Dear Jon Stewart, from a Doctor

This is a guest post by Dr. Helen Box.JS Dear Jon Stewart:

I was sorry to hear that you are retiring from the Daily Show because I feel it is often the only place that we are presented with the truth in American media. One of my favorite bits that you do is when you show a clip of what someone says in the media, and then expose how they took the opposite stance in the past.

As a parting gift, I am going to do the same thing for you.

In June of 2014 you had Dr. Paul Offit on your show, promoting vaccines. Did he tell you the story about the time he made $6 million on the sale of his rotavirus vaccine patent?  Since he didn’t mention it on the show, and nobody asked him about it, all that you did was provide him with a platform to disparage parents who opted out of vaccinating their children.

About those parents, Offit said, “They have an amazing ability to ignore scientific consensus.  They believe simply by Googling the term ‘vaccine’ on the Internet, they can know as much, if not more than anyone who’s giving them advice.”

Who is giving these parents advice?  Why, the pharmaceutical companies and the US government, of course. But on multiple shows you have personally expressed your lack of trust in pharmaceutical companies, and in literally every episode of The Daily Show you do the same for the people who run our government. And yet, you throw it all away when talking about vaccines. Jon, it is the very same pharmaceutical companies and government– that you otherwise don’t trust— telling us that vaccines are safe for everyone and that all of us should follow the recommendations blindly.

Consider these facts:

  1. The terms, “allergy” and “anaphylaxis” were coined in the early 1900’s to describe a severe vaccine reaction.  The word “anaphylaxis” did not exist before vaccination.
  2. In 2014, a CDC scientist was granted protected whistleblower status from the Obama administration.  He admitted that he and his team lied and manipulated data to say there was no association between vaccines and autism when their data showed there actually was. Congressman Posey is investigating currently. Not a single “mainstream” media told that story.
  3. A national TV producer told me that the media would never undermine their sponsors (pharmaceutical companies) even if a story were true.  Perhaps, once retired, you will share your thoughts on undermining your own sponsors?
  4. Drug companies have complete and total protection from all liability for any damage caused by vaccines. They list multiple side effects on their drug insert. If vaccines were so safe, why would they need that protection?
  5. Most major drug companies have been found guilty of lying about their study results, recommending off-label uses, and committing bribery. The fines they had to pay were much smaller than what they made by selling those lies.
  6. For decades the CDC lied to black men about having syphilis. Even after antibiotics were available to treat them, the government let them expose their wives to the disease and die without ever telling them that they could be easily treated.  Why do you think the CDC is beyond reproach?
  7. The ingredients in vaccines include mercury and aluminum (serious neurotoxins), formaldehyde (classified as a carcinogenic), DNA from many different animals, antibiotics and many other toxins.
  8. Most parents who are against vaccinating their children were once all in favor for vaccines. The only reason they changed their opinion was because they now have a vaccine-injured child.
  9. The federal government pays out billions of dollars for vaccine injuries through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  No mention of this on your show.
  10. While some children may have no reaction at all to vaccines, there is a segment of predisposed children who should never receive vaccines.

While the media likes to throw around all the studies that declared no association between autism and vaccines, I know that in at least two of the CDC studies, the data was manipulated. There are actually nearly 100 studies that do show an increased risk of autism from vaccines. There are also studies that show increased risk of Sudden Infant Death, autoimmune disorders, seizures and much more.

When you endorse the current safety record of vaccines you are saying that you, Jon Stewart, trust the government, the drug companies, the FDA and the CDC, yet you repeatedly and rightly otherwise imply that you do not on any other given night.

I sincerely hate to see you leave The Daily Show, but I hope that in the time you have remaining that you will consider being objective in considering what I have said here.  Show your audience that there is more than one side to the vaccine issue.


Dr. Helen Box*

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

{* This letter was sent to Jon Stewart signed with the doctor’s real name.  For the purpose of protecting her from internet trolling, the name has been changed for this site.}


  1. Thank you so much. I was equally shocked and dismayed when Jon took Big Pharmas side on this. He is usually so objective. This sadly seems to be a hallmark of the pro-vax side. I haven’t yet met a pro-vaxxer who could be objective about this.

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    1. That is actually one of the Big Five talking points, ime.

      “Vaccines aren’t really even that profitable”


  2. I believe since all people chemical make up are like fingerprints then everyone could have adverse reaction to any given vaccine therefore only you yourself can decide whether to have one or not.I in the past growing up in the 1950′ s had polio shots , smallpox and countless others as well as many when I was in the coast guard in early 70′ s…I survived pretty well now in my 60′ s and still rolling along. In closing if you don’t want it don’t do it , simple huh…thank you,you make your own decision. Just say no……no….


    1. Children today will receive up to 50 vaccines before their 5th birthday. These are multi-dose vials filled with metals, carcinogens, adjuvants, and known neurotoxins. Please don’t compare the very few vaccines that you received growing up in the 50s with what children are expected to tolerate today. There is no comparison.

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  3. Wow, just wow. DNA is not poison, antibiotics aren’t toxins, formaldehyde is produced by the human liver as a bi-product and is present au naturel n so many ‘organic’ products that the minute dose received being vaccinated is nothing for the vast majority of people. Mercury, in the form of thimersol, not elemental mercury, has been removed from the majority of commonly used vaccines except for the multi-valent flu shot. Your lack of scientific acumen is glaring.

    Also point #10 should read “While the vast majority of children show no adverse reaction to vaccines a very small subset experiences adverse reactions for unknown reasons.” Thus it makes more sense to explore why the much smaller subset has these adverse reactions instead of cancelling all vaccinations. It is called risk analysis and one places their children in far more danger placing them in the car than they do giving them vaccinations. Do you really wish to see the return of polio wards? Babies born blind due their mother contracting rubella? Measles will kill again, it isn’t if, as it is based on probability – it is a when.

    While Big Pharma does have it problems, along with cable companies, banks and I am sure many other corporations vaccines came at a time when Big Pharma was under more stringent control. Sine we now live in an age where people are corporations and somehow corporations are people there is something to worry about; the push for more and more vaccinations as not every disease needs a vaccination. This point is cast in the glamor of public health, but in reality is the push for a new cash stream.

    But the big childhood diseases that did maim and kill throughout the history of mankind should be addressed with vaccines.

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    1. Historical data does not validate the story that vaccines saved the world. To the contrary and probably worse to come as the ever expanding and increasing list of chronic diseases or things like autism.

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      1. so…. then what does validate the fact that polio diphtheria, Haemophilus influenzae serotype b infection, hepatitis B, measles, meningitis, mumps, pertussis, poliomyelitis, rubella, tetanus, tuberculosis, and yellow fever are effectively non issues within the first world?? how do you explain their 99% eradication? I can promise you it was not from my gluten-free, non-gmo grass-fed beef. because last i checked, beef was beef.

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      2. TonyD…could you please explain why Hep B disease incidence was already dramatically declining in the decade prior to the vaccine introduction? Also, the CDC admits that they decided to vaccinate infants because the adult high risk population would not get this vaccine. So, the continuing decline of Hep B in the US after the introduction of the vaccine to infants is curious, since infants are not even significantly represented as a risk population for Hep B. Why the decline in populations who were not even getting vaccinated?

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    2. Sean, the “vaccines are safe and effective and save lives” mantra is really old. And as always, in true pro-vaccine fashion, you have to add on a little piece of “your lack of science” blah blah blah. Let’s turn the tables.
      The DNA that you speak of comes from aborted fetuses. Paul Offit claims this is okay, because the fetuses were LEGALLY aborted. Now, I’m sorry, but I’d rather not have the cells of an aborted fetus injected into my system. Maybe you do? Let’s go on.
      Formaldehyde occurring naturally in a fruit is a wee bit different than the formaldehyde created synthetically in a lab. If it was harmless, your biology teacher would have told you to ‘drink up! ‘ during dissection time.
      Thimerosal, a derivative of ethyl mercury, has ZERO safety. None! Crazy thing – these scientists can’t tell you anything about it – save for the fact that it’s a neurotoxin – in ANY amount. They know it crosses the BBB, they know it settles deep into tissues and in the brain. Eli Lilly is the only one known to have placed an MSDS sheet out on it, with the dangers clearly stated. There may be some put out today or tomorrow – who knows. My guess is no.
      Again, with the magical ‘removal of thimerosal’ statement, too. The FDA did not pose a BAN on the use of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines. This was a voluntary removal only, and to think that the vaccine manufacturers just suddenly stopped using it is a farce. No, there were millions of these vaccines still in production and out on the market that had to be used first. You’re talking at least as two-year delay before the new, aluminum-filled ones hit the market. Know that thimerosal was NEVER used in live virus vaccines, because it would kill the virus. It is, however, not only found in toxic doses in flu shots, but also in the meningitis, and I believe the Hep. It is also in trace amounts in many others, because the FDA informed vaccine makers if they (pharma) claimed to use it in the manufacturing process, thimerosal does not have to be included in the ingredient list. Problem solved. It’s like magic.
      You are also of the doom-and-gloom deadly-diseases-making-a-comeback type, I see. Do you not think that our immune systems are quite capable of handling a well-known childhood illness? It actually is. More children have died as a result of vaccines than have died from the diseases they were supposed to have prevented. Are these children simply sacrificial lambs to you? Did you know that in other countries, Japan, Finland, India – they banned certain vaccines after children died or were stricken down? In India, an ENORMOUS amount of children developed polio AFTER being vaccinated. Finland now has a population of children suffering from narcolepsy as a result of the swine flu shots, Japan banned Gardasil after only a few of their young girls died. Even China and Chile are banning US vaccines, Kenya did after discovering US vaccines given to their women contained sterilizing agents.
      Can’t make this stuff up.
      Countries all over the world are banning vaccines. Might want to think about what they know that we don’t…or that you refuse to see.
      (One more thing – look up Enterovirus 68. It’s a polio-like disease striking vaccinated children in the United States.)


    3. Sean, I’m glad you are reading well constructed arguments about the dangers and trade-offs of vaccines. I read them skeptically myself for many years before I finally realized just how much propaganda and manipulation was behind Pharma’s pro-vaccine “side.” Levi does not say DNA is a poison; you are twisting that sentence. However, bits of other animals (for example monkey kidneys) are being injected into humans via vaccines, including their DNA… and I’m not so sure our immune systems deal with that any better than they deal with toxins injected into the blood stream. Antibiotics by definition are toxic. Wow. You are good at misrepresenting Levi’s good arguments.

      The original definition of herd immunity is when human’s develop natural immunities to diseases in sufficient strengths to limit epidemics. Good public health and natural herd immunity has done FAR, FAR more to limit the impact of these diseases than vaccines have. The very best of all the good links provided by Levi is the one to the long list of studies linking autism to vaccines. Keep reading Sean, like me you might very surprisingly doing a 180 on vaccines. Suzanne Humphries, another of the many brave MDs who raise a voice of caution about vaccines has, I think, the best book available on these issues: Dissolving Illusions. If you do still have an open mind, this is the one book you should read to maximize clarity on the value of pretty much all vaccines…. even the most evoked, the vaccine for polio.


  4. Jon Stewart is hooked into the matrix. He hides his true identity (check his real last name) to cover up his role in “managing” the alternative opinion. With wonderful wit and the slight of hand of a world class magician, he provides a key role in redirecting your gaze. Although he could be; he is not hero; he is limited to what he can point at. He is effectively a GateKeeper.

    His older brother, Larry Leibowitz, was Chief Operating Officer of the NYSE. These guys are part of the scum that ruin society.

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  5. Interestingly, when Offit was on Colbert, Colbert asked if he was in the pockets of Big Pharma…accepting money from them. Offit got away with not answering. I was saddened that Colbert let him get away with that statement with no follow up. Jon Oliver recently did a GREAT piece on the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry–of course, sadly, he didn’t mention vaccines. I wonder how many of the reporters/entertainers actually followed the CDC’s (or their state’s) schedule to the letter–I’m guessing not many.


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