The top 3 things that #VAXXED is not: a movie review

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I had the honor of watching a screener of VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe a few nights ago and I have been simmering on the thought of what I should say about it that hasn’t already been said.  You can read incredible reviews here, here, here, here, here and here that say most everything I would say, to tell you the truth.

But… I’m not about to say nothing, especially in the face of Paul Offit writing a “review” of the movie for The Hollywood Reporter without ever mentioning that he is portrayed in an unflattering light in the movie itself. Since Offit has a rich history of forgetting to disclose his conflicts of interest that omission is not surprising.  Not to nitpick, but the fact that Offit questions whether or not the CDC Whistleblower Dr. Bill Thompson was recorded without his knowledge leads me to believe that Offit did not watch the film, or he somehow missed the large written disclosure in the beginning that stated Thompson did not know he was being recorded– not that we need our vaccine inventors to have an eye for detail or anything.  Ahem.

So here we are: the Quackenboss Top 3 list of what VAXXED is not.

VAXXED is not anecdotal. This was a phrase I read in an early Hollywood Reporter review of the movie:  “It’s all effective, but it’s also purely anecdotal.” The first-hand Hear This Well parent stories of vaccine injury shown in VAXXED are not anecdotal, they are testimonial. The audio track between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hooker is testimonial. Testimony is a true account of experiences that happened to you.  An anecdote is a story of anything that has occurred, no matter how plausible, no matter how exaggerated.  Brian Williams being forced down under fire in a military helicopter is an anecdote.  If your kid forgets how to walk and talk 24 hours after the MMR, that’s your testimony.  It’s evidence. No trial attorney would call a witness to the stand and ask them to relay their freaking anecdote.

VAXXED is not an anti-vaccine movie. For crying out loud, it’s a movie about how our government held a trashcan party where they destroyed documents that supported the horrifying conclusion that African American boys who were getting the MMR too close in time to other vaccines (mercury-containing Hep B and DTaP in the 90s, mercury-containing flu vaccine today, anyone?) were 3.4 times more likely to become autistic. Who wouldn’t want to know about this?  What if it was a trashcan party to destroy evidence about the US Government shooting down United Airlines flight 93 over Pennsylvania on 9/11?  What if it was a trashcan party to destroy documents about why the FBI was closely monitoring John Lennon? What if it was a trashcan party to get rid of evidence of the Tuskegee Experiment ever happening?  Wouldn’t you want to know that this is what our trusted government departments are doing?  Does that make you anti-airplane or anti-Beatles or anti-penicillin because you want to be informed about those things?

Besides, multiple times in the film Wakefield advocates for governments to allow separate vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella, as we had a few decades ago.  The film also suggests waiting until the age of three before administering the current MMR to a child.  How is that anti-vaccine?

VAXXED is not about Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Wakefield’s research, vindicating Wakefield, or any Wakefield agenda. VAXXED is about the dubious actions of senior scientists employed at the largest health department in America. That’s it. Wakefield didn’t invent them and he didn’t invent this cover-up; they did it all on their own.  I am sorry to be the one to say this, but there is not one way the Wakefield haters can spin this mess to blame its existence on Wakefield.  He has never worked for, and has no influence over, the CDC. These are your tax dollars hard at work pushing the vaccination program regardless of the collateral damage.

A few weeks after the CDC Whistleblower recordings were released back in the summer of 2014 I too wondered if Dr. Wakefield was spearheading the effort in an attempt to vindicate himself, his research, or his reputation.  In fact, I said as much to him in a private email. And because he’s such a stand-up guy, he addressed my concerns in the way he addresses everything: calmly, honestly, and without ego.  I’m going to share that email with you without even asking him if it’s cool, because I know it’s cool.  That’s how he is. (I did black out his email address and something personal he said to me in the first paragraph.)

wakefield email

And while we’re on the topic of this “fraudulent” doctor and his “debunked” research, let’s get this straight:  when Wakefield was hauled before the UK Medical Council to defend his license, whether or not his research was “spotty” or “shoddy” or “fraudulent” was not even an allegation.  If it wasn’t an allegation then it sure couldn’t ever be a conclusion.

The biggest ethical issues he faced were the fact that he’d taken blood draws from neurotypical children in his own home with their parents’ consent (I just had a blood draw in my own home for a life insurance policy the other day; sure hope that nurse doesn’t lose her license), and that disabled children in the case series had undergone colonoscopies and intestinal biopsies that the board deemed unnecessary.  But Wakefield didn’t perform or oversee the colonoscopies– Dr. John Walker-Smith did.  And Dr. John Walker-Smith was exonerated by the court.

Every time you hear that Wakefield’s work was fraudulent or faked you’re hearing an anecdote.  You can read parts of the actual transcripts– that would be testimonyright here.

Lastly, to close out this post about what something is not, let’s talk about how the stories written about Vaxxed are not journalism. Journalism is the reporting of events and facts to keep society informed.  Jumping on the “anti-vax, dangerous, shut it down, fraudster, de-bunked” bandwagon and writing about a movie you’ve never even seen nowhere near qualifies as journalism.

vaxxed meme

Emily Willingham at Forbes, I’m looking at you. Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Time Magazine, I’m looking at you.  I know damn well that none of you saw an advanced copy of the movie before praising De Niro’s decision under duress to pull it from the film festival, and you were all chomping to tell the masses why it’s a dangerous movie.  How do any of you call yourself journalists?  You know what you are?  You’re prostitutes, and I’ll tell you why:  you get paid for sucking the virtual cocks of every pharmaceutical company marketing director that advertises with your “news” organizations.

George Orwell, the novelist who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm, famously once said:

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

Willingham et al are drug company public relations specialists, but they are certainly not journalists.  What other topics are there in today’s “news” that are so scathingly, baselessly sanctioned to be attacked on sight by our media?  Not police brutality.  Not African warlords raping women and forcing children to murder others. Certainly not GlaxoSmithKline when their European swine flu vaccine caused a devastating childhood narcolepsy epidemic in 2009-2010.

The sole topic that reporters maul like pit bulls cut lose from their junkyard chains is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who has been mentioned in at least five major US media pieces per week for the last five years– literally in every article where someone dared to decline or question the safety of even one vaccine.

Dr. Ian Lipkin, writing a guest column for the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Thompson said four times in the recordings that yours was the worst autism study ever conducted, and that was after he called you an arrogant dick. Here, I made a meme for you from the Vaccine Whistleblower transcript:


You like that? And Paul Offit, you are just as bad, even though you’re only posing as a journalist for a Hollywood rag.

Just for fun, here’s an interview that appeared in Trace Amounts where our pal Paul is referring to a later, 2007 CDC study on mercury that the CDC Whistleblower also conducted, and he says that Bill Thompson (not Dr. Thompson– they’re on a first name basis, he’s got so much love for this researcher) conducted a “wonderful study” that Offit thinks “stands as a definitive study.”  The hearts and stars coming out of his eyes for Bill Thompson are palpable. Total man crush on “Bill” and that wonderful, definitive study of his.


But just a little bit later in January of 2015, Paul Offit gave an interview you can listen to on the VaxTruth site (scroll down to the 3rd video, the red IHeartRadio embedded audio).

Over there Offit first comes on the program at 16:20 and then, at 18:15 when asked about Thompson as the CDC Whistleblower, Offit slanders Thompson’s character when he describes him as “This person at the CDC who obviously has some sort of psychological problems.” Like, as if he has no idea who this underling is, he’s never heard his name, he’s just some random schmuck who played a tiny role in some study Offit’s never heard of, and Offit can’t even force his lips to form the sounds to say the name “Thompson,” it is that vile.

Paul Offit, you are a two-faced liar who will say anything to defend the vaccine program when you know damn well that you have profited multi-millions from killing and maiming susceptible children, no matter how small of a subset they are.  I revel in the thought that you have woken up every morning for the past two weeks and have had to remember that Andy Wakefield is kicking your ass right now.  Sweet dreams, buddy.




  1. You GO Levi!!! Your honesty is very refreshing!! My hope is that others like you will continue to stand up for what is TRUTH.

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  2. “You’re prostitutes, and I’ll tell you why: you get paid for sucking the virtual cocks of every pharmaceutical company marketing director that advertises with your “news” organizations.”

    This made me laugh out loud…hard

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  3. great review… however I would like to say that we should not be afraid to call ourselves anti-vax, and here is why:
    1. FACT… at least some vaccines are not safe.
    2. FACT… The agencies that are FUCKING RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that drugs are safe are corrupt and cannot be trusted.
    Therefore… how can vaccines ever be trusted again? the people that make them dont care, they are corrupt and liars and care only about profit. no one else is doing any honest testing… and if some are ineffective at best (gardasil, proven to be statistically insignificant to protect against cervical or any other cancer, or for preventing HPV for that matter) and deadly at worst (garasil again, MMR, swine flu, influenza, etc, etc, etc) how the hell would you ever know if any vaccines are safe or effective? the evidence, if one chooses to seek it, is overwhelming that vaccines are simply ineffective and sometimes deadly. un-vaxxed populations are always healthier than vaxxed (all things being equal, proper hygeine and sanitation being huge factors, as well as nutrient density/toxic load in diet and environment). It makes no sense in my eyes to research this topic and still be ‘pro-vaccine’… it is illogical and seems to pander to political-correctness… and why would anyone take such a risk with their children’s health? I do prefer ‘pro-truth’ to ‘anti-vax’ though…

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    1. I get your point, but if we were criticizing the way certain auto manufacturers handled stuck accelerators, we wouldn’t call ourselves “anti-accelerator, or even “anti-car.”

      Those who would call us that would be attempting to demean us.

      “Anti-vax” is a pejorative term, designed to polarize, to demean, to vilify.

      I have no wish to play along with that game.

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    2. You do realise that Mr. Wakefield had his licence withdrawn for fraudulent research. You do realise that in each of the twelve (yes only 12) cases, the family doctor came forward and produced records that the prognosis pre existed the vaccine. You do realise that this person (Mr. Wakefield) had his own vaccine ready to roll and that is why he wished to discredit the MMR vaccine. “Dr” Tennpenney is not a medical doctor, only an osteopath (bones and massage manipulation). You do realise that 70 people from last year alone are awaiting liver transplants after taking the untested supplements put out by these snake oil salespeople and others. You do realise the Dr. Mercolo has a net profit of $7 million per year every year. Not exactly a phillanthopist. You do realise that many of his “supplements” have ingreidients coming from China that are neither correctly labelled, or in any waytested for safe human applications. So whom can’t you trust? Think carefully before you answer next time.


  4. I love you!! (Kidding.. I love your blog & how you articulate your points!!)

    THIS has the be the BEST thing I have read in DAYS.. Maybe weeks, even!!

    THIS ^^ is what people are not getting.. So thank-you for clearing it up for the world..

    The discussion needs to be had & so glad it’s happening!

    Keep up the great reporting!!

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  5. Wow what great writing, which is another way of saying, what clear and precise thinking.

    In fact the film Vaxxed is anti-vaccine, but you are correct, anti-vax has become a pejorative term. May I suggest ‘vaccine-cautious’ as an apt tag?

    This is one of the few bits of writing I’ve ever ‘forwarded’ in my life. Thank you.


  6. You are awesome. I live to read your posts. Almost every thought I have when watching or reading these Journalistic Jokes, you inevitably address and express in a post. I love it. Thank you and keep it up!

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  7. Monsanto have deleted the Gene HMDB25030 from all their patented food and feed seeds and their patented vegetables foods and it is missing from nearly all processed food as well because it breaks down at 210F during the preparation of processed foods. It is the compound that represents most of the Immune System of Plants and the ONLY compound in foods that our Immune System incorporates directly into our Immune and Cellular Repair Systems to protect Neutrophils internally from the compounds produced to Kill Bacteria and Process Vaccines.
    It is responsible for the production, in Human and all mammalian metabolic systems, of a Single Antioxidant, Thiocyanate (HMDB01453), which is the ONLY antioxidant the Immune System can utilize inside of Neutrophils to Process Vaccines, Remove Heavy Metals (including viruses and even readioactive particles in the presence of Iodide), repair wounds, kill bacteria, rebuild muscles, repair aging host cells, kill cancer cells before they can divide out of control and much, much more.
    A normal Minimum Daily Requirement of HMDB35030 in the diet would be 1 mg. per 3 pounds of body weight from vegetables and food grains (non-GM, non-GMO and non-processed foods including soy baby formulas and baby food in jars have NONE now).
    A 2014 study done to check Amygdalin Content of Foods in the UK clearly shows less than a few 100ths of what should be in the foods listed instead of the naturally occuring amounts which should fall between .1- 17 mg. per gram of food. Statistically, because of the wide variance of HMDB35030 content of the many foods tested, there should be a similar ratio in the processed foods but they are consistantly Completely Devoid of the Essential Nutrient across the variety spectrum.
    The undeniable importance of Thiocyanate in the Human Metabolic System is clearly detailed in this well done research:
    Where has all the HMDB35030 and the resulting Essential Metabolic Compound HMDB01453, Thiocyanate gone and why? The ‘why’ is Trillions of dollars in profit for the medical industry made in treating the symptoms of Thiocyanate Deficiency in Vaccine Induced Child Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, MS, Cystic Fibrosis, Fibromyaglia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s, and many other diseases with ‘unknown causes’ related to the dysfunctional neutraphils which self-destruct in the presence of a Thiocyanate Deficieny.
    Give us back our HMDB35030!

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    1. Will ~~ This is very interesting information! Is there a way to get this nutrient/gene back in our diet? Does it occur in higher amounts in any natural organic food or supplement? Thanks! 🙂


  8. What is wrong with you. Vaccines have saved a lot more people than harmed. Use your common sense… Would you want your children to contract one or the diseases that vaccines have protected people against instead? I understand being cautious, I understand being nervous, but pros far outweigh the cons. Get off your high horse and head out of the clouds.


  9. Levi, this is first rate. Thank you. I’ve been so busy with life, taxes, and commenting on AoA, Celia Farber, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, here, and replying to numbskulls here and elsewhere, that I inadvertently deleted the post while deleting the already-read comments, but found it easily on your home page. Too cool. The good news today was that Robert DeNiro went on the Today Show and said people should see this film, and that he regretted pulling it from Tribeca. When they asked him why, since gobs of studies show no link between vaccines and autism, he replied that it’s more complicated than that. When asked if he saw his son regress after vaccination, he said he couldn’t remember, but his wife did. Apparently the MSM have slightly sheathed their claws after this. They’re not going to hammer Robert DeNiro.


  10. ??? No, actually, we DON’T “all know that the only people who get bacterial meningitis are the people who are newly vaccinated for it”.
    Why do you think they came up for a vaccine for it in the first place? Most definitely not because nobody got it.
    Maybe you were trying to make some kind of point? – What it was, I’m unsure of – But there seem to be people here who hang onto your every word, for whatever reason.
    It is difficult to change mindsets. Be open-minded to the fact that sometimes “popular belief”, in this case Science, is sometimes right.


  11. Where’s the little heart emoticon? Those of us with vaccine-injured children are grateful beyond measure for your doggedness. Why? Because, at least for me, the whole subject makes me literally sick in my heart and body. I’ve spent over 21 years taking care of my severely disabled daughter who began seizing after her first vaccinations at two months in early 1995 and never stopped until she turned nineteen and we began giving her cannabis oil. It’s been a long couple of decades, and the years haven’t softened what and how I feel when I think about that day and those shots.


  12. Thank you. You will never know how sincerely my family and I appreciate your work.
    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”


  13. Reblogged this on elxroflife and commented:
    Tobacco and vaccine scientism. Ugly business. Luckily vaccines aren’t addictive, while for some, vaccine incentives are. No matter the cost. Until enough of us had enough. Shift happens!

    Thank you Levi, and Andrew Wakefield.

    Have a look, listen. Can you discern fact from fiction? You don’t have to be a doctor to figure this out. Since they rely on the CDC. you may want to do your own research, like you do before buying an infant car seat. Search for independent studies.


  14. Another winning article. i think you have enough critical thinking skills and logic that the “powers that be” are going to declare you a terrorist, and note all of your readers….lol.

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  15. Your comment about ‘pit bulls’ is utterly ignorant and uncalled for. I would think perpetuating negative stereotypes ‘mauled by the media’ wouldn’t be high on your priority list.


  16. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do to bring attention to the truth about what has happened to our children, and is continuing to happen. Your voice, your rationale, and your humor means more than you can possible know. Next time you talk to Dr. Wakefield, please tell him that the parents of the injured will always be grateful beyond words to the both of you. You are heroes.
    – Mother of a vaccine-injured child


  17. I would have been more receptive to your ideas if you didn’t open your blog post with a voracious misunderstanding of “testimony” and rudimentary scientific method.

    Anecdotal and testimonial are not antithetical. Quite the opposite in fact. They are actually quite similar. There is such a thing as “anecdotal evidence”, based on a brief retelling of events or someone’s experience. In advertising, these are called “testimonials”. They are generally disregarded as works of promotional fiction.

    Once you understand this you should edit your blog post so you might improve your argument. Unless you’re only interested in preaching to the converted, that is.


  18. Anyone in the Denver area: “VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE” is showing 4 times each day, through Thursday, May 19, at the Esquire Theater, 590 Downing Street. I urge every parent, and their doctors, nurses, political representatives (Colorado Senators & Colorado Representatives) to go and SEE THIS IMPORTANT FILM!

    Then, work with folks fighting against so-called Health Department attempts at “forced” vaccinations of infants, children, employees, etc., to prevent “forced” vaccinations! One good group is NVIC (Nat’l Vaccine Information Center), and there are others (, etc.).


  19. Testimonial evidence is another type of evidence that is commonly turned to by people trying to prove a point. Commercials that use spokespersons to testify about the quality of a company’s product, lawyers who rely on eye-witness accounts to win a case, and students who quote an authority in their essays are all using testimonial evidence. – Anecdotal evidence is evidence that is based on a person’s observations of the world. It can actually be very useful for disproving generalizations because all you need is one example that contradicts a claim.

    Be careful when using this type of evidence to try and support your claims. One example of a non-native English speaker who has perfect grammar does NOT prove that ALL non-native English speakers have perfect grammar. All the anecdote can do is disprove the claim that all immigrants who are non-native English speakers have terrible grammar.


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