Dear Prudence: Should I Secretly Vaccinate my Grandson?

Wooo-heee!  Did you see this obnoxious letter on Slate today?

old-ladyDear Prudence:  My son and daughter-in-law are well-educated, responsible people. But once they had their first child (my now-18-month-old darling grandson), they did their own “research” and decided not to vaccinate him for fear of “pumping poison into his body” and “risking autism.” My DIL has particularly strong views about this, and we’ve had many vocal arguments over the issue. Finally she decided she didn’t want to fight me anymore, and the last time I brought this up she refused to bring my grandson to see me for several weeks. I know that due to herd immunity the chances of his catching a serious illness is not high, but I am still appalled he’s exposed to risks unnecessarily. I am about to look after him for five days while his parents go on a trip and I am thinking I will just take him to the doctor myself and get him immunized.

Levi says:  You can click over to see the condescending answer provided by Prudence but I have a hunch you might enjoy mine more.

Dear Meddling Mother-in-Law:

Perhaps with the 15 minutes it took you to write a gossipy letter to a national columnist you could have instead sent your daughter-in-law a note asking for her to share the research she has found most compelling in not vaccinating her child.

You don’t have the legal authority to consent to medical treatment for your grandson and if you tricked a doctor or nurse into vaccinating him they are liable for medical battery. It sounds like you are lucky that you get to see your grandchild at all but if you were my mother-in-law, and left your house with my child to have him vaccinated, I’d do everything in my power to have you charged with kidnapping.

If your son and his wife are so well-educated and responsible, might there be the teensiest chance that the decisions they make are for a reason?

How would you live with yourself if you secretly vaccinated your grandson and the baby developed epilepsy, encephalitis, or anaphylactic allergies?  Do you think that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists just for kicks to hand out free multimillion dollar awards?

A lot of misinformed grandparents have gotten it into their heads lately that they have “grandparents rights” to see their grandchildren. I hate to break it to you, but your son would usually have to be dead for that to happen, or at minimum divorced from his wife.  Is that what you want? As it is, you have no right to see your grandchild and if you eff up this relationship by attempting to enforce your will, you deserve exactly what you get.

So I suggest that you pry open that cobwebbed mind of yours and ask your son and his wife to share with you the information they have based their medical decisions on. Then, rather than spreading their personal business all over the Internet, you spend some time developing some empathy for two people who are doing what they feel is the very best thing for their particular child.

Yours Truly,

Levi Quackenboss

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  1. I wonder how many baby-boomers are actually aware of just how many vaccines kids are getting these days. Perhaps a great post would be, “Dear baby boomer, kids are getting upwards of 40+ vaccines these days–a lot more than the 2 or 3 you got.” Just a thought.

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    1. Most internet trolls don’t know how many vaccines a child receives today. There are several “know” internet trolls on almost all MSM boards. I have multiple encounters with them because I don’t back down. I posted this link: http://www.nvic (dot) org/CMSTemplates/NVIC/pdf/49-Doses-PosterB.pdf on a comment to demonstrated how children are basically abused by the egregious vaccine policies of the US and this guy went nuts!!! Of course he started with the usual anti-vaxx rant and name calling until I responded with the link to the CDC. He still responds multiple times because I ignore him and just tell him he’s talking loud and saying nothing. Trolls hate being ignored.

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      1. I suspect the troll may have been paid to comment. A pattern i notice in these online debates, it’s almost as if they have to have the last word in any thread. A very aggressive campaign is taking place online, thru social media, mainstream news, blog comments, etc. paid commenters funded by the vaccine industry. I hope people learn to see them as just noise and distraction. If they try to suppress an open discussion about legitimate concerns of safety – it’s a good chance they are paid to do so.


    2. I thought I had problems when my mil decided to baptize my child bc she was horrified I wasn’t going to. Ha…..this grandma needs some reeling in.


  2. WOW. That enrages the momma bear in me massively.

    If that person was my child’s grandmother, and I found out about them even thinking about doing something like that to MY child – that relationship would be done. DONE. As it stands- we do not get support for our decision from my husband’s side of the family regarding our choices with vaccines and other parenting decisions- BUT they leave us alone. My side of the family, specifically the grandparents do support us making choices we feel are best. It is simple though, because the ones who do support us are the ones who SAW firsthand the severe vaccine reactions suffered by our first children….so they completely understand where we are coming from. The distant grandparents just do not understand because they did not see the suffering and excuse it all away as “coincidence”. The ignorance of people today is astounding to me. Our non-vaccinated children are WAY healthier than our fully vaccinated children. We have our own control group IN our home….4 fully vaccinated, 1 partially vaccinated, and 4 that have never had any shots. The difference in overall health, cognitive abilities and more is just SO remarkably different in the children. CRAZY different!
    I was once a 100% PRO vaccine parent- and thought awful of parents that didn’t do shots. Yup- I looked down on them, and thought they shouldn’t be parenting their poor children. THEN my own babies suffered vaccine reactions which the doctors excused away as “normal” or “coincidence”….till they nearly killed my 3rd child. I am very lucky to still have my son today. I have one son with aspergers that was a NORMAL developing child until he got his MMR shot and then within 3 days had lost all speech skills and was constantly banging his head. He was diagnosed autistic at 2 years old. Through years of detoxing his little body we were able to get him back to almost himself….he is now labeled as mildly aspergers, he is 16 yrs old now. I have a daughter with several chronic health issues that started with her infant shots. I have another son that the vaccines almost killed that ended up with stunted growth, “floppy baby” syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction disorder, and mild aspergers. Both of these boys had to do years of speech therapy and physical therapy just to try to get them functioning age appropriate. We have been detoxing these kids for years and continue to see improvements. My non vaccinated kids have never had ANY issues of ANY sort!!!!! They are SO healthy!! Hardly ever get sick, no allergies, no learning issues, NO autism/aspergers and only like 1 ear infection. If they ever do get sick, they get over it much faster than our older kids who got all their shots. It is a DRASTIC difference! We are raising them all the SAME way- vaccinations are the only difference!

    Oh yeah- and we have had a few of the NORMAL childhood illnesses go through our home over the past several years. Measles was one. Our FULLY vaccinated son got it from a RECENTLY vaccinated child at his school and brought it home to the rest of our kids. Our fully vaccinated children got WAY sicker than our children that had no shots. Our non vaccinated children got such mild cases and recovered super fast. Our doctor told us he had seen it plenty of times in his practice. Vaccinated kids get sicker and take longer to get well compared to non vaccinated children. He told us measles is generally a very mild illness in healthy, well nourished children. Well, we experienced that first hand. We have 9 children and it was no big deal. NO BIG DEAL.

    Based on my experience of being on BOTH sides of the vaccine fence, I can 100% say I would not vaccinate another child. The difference in overall health is just too obvious to miss. I would never, ever want to compromise my naturally healthy children EVER again. I learned my lesson the hard way. Vaccine injuries are not rare- and if more people would wake up and take a good honest look at their kids health, they would realize their kids are not truly healthy- but instead have a weak, watered down version of vaccine damaged “health”.

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    1. Well said, K. Hall! The people who are complaining the loudest haven’t seen firsthand what the reaction was over the first shot. I saw the reaction. I talked with my daughter when she was worried about the reactions she was seeing. There is no way that I will balk my daughter and go behind her back and I would freak out and come down with the wrath of God if the other grandparents even thought about doing this!

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    2. None of my children have ever been vaccinated, but after almost eight years and a five year old who is special needs despite not vaccinating I was beginning to have second thoughts. Thank you for your candour and a different perspective. I needed that!

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    3. Interesting, what did you use to “detox”? I too am a former vaxxer. I have suffered since 2009 as a result of a flu vaccine that was “strongly encouraged” at work. (1st day on the job, when I said no, they said you need this if you are going to work here) I can say that what I see is as “Vaccine Injury” is that most kids are injured at least to a degree Some are profoundly impacted for the rest of their life. Could be the number (As many as 8 at one time) or could be the ingredients but if it is your own child you will see it differently than the parent who has a child that only showed mild reaction. Surely if this is a mandatory issue they should at least try to figure out why so many kids are suffering and they have had many years to create safer vaccines.

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      1. Members of the FDA and CDC financially invest in the vaccine industry, so each time a new vaccine is added to the vaccine schedule, or a new vaccine is approved for public use – these members make huge sums of money. It’s a rude awakening learning that these health and regulatory agencies are not truly regulating. Approvals for vaccines and medications have been fast-tracked for over a decade, which means MINIMAL testing is performed before they are approved – which means the general public are the guinea pigs……let that sink in.

        Convenient that vaccine makers are no longer liable. Interesting timing wouldn’t you say – especially with these mandates and removal of exemptions are so heavily pushed in legislation now? Follow the money on these representatives pushing for these exemption removals. It’s quite telling…


    4. Your story is a very strong case study due to your large family size. The vaccine cultists would say n = 9 is too small a sample, which is technically true, but since as you say they were all raised the same that helps cut down on variables. Their genes are all similar, their diet is similar, where they live (unless you have moved?), where they play, the air they breath, etc. In fact, the food supply has only gotten worse over time with the levels of pesticides and GMOs, yet your youngest are the healthiest (unless you went organic along the way somewhere?). The main variable is vaccination and the difference is dramatic in your kids’ health.

      You ought to reach out to various vaccine researchers and get your complete story on record. Your story could be the deciding factor for those on the fence.


  3. Right on, I personally know several people whose children were made ill by vaccines. I am so glad mine is grown. The pro-vaccine system would definitely have a hard time with me. What most people do not know or choose to know, is that is was not vaccines that eradicated diseases. It was improved drinking water, food cleanliness and sanitation. Those diseases were already on their way out when vaccines arrived on the scene. Today’s vaccines are full of heavy metals and other toxins, not to mention live viruses, and little bodies have enough to do without having to bear the burden of them.


  4. Both sets of parents have been accepting of our decision not to vaccinate, but I had to pull back my attitude a bit. I did not want to make my parents feel bad about vaccinating at a time period in which doctors had the unshakeable faith of their patients. In our information age, thankfully, we have access to so much data, previously unavailable, that can help us in decision-making. Our parents had purely word-of-mouth and whatever propaganda the media chose to release. And indeed the long-cherished ideals of the Family GP caring for their patients’ best interests are still very hard for the older generation to ignore.


    1. Back in the day, there were a whole lot fewer vaccinations. If you got things like chicken pox, measles, etc, you got quarantined. Duh moment there, you did not send a sick child school, etc. I belong to your parent’s generation and I’ve had all those fun things, up to including scarlettina. There seems to be a real issue both with the added “ingredients” in new vaccines and what appears to be less stringent sanitary, safety measures taken during manufacture. Not to mention, we of the older generation were eating healthier, there was a whole less “junk” food available. And there were no “interesting” additions i.e., GMO’s etc. This is a far more complex issue than I think the CDC would like to admit.
      I think young parents are making the right choice not vaccinating, other than polio which can be a killer. Properly treated measles, chicken pox etc are not that big a deal. I’m sure the calamine manufacturers would be delighted. LOL
      I have a child (who is now an adult) who is unilaterally hearing impaired due to a DPT shot. He went into convulsions in the Dr’s office, and immediately started a running a fever which topped out at 108. Spent a week in the hospital and we are fortunate he did not end up with brain damage. So, yeah, I am an anti-vas advocate. After doing some research, lo and behold, he was allergic to some of those additional “ingredients” that act as fixers in the vaccine.
      Big Pharm would being doing us all a favor if they could come up with pre-test, so those that cannot tolerate the effects of the vaccines are not at risk. Treating the children that are affected like so much “collateral damaged goods” is disgusting. That argument has a tendency to stop the vaccine lovers in there tracks. It’s ok, as long as it’s not your kid?? Really??

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      1. There should definitely be a “pre-test” to be able to know before hand whether kids can safely receive vaccines. Too often it is after kids have a terrible reaction, or recurring reactions and a bunch of expensive tests that doctors finally relent that those children should have never had vaccines in the first place. Well, if that is a conclusion for some children (AFTER suffering horrible adverse reactions), why is there no research into finding out what those factors actually are?! We owe it to ALL children to protect them from such suffering.

        There’s no money in researching and developing a test. But there IS money in the “shoot first, medicate for injuries later” practice…and most of them are so “common” these days that they aren’t considered injuries (chronic/recurring ear infections, asthma, allergies, learning disabilities, seizures, weak immune systems, etc), but they sure can make a profit over a lifetime of necessitating medications for all these (and more) illnesses beginning at early childhood. I don’t believe all doctors are out to sell medications…I know that most go into medicine to help, but pharmaceuticals is mostly what they are taught…not maintaining true health.

        I had to try to defend myself to my daughters pediatrician regarding a vegetarian/ dairy-free diet (she gets home “grown” eggs for vitamin B’s, otherwise she’d be vegan) because he was sure she would not get enough calcium or protein and fat. I tried to explain that she gets her calcium from fresh greens and certain veggies and almonds given at least twice daily. Protein from eggs, almond milk, and veggies; and fat from avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and eggs. This is basically the same diet her older brother has had since he started solids (5 1/2 now) and he managed to fracture his dad’s forehead with his own head, has had plenty of falls and is extremely sturdy and is in no way a weakling. All her pediatrician said was “well, you should be giving her milk twice a day”. I just said “hmm” and went on about my own business. I shouldn’t have to defend feeding my child a varied processed sugar-free, dairy-free healthy diet. Doctors are supposed to teach about healthy diets, and know about alternative diets and how to have well-rounded nutrition…not just teach one way and that’s it.

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    2. I understand what you are saying about the past but I also want to remind everyone that there were not as many vaccines given during my generation (I’m 55) and during my daughters generation (they are 34 and 30). Even 6 years ago they didn’t give as many vaccines as they have wanted to give my 4 yr old granddaughter and even more to my 18 month old grandson!


  5. Man, I want to punch this grandmother right in the friggin mouth. How dare she even consider vaccinating this child against his parents wishes. If my mother did that to my child, her ass would be in jail without a second thought and I love the hell out of my mom.

    That being said, I am a grandmother of four boys. Three of them unvaccinated. They are all happy, healthy and smart. Very smart. The fourth on the other hand… fully vaccinated and very, very sick with asthma, allergies, mood disorders… the list goes on and on.

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  6. I am so grateful that my mom and my Mother-in-law are completely supportive of my decision to not vaccinate…and both happen to have worked in the medical field before they recently retired. I would hate to have to have a reason to fight with them about the subject of my childrens’ health.

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  7. I have 3 grandchildren all different levels of vaccinated. My 6 year old granddaughter is fully vaccinated for what was expected 6 years ago to begin her vaccination journey. She does not have any major issues but she has been diagnosed with Reactive Airways Disease which could be a forerunner to asthma or she could outgrown it. I had asthma and allergy shots and bronchitis and breathing issues all my growing up years. So it could be hereditary or it could be contributed to the vaccines. I guess with her we will never know. My 4 year old granddaughter is partially vaccinated. She received her first shots up until she was suppose to go into PreK4 public school. Her mom had done lots of research by that time and was no go. She has been very well her whole little life even during this first year of school when most kids miss a lot because of all the germs they are exposed to. My almost 2 year old grandson (same mom) has had only his newborn first round of shots. He had a major reaction that night – eyes rolling into the back of his head, shaking intermittently and the shaking intermittently and staring off into space lasted for a couple of months. No more vaccines for him. He has no lasting effects that we can see, is smart as a whip and has never been sick. We are definitely non-vaccine people and do not have a problem saying so. 🙂

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  8. This is the very kind of letters that are written by paid pharmaceutical trolls to get media attention. They are usually fake and the writer’s job is to make it appear if they are a concerned party and in this case a concerned grandma. In other such statements when you see words like”Are you an idiot_ Do you want to see millions of children dying from the measles again?” You can bet that they are paid to write it. Shell of “Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs.” (Amazon)

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    1. Excellent point. After seeing this online debate for over a year now, I can recognize the patterns now. There are quite a few blogs (mommy blogs) that are actually funded by the vaccine industry.


  9. This is why I tell all parents to keep the medical status of the child to yourselves. The people that most likely try to turn parents into CPS are usually family members. Sad but true. And I totally agree with Meg, a post about the shear number of vaccines given today should make anyone’s head spin.

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  10. I lived through the era of the polio vaccine that brought back the polio and remember it well. This grandma informs anyone who will listen about the dangers involved in our world today and yesteryear. I see so much more to be aware of than ever before and definitely believe our govt is fighting against us for our very lives and that of our children. There’s no corner you can turn that does not have a controversy involving our good health, be it food, medicine,clothing,air/soil/water quality, in fact, anything we may want ,think we want, need or think we need as human beings. I trust no one and suggest to everyone do research before you agree to anything.

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    1. I would like to hear your experience of polio in further detail. There is little known history that paints an entirely different picture of smallpox and polio (mainly, that the vaccines spread the disease and did nothing to curtail it). These two examples are the pillars of vaccinology and both look to be a complete fraud.


  11. Sorry, but:

    “Let’s hope this little boy does not get whooping cough, or measles or any of the other awful childhood diseases that medical science effectively wiped out”

    Hope?!?! WTF? Raising FEAR over diseases that “science” has “EFFECTIVELY”… “wiped out”?!?!?

    CHeeze and Rice!!! Are there no CAPABLE rational minds left ANYWHERE anymore!??!?

    How is ‘HOPE’ science?

    and if “medical science” has “wiped them out”, then what’s with the ass-backwards, self-same-logic-undermining NON-SENSE?

    People who STRONGLY have FAITH in two diametrically opposed contradicting BELIEFS are SCARY… THEY scare me more than any disease.

    a.) believes science has effectively wiped out a disease
    b.) fears catching that disease
    c.) believe that injecting themselves WITH THAT DISEASE will protect themselves from it

    d.) DOESN’T believe the HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM exists.
    e.) probably lives a lifestyle, has habits, and eats in ways that UNDERMINE natural immunity — therefore PUTTING THE REST OF US AT RISK for CATCHING DISEASES that their nutritionally, and toxically compromised bodies are ready and waiting hosts for…


  12. Luckily my parents would never take these kinds of steps towards my daughter, i am a momma bear when it comes to my daughter’s health and safety and NO ONE will compromise that. I had to educate them on the food system, that what they were consuming led them to more dependence on medications, where a good majority of their health were remedied by changing what they consumed: Reducing toxicity, getting away from industrialized foods, getting off aspartame, fluoridated water. etc.

    One of the issues with the older generations, they do not seek information online – they primarily get their news thru mainstream media. Hell, If i send them a link of an article, they fear clicking it would give their computer a virus. lol.

    We do discuss this issue, but they only use mainstream sources for their information. The mainstream media are pros as generating/perpetuating fears, hopelessness, dis-empowerment, promoting our (corrupt) govt agencies to fix these problems. Until they unplug from the hypnotic device called a TV and CHOOSE to become more informed, it will cost them their health as well…


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