Lowly Women’s Work

Have you been watching the political firestorms in California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington State this year? Pretty unprecedented, isn’t it?  Almost as if all of these loons we voted to power were just waiting in the wings for 125 cases of Disneyland measles to open the floodgates of erasing parental rights off the books for all eternity.

{And those states are just the ones with bills to remove your exemptions– there are dozens more bills expanding the vaccine schedule, giving dentists and pharmacists broader rights to vaccinate, creating tracking systems and removing your right to opt out, sending home a note to parents if an unvaccinated child is enrolled in school, and forcing teachers and daycare workers to be vaccinated annually– scroll down the NVIC’s list to keep up to date with your state.}

One of my wife’s friends once told us about a conversation with her OB in her sixth month of pregnancy. The doc ordered up the Tdap vaccine and when my wife’s friend turned it down, the OB told her, “I’m going to fight you on that one.”

A female doctor said this to a female patient in total disregard for her rights as a patient and as a woman, and it suddenly hit me why this vaccine fight is such a fight:

The right to determine what goes into your pregnant body or the body of your child is a woman’s right, not a man’s. And as all things “women’s rights” and “women’s work” go, that right is degraded, eroded, and undervalued, and Americans are conditioned by politicians and the media to see it as “less than” the work and the rights of a man.

women rightsYes, you heard me correctly, I said a woman’s right. A mother’s right. Let’s call it like it is because in the vast majority of parenting relationships it’s the mother at the helm of the health and wellness ship. Mothers decide what kind of diet a child eats, what supplements they take, and what vaccines they do or don’t receive. Where are you, dads? Step up to the plate. If more of you were healthcare co-captains this right to parent as one sees fit wouldn’t be debated at all—just like your right for insurance to pick up the tab for your Viagra prescription.

45 years after Women’s Lib the bulk of the child-rearing division of labor still sits squarely on the shoulders of the mother— even if that mother works outside the home full time. A recent survey showed that 45% of fathers in dual-income families do not contribute to caring for their own children at all on an average day.

Sure there are some hands-on dads, more-involved dads, the 0.3% of gay dads, or single parent dads thrown into the mix but that’s not enough to change the tide of public perception—and going along with whatever Mom decides to do with the kids doesn’t count toward that. Mothers are the ones getting together online, asking for information. Mothers are the ones reading parenting books. Mothers are the ones going to doctor appointments.  Mothers are the ones storming the capitol buildings and demanding to be heard.

How different would the climate of the parental rights arena be if the AAP study that revealed most unvaccinated children are from educated, affluent homes had focused solely on the fathers instead of mothers? Imagine if the study declared, “Unvaccinated children tend to have fathers with graduate degrees who earn more than $75,000 per year. These fathers made it abundantly clear that medical doctors had little-to-no influence over vaccine decisions for their children.” What kind of respect would a statement like that command? What would happen to the witch hunt then?

What if every American father was as protective of his daughter at her two-month vaccination appointment as he is 16 years later when a boy shows up at the door for her first date? It would change the derogatory dialogue of the entire vaccination conversation.

Women have every right to decline injecting their bodies with attenuated influenza and mercury while they’re carrying a child—along with any other time that they please. They have the right to say “not today” to a triple jab of bacteria, formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), and fetal cow serum in the Tdap vaccine. They have that right when they’re pregnant, when their baby is born, and every day after that.

They should have the right to state their wishes to an obstetrician or midwife without them responding, “I’m going to fight you on that one.”

Who make up the lion’s share of the teachers, daycare workers, and nurses who are facing mandatory vaccination, hmmm?  What if the mandates were for construction workers or stock traders– would there by an outcry then?

If a man declines to have a camera put up his rectum to look for colon cancer in the name of “gold standard” medical care, does his doctor say, “I’m going to fight you on that one?” Does the doctor say, “I’m going to call the authorities on you unless you accept this procedure?” Does the doctor say, “I’m not going to discharge you from my care until you do what I say?” Does the doctor just do what the doctor wants to do anyway? Oh, hell no.

No one is a baby’s advocate the way a mother is the baby’s advocate. Not a nurse, not a pediatrician, not an obstetrician, not the county health department, not the CDC, and certainly not a know-nothing politician. No one.

And if you’re the type of parent who hasn’t put two seconds of thought into what you’re allowing to be injected into your child, I’m sorry to say that you’re part of the problem. If you have ever uttered the phrase, “I just trust my doctor,” you are part of the problem. If you refuse to comprehend the tremendous societal burden of millions of autistic children and young adults drawing from Supplemental Security Insurance and the impact that will have on the economy of our country, you are part of the problem.

You don’t have to stop vaccinating to be part of the solution— no one is asking you to do that. You just have to be smart and stand up for what is right. You have to read the ingredients, all of which are listed on the CDC’s website. You have to pull up a few studies on Google Scholar and read what researchers thought about vaccines prior to the recent media blackout. Read vaccine research from outside of America, where pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed to get it on with the government.

You have to be part of the conversation in saying, “I took the time to educate myself beyond government sources and I understand that there are varying points of view as to the safety record of vaccines. As an American citizen, I support every mother’s right to make healthcare decisions as she feels best for her individual child.”

And then you are part of the solution.

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  1. Fact: Unused/expired flu vaccine must be disposed of as hazardous waste material because of the thimerosal (mercury) content. Question: how does injecting this same vial of flu vaccine into a pregnant woman or child transform it from “hazmat” to wonderful, protective medicine. Any answers, Paul Offit?

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    1. And further, the exact same hazardous waste material applies to the fluoride they dump in water supplies, the mercury amalgams dentists unbelievably still put in people’s mouths, chemo injected into cancer patients, glyphosate sprayed all over the place, etc. It’s a theme among western medicine and industry to have such cognitive dissonance. It’s well established these materials are toxic. Period. Yet once in a tooth or in a vaccine or on a plant, it’s magically no longer a toxin? And yet WE get called the loons and kooks? Unreal.


  2. When I wanted my son’s MMR spread out into three separate shots our female pediatrician went up one side of me and down the other, and said, “I hope you can live with yourself if he gets mumps in the meantime and becomes infertile.” Having one child on the spectrum already, (and fully vaccinated mind you) I was not willing to risk it. If he became autistic, his future fertility would be the least of our issues.

    I was not saying I was NOT going to vaccinate. I was asking to spread them out.

    The next visit, I brought my husband. She didn’t make one peep about our vaccine choices with him in the room. Totally sexist. And even more disturbing that it was a female doctor.

    We wound up leaving her practice and my son did get the shots spread out, with another pediatrician. Sadly I don’t think the MMR in three separate doses is available any longer.

    Women need to seriously consider firing their doctors if they are treated disrespectfully.

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  3. Pregnant women should never get a tetanus shot. See http://healthimpactnews.com/2013/tetanus-vaccine-causes-a-new-disease-known-as-antiphospholipid-syndrome/

    Antiphospholipid syndrome can cause the following:
    Deep vein thrombosis (clots in veins)
    Thrombocytopenia (deficiency of blood platelets, causing bleeding & bruising)
    Pulmonary embolus (clots in the lungs)
    Heart valve abnormatilies
    Headaches & migraines
    Miscarriages <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Neurological disorders:
    Chorea (sudden uncontrollable jittery movements)
    Transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord)
    Multiple sclerosis
    Cognitive dysfunction
    Skin disorders, including mottling, ulcers, and necrosis
    APS can also be diagnosed—more accurately, misdiagnosed—as lupus erythematosus, which is another vaccine-induced condition."

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  4. What I tell parents who ask for advice about the IEP process: “In 20 years, none of these people will know your child. They won’t be around, but you will be.” The same applies to the doctors. All of these people are CONSULTANTS, not parents. Never forget that.

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  5. Hard to get past the premise that dad’s don’t take care of their kid’s health; but I’ll digress to the reason I’m commenting. “just like your right for insurance to pick up the tab for your Viagra prescription.” Look “we” [men] didn’t fight for Viagra to be covered under insurance. Pfizer fought for it to be covered, because once its covered, they stood to make billions (they made ~2billion in one year). Just like if [woman] didn’t fight for birth control to be covered, those companies creating it, still would. Why do you think its so important for aliments to be labeled as diseases / disorders now? Because drugs to help with those can be added to insurance, charities can be setup, government funds will be used into combating whatever it is (this usually means writing a blank check to a huge drug company, like Pfizer, all so they can make a drug to supposedly solve the problem; while they keep all the profits and the patent…even though it was tax dollars that funded the project…).

    Having vaccine options isn’t a man vs woman issue, and this isn’t just about kids, mandatory vaccines will eventually be forced on everyone, not just children. Where/when I grew up all health decisions were made by both of my parents. This article makes it sound like only women care for their children and only women care enough to fight for the right to continuing to care for their children in whatever way they see fit. Frankly, this modern day attitude that women seem to have that the father is simply a sperm donor and bank, but unable to have a bond with child or care enough to make any important decisions is ludicrous. Stop perpetuating the stereotype that dad’s don’t take responsibility in their child’s well being.

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    1. Oh and for the love of god, don’t let them inject you with a bunch of poison while pregnant, or any other time really. Doctors are now polarized, its either, you are 100% on board with vaccinations, or get the hell out of my office…they can’t allow for a middle ground. Some of this is based on personal beliefs, most is based on $$$. Doctors who have too many patients who are not fully “immunized” lose funding. Male or Female, anyone who goes to a doctor and that doctor (male or female) does not treat them with respect; you should fire them immediately. Sadly, for so many people, our “free healthcare” doesn’t provide us with many options to actually find another care provider. Welcome to my biggest beef with ACA.

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    2. Oh goodness. I thought similarly until I actually went through the system of having a baby. I still have a hard time understanding how women are treated like sub human dumb sheep. It’s terrible!

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  6. As I read this post I said out loud, “Finally! Someone is saying what I’ve been saying for years!” There is no group more easily dismissed than emotional females. Thanks for writing this.

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