Get it together, guys

come together

What a moment we’re having right now, huh?  In the past year and a half we’ve had a major Associated Press investigation about the failures of the Vaccine Court.  We’ve had a heart-wrenching Yahoo Parents article about horribly injured children who were compensated by the same system.  We had celebrities tweeting about Eric Gladen’s film Trace Amounts, dedicated to the dangers of mercury in the tetanus booster, promoted by his pal RFK Jr. We had two MD presidential candidates agree on live television that the size of the CDC vaccination schedule is too-many-too-soon.  We had the American College of Pediatricians call for an investigation into the HPV vaccine.

And last month we had a documentary about the CDC MMR-autism Whistleblower accepted to one of the most prestigious indie film festivals in the world.  It was defended by Robert De Niro for being accepted, then cut from being accepted, which then caused it to trend as top news for five straight days over a holiday weekend because journalists who never saw the movie wanted to scare Americans away from ever seeing the movie (side note– how is that journalism?) Then it was accepted by the famous Angelika theater in New York for a one-week run, starting with sold-out shows, with screenings in Los Angeles starting April 15th.

VAXXED getting axed has been written about by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Forbes, The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Tonight, The Toronto Star, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and the BBC.  You can’t make this shit up.  If Wakefield wasn’t a household name before, he sure is now. Pulling that movie was the best PR move De Niro could have made to make it famous. Thanks, Bobby.

Then Bob Wright, founder of Autism Speaks, grandfather to a vaccine-induced autistic child, broke his public silence on the issue of vaccine safety to Matt Lauer on the Today Show. Matt Lauer didn’t stumble into the vaccine issue with Bob after being such a raging a-hole to Wakefield on air a few years ago. Matt’s ex-wife Nancy went on to have a child who developed vaccine-induced autism and Matt Lauer knows exactly what’s up with vaccines.  The irony of Matt being forced to cede the floor and let Bob speak uninterrupted about the lack of vaccine safety when it’s a topic strictly verboten on NBC was rich.  Matt, please take a picture of your little balls in a vise and post to Twitter.

Bob took it to the next level on Friday on CNN where he not only called vaccine safety into question again, but he said both presidents Bush and Obama stopped his efforts to improve vaccine safety in the White House.  I know, I know.  Right now it’s too little and all of it is way too late but something tells me that Bob Wright is a man on a mission. I can’t wait to see how far he goes with dedicating his entire book tour to vaccine safety.  Bob didn’t pick CNN’s Alisyn Camerota’s name out of a hat to give an interview to.  She’s the most balanced mainstream journalist who hasn’t been run out of television on air today.

So now we have the De Niros keeping quiet, and Wakefield is busy riding out the frenzy with VAXXED, and Bob Wright is taking tiny steps in the media with vaccine safety to make up for the million children he threw to the wolves in the past decade.  We’ve got the “It’s  the mercury!” camp with Gladen and RFK Jr, and the “It’s the MMR!” camp with the CDC Whistleblower, and “It’s the lack of safety oversight for a vulnerable group!” with Bob Wright.

And what are they doing together?  Nothing.  Nada. “United we stand, divided we fall” means jack shit to these guys.  Is Wakefield’s name poisonous?  I love the guy.  He knows this, but sure, it’s poisonous.  But Wakefield’s not blowing up this whistleblower issue to redeem himself.  He’s doing this because someone needed to step up and do it.  We should all be so brave.  Did Gladen get this kind of media attention, even with RFK Jr. at his side?  I admire Eric Gladen but unfortunately he wasn’t able to grab this big of a spotlight even though he deserved to. On the upside, Eric and RFK have a perception of credibility that was destroyed for Wakefield ages ago.

Do I think that the mercury issue is more important than the MMR issue or the safety issue or the autism issue?  Are you kidding me?  It’s all the same shit.

We’re all on the same front, guys.  This isn’t about you.  This is about the kids.  The health and well-being of 100,000 kids diagnosed with autism each year is riding on this wave.  Get it together and work as a team.  We’re having a monumental moment right now and you’re letting the past, personal issues, and agendas get in the way of putting up a unified front.

Stop and think for one second that the lack of vaccine safety oversight, the lack of studies on how the mercury from the prenatal flu vaccine and the rhogam shot prime the brain for colossal injury that maybe– just maybe for a subset of vulnerable kids– is delivered by the MMR (or worse, the MMR-V) means that…


Fight for it together. Now is the time to get a public conversation going about:

  • the lack of studies of the entire vaccination schedule as designed
  • the lack of any standardized process for determining what children will be susceptible to vaccine injury
  • the need to remove mercury from the flu vaccine, tetanus booster, and rhogam shot
  • the lack of studies of the synergy between aluminum/mercury/live viruses/conjugate vaccines

Eric, call Wakefield.  He’s going to be in your neighborhood April 15th.  You and RFK should join him on this tour.  Enlist your powerful celebrity support to talk about VAXXED.  Wakefield, reach out to Eric and ask to work together.  Get the De Niros to support your causes publicly.  Ask them to insist on having this conversation about vaccines and autism.  Ask Bob Wright to sit on your panel at the VAXXED screenings and see if he can let another bomb drop.

What if this moment is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for all of us?  What if we never get this opportunity again?  How many times in the past 10 years did autism parents think it was finally their chance to be heard?

Your own synergy between all of your causes would make this train unstoppable.




17 thoughts on “Get it together, guys

    1. Good ideas Quackenboss, Bob Wright should at least pay for billboard signs, along withDinero, it’s the least they can do to save a lot of lives.

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  1. I loooooove your emails.
    Always a delight to find you in my inbox. Glad to find so much sense in this battle of madness


  2. Well said. It’s time for everyone to unite as a team as together the message is so much stronger and louder and thus far more difficult to silence.


  3. Hey, I have been following your blogs for a while now and am a big supporter, thank you for all the clear no nonsense information:) I was wondering if you would be up for making this into a petition on You have raised a really important valid point here about how all these folks should come together to make more of an impact re.vax awareness, and a public petition could be the very thing to get their attention? Here is to positive change! Best wishes, Abigail


  4. If only it was as simple as a dash of kumbaya transcendence. There does seem to be the appearance of shared goals. Alas, the devil is in the details. If you scratched the surface, not so much.


      1. I was there last October, and it was a wonderful, powerful experience, but simply can’t afford to go this time. Atlanta is one of my all-time favorite cities to visit.


  5. It’s a big issue. There are many angles. A different focus does not mean there is no synergy. Each person’s voice is overwhelming to the enemy and a slightly different line of attack.


  6. I also feel more of the families that have been affected in some way, shape or form from vaccines need to start coming forward through some form of media. Most of the people that I talk to don’t think this stuff happens near as much as it does because it’s blocked and sugar coated by the media…we need to somehow break that barrier and let the full truth be known!!!


    1. Sandy, you’re absolutely right. But it won’t come in the mainstream media, whether print, broadcast, or on line. Never in my moderately long life have I seen it so bad. Investigative journalism was once a critical part of keeping our rulers honest. It simply doesn’t exist any longer, except for a couple of bright lights such as Sharyl Attkisson and Ben Swann, but few have access to their reporting. Journalism has gone the way of the dodo. It is truly frightening that no questioning of vaccines or vaccine policy is allowed to be published. It is total censorship. We really are living in a police state, surveilled by helicopter, drone, and the NSA. Sorry, not a cheery message. But the good news is that Vaxxed will educate a lot more people.


  7. This is your gift. You nail the issue every time. And you make even the angriest of mama bears giggle too. Thanks for that. I respect!


  8. Brilliant! Levi, was this sent to Dr. Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Bob Wright, Robert DeNiro, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and others mentioned? If not, I hope you will send it to them. I think you are spot on. If they all join together their synergy will be unstoppable. Thanks again for a great post!


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