazed at the number of Republicans who actually supported and voted in favor of the vaccine bill that was introduced here. So, the best thing is to educate your elected officials and candidates (you might try a one-on-one with each of them, armed with written handouts to give them). The vaccine bill in MN was an education bill. Get educated by the doctor before you can get an exemption. Had it been an outright removal of the right to an exemption, we may have seen different viewpoints. If Vaxxed comes to your city, invite your elected officials to attend with you.

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      1. The whole Thompson thing. Brian Hooker did his reanalysis using the supposedly destroyed CDC data (which he got from the CDC) and it was retracted for statistical errors and undisclosed conflicts of interest. What would a congressional hearing even talk about?


      2. If they destroyed the documents then how did Hooker get them from the CDC? And why couldn’t he prove an autism link once he had them?


      3. Bill “I just don’t understand what you want congress to do.”

        I’d like them all to resign with NO lifelong benefits or pension.



      Dr. William Thomson AKA CDC Whistleblower goes: “We know thimerosal causes tics” that’s been demonstrated in the big studies…Cause the CDC never said that thimerosal doesn’t cause tics…
      these drugs companies are making such a big deal of theses measles outbreaks and they are now, making a big deal of polio…it is like a never ending thing…the press loves to scare the crap out of people…”
      He also says: “Flu shots. So I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women, like that is the last person I would give mercury to”

      It seems to me you just don’t get it don’t you? it is not about oh I made a mistake with data. It goes beyond this. What happens is nowadays, someone came up with a phony blog saying something like this: “What it really happened to William Thomson” and there you go to repeat it like parrot.

      Lets be honest. You very well now truth does NOT prevail in America. And basically Pharma is taking advantage of this. So OF COURSE having no studies done (In USA, although they DO exist in other countries) comparing vaccinated vrs unvaccinated, and having very few politicians brave enough to fight against corruption in America, Pharma can deny the link vaccines/autism, forever.

      Maybe right now, the “antivaxer” crowd are being consider the stupid ones, but tomorrow, you guys will realize that simply, genetic epidemics don’t exist.

      I’m pretty sure all those cowards “scientists” and corrupt politicians behind these lies have their butts sitting online reading blogs like this one. Recently a high up from Merck got caught snooping at Erin Elizabeth FB. Hahaha epic.


      1. Blore,

        That’s a long rambling post, and I’m not sure what you’re saying. Are you saying that Thompson’s “destroyed” data really WAS destroyed? Are you saying someone ELSE (other than Brian Hooker) could reanalyze the data and make an MMR-autism connection stick? Or are you admitting the whole CDC whistleblower thing turned out to be nothing, but you have a long list of other vaccine issues you’d like congress to look into?


  2. Leviquackenboss we love you and appreciate you. So you shouldn’t get up in arms if people are emotional or nervous or frustrated. Chaffefz and Thompson, I agree, are not our sole saviors and it’s understood Chaffefz swore you guys to secrecy and you had to be compliant. But as this has been an extremely important piece of the puzzle for so long, nothing but subpoenaing Thompson now is acceptable. We all know that politics is a dirty business but for me what was also disturbing was the Intercept article which you seemed to bat away with your comments. Yes everyone takes money from Pharma but that does not mean that it’s right or that it doesn’t corrupt. Bernie accepted some but it was given away to a Washington AIDS clinic. And you quoted just one thing in the article about Valeant not being the sole subject of any hearings, that was confusing since they benefitted from a stock jump anyway and more to the point, all the rest of the article was pretty damning about Chaffefz such as “acting as a human shield for a major business sector can pay off for an ambitious politician who briefly flirted with a candidacy for House Speaker last month”. The whole article was bad really Levi. So that obviously came as disturbance albeit not a surprise. It’s just so disgusting that this has gone on for so long, along with glyphosate, poisonous drinking water, bad drugs vaccination tyranny, and chemtrails et al, and they all look the other way just lining their pockets and gathering money and making deals with the devil to feed their next campaign. That said YOU obviously are truly a great human being with your heart, mind, and soul in the right place. Don’t stop 🙏❤️

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  3. The legislative fix I would like to see: Ban payoffs to doctors for vaccinations. No more CDC or insurance companies paying docs to “fill the card,” or to meet percentages. This is such a blatant conflict of interest and quite obviously skews a doctor’s recommendations, particularly when being pressured by his/her boss or co-workers to make money for the practice. As JB Handley says, vaccines don’t cause autism, pediatricians cause autism. We must eliminate their incentive to take such high risks.


  4. So, LQ, are you saying that Vaccine Safety is now a wedge issue? And, that the Democrats support Medical Tyranny and are bought and paid for by Big Pharma? If so, will the Republicans step up and put Vaccine Safety (and the CDC Fraud) on the table? Or, will this remain a backroom fight?

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    1. I think government control of compliance with public health initiatives is a wedge issue, with dems on one side for the most part. I think dems and conservatives accept pharma money nearly 50/50 with a bit more going to conservatives. I do think conservatives are willing to step up and put government fraud on the table. Conservatives are far less likely to talk about corporate fraud as they are government fraud.


  5. Regarding Thompson, given that we know too little about the background concerning any so-called plans of his to revise his earlier statements regarding the MMR, it’s perhaps better to assume that his intentions are honorable rather than not? Casting aspersions on him is unlikely to encourage him to testify before congress in our best interest (however likely or unlikely the proposition may be at this stage).


  6. Why would you want anything other than the complete banning of all vaccines?

    Adults are free to inject whatever they like into themselves but nobody should be allowed to inject poisons into their children.

    Why are non-vaxxers so petrified of being consistent?

    Do anti-coal activists go to great lengths to say they aren’t really “anti-coal” but just want to reduce its use ever so slightly? And with most of them, you can bet your bottom dollar there is only so far they are willing to take their principles (ie most of them would sooner use coal than be without electricity). None of us say vaccines are useless and dangerous and then turn around and inject our kids with them anyway.

    Our softly softly approach is both dishonest and poor strategy.

    No vaccine works and they are all dangerous. So there is no basis for any of them to be given to a child.

    Rates of paralysis (and modern day iron lung use) have increased since the polio vaccine.

    Rates of congenital defects have increased since the rubella vaccine.

    Rates of encephalitis and deafness have increased since the measles vaccine.

    Rates of liver cancer/disease have increased since the Hep B vaccine.

    Rates of meningitis/pneumonia/sepsis have increased since the Hib and Prevenar vaccines.

    Rates of respiratory hospitalisations are extremely common despite the diphtheria and pertussis vaccine.

    Rates of sterility have risen since the mumps vaccine.

    Rates of gastro related deaths have increased since the rotavirus vaccine.

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    1. Rtp I would LOVE to get a hold of you and talk more about your positions….I don’t comment on blogposts very much but is there a way to somehow get in touch with each other without publishing personal info? Thanks!


      1. if you are on facebook then do a post on Tenpenny’s facebook page and I will respond. Just reference Quackenboss.


  7. Fantastic work here! Yes, there are going to be bumps in the road as a legislative strategy emerges and is implemented. But this is a great start. You are a brilliant strategist and we have your back. Onward!


  8. Don’t have much time to call everyone but hand wrote my Michigan reps. Good luck, everyone. Thanks for the hard work, boss.


    1. I finished only 12 letters. (From Levi’s list: 42-33+ one for vice chairman and another one for Chaffetz) Seemed I took all day doing this. I feel discouraged though. I think I will not waste any more stamps.
      They lie and say “oh I haven’t heard about W.Th and CDC fraud” like Posley talked to an empty room.


      1. So after several days from mailing my 4A envelope with copies from my son’s partial labs and vaccine record and developmental evaluation 5 months after these shots, and my 2nd letter with copies from the vision trainer evaluation with tons of links of vaxx linked to eye problems, I decided I may call to J.Ch office to find out whether someone can confirm as “received”. From one aid to another, basically found out “he was updated with the info” although the person on charge of “updating” J.Ch could not anowkedge my envelope nor my name, state, anything.
        I guess I just concontributed to USPS with my business and to the world with more recycling paper.


  9. I appreciate everything you are doing, but I must say that the strategic priorities laid out here do not make sense to me. What we need now, and must demand, is a complete elimination of the CDC vaccine schedule, which forms the basis for the mandates that are made at the state level. We must eliminate mandates.

    I would NOT trust another government agency conducting vaccine safety studies. Why in the world should we expect it to operate any different than the CDC? This is rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic. On the other hand, if private certification firms took over this function, we might actually make progress.

    Agree that an honest Vaxxed versus Unvaxxed study would be valuable but, again, how can we trust the government to produce or sponsor a study that would destroy its sacred program? It is like asking them to commit suicide.

    Agree that reform of the VICP is a hazardous undertaking.

    And while I agree that the modified schedule that you laid out (along with eliminating HPV) would be a big improvement over the current one, I think that we need to solve this problem at its root and that “reforms” of any type which allow these shenanigans to continue are not the answer.

    Longer term, we should be working toward a complete elimination of the government vaccine program (no schedules, no mandates, no promotion, no conducting of or review of safety studies, no liability waivers, etc.) so that we have a complete separation of vaccines and state.


  10. Hello colleagues. 😀
    I hope you guys are enjoying summer so far. So anyway. I’m ready to mail off another letter to Mr. Chaffetz. (Well, most likely to his aide reading them and storage them/tossing them), but wanted to ask you whether someone here had received a response/update about the “investigation” “getting done” by his office?
    This silence is killing me. I watched VAXXED on Wednesday 03/08/16 and my anger has revived :/


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