Use All the Western Medicine You Want


“If you’re not going to vaccinate, don’t come to the hospital when your kid is sick.”

“If you’re not going to vaccinate, you shouldn’t get to use western medicine.”

“If you’re anti-big pharma you shouldn’t be able to buy insulin.”

“If you hate pharmaceutical companies so much you shouldn’t be allowed to buy an EpiPen for your kid.”

Let’s get one thing straight, knuckleheads.  If someone decides that it’s in the best interest of their child’s health, well-being, or right to life to forgo vaccination, they still get to do whatever the hell they want when it comes to treating disease, whether you like it or not.

Guess what, Einsteins? Antibiotics aren’t man-made.  They weren’t invented, they were discovered.  The very definition of antibiotic means it is a naturally occurring substance produced from microorganisms and fungi.  The synthetic crap is antimicrobials, not antibiotics.  Antibiotics are a lot closer to the natural medicine movement than your prescription for Zoloft or Xenical.

Besides that, penicillin was discovered in 1928.  The first smallpox vaccine that became the standard for vaccine production (freeze-dried with added peptones to reduce contamination and injected with a needle) didn’t come about until 20 years later when it was invented by Leslie Collier.  So the use of natural antibiotics predates the first “western medicine” vaccine by two decades.

Plus there’s the fact that a First Nation tribe in Canada has been using a powerful antibiotic clay found north of Vancouver to heal infections for thousands of years, and now “western medicine” is all on their jock to appropriate it.

If we reverse the declaration and instead say, “You shouldn’t be allowed to get vaccines if you refuse to use antibiotics” do you hear how stupid it sounds?  After all, antibiotics were here first.  “You don’t want to use the clay?  No DTaP for you then.”

Let’s be honest:  most people who know enough to not vaccinate don’t want to use antibiotics anyway.

How about this fact:  the examples you give of the “life-saving western medicine” non-vaxing parents should be deprived of are for conditions caused by vaccination.  Remember, most “anti-vaxers” are really “former-vaxers” who already sacrificed one child for the herd.  So you’re saying that a child who developed a deadly condition like juvenile diabetes or anaphylactic allergies after its parents attempted to conform to the vaccination schedule should then be deprived of the only available treatment to save their lives?  Where do you get off saying such a thing?

Besides, epinephrine is adrenaline, a hormone made by our bodies when we’re under stress, secreted by our adrenal glands above the kidneys.  It’s natural medicine discovered in 1886. The only reason we call it “epinephrine” in the US and not “adrenaline” is because the big brains at the US Patent and Trademark Office gave a patent to the drug maker Parke Davis for a product called “Adrenalin” in 1900.  Guess what Adrenalin is?  It’s adrenaline. But Parke Davis will sue anyone who uses the word.

It’s the same with insulin.  It’s a hormone made by our bodies.  It’s natural medicine and in fact, some people have terrible reactions to synthetic insulin after being forced to switch from animal to synthetic, giving rise to a movement to preserve the availability of natural animal insulin.

If Pfizer bottled air and sold it to you under your prescription plan would you start calling it “western medicine?”  Pfizer didn’t invent antibiotics, didn’t invent adrenaline, and didn’t invent insulin, although they do have a heavy hand in causing this autoimmune epidemic we live in– thank goodness they’re on hand to sell meds to the lifetime customers they’ve created from it.

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(vaccination and diabetes in the following 2 pieces)

(injection causing anaphylactic allergy in the following 3 pieces)



  1. The underlying theme here is that if you refuse the standard of care dictated by pharma, you are a threat. And if you are a threat, you must be outed.


  2. All the statements you posted is the new troll approach. With more than 40% of parents avoiding vaccines by either not vaccinating or greatly limiting them because they are now digging beyond the surface, beyond the MSM propaganda, vaccine makers, the CDC & the WHO need to emotionalize the issue. I have read on several comment boards-a person ask question about the death of a child that the MSM claims could have been avoided if the child was vaccinated however if it is revealed the child was or that the child was too young to get that vaccine and it’s pointed out by the commenter-trolls will jump on this person saying “just think how that child’s parents feels if they read your comment-shame on you” Talk about emotional manipulation.

    Parents have shot down the “unvaccinated children are infecting vaccinated children” for what it is—pure BS. Parents are also looking at the fact that if vaccines work—what are other people worrying about. The veil is shredding.

    Rejecting the vaccine scheme has nothing to do with being anti-science because there is no science in the argument-just a lot of rhetoric, mantras, bullying, intimidation and fear mongering. Vaccine science is more of a dogma than science. I feel it’s a cult. I think back when I was a child and I can’t remember kids in my school being as sick as kids are today. The statements you posted:
    “If you’re not going to vaccinate, don’t come to the hospital when your kid is sick.”
    “If you’re not going to vaccinate, you shouldn’t get to use western medicine.”
    “If you’re anti-big pharma you shouldn’t be able to buy insulin.”
    “If you hate pharmaceutical companies so much you shouldn’t be allowed to buy an EpiPen for your kid.”

    1 child in 6 is chronically ill according to the CDC. Maybe the children of today wouldn’t have as many hospital visits, wouldn’t need epi-pens, which by the way in my school district are collected daily by teachers to make sure they are available quickly if needed, wouldn’t need insulin because they have become diabetic as a result of being vaccinated (1 in 400) and wouldn’t need to carry around asthma inhalers because they are asthmatic (1 in 6), if it wasn’t for such as aggressive, egregious and profitable vaccine agenda.

    This statement: “If you’re not going to vaccinate, you shouldn’t get to use western medicine.”

    Yea, that may be a good suggestion. The more people are involved with western medicine the sicker they become which is why there are over 4000,000 deaths a years due to medical errors which include medication(drugs), surgeries and lack of proper medical care after surgeries, over medication and aggressive unnecessary invasive medical testing that results in further damage or death to a patient.

    8-10 vaccines in a single office visit-year, I would call that excessive. That 400,000 number may be higher because we know that the CDC does not include vaccine deaths in their overall yearly Vital Statics Reports. Western medicine is not all it’s said to be which is why so many people have turned away from it.


  3. The third leading cause of death in our western medicalized nation, after heart disease and cancer, is adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Cuba, along with 32 other nations, has a lower infant mortality rate than we do (Mississippi’s is downright third world-greater than 10/1,000- and they have no vaccine exemptions, not even medical). But pharma is both incredibly powerful and indescribably evil; they have an army of trolls, some of whom have commented here, attacking anyone who threatens their profits. And they fully own Congress and the DHHS. And a nation of sheep in which to operate, although Trump and Bernie have shown that there are a heck of a lot of people who’ve awakened to the moral bankruptcy of our government.


  4. LEVI – i keep getting people telling me that vaccines are “helping” the immune system, and we know this is not true, but that frequently runs into an interesting subject which comes up now and then – like the recent protest by pHARMa (keeping the harm large in medicine) and their fear of stating that labeling breastfeeding implies that vaccination is not natural.

    So here’s my (bent) take on that.

    Vaccination IS natural. Nature DOES inject and infect intramuscularly and subcutaneously. Some examples popping into mind?

    Black Widow bites
    Gila Monsters
    Rabid Opussums
    Thorns – stepped on a honey locust thorn one time and was making tons of pus within minutes…

    Love to see you and your wit, accompanied by your better research skills, do something on this subject sideline.

    As the vaxassination theology crowd points out “vaccination is natural” – i just don’t want to duplicate a brown recluse bite since one almost killed my wife, and the concept of intramuscular injection of poinsons doesn’t seem to be a part of nature we want to replicate too much.


  5. Levi, could you do a post on birth control please , I’m on the implant and I’d like to know more about it!


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