Why I don’t give a F@&K what Sanjay Gupta Thinks about Vaccines

A guest post by Hunter Von Swingcock

When Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, let the cat out of the bag on live TV in front of 23 million Americans that there is something amiss with the current pediatric vaccine schedule, my jaw dropped.

Image #: 21630241 Dr. Benjamin Carson, director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH) REUTERS /JONATHAN ERNST /LANDOV

It seemed like Carson was being set up to destroy Trump on this controversial issue, and yet he sided with Trump by saying, “It is true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time. And a lot of pediatricians now recognize that, and, I think, are cutting down on the number and the proximity in which those are done, and I think that’s appropriate.”

Straight away, the pharmaceutical funded mainstream media went into a defensive frenzy. Most obvious was Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN, with his opening remarks:

“There is no connection between vaccines and autism . . . and I’ll just pause there for a second . . . because I don’t want anyone to think that there are any strings attached to that statement . . . It simply doesn’t exist.”

Thanks, Sanjay.

So here is the real question: do you give a fuck what Sanjay Gupta says on CNN? Here are three big reasons why I sure don’t.

  1. Sanjay has a short memory.

Back in 2008, when Hannah Poling was awarded millions in Vaccine Court– a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services set up in 1986 to compensate kids injured by vaccines–  Sanjay interviewed Hannah’s father, a neurologist like Ben Carson, on CNN.

Click here to watch the 5 minute segment. Given that thousands of kids and over $3 billion have been compensated through this program (amongst tens of thousands of applications, and by all reports, the process is an absolute cluster-fuck for all involved) do you think Sanjay is being honest about “no strings attached?”

2. Sanjay has “terribly and systematically misled us” once before.

The best bit about this point is that it comes directly out of Sanjay’s mouth. Back in 2013, Sanjay made a documentary called Weed and admitted that, when it comes to marijuana,

“We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.”

Terribly and systematically misled. I just love the ring of that. Basically, Sanjay is admitting that when he appeared on television as doctor and told people all about the horrors of marijuana, he was acting as part of a system that intentionally misled the public about a medical topic.

Now, who benefits from that systematic misleading?

Raise your hand if you were going to say the pharmaceutical companies.

As long as people are dealing with their medical issues with weed (insomnia, chronic pain, etc) then they don’t need as much Oxycontin or any of the the other poisonous shit they sell.

Pharma needn’t worry though; they’ve got more cards up their sleeve than this flip-flopping TV stooge.  Last month they got the FDA to approve Oxycontin for 11-year-olds. That should boost the sagging sales in Colorado and Washington.

So Sanjay has terribly and systematically misled you before, but is asking for your trust again. I don’t think so, pal.

3. CNN has a proven track record of shilling for horrible causes.

I’ve been waiting for ages to connect these dots. Have you ever heard of Amber Lyon? As a Dad, her story is compelling not because is Amber a certified fox, but because she’s a total badass, winning three Emmys in her time as a journalist.


She left CNN abruptly when it became clear that CNN was taking payments from the government of Bahrain to cover up horrific human rights abuses. So, again, here is precedent of CNN taking money from special interests to show a story in a certain way. You can’t watch CNN for an hour without a pharmaceutical ad of some variety, and pharma’s got deeper pockets than even the Sultan of Brunei.

The truth is, Sanjay, you are losing. That’s why CNN lost half of its viewers in one year. Hell, I bet more people will read this blog than watch your next show. Isn’t the internet awesome?

Since then, Amber has started a website called reset.me, dedicated to the medical use of psychedelics, including ayahuasca. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to interview Sanjay during an ayahuasca trip.

So, Sanjay, if you are reading this I just want you to know that I don’t give a fuck what you say on CNN, and neither do the many thousands of Americans that have personally witnessed their kids regress post vaccination, to either autism or any of the slew of other chronic pediatric illnesses that are epidemic in America right now:  allergies, autoimmune disease, asthma, ADD… and that’s just the letter A’s.

In fact, we don’t give any credence to you, Paul Offit, or any of the rest of your “conspiritati” who have been at the helm of a ship that has seen the biggest increase in chronic pediatric illness in human history. This is a battle you’ve already lost.


Hunter Von Swingcock



  1. Every article you pen is spot on. Please don’t stop. This battle is one we will not cave to. Awesome blog! We will not set our Children on fire to keep those who live in fear of common childhood illness’s warm. It’s not gonna happen.And for all you Australians who continue with your Global agenda to force Vaccinate Americans..Fuck off!


  2. Thank you for your brutal honesty. Very well said. I have a vaccine injured son who is in a wheelchair for life and I’m so disgusted hearing over and over vaccines don’t injury or kill. Sanjay can go f*** off is right. Keep up the great work


  3. Why is it that science adores vaccines yet can not prove any ever worked, mind control among men of science ignorant regarding biology. Nancy Reagan had children put “Just say no to drugs,” vaccines are synthetic drugs of destruction. So far Donald a new dad Trump is totally opposed to any vaccinations, sounds like Mr. Trump is capable of listening to mothers and not CNN Doctors of the News. Vaccines will end with this election cycle which should be a reason to dump any vaccine co stock before you loose your ass.
    There is the issue of vaccine damaged children 7 million world wide who are autistic following a vaccine said to enable health is killing children in India, Africa and world wide where vaccines are promoted to eliminate those people of color occupying valuable real estate. 911 was a real estate project and only 3,000 had to die. The deaths and disablement of we the people so science can lie about vaccines for the big bucks to develop useless and very harmful vaccines.
    A solution for those mothers who know their child is vaccine damaged, add organic sulfur a crystal food to your diet and your child’ twice a day and pay particular attention to their eye contact and you may be pleasantly surprised as your child will enjoy communicating all those words they had not been able to vocalize. Imagine trapped in glass cage and no one hears your cries.
    Rumor has it vaccines are wonderful, ask the mother of vaccine damaged child but be careful she may be carrying a straight edge to remove the jewels of those who promote vaccines, pedophiles.
    He who harms a child no mention of the collateral damage to Mom and the family.
    It happens less these days hanging abortionist, but we just received a new batch of hangmen’s nooses which we can begin using on vaccinators, a deadly lot who have no concern for you or your family.
    Donald Trump is the only candidate totally opposed to vaccines his advisor is his wife, what a combination.
    Are you a pedophile, wagging your head in the back of the pHarma limo?
    When you fail to see humor don’t be surprizer if we drag you to the street and hang your ass.


    1. What is wrong with our current and any vaccination schedules is we are not synthetic children, parents nor simple adults, and all vaccines are and have been a fraud. No vaccine has ever
      worked and when some bleeding heart pro vaccine person speaks please remind them there are
      seven million autistic, vaccine damaged who can not ride the nine million bicycle in Beijing.
      Even more tragic are the 30 million seniors vaccine damaged who can not remember what a
      bicycle is.
      For the insider traders, all of the vaccine manufacturers will be broke by the time we the people
      elect Donald Andrew Jackson Trump President who listens to his wife when it comes to children.
      Got sulfur?


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